Serpwizz : Automate Your Lead Generation With Zapier

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In this video, Mark from PitchGround demonstrates how you can automate your lead generation using the new Zapier integration on SERPWizz.

A new integration which opens up a lot of possibilities!
[Music] surprise just released an amazing new integration with sapir which opens up a lot of possibilities for you so let us take a look at how this can be implemented into your own [Music] strategy so once inside your surprise account we can go to embed settings and from here you will see that now a sapir integration has been added you can copy your authorization key because you will need this inside the step with savior and then you can press this button at surprise to save your account i already done this so let's take a look and let's make a set from here we can choose servers because it's been added to our account now so let's uh just say service and it's by invite only for the time being and then you can choose an event new lead and from here we're going to press continue and then we're going to choose our account so i already created my account but if you say connect new account they will need to insert that authorization key and then your account will be imported so i will just use this one and then press continue and then we're going to test the trigger to see if some data can be fetched as you can see data has been fetched so we can press continue and from here you can basically do any kind of automation you want to you can export the lead to your own crm system you can export it to google sheets you can automate certain emailings towards your customer towards your lead it's all possible with the sapir integration but for now for this video
Easily export any kind of lead information to google sheets.
i'm going to show you how you can easily export on any kind of lead to google sheets so let's press google sheets let's go for an action up create a spreadsheet row continue then we're going to choose the account you create you connect it set up the action that will be the drive my google drive and then avoid the value spreadsheet will be served with lead information we're going to go to the worksheet worksheet is just one and from here all the headers are being fetched and now we can easily map the data from serpwise over to google sheets so just press it we have the first name we have the last name we have the email if we use the option show all options we have the email we also have the phone number if it's being exported at least and then we also have the domain if we show more options so let's press continue and let's test this trigger so let's say test action and let's see if we actually get this information inside our google sheets so at the moment i only have some dummy information for myself so let's test and review if it's all being exported correctly so sapir says it has so let's take a look and as you can see the data from surprise has now been added to your own exportation platform of your choice so
Final thoughts.
as you can see using shape here and with can opens up a lot of options for you you can either export the lead to your own crm for example or the google sheets like i showed you but you can also put up other kinds of automations notifying admins and notifying the lead itself that you receive the data correctly and that you will get back to them as soon as possible this can all be done on automatic pilot using sapir and serpwise

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Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

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