Rankinity is a Single Indicator of your SEO Performance

The more you know the better you promote!

Rank Tracking Features

Fast check of any volumes

Powerful Rankinity infrastructure makes it easy to check positions from one to a million keywords.

Support for multiple Search Engines

We support website position checking in Google (Mobile & Desktop), Google Maps and Bing.

Local search by country and city

For all Search Engines there is an ability to configure location at the city, region or country level.

Automatic and manual check

Check the positions manually or according to the schedule, on any day of the week or on the first day of each month.

Visibility Analysis

Single indicator of SEO performance

Evaluate your promotion steps using a single indicator of website visibility by all keywords at once.

Visibility by keyword groups

Split your keywords into groups and track the visibility of individual pages of your site.

Visibility overview by all projects

Sort all projects by visibility and quickly find problem areas.

Configure the visibility formula

Use the ability to set the weight of keywords to calibrate the visibility formula to your requirements.

Competition Analysis

Unlimited number of competitors

Analyze the positions, visibility and promotion dynamics of competitors without any restrictions.

Identify the causes of ups and downs

A sharp change in visibility at the same time for most competitors may mean updating search algorithms.

Quickly find leaders

Sort competitors by visibility, look at micrographs and immediately identify the best players.

Discover hidden competitor strategies

Identify all pages on competing websites and track their SEO progress.

Additional Features


Invite your colleagues and clients with full or read-only access to your projects.

White Label

Run Rankinity on your domain using your brand, logo and favicon.

Affiliate link

Use the link to Rankinity on your resources, and get 10% of payments from invited users.

Rankinity API

Integrate with Rankinity by API, get full access to your account.

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