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Ahrefs launched a free SEO tool that offers SEO and site diagnostic data. It’s called Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. You can use this on your personal website to check your keyword rankings, top pages, backlinks, and audit your website.

With the help of AWT, you will be able to know which keywords your website is ranking on. Historically, this data is only available to Ahrefs paying customers $99/month+

You can only view data for websites you own, But if you want to see another website’s data, it is essential to have owner verification. Or you can subscribe to a premium plan or start with a 7-day trial.

Welcome with new SEO tools: Ahrefs Webmaster Tools
what's going on seo gang this is boy pan today's video i'm gonna be showing you the ahrefs webmaster tools that was released earlier this week that is completely free ahrefs is one of the top seo tools i'm sure a lot of you guys already know about it was a premium tool i believe it started right around a hundred dollars and now they released a free version that anybody can use for completely free right so if you're a small business owner if you're an seo that's just starting out or an seo expert this would be a great resource for you to use on your own website or for your clients website to discover keywords that you can improve your top pages and even get a site audit for completely free they're going to
give you metrics like dr domain rating your keywords your top pages your links and more their free ahrefs webmaster toolkit will give you some data very similar to google search console but they give you more than what google search console provides such as keyword difficulty estimated value on the cost of that keyword and they even let you see the search for that specific keyword right on their own software that i'm going to be diving into in this video right make sure you watch to the end of this video because i'm going to give you guys some quick wins on how you guys can utilize their keyword feature tool and their on-page tool in order to get some quick seo wins to improve your search rankings and your website traffic so let's get right into it alright guys now to access ahrefs webmaster tools we're just going to go ahead and type it into google real quick and it should be the first one that comes up here it is um and then it's going to go here so it's ahrefs.com webmaster 2 i'll put the link in the description below right um but this is basically you know the webmaster tool that ahrefs release for free um and and basically the main thing that they're trying to go with this tool is that it gives you more data um and it also provides you a pretty much a website audit of your main website right and this is pretty much what uh a trip is trying to do here um it's pretty much just provide you know users with a free version of ahrefs pretty much so we're gonna go ahead and do is we're going to go ahead and click up sign up for free and then you can sign up with google facebook or you can just put in your email i'm going to go ahead and sign up with google here it's just usually a lot easier make sure you click the terms and conditions sign up with google and go ahead and click on my gmail account let me go ahead and add a new project so you guys can see you know how this would actually go so basically you have two options you can import from google search console um or you can add manually uh so google search console is just a lot easier right um because it you know pretty much takes out all the work for you so i'm gonna go ahead and choose google search console um and then i'm going to choose a account that i have um that i haven't connected yet so let's click allow and then here you know it's going to give us our options right and this is the example website that i have let's just do the actual domain um so let's do that
To start your first audit now, select project to import.
and then let's click import and here you have options start first audit now you can schedule a weekly audit um which just means that they're going to be sending you pretty much an email that you know you have a new audit available and you can go and check it out on a weekly basis so just go ahead and leave that checked as it is i mean you can also check the craw external links button so let's go ahead and turn that on as well and then we're just going to click import right and then what this is going to do is it's pretty much going to do all the work for us it's going to import your domain and all its information as well as it's going to do um the first initial website audit um on whatever website you chose right so we're going to give it a few moments to let this load and then i'll be back with you guys all right guys and then once your website has loaded let's go ahead and click on a project and basically you're going to get the same features that you would get if you had a premium version right the only thing you can do is you can only access whatever website you connected with right you can't do any competitive research or anything like that you can't use the keyword explorer tool you can't use the content explorer tool pretty much all you can do is see your main website's metrics and then the site audit features so we're going to go one by one on some of the key features that we can take away you know from the free ahrefs webmaster toolkit that we have that pretty much what they're trying to do here is kind of compete with google search console although google search console is always going to have its place simply because it's a google property um and it's going to give you more uh real-time data rather than ahrefs right but either way i really like ahrefs simply because of their their keyword data as well as their backlink profile which which is probably one of the main reasons that a lot of people use ahrefs is for their backlink crawling capabilities right um i've had uh backlinks that show up the next day very useful at getting backlinks um or you know crawling backlinks and updating their backlink profile pretty much on a daily basis right so basically what we have here is some key features up here right we have the ur which is the url rating so this is on a per page level then we have the domain rating so this takes in consideration your entire website then we have the number of backlinks number the number of referring domains so referring domain just means the number of unique websites so you know you can have multiple links from the same domain right and that's basically the difference here organic keywords is just the number of keywords that you rank organically from the first page all the way you know to the 10th page of google right and then it gives you estimated organic traffic i mean this is actually very uh you know very lower than the actual amount at least from what i've seen it's usually uh two or three times under uh what your actual traffic is right i would still focus on google analytics to get the actual traffic count to your website and then it gives you the traffic value right so this is a kind of an estimation of how much you would be spending if you were kind of running ads right
A very useful metric to give you an idea of how your SEO campaign is going.
which is a very useful metric to give you an idea of how your seo campaign is going right um and then basically that's the top metrics here and then here we have backlink profile we have ahrefs rank it's kind of just a rank on their own skill then we have the referring domains and we can uh filter by all time we can filter by one year last 30 days right um so you know ultimately you'd want to have you know growth over time which we can see here it's kind of stable right now simply because we haven't been doing much link building at the moment same thing down here right we have the referring pages which just means the unique pages that are linking to your website right um and same thing here you know we have some consistent growth here um and then it kind of levels out then you have the new and lost referring domains so you can see here uh on a pretty much on a daily basis of the links that you've gained versus the ones that you've lost um and this is very useful because you can actually go in there see what links you've lost um and see if you can kind of get those back right so this is actually the domain so this is on a website level and then down here is on a just a pure backlink level so let's go back up here um and then you can switch it from the backlink profile to the organic search tab and this kind of just gives you the estimation of the organic traffic and of course you can again filter by by year and then you can see here that you know we have pretty pretty good growth um over these last few months which is ultimately what you want to see sometimes you'll see these high spikes um again you know ahrefs just gives you estimation so it's not always 100 accurate um but it does give you a good estimation if you know you're growing um in a positive or a negative way right and then they have the organic keywords so this is you know how many uh keywords you've been gaining over time and it even gives you you know the metrics there for uh what number of keywords are in the first to third position for the 10th position and the 11 to 100 position right and i'll give you a few tricks that you can use so you can optimize some of those keywords for better rankings right and then the last metric here is again the traffic value right so this is an estimation if you were to be running ads a very nice feature that i like from ahrefs is that it gives you uh your top 10 competitors they pretty much recognize in terms of the same keywords that you guys are trying to rank for i mean they give you it right here in a nice list of the top 10 competitors so you could take each of these competitors and do your own competitor analysis on each one of these kind of see you know what pages are they using what keywords are they using um if you have a paid account of ahrefs you know you can go much more in depth if not you can use a free tool like uber suggests and kind of do some deeper competitive analysis on those right so that's very helpful right here that i like very well from ahrefs another thing that you can do is you know you can go directly into your backlink profile and then we have some different things that we can filter for so we can do one link per domain like i mentioned earlier you can have multiple domains i mean multiple backlinks from the same website right so this gives you a better idea of how many unique websites are linking to you by by doing the one link per domain and then link type you can filter by do follow educational no follow content with redirect chain without redirect chain so you normally want to filter by do follow because these are the links that are passing the most juice so this is going to give you a good idea of the top websites that are passing you i do follow backlink and then you can also filter by platform so you can do blogs e-commerce message board cms and then you can also filter by language right um you know normally i'm in the us so we'd only focus on like english so i would want to filter by english to give me a better idea of our backlinks and then you can also filter uh from traffic if you wanted to filter that way right and then you can even filter by a specific word or phrase that's found through the back length or the anchor text to give you a more narrow search if you're searching for a particular keyword right so this is very useful right you can kind of go through your backlinks you can look at the most powerful ones from the domain rating to give you a good idea of kind of the stronger websites that are linking to your website right another great feature that i like is a
Top pages report. This basically gives you the number of top pages that are receiving the most traffic.
top pages report and this basically gives you the number of top pages that are receiving the most traffic i mean you can see some key metrics here which is the estimation and traffic uh gives you a estimated value um in regards of the keywords that you're ranking for and the position that you're ranking for and then it also gives you how many keywords are ranking for that specific page how many referring domains you have again how many unique websites are linking to you and then it gives you of course the page url so you can see a lot of these are actually blogs and then we have our home page here and then the top keywords so this is the top keyword that that page is ranking for right and then the estimation of that keyword in regards of the monthly volume that people are searching for it and then lastly we have the position so this is the position that this specific page is actually in right so you can see what top pages are performing the best and depending on the position you might want to go in and optimize that page a little bit better for its keywords one of the last things here that i want to go through is the organic keyword section which is probably one of my favorite sections on ahrefs because of the data that they give you which is slightly better than just google search console data um they give you the volume so you know the number of monthly search for this specific keyword their keyword difficulty which isn't always accurate but it's a nice indication of how difficult it might be but you always want to take that keyword and then actually do
A manual SERP analysis to give you a better understanding of the competitors for that specific search phrase.
a manual serp analysis to give you a better understanding of the competitors for that specific search phrase right cpc so the cost per click if you were to be running ads how much would it cost you to be ranking for that keyword and then again it gives you the estimation of traffic for that keyword and the position and it'll even give you if it's gone up or down um kind of in the previous i think week or i'm not sure how much they update that but it'll give you a nice indication if it's gone up or down right and then you can even see the updated so this is the last time that ahrefs actually updated these keywords and their metrics which is also useful right um and then you can even click down here and it'll give you a a graph which we can't see and if you have the the premium one you will be able to see this um and i'm not sure if they let you with the syrup either let's take a look at it so we do get to see the serp so this is pretty cool guys um you can pretty much see the syrup without actually having to go over to google for this specific keyword um so you know we were trying to rank for this which were already in first place um but basically what you can do is you can check the domain ratings of the competitors um and compare it to yours right usually you want to be um you know in the ballpark of the top competitors in regards to your domain rating and if you're lower then that gives you a good indication that you need to gain more backlinks to increase your domain rating and then we can also check the backlinks so how many backlinks you know are the competitors getting here um so you know you can go in there and kind of build some backlinks to get kind of close to where they are and then you know gives you what domains uh are linking to them and again the estimation estimated traffic how many keywords they're ranking for and the top keyword that their website is ranking for um so this is very useful guys especially in this free version guys so this would be a great tool to utilize to check out the top competitors for you know your money keyword so you can go in there do some competitor analysis and optimize your website for those keywords probably one of the top features that i like from the organic keywords is that you can filter by position volume keyword difficulty cpc traffic and so forth so what i like to do is i like to i like to filter this by position from i usually do 10 to position 20 right this just means the top keywords that are on the second page and the reason we want to do this is because the keywords that are on the second page usually you're on the second page because you know your on page seo isn't there right usually you don't have your correct header one you don't have your correct title tag you're not interlinking or outer linking you know you don't have alt tags um you know you might be missing schema markup things like that right um so that's basically what you want to look at is you know go in here and we can filter uh let's click on the position so it does them in order um and we can start you know from position 10 and work our way down right basically you want to take a look at the url right so you would click on let's say the blog and then take a look at you know are you using the correct keyword density you know are you actually saying the specific keyword within the content and the header header one header two header three um you know where you enter linking to where you external linking to um and that can pretty much help you to get some quick wins when it comes to your on-page seo and trying to move up to the first page of google right good tip for you guys right there is to filter by position 10 to 20 and you know try to see where you can further optimize on your on-page seo and then another tip that you can do is let's go ahead and filter from position 5 to position 10. so these keywords are already on the first page usually if you're on the first page that means your on page is good to go it usually just means you're missing backlinks and traffic right so what i would usually do is see what pages or what keywords are ranking in the fifth to ten position and try to get some backlinks going to those pages um you know you can do some guest post outreach and try to get some quality backlinks going to those pages you know you can share the page on social media to try to drive more traffic uh going to the website organically to further help uh you know get those user signals that google was looking at to boost your page up you know to the top three positions so those are some quick tips for you guys that you can do with this tool that is completely free so that's pretty much for the overview guys let's go ahead and take a look at the site audit feature which is probably one of the top features that a lot of people are wanting this tool for all right guys so now we're in the overview here of the site audit and this is primarily one of the top uh features from this free uh ahrefs webmaster tools because it gives you a bunch of free uh you know issues warnings and notices of your website where you can improve on right a lot of tools that provide this data is paid for so this is very very useful especially for a business owner that doesn't have much revenue to spend on seo tools this is a great tool to get you know especially with it's free and it gives you a lot of data so here it gives you the crowd urls distribution uh the number of pages internally and externally that they crawled you can see here we have resources and then we have internal cross status of links found so you can see how many pages they actually crawled on the website versus uncrawled it gives you a health score right um and this i guess it's depending on the different factors that they have issues distribution so they have errors warnings and notices so i'm assuming that errors would be the most important um and then error distribution so urls without errors 339 uh urls with errors are 136 right um i think you can no i don't think you can click on that but you should be able to click on it down here so here we have the top issues report guys so this would mainly be you know the top issues that you want to take a look at on your particular website or your client's website right um so basically i can see here page has links to broken page um so this would be something you'd want to take a look at right um and any it even gives you like a summary of how or what this issue is so you don't really have to be a seo guru to know any of this right it kind of breaks it down for you and it even lets you know how to fix right so this would be very useful for just you know your average business owner or an seo you know that's starting out with client work or whatever the case may be or if you have your own website that you want to rank for um this is very useful right so we could even see the affected urls so if we click on this um it's going to take us into a deeper look so these pages have links to a broken page right um and you can see here internal out links to four or fours um so basically you know these might just be some type of redirect issue um the url might have been changed and it would just be a simple uh you know redirect they're changing whatever link to the correct page right and if we go in here you know it gives you all the results each page it gives you the organic traffic of the page uh the http status code so you know 200 that means it's great that means getting indexed indexable so that's good to see um so basically you know you just want to go through these links and see you know i think a simple redirect will probably fix a lot of these um so this would be something to go into right that we can take a look at for the client so if we go back let's take a look at other issues um so we have some uh 404 pages here so we can click on this 404 just means the page is no longer live right so you can see http status code that is a 404 basically it's not being found in the google search engine so we do want to make sure that it's getting uh redirected to a helpful page um if not we just want to no index that page right so that google's not picking it up and so that ahrefs doesn't pick it up um so let's go back here so some of this is more technical technical guys i'd probably just focus on you know the top issues and kind of look at the more important ones to see you know whatever you can do yourself it even has a duplicate content tab um so you can see most of our content is good most of it is unique which is usually what you want to see um you know you normally don't want to have a lot of duplicate content on your website because it can cause issues um you know when google's coming onto your website right you want to make sure that you have unique content that builds trust relevancy with your audience and with google right so those are so those are just some top uh features that we can see here let's go to the on page on the reports um let's see what metrics they give us what data we have so title tag setup we have title length distribution right so we have 18 that are too long which just means it's over the recommended character count which means that google will shorten it right um so let me see if i can find an example so if i do like uh you know insurance near me uh let's see if we can find an example here um so this is a an example of this title tag being too long right it's getting shortened um and normally you know you want to have a nice and clean uh title tag such as allstate you know they they know what they're doing um so this is normally what you have right so that your title tag looks nice and clean on the serp so if we go back this could be something you know we can focus on uh to get you know some quick wins and when it comes to click-through rate um meta tag distribution so the meta tag is you know whatever comes up underneath the title here you can see that we have 13 that are missing or empty um and the meta description isn't a big deal because google has said publicly that they pretty much uh show whatever they want but it's always nice especially if you're working with clients to make sure that you know you have those in there and then meta description length again it gives you you know if it's too long too short i mean you can go in there and optimize those uh h1 setup so this is a very nice tool because you know you want to make sure that you have your h1 on pretty much every single page that you would want to rank for right um so you can see here we have 30 30 pages that are missing in h1 and we have 41 pages that have more than one so you know normally you want to make sure you only have one h1 which should be your main keyword so you don't confuse google so we definitely want to take a look at the missing ones and the ones that have you know more than one h1 to make sure you know we optimize those pages as best as possible when it comes to the on page so yeah so those are some of the more important ones that i can see here let's take a look at links so we have internal broken internal external here for the links we can see we have a couple issues here page has broken links we already went over that page has no follow and do follow incoming internal links uh so this could be something we could also look at although it's always you know nice to have a mixture of both right um and then paige has links to redirect for redirecting urls on your website so you know we do want to make sure we're linking accordingly you know each page to the right page that is supposed to be going through in case we change the url structure or whatever the case may be this could also be you know useful to
Also you could see what urls are being affected with the redirects.
see what urls are being affected uh you know with the redirects and you know we can go in there and take a look take care of those right um so that's basically all it is guys um i hope you guys got something out of this um h drives is a great tool um i really love how they're providing this free feature for pretty much anyone to use um and i hope you guys take advantage of it you know i went through most of the features that are useful for you guys you know as seo pros as a seo beginner as a business owner all these all these features are great so you can go ahead and sign up for ahrefs for free um and get you know your free lifetime access with ahrefs with this one of the top seo tools in the industry right now hope you guys got some value out of this and i'll see you guys in the next one peace

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