How to Check Keyword Ranking on Google SERPS in SEO Using Fat Rank Chrome Extension in 2020

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uh hello friends today in this tutorial i will be showing you that how to check the keyword position for your website in search engine optimization how to find the all the keywords on which your website is ranking and how to check the position as well so for checking the position i am using a extension which is called as fat rank so basically it's a chrome extension which is totally free so it will search for your specified keyword and it will check the rank for your website so this is the chrome extension so go to this and add this chrome extension onto your browser click on the add option i have already enabled this and for the step-by-step instruction i have given the link in the description you can also go to my blog here this is my blog here let me just show you so go to the video description and you will follow the step-by-step instruction of this blog so i have given the the screenshot as well so you can see that this is a blog step instruction is there now to get started for using this extension this is totally free now you need to go to the target website for which you need to search for keywords so this is my website and right here on the right hand side you will find all the extensions click on this fat track extension and now you will see this pop-up box and now you need to search for a particular keyword on which you know that your website is ranking let's suppose i know that for this keyword php 7 file upload and here you can search for any sort of country i am selecting and if i click the check option you will say you will see that it will search for the specified even and now it is telling me the position that it is ranking on number one position and now to verify i can go to google and i can manually type this keyword if i go to this and if i type here php 7 file upload and you will find that the tool is correct because i am ranking on number one position and i am also winning the snippet as well you can see that this is my blog post how to upload files with php 7 coding section so this is my snippet you can see that i am ranking for this keyword number one position similarly i know if i again go to this and if i once again type a keyword which is firebase phone authentication in on in android so this is another keyword if i click on the check position now it will tell me that i am ranking for fifth position so if i again manually go to google and type this keyword firebase phone authentication uh in and android so if i check the position it is telling me that i am ranking number six so if i check one two three four five you can see that this is my blog post firebase phone authentication in android i am ranking correctly so this is this tool is very much good i
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discovered this tool this tool is given correct results and nice thing about it is that it is totally free so first of all if you go to this tool you need to provide your email address after providing your email address you can check for any keyword the ranking position you can even check the session report and export this report to a text file let's suppose i again type the keyword php let's suppose i write another keyword jspdf this for this keyword i am ranking 36 you will see the session report you can export this report by clicking the export and this is your csv file and if i show you all csv files you can open in excel so let me just open this with notepad open with notepad you will see all your information being there you can see that keyword this is your keyword and this is a position which is 36 and this is a url so basically this is very much useful if you want to compare the rankings over
Compare the rankings over time.
time you can save your information in the csv file that it provides you in a csv file you can export your data and the next thing i will tell you that how to uh how to just find out which keywords your ranking your website is ranking so the best thing you need to go to you need to go to google search console so first of all you need to link your website to google search console in order to this to work i have already linked that click on the start now option and this is my google search console for my website you will see you now need to go to the search results tab and here you need to select for at least let's suppose last six months click on the apply option so now it inside last six months it will tell you the total number of impressions and the total number of clicks this is the average ctr and average position now if you drag down you will go to the queries tab so in the inside the security tab these are all the target keywords for you for your website which is ranking here you can see that php 7 file upload is my main keyword for my website is ranking on top top of the result how many impression i have got 1 2 5 7 and how many clicks 189 in the last 6 months js pdf tutorial jspdf view firebase authentication with 4 number otp so you can see that you can just see all these keywords and then you can plug all these keywords inside this extension which is fat rank and then you can compare the uh ranking of these keywords so you can see that all these keywords are present so the best thing is to go to google search console and link your website and as time goes on you will see these results popping in inside your dashboard you can see that let me take this example view html to pdf let me take this example again open this fat rank let me plug this keyword view html to pdf if i check this position of this keyword you will see it will tell me that i am ranking number fourth position and now if i go manually type this keyword view html to pdf so you can see that one two three and this is my website here you can see that jspdf tutorial html to pdf and vue.js coding so i'm ranking exactly on number one number fourth position so this tool gives you the keyword rankings for any keyword for your website you can check and export it to a csv file and this will highly increase the traffic of your website because you will know which keywords that you are ranking on google and depending you can create more blog post on these keywords to rank more and get more traffic so thanks very much guys for watching this video if you like this video then please hit the like button go to my blog post to step follow the step by step instruction which is given in the video description please share the video subscribe the channel and hit the notification bell icon and i will be seeing you in next tutorial

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