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Why you need to connect your Google Webmaster Tools?
[Music] connect your Google Webmaster Tools account and monitor your search rankings with Google for one or many websites from a single screen SEO some that gets data directly from Google itself this means you can be sure the data displayed in your account is 100% accurate just like Google we report for up to one thousand keywords on a daily basis however while Google Webmaster Tools overrides your data every 90 days we save your entire ranking history from the time that you connect with SEO Samba letting you get a full picture of your search ranking evolution over time next SEO Samba you can also visualize progress with your search rankings at a glance first you get to see the total number of keywords you rank for giving you a sense of whether you're broadening your presence in Google or not better yet using the same graph now pay close attention to the color coding you can easily tell whether your rankings are actually progressing in the right direction note also that if you connect multiple websites to SEO Samba you can get to see an aggregated view of all your site's rankings on the same graph you can easily drill down to a single site view as well using the top left website pulldown menu next to the first chart another chart gives you the average position across all keyword searches you appear for now let's scroll down one notch you can see a number of tables from the right-hand side there's a picture of the top five moving key phrases you get the new key phrases that Google is now showing your website for scroll further down and you get a comprehensive view of the top 1000 keywords your website is ranking for using the search box you can narrow down your view or you
Target keywords that help you boost your website SEO rank!
can even research further by clicking column headers to reorganize key phrases or keywords according to the attributes that you desire such as the number of times that your queue phrases are coming up for google searches or how many clicks you're getting from Google results pages note the target icon in the first column now if you're using one of our premium optimization subscriptions you'll notice the icon is already lit up green for some keywords this means that SEO sama is already aware that you're targeting these keywords in your search optimization efforts and has flagged them as such for you making it the perfect bridge between execution and reporting SEO Samba is also flexible and regardless of whether you're using our premium subscription services you can also turn on or off this icon in front of any keyword row and let the reporting system know that you're targeting additional keywords
Build new pages to support new key phrases!
note that SEO Samba recommends building pages to support new key phrases and it'll help you succeed in your SEO efforts now that you understand what this column is about let's scroll back up to the top right corner there you can switch from all to target it all is the default view and as we've seen it gives you all the data we've retrieved for your sites targeted is a filtered reporting view for key phrases that you've specifically targeted in other words key phrases marked as targeted in that first column now you when you switch to target view all the reports on the page show values for your filtered key phrase list including graphs and table values so here you have it a new generation of automated professional search engine ranking software it doesn't require that you manage large keyword lists to spot new opportunities for link building content marketing and really progressing with your SEO note also that when you do subscribe to SEO Sambas premium subscription as seosan but will automatically upload a sitemap file to Google and perform a number of automated actions to help you enhance your website visibility with Google including submitting your listings automatically to Google local business I hope you enjoyed the video feel free to share it with some of your friends thanks again till next time take care [Music]

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍