YouTube SEO Tutorial 2020 - Rank Higher on YouTube and Increase YouTube Views

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If you want to rank higher on YouTube, you need to follow our YouTube SEO 2020 Tutorial and Tips for success. Surfside PPC drives over 50% of its views from the YouTube search engine and from Google SEO as well, so they are vital sources of traffic for our channel. If you want to learn more about my step-by-step process for ranking my videos higher in the YouTube search engine and in Google too, watch this video immediately. We start with YouTube keyword research and then focus on creating high-quality content and engaging videos related to those videos. The best way to rank higher on YouTube is to dominate specific topics and find unique angles to reach an audience that is interested in the type of content you are creating.

Why is YouTube SEO important?

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. If you can drive people to your videos consistently, it will drastically increase your views. Since targeting people searching your keywords is one of the best SEO strategies and Digital Marketing strategies in general, YouTube Search Engine Optimization is vital for success. It can help you increase views, engagement, shares, subscribers, comments, and watch time.

How do I increase my SEO ranking on YouTube?

You want to focus on retention rate, keywords in your title, great thumbnails, average watch time, long descriptions, engagement, comments, shares, likes, and more to increase your rankings. There are a variety of YouTube SEO factors, but ultimately you want to target YouTube SEO keywords, optimize your title, optimize your description, fill out tags, improve your engagement, and more.

What exactly is YouTube SEO?
what's up everyone welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel today's gonna be my YouTube SEO tutorial for 2020 this is part 16 of my SEO tutorials so I have a complete playlist all of that is gonna be in the video description if you want to watch some of my other search engine optimization tutorials so for this video I'm gonna be showing you how to rank higher in YouTube and how to get more views on your video directly tied back to the YouTube search engine and even so we're gonna get right into it and the first thing I want to go over is what exactly is YouTube SEO so YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google Google does on YouTube as well so when you're looking at Google search results you're gonna see a ton of YouTube videos in their YouTube SEO is the process of researching YouTube keywords and optimizing your video and your video content to rank high on YouTube so essentially just take Google SEO and translate it to YouTube except it's really gonna be focused on your video how engaging your video is how often people are engaging with it sharing it linking back to it so all of those things are really important in YouTube as well so I'm gonna go over some of the things that I focus on now the reason that I'm making this video is over fifty percent of my video views for Surfside PBC come from SEO so for looking at the last 28 days my traffic source types you're gonna see youtube search drives forty three point seven percent of my total video views' and then external so external is 19.1% and then 70 percent of that comes from Google search so people who are searching directly on Google find some of my YouTube videos and I'll show you how those videos actually show up as well so a lot of my video views are coming directly from YouTube search and without ranking high for some of the keywords that I do rank for with my videos I wouldn't get nearly as many of use as I do so step one before you create any videos before you do anything the two things I would say you really want to focus on you want to set up your YouTube channel your YouTube description your links and your tags so when you're setting up your YouTube channel you want to set a name you want to write a good description you want to set links to
your website and social media channels and you also want to set up tags for your channel as well now the other thing you want to do and I think step one you should be doing both of these things at once create a YouTube keyword list so your keyword list will chain over time I know mine changes all the time so really depending on what time of the year it is what types of videos I'm trying to create so my YouTube keyword list is always changing but I generally have some of my main keywords that I'm trying to rank for and then I just try to expand it over time but trying to keep everything as relevant as possible so you want to set up tags so you go into your channel settings here so when you go to your YouTube channel and you go to creator studio and go to settings you're gonna see channel here so you're gonna have the name for your channel and then you're gonna have keywords so these keywords are essentially the tags for your channel they're the keywords that you're setting up to tell YouTube these is this is what I am gonna be creating videos about now you can always adjust these keywords over time but you definitely want to set it up in the beginning and you can see all these keywords are based on the types of content that I'm creating now the other thing you want to do is within your channel if you go to the about page you want to set up a good description here so making sure that you're using some of the different keywords that you're gonna be making content about and then at the very bottom you're gonna see down here links so website Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn you can set your email here one thing I'll say is I had my email set here and I end up getting a lot of spam emails because people pulled these emails and I was just getting a bunch of emails that we're essentially people trying to sell me things so I don't usually answer a lot of those emails because if I'm trying to get something I'll just go out and get it myself so you can set your email here if you want but keep in mind you might end up getting more emails than you want so this is where you want to get started so setting up your channel making sure you're setting some of those tags those keywords writing a good description here it doesn't hurt to do this it's not gonna make your channel rank at the top of YouTube but it's just one of the things that you want to do because it helps YouTube understand what your channel is gonna be about now the next thing is creating your YouTube keyword list so these are five different ways to come up with keywords for YouTube it's pretty easy I mean the easiest way to do it is just use YouTube's autocomplete so if we open YouTube here and I'll have one of my channel videos open if we just come up to search here so one of the examples I'm gonna be using for this video is landing pages so I want to create more and more content around landing pages because it's just the topic that I haven't covered enough yet so if you just come up to the search bar here and I just type in landing page and we do a space you're gonna see all these different keywords here these are the top keywords that people are searching so if I'm creating landing page videos I would want to start with a landing page tutorial video this would want to be this would be my main video that I would want to create and it's the one I would really want to spend the most time on because it's what people are searching the most now landing page design landing page WordPress you don't need to focus specifically on this keyword I could do something like ten landing page designs that you can learn from I can do how to create landing pages in WordPress and even for something down here like landing page verse website I can create a video the difference between a landing page and a website page so you can kind of create
different videos it doesn't have to be exactly like this but you can see here Google Ads tutorial so that's the exact keyword I'm trying to target in this video and a lot of times when I'm creating content I'll just use YouTube's autocomplete so I can come up here to Google Ads click do a space and you can see all of these different things that people look up so I can do Google Ads dropshipping Google Ads for a YouTube channel Google Ads tutorial 2020 you'll see I have that down here so you can always create some of these different videos and YouTube autocomplete is gonna give you the keywords that people are typing in the most and these change over time so every year you're gonna see the years update it goes from 2018 2019 2020 so you're gonna see right now we're in 2020 so you're gonna start seeing these keywords change over time so YouTube's autocomplete is my number one way to find keywords now coming down here some of the different tools that I like to use keyword tool I owe an SEO review so if you go to keyword tool I oh so we'll start there you can see they actually have options for Google YouTube Bing Amazon eBay so if you click on YouTube here or go to keyword tool that IO slash YouTube you're actually trying to find keywords based on what people are typing into YouTube so if I type in landing pages here click on enter I've already done that it opens in a new page you're gonna see I have landing pages for YouTube and what you're gonna find is that it's gonna give you some of the most popular keywords at the very top here so landing pages that convert landing pages for real estate MailChimp WordPress for beginners so you can get a bunch of ideas at the very top and then as you come down here you're gonna see it's gonna start going more in alphabetical order so right here landing pages and funnels Adobe XD for affiliate marketing Google Ads album and then you can start seeing best practices best building best converting so it starts to give you them more in alphabetical order but the ones at the very top are gonna be very popular keywords now one of my favorite tools is SEO review tools comm slash youtube keyword tool I use this one a lot right now I'm afraid it's gonna end up being a paid tool but what it does is it gives you those YouTube autosuggest keywords if you come in here enter a
What are YouTube Keyword and Keyword Everywhere tools and how to use them?
keyword set your language click I'm not a robot do perform check so I've already done this again for landing pages so if we keeps going down you're gonna see landing page landing page tutorial design WordPress for affiliate marketing so you can see it's matching a lot of the keywords we saw with YouTube autosuggest so if we come down here it gives me 15 primary keywords and then it starts getting into some of these secondary keywords as well so what I would recommend doing is sticking to some of these primary keywords here unless you're really trying to cover one topic from top to bottom then you can start getting into some of these secondary keywords so those are some different keyword tools that I like to use SEO review tools keyword tool Daioh now the other thing is a Chrome extension and a firefox extension called keywords everywhere so if we come over here go to keywords everywhere com you can see up at the top here I have this K here it's the keywords every where chrome plug-in and if I go to a video on my channel so right now I'm on Google Ads tutorial 2020 over on the right hand side it's gonna list all the different tags that I have created for this video so you can go to specific videos on YouTube other videos that are ranking high using keywords everywhere you're gonna be able to see these tags completely free keywords everywhere does have some premium options but just using the free tool even just doing a YouTube search going to a video you're gonna see some of these tags and then if you do a Google search so if I come over here I do a Google search for Google Display ads and we scroll over you're gonna see some related keywords and people also search for so it's a great way to expand on your keyword lists especially if you're trying to create content or on a lot of different topics you can find some of these subtopics and start creating content around those keywords as well now the last thing are our two freemium tools so they have free plans and they have paid plans I'm not going to go through them too much in this video but vid IQ and two buddy so they're great tools and if we come over here and we look first this is to buddy calm now the main thing I use with two buddy is their upload checklist which I'll go through later in this video but if you come up here to pricing you can see some of their premium options helps you kind of expand your
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YouTube channel and there's a lot of different things you can do with two buddy and over here with vid IQ in terms of uploading videos doing bulk changes to videos with your cards with your end screens so you can do a lot of things in bulk and you can get a lot of ideas for tags so it's gonna give you some different content ideas so both of these are really great tools if you're looking for premium tools but they also have free options as well so you could always get started with the free options and see if you want to upgrade later so these are some different keyword research tools when it comes to YouTube I'm gonna create a separate video about YouTube keyword research because I think it's a topic that I want to expand on more so now we're getting into step to creating and optimizing videos now I'm not gonna cover creating videos in this specific video tutorial about YouTube SEO for me personally I create all of my videos the same exact way I just record my screen and I create videos essentially like a video type podcast where people can watch my video and listen to me go over a different topic there's a lot of people that are much better than me at creating videos I would recommend following them if you're trying to create much better videos around specific topics there's marketers that create much better videos than I do I just try to focus on creating the best content I can so essentially this is my process create videos based on my keyword list so we did our keyword research if we're using landing pages as our example you can use any of those tools we went over for this one we'll just say I'm gonna use this SEO review tools com so what I would start with is creating a landing page tutorial here maybe I would create a video about different types of landing page designs how to create landing pages with WordPress you can also do five best WordPress landing page plugins so you can create multiple videos around the same keywords and it's only gonna help you rank higher for those keywords I've never found any issues with creating different types of content while targeting the same exact keyword in YouTube I actually update all of my tutorials every single year because I find that my older tutorials do not rank as well in YouTube so just some different things to keep in mind I don't worry about keyword can when it comes to YouTube I really just focus on creating the best content I can around these top keywords for the topics that I'm covering so coming back over here so as you're uploading your video you want to include the keyword you're targeting in the title in the first description line and in your tags and your tags should all be really focused on the main keyword that you're trying to target you don't want to really expand your tags too much so sometimes I'll expand my tags a little bit for a Google Ads tutorial I might use something like search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising because I think I can still rank high for some of those keywords as well because they are related to Google Ad now next you want to fill out your description in full and all of your tags in full you have five thousand characters for the description at the time of making this video and you have five hundred characters for your tags at the time of making this video you want to use as many of those characters as possible last but not least create playlists as relevant as possible for the types of topics that you're covering and add your videos to those playlists make sure you create descriptions for your playlists so if we come back over here and we come to YouTube and let's just say I come to my channel okay so we're in the back end of my channel here so when I uploaded this video Google Ads tutorial for 20 20 you can see my title here as we scroll down you can see for my description so I have four thousand eight hundred forty nine characters at a five thousand you should try to use as many of those characters as possible and really focus on the different types of subtopics related to your video keep scrolling down I have a custom thumbnail this is something I would like to create better thumbnails it's one of the things I want to improve on this year keep scrolling down and you're gonna see all these tags down here now one of the things with tags is you're gonna see a little number next to your tags and it's where this video ranks and YouTube's search results so clearly I need to improve for this video I just recently uploaded it so I do think that over time it's gonna improve in the rankings I find that when I upload videos they don't generally just jump to the top of the YouTube search results it takes some time and if I create a really good video that's really engaging people are sharing it people are liking it those generally jump up a little bit higher a little bit quicker so last year I created a video about Google search console for 2019 so I just updated that for 2020 but that one jumped to the top of search results and I end up getting ton of views on that video think over 150,000 views at this time and most of it came from the youtube search results so ultimately it's about keeping up with these best practices and doing as much as you possibly can to rank high now I do some little things so let's just say we come up here to create and we go to upload video so I want to upload a new video so we're gonna do is upload here so you're gonna see right here in this Google Ads folder I have my video file right here I name my video file Google ads tutorial and then I have my thumbnail image here I also name that Google Ads tutorial so just using some of these naming things I think it helps just a little bit there's enough no downside to naming your files exactly the keywords that you're trying to rank for and then what I try to do is throughout this entire description line I'll link to some of these other helpful URLs one of them is the link on my website so I have this video also embedded on this URL and then as we scroll up also link to some of my related videos my Google Ads tutorial playlist so I try to do as much of that as possible as I'm uploading my video because I think it helps my overall rankings in the long run so creating and optimizing your videos make sure you're creating videos based on that keyword list you want to include your keyword as much as possible it doesn't mean stuff it in the description your description should be filled out just based on what your video is about but make sure you have it in your title in your tags I usually set it as the first tag and make sure it's in your first description line so the reason why I say that is if we come over here and we search something like landing page so I search landing page here we scroll down you're gonna see right here having a rock-solid landing page strategy so what Google is gonna do is essentially use that first description line as a meta description on YouTube keep scrolling down what is a landing page five top landing page builders so you can see here I try to use these first sentences as best as I possibly can because they use them as a meta description for your video ok so that's step two creating your videos and optimizing your videos as you upload them is really important so that YouTube knows what your video is about and if they're just things that you really need to focus on because if you don't have your keyword in your title if your title is not optimized for the types of keywords that you're trying to target then you're just not going to rank high in YouTube for them at all so going next to step 3 after you publish your video the first thing you want to do is set your end screen and cards and then also set your new video as a card on some of your old videos so what I mean by that is if we come back over here and we're looking at my last Google Ads tutorial for beginners this is my 2019 video if we come up here to the cards you're gonna see my top one is my new tutorial for 2020 and then I'll also link to the playlist right here so I just think that's important as people come and see this video hopefully they find the new version here and also as YouTube is ranking some of these videos they can see okay there's an updated version of this tutorial this is the one that we're gonna prefer in the youtube search results also as we scroll down here you can also see I do a pinned comment check out my newest Google Ads tutorial for 2020 here and people can find that with ease so if we come in the back end for this video where I'm editing it and we scroll down you can see you can set your end screen right here so you want to set an end screen and link to your newest version of that tutorial or other related videos that are gonna be helpful for the people that are watching your content and then you can set your cards here you can also set a URL right in this description to your newest video so that's usually where I start when I upload a new video especially if I already have an old version of that video on my channel so if we come back over here the other thing I'll do is I'll like my video I'll leave a comment and I'll try to answer as many questions as possible it can be difficult to answer everybody's questions so I apologize if I don't get to your questions in the comment section but coming over here and going back to my new Google Ads tutorial for 20/20 you can see I have 58 comments here and I try to reply to as many of these comments as possible so replies from Surfside PBC replies from Surfside PPC replies from Surfside PPC so I'm trying to do this as much as I possibly can so that I can answer people's questions you can see there's a few I haven't answered so I have to make sure I get in there and answer those so I always think more comments are better for ranking in YouTube because it's showing that people are engaging with my video they're asking questions or leaving comments the other thing is liking your video and you can see I only have one dislike on this video for right now so this is a really good ratio getting more and more likes is definitely better when it comes to ranking because if someone else creates a Google Ads tutorial and they have 10,000 likes here and I only have 200 lights here and they have a thousand comments here and I only have 58 comments here that YouTube is gonna say okay people are clearly engaging with this one video more so we're gonna rank that higher than this one so if we come back over here after publishing video so like the video leave a comment answer questions then you want to share your video to your social media channels share it to your email list if you have an email list make sure anybody who has already shown they have an interest in your content is gonna be able to see this video easily so if we come back over to our video again you can just
Explore more and more ways for people to see your content!
come right here to share so if you come to share you can embed this on your own website you can share it to blogger you can share it to Facebook Twitter reddit tumblr you can see Pinterest and then a few other options here so LinkedIn I'll use email you can use you can also create a post on your YouTube channel so in your community you can create a post and say hey check out our newest video our Google Ads tutorial for 2020 and encourage people to leave their own comments they can also like your posts so just more and more ways for people to see your content so making sure that you shared is ultimately trying to get views trying to get more of those likes on your videos and more comments because it's gonna help you rank higher in YouTube over time now the other thing I'm trying to improve on this year is creating blog posts for my video and linking back to my youtube channel linking to the YouTube video in the blog so if I come over here you can see go to Surfside PBC comm slash Google Ads and you can see I have my Google Ads video tutorial embedded right in this page so ultimately that helps you rank in different ways YouTube is able to track how many times people are embedding your videos in their websites they can check if Surfside PPC has it embedded and then I can also link back to this and YouTube and Google are able to understand okay this person has created really good content around a specific topic and they consistently do it so we're gonna rank their content higher in the search results so if we come over to Google and you come to the video section and you just do a search for free keyword tools for example you're gonna see a website H refs ranks really high for a lot of these different keywords and they do a great job embedding their videos and creating content around all of their videos as well so H refs is a keyword tool it's really a search engine optimization tool they have a lot of different premium tools on their website so when it comes to keyword research tools they have a leg up because they have a great tool ready so you can see right here ten free keyword research tools if we keep scrolling down they have another one eight refs some of these other ones so keyword tool that io keyword tool that IO if we scroll all the way to the bottom you'll see I have this bottom position here 14 best FREE keyword research tools 20 20 Surfside PPC and I have my video embedded there so it helps you rank higher on YouTube helps you rank higher on Google in the videos portion and also on Google in general so I also believe that this helps when if someone comes in here and they search google display ads they scroll down you can see I have this first position here in the videos portion on the first page if we go over you can see I have some of these other positions here as well so it's essentially me and Google ads that are ranking high in this videos portion about Google Display ads the topic so I'm doing pretty well here and it helps drive a lot of clicks to these different videos on my channel so getting these high rankings on Google getting these high rankings in the videos portion of Google and then obviously getting these high rankings in YouTube when people are searching here is vital to get more and more views on your videos and on your channel coming back over here to step 3 creating a blog post for the video and linking back to it the other thing I've done and a another video creator has told me this is to create a blogger blog because it's owned by Google so I created a blogger blog and one thing I do is I try to share all my videos to this blogger blog because I've been told by a YouTube creator who has a lot more subscribers and views to me that they use this strategy to drive over a million views to their channel every single year so just coming into blogger writing a short description here linking back to my video and then over time I can try to improve this website improve this content but for right now it's just another ranking factor so if we come over to my video and I go to share one of the options that's always here in the front is blogger and that's was because Google owns it Google owns YouTube so there's really no downside to sharing your content there especially if I share all of my different videos there and share videos from other channels as well it's only gonna help me rank higher in Google and help me rank higher in the youtube search results now last but not least is stay consistent and try to just grow over time you're not going to shoot up to the top of YouTube search overnight and you're gonna find that a lot of channels end up ranking really high for certain topics because for me personally I don't rank as high for keywords related to SEO search engine optimization because there's just a lot of competition there's a lot of different marketers and a lot of creators creating videos around those topics so I generally do better around PPC advertising with Facebook Ads with Google Ads Google display ads LinkedIn ads so when I create videos about those topics I generally rank higher and that's because a lot of my subscribers and my audience are looking for that type of content they're gonna engage the most they're gonna like my videos they're gonna share my videos they're gonna leave comments you want to continuously create relevant videos for the existing topics you cover so if we come over here and we look at my Google ads playlist so you're just gonna see Google Ads tutorials I have 78 videos here it's helped drive over 33,000 views back to my channel so and you can see here I try to keep these playlists as updated as possible fill out all my description lines here so as I create more and more content around these topics it helps me rank higher for some of these keywords like Google Ads like Google Ads tutorial so I can drive more and more of that traffic back to my videos add subtitle files and improve video thumbnails these are two things I need to improve on this year so if we come over here and we look at our landing page result you're gonna see this right here has CC that's closed captioning keep coming down CC so those are other ranking factors so having higher quality videos having subtitles it just makes it a better user experience for people so YouTube is gonna give preference to some of those videos if that's the tiebreaker between what's gonna rank higher in the youtube search results now the very last thing that I want to go over is one of the main ranking factors is audience retention here and then likes verse dislikes so when you publish a new video so this is for my Google Ads tutorial for 20/20 the average view for this video is 7 minutes and 50 seconds which is pretty good it's above my average but you can see here audience retention so by the time they get to two minutes into the video only 32% of the people who view my video get to the two-minute mark and you can see it slowly goes down over time so what I try to do is get this number as high as possible so the longer people are watching my videos the better it's gonna rank in the youtube search
Why is it important to keep people engaged in your video as long as possible.
results if someone else uploads a video and let's just say it's a sim and their average view duration is 15 minutes so their percentage is much higher it's gonna help them rank higher because it's showing that people are more engaged with that video and it's about the same exact topic as mine so I try to keep people engaged as long as possible there are some strategies for doing this and other video creators who are much better than me are much better at keeping people engaged but for the most part my average view duration is above 5 minutes so if I get to 7 minutes in 50 seconds that's good for me likes first dislikes so 99% um you're always gonna get some dislikes on your videos I just generally try to keep it at 97% or above for my videos you can see my channel average is 97.1% so with that I'm happy with and what I'm trying to do is get this percentage of views for youtube search higher and higher try to keep this audio audience retention as high as possible and that's ultimately gonna help me rank higher in YouTube so this is my youtube SEO tutorial trying to rank as high as possible as you can in YouTube it's not always very easy but if you continue at it you keep doing your YouTube keyword research and creating content around those different keywords and just improve your videos over time my videos were terrible when I first started I still don't think they're as good as they can be so I just try to improve as much as I can each and every year I try to get something a little bit better whether it's audio quality or whether it's just the content itself so if you have any questions about this please leave in the comment section thanks for watching my video today and make sure you subscribe to the Surfside PPC youtube channel

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