How to Get More SEO Traffic Using The Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

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- Hi everyone, it's Neil Patel and today.
- Hi everyone, it's Neil Patel and today, I'm going to show you how to use the Ubersuggest Chrome extension to get more search traffic. (upbeat music) Now, before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you're on YouTube, click the alert notification. First off, if you already haven't, make sure you go and download the Ubersuggest Chrome extension. You can just go to the Chrome Store, type in Ubersuggest and you'll see it. It has quite a bit of downloads and it breaks down the features but more so I'm going to show you once you have it installed, how to use it to get more search traffic. Now first off, whenever you do a search within Google, you'll see a keyword and you can see data on it by just clicking, View All, like how many people are searching for it on desktop or mobile devices versus, you know, how many people are clicking on it from SEO or paid results or the age range of the searchers and, you know the cost per click data, the difficulty to rank for that. And then in the right side bar, you'll see more keyword ideas as well. Now the first thing I want to point out and this is important, if you want more traffic and when you're searching Google you'll notice that a lot of your competitors are ranking for certain keywords. Look on the right sidebar to see the related keywords. These are some of the keywords that you should also be targeting and are similar, in which you can potentially use the same page to target multiple variations of these phrases to get you more traffic. So that's the first thing. Secondly, what you'll notice is, with each search result, you'll see the domain score, domain traffic, social shares and even how many backlinks it has. Click the down arrow when it comes to backlinks for any URL and you can see who's linking to them. This is important because you want to see who's linking to your competition and you can hit up those websites and try to get them to link back to you. So that's an easy strategy and I found that to just help you build more and more links over time and I would definitely recommend doing that and you can keep clicking Next, to see more and more links
Or you can just close it and move on.
or you can just close it and move on. Now and here's the main thing that I do with Ubersuggest Chrome extension to find more keywords is I go at the very bottom and I scroll and you can end up seeing other related keywords based on data coming directly from Google and in many cases I'll start including these keywords within my webpages as well. But here's the kicker and here's my favorite strategy. So let's say my competitor is Moz, great company, you know and once you have the Ubersuggest Chrome extension installed, you'll see a U here. If you don't see that you just click on the plugin thing right here and you just want to pin the U, but once you're on a site like let's say Moz or any competitor, you would just click the U and it'll pull up their site information from their organic keywords to monthly traffic, to backlinks, to their domain score, their traffic overall and you can look at their top pages. So this will show you all their most popular pages for this domain name. How many visits they get and, you know, if you click View All, it'll end up taking you to the Ubersuggest app. So you can drill more down into detail in which you'll be able to see, all right, here are their top pages and here are the keywords that make up traffic to that domain, right? So you can end up seeing, you know, what are all the keywords? In addition to that, when you go to, back to the extension, you can see all the keywords that they're ranking for per region as well. So India, you know, their ranking for some of the similar terms. And you can do this for a lot of sites. So you can even go to like, my own website, to give you an idea on some of the data. So let's say go to and it's the same concept. I can see traffic over time, how many keywords I'm ranking for. And the big thing that I like doing is I like looking at the keywords for each country. You can even click, View All Keywords and what this will do is show you all the keywords
That our domain ranks for per country.
that our domain ranks for per country. And the overall point I'm trying to make when I'm showing you all of these features is more so they really help you find keyword opportunities and link opportunities. You're then of course going to have to create content, but if you're creating content and you're not doing your keyword research, you're not targeting the right keywords, you're generally not going to get much traffic. If you're targeting the keywords a lot of your competition's are already getting a ton of traffic for and you already know they do well from a financial aspect, the chances are it'll also do well for you too. So I recommend first looking to see what keywords are doing really well for your competition and where they're getting their links from and start targeting that as well. And then of course, if you're not sure what pages to create contentwise, you know, same thing, you can see my popular blog post and start replicating that on your website and copying those to also start generating more and more traffic as well. So that's it, if you follow those simple steps with the Ubersuggest Chrome extension, you'll find link opportunities first of all and second of all, you'll find more and more keyword opportunities. And don't always just go for the really popular keywords or like the single word phrase keywords, go after the ones that are longer-tailed that have three or four words because they may not drive as much traffic, but they tend to drive more conversions and of course if you're lost on creating content, the top pages report for each website that you visit when you click on the U it'll give you an idea of what's working well for them and you can start replicating that as well. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I'll answer it and help you get more traffic. If you just want my team to help you get the traffic for you, check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed this video, like it, subscribe to the channel, tell your friends about it. Thank you very much for watching. I look forward to helping you grow your traffic.

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