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In this video I go over an awesome keyword rank tracker called SerpWatch. With this limited time lifetime deal you can have a reliable Google rank checker that allows you to check your Google rank regularly without having to pay for a recurring subscription. In my opinion this rank checker already offers a bunch of great features, and will likely only get better! I hope you enjoy this video and check it out for yourself.

Why is Serpwatch lifetime deal great?
hey it's tom from and in this video i'll be covering an awesome lifetime deal on a google keyword rank tracker [Music] all right so to dive right in here this tool is called serpwatch and if you use my link below wpwithtom.comwatch it should get you 10 off if it's your first order on appsumo and if you just want to support my channel and use it i greatly appreciate it but this will take you to this appsumo page where you can learn more about it and ask questions before purchasing it if you want but you can see right here it says 59 for the lifetime deal and if you go down here they actually even have a video on it where they cover some of the things that i'm also going to talk about here as well as some details about it and if we scroll down here you can see everything that's included in all these plans and features and then you can actually order more codes if you want to have more access and track even more keywords so there's lots of different options with this tool you can get started for 59 dollars to track 150 keywords and that's great if you have just one website if you're anything like me and you have a bunch of different websites you're going to probably want to stack more than just one code i actually end up stacking four codes to track a thousand keywords in total on my plan that i have so the two main reasons i'm showing you this tool are because one it's a lifetime deal and two because i think you can really benefit from it especially if you have a lot of clients or websites that you want to track so if you're not familiar with appsumo i have a review on it but there's also some other pretty cool tools on here like a lifetime deal on short pixel which i've also picked up before and i think i've discussed that on my channel here before if not short pixel is a great tool and there's lots of other tools on here that you might be interested in but for now let's just dive into serpwatch over here so if you go to their website you can actually go through a live demo process now i don't think you're going to be able to get that deal like you're going to get through my appsumo link here for 59. for lifetime access but you can go and check it out with a live demo for yourself and test the features here so i'm going to use this instead of my actual account with all my different websites i rather keep those websites private but here you can see that there's different examples and you can see how many keywords are being tracked if they're going up and down what the changes are the location for the area it's being tracked so if you want to you can track for usa you can track for canada england wherever you want to track and whichever search engine you want to use so if you want to track bing in particular instead of google you could do that but i personally like to track since i'm in the us and a lot of my customers are in the us and it's in english so it just makes makes sense for me to do english and so if i went down here and i went to this demo project right here and i just click on it this will give us an example of some of the features once you actually get into this so you would upload a new project it's just a matter of a few clicks and typing in your website name and then you would select
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different features so you put in your domain name the area and the language right here and then you can put in the keywords that you want track so you can actually upload a csv file or you can go and manually put them in one by one if you don't have a lot it's probably fine eight keywords it's not very hard you just enter it comma enter a comma and then you'll have your list and you'll enter it in once you're set and then it will start tracking them it's really easy to delete ones out if you want as well you can choose how often it's updated now i personally like to do updated daily you actually have the option to update it hourly every two hours every six hours or 12 hours i recommend doing it daily in this case i think you could start going a little crazy if you updated too often especially when you get emailed reports to you which is another option they have here so you can also see what the project monthly value is considered to be this could be something good if you're showing it to clients and there is actually a white label option for this platform for clients as well so that can really come in handy if you have an agency or something like that and then if we were to go down here you actually have other options so if you hover over this it says that there was most likely a google update during these times and it gives you notifications of that so that could be helpful if you have a client as well and they want to see why this position go down a couple spots or up a couple spots you can see that there was a google update those days and if we were to scroll down from here we can go down and see different keywords so on this mock website right here let's just go and click on a random one let's just go best yard vacuum right here and i'll click on that and then i will open up this new tab with the article itself so it finds the article best yard vacuum right here and then if you want you can go and actually click on the different search topic and actually click the wrong one but this is best eyebrow tinting kit so if we're in here and you want to hover over you can see it says open screenshot once you're in the actual keyword
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so it says we're position seven if we go and click open screenshot it will open a screenshot and we'll show this website so this is 16 if we scroll down a little bit we can see right here it's not the most clean screenshot but you can see right there there it says best eyebrow tinting kit reviews and it's the article that's associated with our site and 16 so you literally can have screenshot proof that that is where it's ranking within google and that's a pretty cool feature i feel like and i think that's something that your clients would love to see from time to time you also have options to check different serp features so if we click on that you can see that there's different options right here there's so many different things google reviews people ask knowledge creative answer box video paid featured snippet and images you can look at the revenue as well over here there's not going to be a lot to show in this example there's also an analytics tab as well we can get analytics on how many users are going to the site and again you can add notes right here as well i should have covered that before and you can see when there was google updates and here you can actually look at competitors as well which is a pretty cool feature and i really like that they built this in so there's a lot of features jam packed into this in reality i just got this tool yesterday and i'm loving it so far but there's a lot for me to learn but i'm just wanting to bring this one to your attention because i think it's a tool that could really be worth taking advantage of with the lifetime access to it over here on appsumo so if you want to just check it out through my link below serpwatch and i highly recommend you check it out for yourself and with appsumo you always have a money back guarantee if you don't like it you can get a refund so really there's no risk involved here so i hope you enjoyed this video about this serp watch tool if you did please consider giving it a thumbs up and subscribe for more wordpress related content thanks for viewing and have a wonderful [Music] day [Music] you

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