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August 09, 2023

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In today's world of personalized search, when its results depend on personal preferences, search history, location and user's device, analysis of website positions becomes a complex and time-consuming task. Nevertheless, an SEO specialist needs a convenient tool to monitor the results of search engine promotion of a website, and one of the most effective and visual ways is to check website positions by queries in various services.

Free services to analyze website positions online

Free position taking services are not suitable for deep analysis of site promotion, as they do not save history, do not have any visualization, and are more suitable for one-time position taking. Here are some of them:

  • - allows you to capture 30 queries per day for Google Monday through Friday, 100 queries on weekends, and 25 queries on update days.

    A search engine update (search engine update) is a process by which a search engine updates its databases, resulting in the addition of new documents, new links, and other parameters that affect the ranking of a site. As a result, the position of the site may change (but not always).

    In terms of monitoring positions, this concept is most often applied to the search engine Yahoo, which can be updated from one to three times a week. Google, on the other hand, is updated continuously.

  • - up to 30 free checks.

  • - up to 30 keywords. Seogadget allows you to skim positions in the Google search engine.

These services allow you to configure the region of position removal, frequency of checks, save history and have a clear visualization. In addition, some of them have a number of additional tools for the SEO specialist.

In this article we will consider in detail the service is one of the best services for monitoring site positions. Excellent functionality, visibility for a large pool of projects. In addition, it is possible to analyze competitors and get detailed statistics on the project if Google Analytics is connected.

To create a new project, you need to:

  • Create an Excel file and fill two columns in it. The first column contains queries, the second column contains landing pages.
  • Save the file with CSV extension (comma delimiters).
  • Open the file in Notepad++. Select Encoding - Convert to UTF-8 in the menu.
  • Save file.
  • Import it into allpositions.

Allpositions allows you to export site positions and relevant pages. To do this, you need to open the "Export" tab:

There is also an option to sign up to have reports sent to your mailbox and provide the report to your clients.

In the "Details" tab, you can view a graph of changes in the positions of the analyzed site, a graph of changes in the positions of the top 10 competitors and the history of snippets for each query.

The "Competitors" tab allows you to view the history of competitors' visibility for each query group.

The allpositions service has an option to pass xml limits to Google, which gives a certain number of free position checks, namely 15% of the number of limits passed.

XML limits are the maximum allowed number of xml requests per day .

Rush Analytics

Rush Analytics service - is one of the pioneers among the services of quality Internet analytics.

The merits of Rush Analytics position checking service:

  • Checking positions on mobile and desktop output.
  • Track queries in any language in any region of the world.
  • Automatic selection and analysis of competitors - you can track the dynamics of positions.
  • There is a 1-click integration with Google Analytics.

Topvisor is a powerful tool for SEO specialists. In addition to the ability to monitor positions, it has a number of useful tools.

Compared to allpositions, it doesn't have such a beautiful visualization. However, it has one big plus - the ability to capture positions from mobile devices. Yahoo has a mobile rendition parsing depth of 50, while Google has up to 1000. Also, with Google you can select tablets separately, smartphones separately. Also topvisor accepts xml limits from Google, which gives 10% free checks from the transferred limits.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking service has additional functionality besides position monitoring. It can remove the mobile rendition of Yahoo and Google. For Google, SE Ranking has one feature - the ability to remove a company's position from Google Maps. Markers are either company name or phone number. It is possible to pass xml limits to Yahoo.

Line from PR-CY is a service for checking positions in Yahoo and Google. Regions, subdomains, desktop and mobile renditions are available. When customizing, you can select a landing page and target position. In the reports you can see information on the overall dynamics of the project in the form of a graph and the dynamics of each query for a selected period of time. One report shows graphs of competitors' positions - the option to add competitors is free of charge, payment only for verified queries.

It is possible to update automatically every day, manually or after Yahoo updates.

Frequency checking and query clustering is available for a fee.

The cost of checks - from 0.025 rubles per request, up to 10% can be paid by XML-limits.

The service also has an API for parsing search results, where you can also get snippet texts, advertisements, "zero position" and a list of similar queries. is one of the popular services for analyzing site positions. It allows you to capture positions in desktop and mobile rendition of Google, Yahoo. It is possible to set the depth of parsing:

The service also allows you to diagnose sanctions, analyze links, select keywords, analyze the top and relevance of texts. One of the disadvantages of this service can be called the lack of the ability to share xml limits. is a powerful set of tools for SEO specialist. One of them is the position checker service, which allows you to check positions only in the desktop rendition of Yahoo and Google. From the disadvantages we can name slow speed of position removal and lack of possibility to unshare xml limits.

Program for checking site positions

One of the best desktop position monitoring programs is topsite. It can capture positions in Yahoo, Google. There is an opportunity to build four graphs - top, position dynamics, average positions and overall visibility. The selection of regions in Google is the same as in Adwords, i.e. it is possible to remove positions in a certain area of a large city. There is no possibility to monitor the positions of the mobile edition.

Comparative table of position analysis services

Service XML limits, % Visualization Additional tools
AllPositions 15 That's great. No
Topvisor 10 All right. Got it
SE Ranking 10 All right. Got it 10 Bad No - All right. Got it - All right. Got it
Topsite - All right. Got it


There are a large number of services for monitoring positions, both paid and free. First of all, you should start from your goals. If you need good visualization and easy navigation through projects, allpositions is the way to go. If you need mobile output and additional tools, Topvisor will do.

Also do not forget about the "multi-armed bandit" of the Google search engine. As a result of the work of this algorithm, the position of the site can change quite dramatically. This will be manifested as a "saw" on the visibility graph. In this case, you need to pay attention to the trend of this "saw", where it is directed: up or down. This will be an indicator of the success or not of the advancement:

There is no perfect solution for everyone. Nevertheless, services continue to develop. Their main disadvantage is the lack of end-to-end analytics for groups of projects, which is very important to analyze when promoting a site.

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