How To Get Free Traffic From Google (SEO Tutorial For Beginners) Part 1

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In this video, I will show you how to get free organic traffic from Google with SEO or search engine optimization, this is a free SEO tutorial for beginners who want to understand what is SEO and how it works.

I will explain what is SEO and How it works, then I will talk about the main 3 steps of SEO, which is keyword research, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

How to get free traffic to your website with Google search results?
if you go now to my main website  you would say i have 22% traffic directly   from search engines organic search so i'm getting  like 4,000 or 6,000 users every month for free   from google search results you can see here i have  like 20,000 users per month on my website if you   go to my blog again you would say have 27 percent  are coming out from organic search free from   google search results so what is this it  is simply SEO or search engine optimization   in this mini course i will go over SEO and tell  you exactly how it works and how you can get free   traffic to your website with google search  results so stay tuned and follow up with me hi everyone i'm Hasan from H-educate and  today i'm so happy to be with you in this   new mini course about SEO or search engine  optimization in this video you will simply learn   how SEO works and how you can get free  organic traffic from google before we   start please don't forget if you like to watch  more videos like this about digital marketing   online business make money online please  don't forget subscribe now to my channel   turn on notifications and don't forget please  if you want to support me and support my channel   please like the video if you like it so let's  stop wasting time and go directly to our point   and start with our SEO mini course by  the way this course is the road map   if you understand this course you will understand  every topic in SEO later on when we go in depth in   each detailed topic so please make sure don't miss  any minute in this video don't miss anything it's   very important to understand every word said in  this video and please if you have any questions  
What is SEO?
anything you want comment it below i will be  almost every day here to answer the comments about   this video so let's start together okay friends  so what is SEO or search engine optimization   let's make things simple by a direct example i  will search for open ses limits this keyword so   someone is searching how to open the amazon ses  limits and you can see now my video is on top of   google my blog here H-educate is on top of google  what this means simply whenever someone searches   for this keyword he will see my website so i will  get organic free views to my website free traffic   directly from google if i go now to my website  let's open to show you this   and let's go to the back end the dashboard it's  a wordpress website by the way and let's go to   google site kit here to to analytics you will see  i have like 20,000 users per month on my website   if you go down here to see that traffic you will  see i have 22% organic search you see this 4,000   users every month coming directly from google  search free organic traffic if i go to google site   kit here in my blog you see i have like 6000 users  per month i have 27% organic search free organic   traffic from google so i have around 10,000 users  coming to my websites every month only from google   so after we saw this what is SEO now simply it's  a technique to optimize your website you do some   things in order to rank your website on top of  google to get free traffic that's it you rank your  
How SEO works? 3 steps!
website on the first page of google or any search  engine to get free organic traffic that's simple   now let's see how SEO works simply three steps  to optimize your website or your web page to rank   on google number one is something called keyword  research number two is called on page optimization   number three is off page optimization when  you do these three steps you will start   getting free organic traffic from google and  search engines automatically on your website   so let's start one by one what is keyword research  so we have keyword research what is a keyword   simply whenever you type here is a keyword as  an example open ses limits this is a keyword   is what people are searching for on google it's  a keyword if you go down to google down here   you will see searches related to open ses limits  you can see all these are also keywords so these   are the keywords what is keyword research simply  is finding keywords is searching for keywords   that you will optimize your website on to rank  on google as an example in my case in this small   example i am ranking on this keyword so if you go  here to my blog let's open my blog and let's see   this i'll go down here to the second page you'll  see here amazon ses full set up open the sending   limit so this is the guide that i'm ranking on  on google with this keyword so your job now is to   find keywords that your website is able to rank on  how to know this the first step is to do research   is to find keywords as an example you go to  websites like H-supertools my free SEO and digital  
Use keyword research tool!
marketing tools and here you can go to SEO and  click on keyword research tool let's say now   you want to write an article about email marketing  anything you go here and type email marketing then   you select the country you want you can set it to  global and click enable deep search to get a lot   of keyword ideas then just wait a little bit and  now that application H-supertools will give you   for this keyword how many people are searching for  per month it will give you also related keywords   that people are searching for also on google so  all these are keywords that people are searching   for and you can get the monthly search volume  for each keyword so all these are keyword ideas   that you can write articles about and rank on  google your aim now is to find a low competitive   keyword what do i mean by a low competitive  keyword a keyword if you go now to google sorry if you're going to google and search  for email marketing you will get a list   of top websites that rank about email  marketing like optinmonster like hubspot   like campaign monitor these are big companies  that somehow hard to rank on and break their   rank on google as a beginner in a web in a new  website so you must search for different keywords   you can see a lot of keywords so it's better  so it's better to use a long tail keyword what   do you mean by a long tail keyword as an  example email marketing maybe tutorial for   beginners this is a long tail keyword you  can see this this is easier to rank on google   and another way to get somehow good  keyword as i told you is to go down here   and find related searches so these are also long  tail keyword that is easier to rank on google   so your job now is to do some keyword research  and choose the best keyword after you choose some  
What is a SEO difficulty and how to take advantage of it?
keywords you can go to tools like uber suggest  which is also free to it has a free plan i mean   if you open it and let's write like an example  email marketing tutorial for beginner this one   i will write it here and click on search so this  is a keyword what's nice about ubersuggest it   will give you something called SEO difficulty so  this is a metric you can see it's easy to rank   on you can see the SEO difficulty is easy  so this keyword is easy to rank on google   so your goal now is to go and find keywords with  somehow good monthly search volume like 1000   2000 as a beginner is very good 1000 searches 2000  searches and check the SEO difficulty and select   one keyword with high search volume and low  difficulty and pick up this keyword to rank on   google and to write an article about this is the  idea to sum up go now and do some keyword research   pick up a list of keywords and then filter them  out to get high search volume keywords with low   difficulty this is simply the idea of keyword  research so after you pick your content ideas   or your keyword list now it's time to go to  the second step which is on page optimization   let's go back to my blog and here i have a guide  about powerMTA setup guide powerMTA is an smtp   server so in this guide in this blog post i'm  explaining step by step how to install powerMTA   anyway so this is an article and i want to rank on  google i want to get free traffic on if i go here   to the back end to edit the post you will see here  if i click on this plug-in here i'll talk about it   in a little bit you will see i have SEO analysis  is green so this article is optimized for SEO what   do i mean by this it means that this article is  optimized for this keyword that i choose powerMTA  
How to create and optimize an article for my website SEO?
so how to optimize this article with something  with something called on page optimization on   page optimization is simply what you can do  on your website on your page like editing your   text editing your images so things that you can do  directly on your website to optimize it for SEO as   an example this keyword is mentioned the heading  in the heading of this title it's mentioned again   here in the subheadings if you go down you will  see that powerMTA is mentioned again and again   so in this way google can know that this  article is about powerMTA that's simple you see   so this plugin will tell you exactly how to  optimize what you can do to optimize your articles   for on-page SEO another example is if you add  some images let's say this image click on the   image you will see i have something called alt  text alternative text this is also important to   optimize your images for SEO to enter the alt text  also it's important to to compress and optimize   the size of the images so the website speed will  be somehow fast other important thing for on-page   SEO is an example the url the path or the link  of this post if you open it here you see powerMTA   set up guide so it's also mentioned in the url  you must use friendly urls optimized for SEO also   so to sum up on page SEO is things that you  can do on your page on your website to optimize   it for search engines you must tell search  engines that your article is about your topic   that simple tell google that you are talking about  in my example powerMTA your example whatever about   cats dogs i don't know about the keyword that you  chose in the first step in the keyword research   so simple i think so we pick up a keyword with  keyword research we optimize our article for these  
What is off page SEO?
keywords that we choose and then we move on to  off page SEO but before we move on i want to tell   you about this plugin it's called yoast if you go  here to the back end and go to plugins and go to   add new it's very important to install this plugin  for SEO if you search for SEO you will find yoast   SEO this is the plugin with five million active  installations you can see twenty seven thousand   five star reviews it's a perfect plug-in it will  help you and make things so simple for you if you   click on yoast SEO here SEO analysis it will give  you in detail what you need to fix like SEO title   like images meta description it will  give you everything you need to do   to optimize your article for on-page SEO so  after you optimize it for on-page SEO we move now   to off page SEO so what is off page SEO simply off  page SEO is everything you do outside your website   outside the website what can i do simply a basic  example is sharing your website on social media   what this helps it will give something called  social signals so google also will track social   signals of your website it will see if people  are sharing it on social media it will see   it's getting traffic from social media and so  on so there's a metric that search engines will   track to see how much people are interacting with  your website on social media it's called social   signals other important factor is what we call  backlinks if you go here again to uber suggests   you will see i have like 3,700 backlinks what are  backlinks simply is any website any other website   that is linking to your website that simple if  you watched my video about the SEO service that   you can provide as a freelancer i mentioned  that one important service you can provide  
is to give a backlink for someone else so on  your website as an example here on my blog   if you go to this guide here's an example let's  open this blog post and if you go down here you   can you can see i have links here's a link here  is a link here is a link all these are href links   so if someone is linking is giving you a link from  his or her website this is called a backlink it's   a link from somewhere else into your website from  other website to your website whenever you have   more backlinks when you have a lot of backlinks  what this means simply it tells google and search   engines that this website is important everyone is  linking into it so it has good information so this   is how backlinks work so you need to build  backlinks you need to get backlinks maybe   like by sending cold emails to other website  owners asking and exchanging maybe backlinks   or maybe buying a backlink from them or whatever  or maybe you can build them organically as i will   talk in depth later on other videos this out of  scope now but just to understand that you need   to build backlinks in order to get high rank on  google this is very important this about off-page   SEO another factor is what we call if you go here  back to the dashboard google siite kits analytics if you go here you can see something called the  bounce rate and the session duration also these   are important if you want to rank your website  higher you need to decrease the bounce rate and   increase the session duration how much people  are staying on your website if you go back to my   main website let's see here   wp admin you see here my bounce rate is somehow  good it's lower than my blog why simply i   mentioned this before because i hosted my courses  my free courses directly here on my website what  
3 steps. Conclusion.
this means that someone will go here and watch  my course if you watch a course of one hour he   will stay on my website for one hour and this is  very important for google it tells them that this   website is important for people they are staying  on the website they are not bouncing directly and   going out the website and so on so this is about  off page SEO is building backlinks social signals   shares outside your website so that's it this is  what SEO is is optimizing your website to get free   organic traffic from search engines it's about  three main steps keyword research on-page SEO and   off-page SEO please if you have any questions  you have anything you want to share with us   just comment it down and you'll be more than happy  to discuss together any problem you have in SEO

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