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In this tubebuddy tutorial check if you're ranking on YouTube for free! Knowing if you're ranking on YouTube is important for SEO purposes. This FREE tubebuddy feature let's you check if you're ranking on YouTube. Whether you're ranking first or last, this tool will show you.

Check if you're ranking on YouTube for FREE
I’m going to show you how you can see if you’re ranking in YouTube search results for FREE! [Free Feature Friday] Hello TubeBuddies! YouTube is a search engine, the second largest search engine behind its owner Google. That’s why TubeBuddy has some amazing tools to help you find opportunities to rank in search results. Ranking your videos in search results is just another great way to help you earn more views on YouTube! That’s why, we wanted to show you how you can see if you’re ranking in YouTube search results for free! There are a few ways you can see if you’re ranking on YouTube search.
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The first way is on your video’s, video edit page, under tags, this will automatically show you if you’re ranking. Another way is on the video watch page using TubeBuddy’s videolytics, under the tag section, and then click on “Show search rankings.” This also works on other people’s videos, so you can see where they are ranking too! If we look back at our video, you’ll see we’re ranking in search results. If you’re ranking for a term like we are for this video, you’ll see the green numbers displayed NEXT TO the term you’re ranking for. The green number shows where you rank within YouTube search results, and with the TubeBuddy mobile app you can also check with the same green numbers where you’re ranking within YouTube search results. For this example, we’re ranking #1 for this term on this TubeBuddy video, but we’re not done yet! Under the tags you’ll see this “X = Where this video ranks in YouTube Search Results” This is just letting you know what I explained earlier, but the most important piece is right after. When you first install TubeBuddy you’ll see *Incognito mode results. This basically lets you see what a new user, who has never seen your channel before, would see in search results. We can’t stress this enough, but TubeBuddy’s Incognito mode results are the BEST results, and because you’re using Tubebuddy’s incognito mode results, this may not line up with what you see when you’re searching logged in to your YouTube channel in YouTube search. That’s because YouTube gives you personal recommendations, and you want to see what a new user sees when they search. Not yourself! It’s important to have incognito results to see this accurately so you have a better idea of how you’re actually ranking, and you won’t have to constantly check in an incognito browser window. If you don’t see a Green number, you’re not ranking in search. The only way to get these numbers is if you’re ranking.
Important note.
Speaking of ranking, It’s important to note that just showing up in search DOESN’T GUARANTEE VIEWS. It’s up to the Title and Thumbnail to make viewers click through and watch the video. Our tools help you show in YouTube search results, but it’s up to the content YOU create to compel people to click on your videos and earn views! Would you like a video on how we get #1 ranking tags on YouTube? Let us know, and also check out this video on how to optimize a video for beginners! I’m Andrew Kan from TubeBuddy, now go out and see some search rankings!

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍