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There are hundreds of free SEO tools out there, so I wanted to test and focus on the websites that I found most useful to add to your SEO toolbox.

How to use Google Keyword Planner to boost your website ranking?
and today I'm gonna go through my top ten free SEO tools and websites let's do it good Friday afternoon my name is Chrissy Hughes owner founder of nerds WorldCom if you want to take a look at my website planner all pertaining to my actual business let's try a website design Toronto logo design or Toronto I'm not gonna add my URL but I just want to get some results so what we're currently looking at here is the actual keyword the volumes per month of people typing in that keyword we're looking at the cost per click CPC we're looking at the competition level those are four things we're looking at so very quickly the keyword that I entered website design Toronto there's one to ten thousand I know that's a pretty dynamic range it also tells me that the competition level is medium so prepare for a little bit of a battle to get the first place and then lastly we're looking at the range the low to high for cost per click like how much are people and companies paying for those clicks if they want to pay for advertisement to get them to the top of the page and I'll tell you very quickly why I feel that as important I'm not looking to pay for ads at all but what these numbers do is dictate to me the quality of the person that's using that term so I can then determine if this is a good keyword that I want to put effort into very quickly let me break this down the person that types in fastest Lamborghini in Toronto versus the person that types in where to buy a Lamborghini in Toronto there's a different dollar value to each of those two search requests one is looking for free information one is looking to spend a quarter million dollars when you're doing SEO you have to be able to determine between the two now to even complicate this even more so
it's also good sometimes to have blog posts which are educational where you have no intention of selling your service but you're trying to generate traffic and buzz from all the way around the world so it might make sense it does make sense for an exotic car dealership to write a blog about the fastest Lamborghini in Toronto so I'm really making this more confusing for you number two is a traps for this website in particular we're only gonna look at the free option which is the backlink checker let's type in my business a nerds WorldCom and check backlinks no I am NOT a robot I promise these are always fun that's a bus that's a bus that's a bus that's a bus I think I got all the buses okay here we go so my domain rating is 70 out of a hundred here it's saying I have seventy six thousand backlinks 133 referring domains it shows you some of the websites that link to my web site and right off the top of my head I can see that a lot of these are past clients and you can scroll down once again you can do this for yourself you can do this for your competitor to find out where they are getting backlinks another way to reverse engineer success see where they found success and then create content and submit content to the same websites fairly simple number three is one of the biggest players in the whole SEO game it's Moz we're gonna enter my domain name once again why not use myself as an example we're gonna analyze my website and see how much valuable information Moz can give me free of charge so domain authority is a valuable number to most people getting into SEO they're saying forty-seven we're looking at backlinks inbound links ranking keywords we're looking at actual linking domain and how it's gone up and down and where we've gained Sun and where we've lost some we're looking at the top follow backlinks that top pages on my website
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which generate traffic which is very interesting because even looking at this right after his grants I see my home page is number one number two is about a World War one camera that we have in our collection has nothing nothing to do with our business at all it's just on display in one of our stores the home page once again and if I look at these two they're both posts from 2015 so they're generated me traffic now and authority now after five years number four is to ask the public it's a free website it sort of gives you inspiration on what kind of content readers are looking for so for example I own a web development company and I'm looking for a new blog post idea I can simply type in the keyword that I want to target which we'll do here and type in the location or region I'm in Canada so I'll type in Canada and we'll do a search and we'll find out what the people are asking about when searching a simple keyword like website design they're just
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giving me a bunch of ideas on what type of questions people are asking can a website design be copyrighted so that might be a blog post I would consider creating on my website to generate traffic why web design is important why a new website design is important so very quickly the who what's and whys and wears and wounds at house if you can't come up with those type of questions on your own easily use this tool free of charge we're already halfway there number five is a website tool that I've been used for at least 15 possibly 20 years its Alexa Alexa offers us the opportunity to look at free statistics on any website that generates decent traffic so if the website has 10 visitors per month you're not going to get any valuable information here if the website has 500 people per month you'll start getting some free information so what I'm looking for is a bounce rating average pageviews an average time on site amongst a few other things but let's use my website once again as an example fine come on Alexa give me some numbers don't make me look bad okay very quickly we're looking at a pie graph of just giving me some very good overview of my website most of these numbers I'm aware of already but as we scroll down it shows me top keywords by traffic so it shows me the word Web Design Toronto I know I ranked first it generates me 14.9 let's say 15 percent of my traffic comes because of that specific word also Toronto website design 13% web design in Toronto 3 percent and you can click and see more top words once again if you want to see which keywords your competition is targeting use this tool if I go off to the right I can see a comparison metrics and basically it tells me what my bounce rating is it says my bounce rating currently is 40 point one percent and the competition average is forty eight point seven percent okay I'm better than the average still means I have a lot of room to grow for those that don't know the lower the bounce rating the better the higher the bounce rating the worse off also shows me who's competing with me from a keyword standpoint so these are my competitors if you know me you know I don't care about competition I'm ready to conquer the game lastly let's go down here and let's see in the last 90 days the average person that visits my website said I can't say it if you scroll down here in the last 90 days the average person spends four minutes of 36 seconds on my website which to me is wonderful if you scroll over to the left a little bit this is a global rank and as silly as this looks like when I started web development way back 15 years ago I used to literally wake up every morning hit refresh to see if my global rank had dropped so you don't have to be as crazy as I am or as I was but i would recommend to t just take a look and see what place your website ranks in the world wide web then work really hard for a month and come back and see or be as
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crazy as i was and look every day it was a motivational factor for me to keep pushing forward and always updating and generating new traffic for my website I'm gonna keep this video short and sweet I recommend you visit their LexA and see what else it has to offer for you number six is an SEO site checkup it's a free tool but it will only allow you to search one domain per 24 hours and when I was testing this out 20 hours ago so right now I can't give you a real-life search but it has saved my results and we'll quickly go through it to show you what it is showing so it's giving me a score of 84 out of a hundred from an SEO standpoint which is pretty good I wish I had those school grades when I was in elementary school scroll down and would just say a green plus if they think it looks good and it's correct so meta tags and descriptions it shows you what the Google search results are but how the actual title and the page description show up on Google it will show you as keywords I'm targeting the most now the size of the actual keyword shows you how much emphasis I'm putting into it on my website based on how many pages of content I have and how many times I'm actually using that word on my website scroll up scroll down it says yes im using h1 h2 h3 headers which is good showing me the titles of the headers is saying hey it's saying that there's some URLs that are not URL friendly and I would agree with that I've had some URLs for 10 years and I'm not ready to change them now because they're ranking very well and it just gives you a quick overview of your website and maybe if you're building a client's website or looking to do a quick audit this could be a fun tool to sort of direct you as to what needs to be fixed and replaced and revised and next number 7 can I rank can I Frank can I rank okay I'm getting too crazy it's only Friday I tested this tool last night not to be honest with you first time I tried it was last night and I'm into it it's just something a
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little different from the normal and I appreciate it and that's why I'm recommending it so I did have to sign up for a free trial but it's from my understanding it's a never-ending free trial it's somewhat limited but still giving me very valuable information that when I know what to do with the information it could be valuable so let's scroll through and just take a quick look now ruin I hope you're not upset at me it for me to sign up I did have to enter one of my competitors to give a comparison I apologize I appreciate develop mark and by no means is this competition this is this was just part of the game and his web site is the first one to come to mind so let's scroll down first thing I'm looking at it's saying that I have 80 plus keywords that are in the top 20 on Google that's good it's saying if I were to pay for ads on a monthly basis for that 80 plus I would be paying thirty three thirty three point five thousand dollars per month which I'm not I'm not paying a penny this is SEO it's free all SEO is doing is taking my time next I scroll down it's showing me which keywords I'm focusing on and they're correct and it's also showing me how many search volume there are per month for those keywords so let's look very quickly six thousand six hundred people are searching web design related keywords and I'm ranking for those the value of that is 42,000 dollars and 55 cents per month get this straight that's not how much my sales were per month that's how much I would be paying approximately if I were paying for ads to get the same equivalent amount of traffic and that number to me is skewed I'm sure you'd be paying two to three times more than that but gives you a rough idea you can go through and analyze these are also more keywords let's keep going down other keywords on focusing for and look at this vistaprint for example about five years ago I wrote an article on how bad I thought vistaprint was and before I get any further I think Vistaprint is wonderful right now but when I wrote the article I'm ranking on first page for how bad vistaprint so if you google Vistaprint tell me what place that nerds world is and crazy enough it sends me a lot of traffic let's scroll down to showing me what my page ranks are from an authoritative standpoint because SEO is determined by Authority number of shares that show you my social media how many people are sharing and liking and pinning my information so that's that's just a dashboard let's go to market performance now out of everything I've tested thus far and for the remainder of this this is definitely the most in-depth look that I'm getting free of charge let's scroll down so this is where they give me a direct comparison with my competitor and rank me so let's look at these content 58 develop mark 32 Authority were winning optimization we're winning social he's winning and I agree this is real life because he is winning he's got a lot bigger following than me on YouTube and social media but very quickly it also shows me some of my bigger competitors and what their scores are so if I want to try to achieve more by squarespace is definitely one of the biggest in the world from a platform and web development standpoint so look at their scores so it shows that there's a lot of room for me for improvement just by merely looking at my competitors we don't have enough time to go through this maybe I'll in the future create a whole video just on this because it is giving some very valuable information the third tab which I found very unique is opportunity because everybody asks me Chris how do I get backlinks what do I do I don't know what kind of content to create this opportunity tab gives you some insightful information that's just read through five steps to more inclusive website design vertical leap it's showing me an article that somebody wrote which is generating real traffic and relevancy and authority and obtain ability and it's saying that it estimates 1.6 hours for me to create content similar and if I do create that content the value to my website there's as it is 974 dollars they're offering me real information that's unique in hey I can give it a shot let's scroll down so join the conversation what are the best forums for web designers so it's saying for me to go to Korra and take part in this forum estimated time to spend is 45 minutes if I do it it should get me two thousand two hundred ninety-four dollars in traffic to my website now I'm not going to go through all of these but as you'll see there's quite a few different ideas computer generated no question but some pretty valuable information for those that are stuck and don't know what kind of content or where to spend their time I've shown you the website I recommend you take a look yourself I don't want to spend too much time on one free website next is uber suggest it's a neil patel website neil patel is like the god when it comes to SEO in most people's eyes a very smart man he's created a free tool and we'll try it out i'm in canada i speak english and my website is a nerds world calm okay it's a complete overview of my
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website so we can take a look and see organic keywords it's good it's almost 9000 it's saying organic monthly traffic from Canada is 18,000 domain scores 74 out of 100 in backlinks I have a lucky number three hundred thirty three point six thousand shows me my traffic and how it changes month-to-month here it's showing me it's pretty average it shows me which keywords and how many keywords are ranking within certain groups I can look and see what my top SEO pages are which is huge if you're a web developer or a business owner that has a website and you want to see which pages are generating the most traffic for your competition so you can reverse engineer success use this tool this is this amazing because it's showing you my secret utilize this reverse engineer success I need to come up with a song we're first sent in your success reverse engineer success look and study your competition so you know how to create content here's the trick right here is telling you that my web design page gets an average of three thousand 150 people in Canada per month wonderful it shows you which countries that come from it shows you my second best viewed website page service wisest SEO shows you logo designs next photo studios next print advertising us next as I scroll down it shows me right my current position Toronto SEO I rank first I must know what I'm doing as I scroll down guess what website design I'm second that's disappointing but web development on first website design up first so on and so forth I'm not gonna go through this whole website that's your job I'm not giving you all the answers to the questions I'm merely directing you in the motion you must travel to succeed when talking about SEO we're on lucky number 9 mobile Moxie the slow let's load let's load waiting waiting to load we waitin to load okay we're here select
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the country I'm in Canada there's no state here province we have province this year we don't have States but our province is Ontario I'm in Toronto I don't have to enter postal code search term shirt website design Toronto English yes yes yes let's run a test so this gives you the opportunity to search the SERPs surf ser P stands for search engine ranking page the reason you would use this kind of tool is to find out what place you're currently ranking from any country for any given keyword on any given day do you get what I mean did I say that too quick for example if I want to find out how a Nerds world is ranking for website design in Honolulu Hawaii without calling anybody in Honolulu I can use this tool and type in any location it will show you what your current ranking is as I scroll down here saying I'm second place so saying clutch
Use YOAST plugin if you run a WordPress website.
dot CEO is number one and I'm number two and if you're doing well and ranking well it's sort of a pat on the back that you're doing well you know what before I let you leave just out of curiosity so the keyword I'm gonna try is NYC SEO I want to search to see what I'm ranking from Canada so as I scroll down I'm number one number one number one last but not least is a plugin it's Yoast if you have a WordPress website I recommend you use Yoast there is a free version there's a premium version for the sake of this video we're gonna recommend the free version and for the most of you that's all you require so with a free Yoast plug-in it will simply show you how many characters is too much or too little when putting together your title tag or title description title text as you enter that information Yoast will also mock up the information so visibly you will see right below what your title and description will look like on google which is also a lot of fun is it for
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nerds it is I had fun guys I hope you guys enjoyed today's video anybody that watches channel knows that I'm a lover a believer in a promoter of Sam Rush calm it's a premium software that costs a lot more than free yet it gives me all this valuable information and a lot more through this tool so I'm gonna leave links to everything I mentioned below I'm also gonna leave a link to a free 7-day trial to SEMRush try it out at least try the 7-day version and you'll see why I'm so addicted to it and also very quickly I've been using Sam rush for a long time as long as I can remember and I've tried many different free and paid software when talking about SEO and this is the one that I've fallen in love with so I appreciate everyone's time I hope everyone's home safe and healthy and lastly I hope everyone has better hair than I do at this point trying to figure out what I got to do with it next but if you guys are around this Sunday and every Sunday during quarantine I offer a free live session right here on YouTube at 1 o'clock Eastern Standard Time and come down have some questions chat network with other people last week we had a thousand people visit and we're building a great community so I appreciate everyone's time and have a good day [Music] how many more characters you should add or how many characters uses or how many characters uses less you should ha number six I think it's number six is it number six yes number six is the SEO that you'll remember number number six is the SEO site checkup number six okay my my free website number six is the SEO I can't remember the name SEO site check up check up

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