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  • AIDA aggressive and intrusive advertising. Does it work?
    If we talk about advertising, then we can say with a single thesis - any advertising works: both aggressive, and intrusive, and passive, and on the radio and on TV. the "salt" is not in the presentation of the advertisement at all, not in the advertising format as a whole, but (primarily) in the target audience.
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  • 10 mistakes in creating a website you should know
    Online stores open and close every day. The reasons for going out of business can be different: problems with logistics, competition, marketing, or other workflows. Want to make your store unprofitable and out of business? Take a closer look at our 10 "harmful" tips.
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  • What does error 404 mean?
    A lot of users who encounter a 404 error on the website may leave the website. This should not be allowed to happen. The owners of both young and long-established web resources should care about keeping any visitor. Proper design of non-existent pages will help in this.
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