9 Free Keyword Research Tools in Rank Tracker

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In this video, you'll learn about the powerful keyword research tools in rank tracker, which you can use for free!

Tight on a budget, but need a powerful keyword research tool? This short video tutorial explains how you can use rank tracker to build a MASSIVE keyword list in a few minutes' time!

Use keyword research tools and monitor site rank check.
[Music] welcome to SEO PowerSuite health videos in this video you'll learn how to use keyword research tools in rank tracker let's open any project and navigate to the keyword research module here you can find lots of tools that will help you build your keyword list in the ranking keywords module you can enter any URL and get a list of keywords this website's ranking form for each keyword you can view the ranking position search volume keyword difficulty and other stats looking for local results no problem you can choose the location whether you're looking for desktop or mobile results and even pick the type of service you want to find hover your mouse over the rank position click the hamburger icon and get a quick overview of the SERP landscape if you want to add some relevant keywords to a project from this workspace right-click them and
What is Keyword gap module.
choose move selected keywords to rank tracking you can move keywords as ungrouped create a new keyword group or group by the ranking URL after you've moved the keywords they'll be visible in the target keywords module let's move on to the keyword gap module it helps you find competitors keywords you are not ranking for yet to start the analysis specify up to five URLs you want to compare and hit search in a few moments you'll see a list of keywords your competitors rank for but you don't you can switch between different search modes countries and specify negative keywords if necessary if you have an account in Google search console you can add it to your rank tracker project click connect your account and fill in your login details and that's it in a moment rank tracker will pull the data
Use keyword planner to pull keyword from Google autocomplete.
into your workspace the keyword planner research method lets you pull keyword ideas from Google Ads simply specify a topic keywords and hit Search the autocomplete tool collects autocomplete suggestions from the most popular search platforms including Google Bing Yahoo Amazon YouTube ask and Yandex [Music] want to look for related keywords switch to the related searches tab here and choose where you want to start the search Google Bing or ask again enter the topic keywords and hit Search interested in collecting the related questions check out the related questions research to choose between questions autocomplete and people also
Explore tools that would help you with the keywords.
ask enter your keyword and let the tool collect the phrases for you the next tool on our list is tf-idf Explorer this tool will help get a list of semantically related keywords or context keywords that search engines are statistically expecting to see in relation to your topic keyword to start using it simply enter your main keyword and click search in a moment you'll get a list of context keywords your top ranking competitors are using on their landing pages finally you can make use of the keyword combinations tool to build tons of phrase combinations based on your keyword list each time you use any keyword research tool in rank tracker your keyword ideas can be found in the keyword sandbox module here so you can get back to them at any time how do you select the most relevant and the most efficient keywords from such a huge list that's what we'll cover in our next video thanks for watching [Music]

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍