Main features of Rankinity

Check Website Rankings in Real Time

Rankinity is the first online service to check website positions that works completely in real time. The unique real-time engine implemented in Rankinity allows you to instantly obtain changes in rankings of your website without reloading of the page. Specify the URL of your website, add keywords and select search engines you promote your website in, and see the most actual positions of your website in real-time, totally lag-free.

Website visibility

Competitor Analysis in SERPs

Keeping an eye on competition is an organic part of SEO. Rankinity allows you to perform competitor analysis just as easy as you check your own rankings. In particular, you need to specify websites you recognize as your competition, and the service locates and compares how well they perform. In a glance you can compare visibility of competing sites, analyze their position dynamics, see if you are ahead of the competition or have to pursue them for the given keywords. This allows you to adjust your SEO activity in the right direction.

Competitor visibility

Monitor Site Positions in Multiple Search Engines

The world doesn’t ends at Google. There are other major players as well, besides even the same search engine can be set up to provide country or city results. Rankinity allows you to check rank of your website in several search engines as easily as in just one. Add all search engines you would like to track with individual geo settings, and the service will reveal weaknesses in your SEO strategy. Should you put more efforts to Google US or UK, or you better pay close attention to Google Places or Yandex RU? Sign up to Rankinity and find out!

Search engines settings

Limit the Search to a Particular Country or City

Today, web search positions seriously depend on geography. Not only local country results completely differ from each other, but city results too. Why checking global standings, when you want to dominate the local market? Rankinity checks both! With it, you can monitor global, regional and city search engine results and rest assured you didn’t miss any crucial part of the market.

Add search engine

SEO Project Collaboration

Are you running a serious SEO campaign that requires close cooperation of several collaborators? Rankinity makes organizing a cooperative work look very simple, both from SEO specialist’s and website owner’s points of view. Simply add as many collaborators as you need and work as a team towards analyzing trends and promoting the website. Edit the keyword list, view positions of your and competitors’ websites, and be aware of all changes in your project.

Collaborators settings

Flexible Rank Checking Intervals

Rankinity allows you to adjust the frequency of web ranking checks according to your needs and your budget. Most websites require everyday checks of web rankings. However, if you promote a large Internet-portal for a serious number of keywords, you can reduce the interval between checks for more cost-effective monitoring. Choose between 1 day, 3 days, 6 days, 10 days and 15 days intervals and get accurate positions like clock-work.

Keywords checking interval

Group Keywords to Focus Your Efforts

Rankinity allows you to put keywords into groups and visibility analysis for a given sample of keywords only. In SEO practice, each page of your website should target a certain range of same-meaning keywords, so using keyword groups in Rankinity allows you to quickly estimate how each particular page of your website performs against its target set of keywords. Thus by focusing your efforts you significantly increase the efficiency of the SEO analysis.

Keyword groups

Assign Weight to Keywords

Some keywords are more important than others, and you can tell Rankinity which ones you value higher. By assigning weight to keywords you can define to what extent it should influence the overall visibility of the website. Low-weighted words put less effect on visibility, while high-weighted keywords do the opposite. This option is especially convenient in analysis of long-tail keywords, which usually bring not that much traffic comparing to short-tail ones, and correspondingly have lower weight and value.

Keyword weight

Infographics for Quick Review of Keyword Standings

Rankinity generates real-time reports to reflect your current standings for each target keyword, both in numeric and graphic form. For the sake of simplicity all keyword data are composed into an easy to comprehend visual report with micro-graphics illustrating history of ranks and visibility over time. Whether you want to sweep your eyes over the whole picture, or if you need precise details for a particular keyword, Rankinity provides information in the most convenient and nicest way.

Keyword micrographics

Detailed SERP Analysis by Keyword

Often it is not enough to know where you are, you also want to track and analyze the neighboring websites. Not only does Rankinity provide the current snapshot of search engine positions for each keyword, it also shows how SERPs were changing over time. Precious information if you want to keep an eye on what is going on. Indeed, in knowing what sites surround you in SERPs you can focus your SEO efforts more precisely.

Keyword SERP

Complete branding of the interface

If you represent a marketing company or an SEO agency, you can apply branding to Rankinity control panel to make it work in your domain with your logo and brand names inside. By offering Rankinity’s services in your own name you never need to spend time on reliability and accuracy of your rank tracking tasks anymore – we guarantee both to our clients! Besides, you can set custom prices for position checking services and therefore earn additional income.

White Label

Automatically discover fast-growing websites

Search engine results change constantly. Some sites slowly go down, while others quickly jump up to the top like a popcorn on a frying pan. A unique feature of Rankinity allows you to analyze search engine results for the entire keyword list of the project and quickly discover rapidly growing websites and individual pages. You can easily find all blogs, forums, files and other interesting resources on your topic that popped up recently and therefore effectively uncover not yet known or potential competitors or partners.

Analyze all SERPs

Earn more with Rankinity

Working with Rankinity creates a possibility for additional income. Place a link to Rankinity on your web resources or tell about Rankinity to your clients, friends or other contacts and get 10% of their payments to your account. Or go one step further and configure our service so that it worked completely behind your own brand, set the fair price for keyword checking and offer it as a value-added service to your clients. Needless to say, thanks to such opportunity your commercial offer looks much stronger, while you increase your earnings.

Reselling Rankinity services to clients

Integration with Rankinity by API

Rankinity features seamless integration with other systems via API. Use it to automatically export search engine position data to your own CRM or any other system or service for further analysis of data. This allows you to easily represent information provided by Rankinity in convenient and handy form, produce branded reports based on pre-created templates and achieve results you want.

Rankinity API