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In this video, I show you how to rank in Google Maps for multiple keywords fast. I'm going to share with you some of the techniques that I've used and are currently using on my websites. These strategies will help you rank for different keywords in Google Maps!

hey what's going on guys if you're like me you want to get as many keywords in the google three pack as possible in this video i'm going to show you how to do it watch this [Music] hey guys before we get started just like and subscribe please i have a donation link on the bottom thank you all right guys so i'm sure everyone has a bunch of keywords that they want to get found in the google three pack for so you know you have your five or ten keywords the first thing you want to make sure is there is there a three pack for that particular keyword i'll tell you when i first started i would just pick keywords and build these pages and then realize after i finished that there was no keyword there was no uh three pack for that keyword
Niche Keyword Research
i know it seems obvious but do your research first while doing your research see if you can get into the three pack for that keyword so for today i'm using the example water heater repair right so i am in tampa florida the first thing i want to do is i want to do a population search i want to see how many people uh are in tampa florida so i go to this website called and i click places to live and i put tampa and i think the population is around 300 000 yeah all right so okay not a huge city i come from new york city that's where i previously lived and you know uh new york city has a million or two million people i forget how many but it's it's definitely densely more populated but if i had to pick one i'd be in tampa and i did and that's why i'm here so we have the keyword uh water heater repair when we see the populations around 300 000 my sweet spot is anywhere between 50 and 250 000 somewhere around there i know i could get uh i could get my clients ranked in a population like that naturally when you have a million people there's more searching going on there's more popul there's more competition it's going to take longer it's not impossible it's just not going to take 30 to 90 days okay the next thing that i want to do is i want to see well how many people are competing for
Keyword Competition
this keyword so when i click view all and guys i suggest you do this before you pick keywords you scroll down there are 10 pages of clients trying to rank if you have a brand new domain name right you're brand new you're just purchasing your domain don't go after this type of competition if your domain name is seasoned meaning that you've had it for five or ten years you know at least five years and you've had a page on water heater repair or whatever your keyword you're trying to rank you're just trying to make it better then i would go after it but just a brand new domain name it's going to be really it's going to be really hard not impossible because we could fool around with the titles the gmb titles and your domain name and make it easier meaning that i would do my domain name would be water heater repair of tampa that would be my domain name and that would be my gmb name right but if your ted's water heater repair or ted's plumbing service well it's certainly going to take a lot longer so check the population and also check the competition the next thing you want to do is you want to see
Check Competitors
your first couple of competitors so what i'm going to do and you'll do it the same for the top three is you want to find a page on their website that says water heater repair you want to take a look at it and see what it looks like so i'm clicking uh fast of florida uh hey listen they're ranking i think the colors are old and i think that the domain name doesn't mean anything it could be a racing team or i don't know what it could be fast of florida you know maybe you should say plumbing in there but they're ranking and it's working so leave it alone good all right so i i mouse over plumbing and sure enough i see their water heater repair service and i want to take a look at that page so what i do is i just click the page and i want to take a look at this page the main thing that i am looking for is i'm going to do a word count and i want to see how many words are on this or on this page off the top of my head i would probably say maybe 500 or 750 somewhere around there right there are tools that you could use to get the word count and i like i said i don't want to like i always say rather i don't want to get too deep into using tools and because it confuses people people use other different types of tools so you would have use whatever tool you want if you're not using any tool just copy and paste just copy and paste each of the sentences here and there's a website called word counter dot net and what that will do is count your keywords so all i did was copy in copy and paste you know hit these keywords and i found out there's 136 words well just in the first you know just in the first sentence so you could just come down here you could copy this and just keep copying and paste it in and there we go we get that it also has a grammar and a spell check so it's a pretty neat little tool it's called and it's free it also lets you know uh the reading level and how long it takes to read and how many times they said the keyword for a free tool this is a nice little a nice little free tool
Content Pages
uh to use so that's what you want to do it all starts i don't care what anybody says it all starts on content meaning that if you want to rank for a water heater repair you need to show google that you have the best page on water heater repair right that's how you get ranked now i know somebody's thinking or most people who are thinking should be thinking this well then how does somebody rank if they don't have anything they just have a name right and i don't know the answer for that you know 100 but i will tell you that i i do believe i'll tell you what i believe i believe that google puts uh accounts into the three pack to test them to see if they have any traction if people are you know getting information also there are other factors so for example that may be a business that is just located the close to closest to you or they may not have a website but they may have reviews or they may not have reviews but they may have reviews on yelp and facebook or they may have google news articles you know just not everything that you see is right in front of you so it could be it could be a hundred different factors right it could be a hundred different factors i'm just talking today about how to get your website and your keyword page how to get ranked in the google three pack so google says you do hot water repair or you do car insurance or you do you know breast augmentation whatever your specialty is google scans through your website and says hey this is the expert in this field another thing that i want to say about this is that sometimes i work with work with clients and we all want you know we all have a vision in our head but i want you to understand that most people most people don't even come to your website you're creating this website so you could get found in the google three pack if somebody needs a hot water heater they're gonna type into their mobile device while they went and looked at their hot water heater found out it wasn't working they're going to take out their mobile device their phone they're going to type in white uh water heater repair water heater repair near me you're going to come up they're going to see how far away you are and the next thing they're gonna see is how many reviews do you have and if you if you have a bunch of five star reviews and you're fairly close or you're close they're just gonna tap to call so the website that you're creating is for google so you want to make sure that you have all the elements that google is looking for is your content better than the content on other people's website right are you answering more question about hot water heater repair is there different types of hot water is it how to hot water heaters uh is there for example copper on the inside and somebody else uses steel and one rusts out uh faster than the other i'm just making that up i don't know anything about hot water heaters but you know are you answering the questions that people may have even though people aren't coming to you to that particular page google's scanning through and saying this website has the best content and and we're going to select this person this person's website to be in the google three pack now in the next slide i'm going to show
Factors that you need to rank in the Google 3 Pack
you the other factors that you need to rank in the google three pack i really like these uh this diagram i use a i use a program called form swift and uh it just makes it really easy to create these type of documents so when i do videos uh you're able to understand what i'm talking about so you have your google my business and there's a spot inside your google my business that says enter your website you enter your website into the google my business and google my business scans through your entire website and sees all your keyword pages however we're just concentrating on this keyword page today which is the one that i gave an example of which is hot water heater now we created a page we found out that the client who's ranking has 750 so we're going to we're going to double zap them and we're going to create a page of 1500 keywords we're going to do uh i mean 1 500 words we're going to do a 1 500 word page about hot water heaters on our on our keyword page right we're going to double him and we're going to put great information we're going to put you know the different types uh how long they last every every kind of question that somebody could uh want to answer you'll have on your page now if you're still not ranking what you're going to do is you're going to create what's called article clusters and i learned this from my friend darren over at retell seo go check him out retell seo r-a-t-e seo he's great seo he's one of our best friends on uh you know he's one of my best friends that's it but he also does seo and uh he's the one who showed me article clusters and what what we do is like we create little like three or 500 word articles on something very specific on hot water heaters so maybe like just like a you know a small drain that goes on it and which one's the best and and how it makes you know how to get more efficiency out of a hot water heater let's just say and we'll create a three or 500 word article on our blog or uh on our blog page and just link to that specific keyword page i see a lot of people creating blog articles and they're linking out to you know other industry websites and to their home page and you know all to contact all over the place but they're not linking to the to the keyword page so what we want to do is we want to put our keyword page and make our keyword page be on steroids and the way to do that is to get these little article pages these little blog pages and just connect to the keyword page so on this page to learn more about hot water heaters click here and they click here they go to that page and this one want to find the best information on hot water heaters click here boom and it goes to this page right so you want to create these article clusters or these blog articles you want to create several of them and what google's going to say is well look you have 1500 words here you have 500 words here you have 500 words here well already you have 2500 words about hot water heaters it's going to be hard to be ignored when your website gives the best information about hot water heaters well what are some things that you could do off-site we'll get to this one later on that's just like a little hack put that to the side speaking of hacks i want to talk to you about something else at the end where google's making a very big change so if you listen to this part you're going to want to listen to the end all right
Create Google Posts
you want to create google posts gmb posts specifically for that keyword so if you if you're targeting hot water heater you'll put the the you'll create a post just about hot water heaters and you'll use a picture of a hot water heater not two kids uh fishing on a boat or your favorite lake picture you need to use pictures that are relevant that google sees relevant for gmb posts i have a lot of videos on on that subject i'm not gonna go crazy over it try to get three to five reviews that week google reviews saying i was looking for a tampa florida plumber who does hot water heater repair and i found bill's hot water repair of tampa or something like that use the keyword and use the geo location get three to five right that week along with making your content better on your website so you have your google posts which are using you know tampa uh hot water heater switch tamper for your city switch hot water heater repair for your keyword
Get reviews
right and then you also have your google reviews saying that now you need other reviews you need facebook reviews you need yelp reviews and like i said in yesterday's video you know people hate getting yelp reviews because they only hide them they only hide the good ones the bad ones they put out but i would still get them even if they hide them who cares but you're still getting reviews get facebook reviews the other thing you want to do is you
want to get citations now years ago i was a big proponent in getting you know 300 350 citations and i don't see really the value in that anymore however i'm afraid not to do it you know what i mean like i'm afraid not to do it so you know i'd still get 150 citations right i'd still get 150 i still would get 150 citations and naturally neat backlinks you need links on other popular plumbing websites and city websites like tampo websites with your back link on it going to that specific keyword page let me see if i could do that right so you don't link all your backlinks to your home page you link them to your keyword page that you're trying to rank looking for the best hot water heater repair click here right so you would just go um you know tampa uh plumbing blogs just go to google and type in tampa plumbing blogs and see if you can get some articles on there on on other people's blogs that's one way of doing it you could also create your own website called tampa plumbing blog and just create a bunch of articles and then put articles and link it back to your pages that's another way of doing it right but i like to get something that's already established
Get driving directions
and the last thing is try to get driving directions try to get people to come to your location to drive to your location so you know that's a good signal if people are using google maps or they're using waze so if you're giving away a donation or you're giving away a free starbucks card you know and while they're at your location see if you can get a review from them so somebody came to your location and they gave you a review at your location that is a very good signal from google use your imagination but get people either through a craigslist post or a facebook post get people to come to your location give them a starbucks card and you know see if you could get uh a review from them but google likes to see people are coming to your location right okay so the other thing that i was going to say and i'm probably going to make a video about this when it becomes more popular and i always do i always do vid these videos when i have to pay so this way it makes me not make make the video faster i got to go so bad all right so plumber right this is gonna be a two pack pretty soon they're testing it they're testing it they're gonna have an ad for the first one and just a two pack now i started doing this when it was a seven pack and when they moved it to a two pack everywhere and oh my god i saw it as an opportunity i saw it as if you if you build you know a better website and have better signals you'll you know more people would need your service and thank god that's worked out so far but when it goes to a two-pack that's going to be a lot harder but i'll make a video when it happens but it's it's rolling out so you should type in you know different keywords and see if different keywords come up in a two-pack to package your call i know somebody was waiting for me to say that all right guys listen i hope everybody uh had a good day i hope you liked this video i hope it helped you and uh please take care of your family kiss your wife if you're a woman watching this video kiss your husband tell tell that person in your family that you appreciate them walk the dog clean behind the couch take care of those dishes you know if your husband or wife cooks dinner every single night water out tonight give them a break all right do do good things do the good things always do 51 in the relationship always do more always do more than the other person don't be a bum all right life's not all about keywords and ranking in a three pack and that's the portion of your life the other portion is taking care of your family that's the more important portion this allows you to do that right keep that in mind this allows you to do that all right guys have a great day if i could help you in any way ranking in the google three pack please feel free to reach out to me my email address is uh bret moletta it's in the description below if you like this video please uh subscribe to my channel please like the video if this video brought you any type of uh insight as to how the three pack works and you'd like to contribute to my channel i have a donation link below with that thank you very much guys and we'll catch you tomorrow [Music] bye

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