Nozzle Vision Walkthrough Google Keyword Rank Checker Feature

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Nozzle Vision is an awesome new feature that allows you to analyze the SERPs in a more visual manner.

We rerender the SERP HTML for every keyword that you are tracking and then overlay Nozzle Vision on top of that to better help you report on, and understand more fully, Nozzle's metrics like Pixels from Top, SERP %, Above the Fold %, CTR, Rank, etc.

Nozzle Vision will help to enhance your SEO reports giving you the ability to visually show the results that have occurred because of your SEO efforts.

We re-render the serp html for every keyword that you're tracking.
i'm excited to introduce you to nozzle vision at nozzle we re-render the serp html for every keyword that you're tracking in this case we're looking at the search term hourly rank tracking and when we enable nozzle vision you'll see an overlay with rectangles over every single result in the serp not just the organic results but even individual you know site links [Music] we scroll down let's click on this mini map actually to go down to say this video pack down here we have information about the whole pack and each individual video and even the view all button by default as you can see we're showing the rank uh number one number two and so on and the pixels from top for each listing so you can visually see how far you are from the top of the screen pixels from top is useful when you have you know ads on the screen or serp feature or excuse me a featured snippet uh you can get an idea of what's going on and why maybe you're farther down the screen than you think you should be depending on your rank you can change the metrics you want to show up here let's turn off pixels from top show ctr for example above the fault percentage [Music] and now we can see the click-through rate calculation nozzles click-through rate calculation for each result in the serp and above the fold percentage this is the measurement of pixel height and width of each um listing that are above the fold so as we scroll down you're gonna see uh once it gets below the a normal typical you know fold then you'll see that it's gonna say zero percent because only these are above the fold uh furthermore we can click on compare history and that opens up another date and we can change this to any date that we have in in our database and that has been tracked and you can click on you know fit to screen you can play around the zoom button to to make them look bigger or smaller
You could create reports to show someone your rankings.
uh and now i want to if i want to do a report to show someone our rankings on the mark on march 3rd versus march 10th and i type in nozzle and it highlights over in the mini map you can see i can click on this green one here it drops me down to nozzle we were ranked number eight on that day um and on march 10th we're ranked number one and so it gives you a great uh comparison report to send to your clients or to your your boss uh you can compare as many dates as you want as we have in the database um you can add you know 5 10 whatever looks good but um you can play around with the zoom obviously the more you add the smaller you have to make the screen if you want to see the whole thing but uh but it's it can be worthwhile to add a few few dates sometimes
We don't have data only for desktop, here's the mobile view!
also uh we don't have data only for desktop here's the mobile view um same dates march 10th through march 3rd uh again you can type in whatever you want in this case i'm going to type in nozzle and i can you know we also improved in our mobile rankings over this time period number nine there versus number one here on the 10th and that is nozzle vision i hope you enjoy and you're able to use this in your seo reporting

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍