How To Rank Your Website On The First Page! (SEO For Beginners)

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In this SEO for beginners tutorial you will learn how to rank your website on the front page of Google and make money online.

I use google organic traffic to make money online with my affiliate marketing websites. Organic traffic is the best traffic because it converts very well.

Once you have your affiliate marketing website setup you want to start uploading articles. Then you want to optimize the page so you can rank on the first page.

Step 1: Make sure you website is fast! This is very important in 2019, you need your website to be fast and have a great user experience.

Step 2: Make sure you write lots of relevant content! Google is loving this right now.

Step 3: You don't have to do this but build backlinks. Eventually you will get organic backlinks but building your own will help you rank faster.

I hope this SEO for beginners video helped you. make sure you check out my free training below to learn how to make money from your affiliate website.

Focus on speed and user experience is the first advice to rank your new website better.
in today's video guys I'm going to show you exactly how to rank your website at the top of Google just like this website right here which is one of my websites so you can get loads of free traffic to your offers and make money online now this works for any type of website whether it be an affiliate marketing website just a general blog I've some some sort of website that you have Amazon website whatever you're trying to do online most people usually have some sort of website so I'm going to show you how to actually get loads of free traffic to that website via Google and I do understand it's very hard to rank on Google I've been ranking websites on Google for many years and things are always changing some things don't work now and they used to work and stuff like that with Google updates that are always coming out I'm going to show you how to get your website ranking and that's rock-solid they actually stays there for years to come so all of my websites every single one of them apart from one that I sold to somebody all of them still hold their rankings today even some of the ones that I started four or five years ago they survived every single Google update because I rank my websites properly and I rank them for long term traffic so if you're looking to actually rank your website get lots of traffic make lots of money make sure you watch this video and stick to the inks I'm going to explain to how long on average it takes me to actually rank my websites and it'll help you understand how long does it take you to get traffic and make money so guys let's jump into the content don't forget to subscribe Ted the notification about and leave a comment below have any questions of online replying for the next 24 hours so number one guys we need to kind of establish one thing when you're trying to rank a website online it's a good idea to not really listen to the big experts and I mean that in the nicest way possible because a lot of the bigger experts that have really big websites and authority teaching you how to rank websites and stuff they already have a lot of authority on their website so when they go and post an article or something they rank straightaway so they're usually teaching based off of that they don't actually teach you based on your websites so what I do is I start one of my one of my businesses online is I start websites fresh all the time and I get traffic to them then I sell them or I keep them right so what I do is I focus on brand new websites so we're gonna focus how you can rank brand your websites or weak websites now I'm not saying don't listen to the experts entirely they don't great content great ideas but when they're talking about ranking websites and they usually talk about things that don't apply to you and they don't work for you if you have a new website that's weak and doesn't have a lot of power at this point of time now that we've got that other way let's talk about the methods so number one guys and this is you need to do this before you do anything ok let's just assume that I would say started you've got some you know you're ready to start you need to focus on speed and user experience this is the big thing right now so if you're getting any of my websites you'll notice that they're very minimal they have nothing con there apart from the content they have no sidebars or anything like that the reason I do that is because I want my website to be really fast at the start then once I actually rank then I start doing sidebars then I start doing all that sort of stuff as well and you must focus on user experience so the reason my sites are very minimal and things like that is because when someone goes to my website I want them to stay on the page as long as possible and read the content I don't want them clicking links I don't want them to leaving the site they wouldn't have a brand new website I never put my affiliate links in at the start because it doesn't matter and I don't have any traffic yet all I focus on is content content content I don't have stuff on the page that distracts people it's one of the biggest problems people go and get these themes that are packed with useless plugins that don't matter they have all the stuff on the sidebar they have all the stuff in that and the articles that don't need to be there and people leave your site they don't interact the right way so it's very important to first focus on speed and user experience and I've proven this with my own data any of my blog posts they have a google score of over 80 ranked in the top 5 on google most of them number one so speed definitely contributes to ranking factors on your website so focus on that get that sort of we do anything else and when you test your speed guys don't just test the homepage test every single individual page to make sure they are loading
Try to avoid this major mistake!
quickly your first step would be to get a simple theme that has no bloating or anything like that it's just a simple clean theme that loads quickly now one of the biggest mistakes that people also make is when it comes to the content so what a lot of people do is they will go and focus on one article so they'll do one big article which is called pillar content based on let's say let's say that I'm keywords how to make money online with Facebook and they'll do one big article on how to make money online with Facebook and they'll stop and okay I'm gonna go rank this article how do I do that that's really the wrong way to go about it you've got to think of Google as a spider so Google crawls your website looking for relevant content so when they see an article based on how to make money on Facebook they're looking for other content on your website based on that or content base around Facebook and stuff so you will probably never rank if you just have a brand new website you do one or two articles you'll probably never rent so this brings me to the relevance method what I do nowadays and what a lot of people do is we basically go out and we and this
is how you rank with no backlinks by the way we go out and build these websites based on a topic or you know even if they'd say even if the websites general we have categories based on topics but what we do is we do a lot of articles linking back to our pillar articles and we just create relevance so if I've been article that's how to make money online with Facebook I'll do more articles how to make money online with Pinterest how to make money online with YouTube how to make money online ten different tips to do it and I'll link all of those together back to the main article and stuff like that and I'm talking 30 40 articles and these are these help in a few ways first of all they add relevancy to your site so Google's pretty much forced to start ranking you for things and it also acts as what we call supporting articles for your main article that you're trying to rank okay so if that doesn't make much sense to you just on your website build out a lot of relevant content and Google will start to rank you for a lot of stuff as well that brings me to the next thing what a lot of people do is I'll focus on that one keyword and one article but they don't realize that the more articles you have the more traffic you get so you might have one or two articles that rank and you get you know quite a bit of traffic from that but you could have 50 30 40 100 articles in the top 10 and you get all of this traffic from every single one so it's helping you in a lot of ways it's creating relevancy for your website and it's also bringing you in traffic from all of these different articles do your main focus when you're starting website is to focus on speed user engagement and relevance and start to build that out now the next tip is what we call backlinking now if you do the relevant Smit that you don't actually need to do any backlinks you because what happens is people will start to link back to you naturally and what I mean by that is when you do the relevant content don't just focus on hard keywords and medium keywords what you want to do is go and find low competition keywords I'm talking like really low competition that you would rank for instantly even if they don't have any searches the reason you want to do this is because what happens is if you rank in the top two or three for that particular keyword even if it's got no traffic and someone else is writing an article based on that topic they're going to go onto Google be like a carnita I want to link to a website based on this topic so they can go to hey how to make money online with blah
blah blah blah and you got this big long keyword in your rank at the top they're gonna go okay I can see Franklin's website there I'm gonna take that link I'm gonna link back to it as a resource and you've just got a free Backlund and that's the thing a lot of people really understand that concept you don't have to go and keep trying to rank for keywords of lots of search volume people-wise are all you're gonna rank for by intent keywords and all this sort of stuff and frankly when you do know what you're doing well I make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month online just by organic traffic and that's because I built this big relevant website that is a main resource in the niche so you can get backlinks naturally by creating relevant content and ranking for keywords that don't even have search volume ones that are really easy to rank for and people will start to naturally link back to you and that's what Google likes to see natural backlinks now before we get into the backlinks there's one important thing you need to realize when you're a brand new website just don't even try ranking for hard keywords or medium keywords just focus on the low competition keywords that are really really low okay just focus on that because you're going to start to rank really quickly but just remember you're a brand new website you don't have any authority yet now when you go to creating backlinks now I don't really do the backlinks anymore what I do is I go onto Fiverr and I pay someone to do what we call outreach and they outreach to other blogs and they get links for me that's called guest posting and things like that now you're probably not going to have the budget for that so what you want to do is you want to just go into Google and start to be active so go and find other blogs and comment on those blogs and say hey a nice post and you can actually put a link to your website in the name and it will link back to your blog that's called blog comments these are called nofollow links but they do help diversify your backlink profile you also want to go and just be active on forums as well now you might not wanted all this so if you don't want to do this you can go and do what we call guest posting and things like that but what you can also do is create things what we call web 2.0 s now I don't really recommend this anymore if you're going to go do the relevant method because relevancy really is the best way you create relevant content and then you've gone ranked right but you create what we call web 2.0 it's a very long process so backlinking is something that pretty much 99.9% of people are not going to be able to do either they don't have the funds they don't understand it or they don't have the time so to rank your website guys the best way is to go and create a lot of relevant content and force Google to rank you for a lot of keywords that's the best way to rank your website 2019 and it works extremely well it really really does work I have lots of websites and I use this particular method writing articles is completely free it doesn't take any money if you do them yourself so you can keep writing keep writing keep writing for different kind of keywords now here's a tip go to a website called answer the public comm and at least say you want to go rank for how to make money online put in how to make money online and it'll come up with a lot of questions what I do is I actually go and write an article based on questions not keywords so for example if I go to answer the public comment and have it help me right now but let's say I go to answer in the public comm and someone asks a question how do I make money from
Focus on questions that people are asking.
America I will go do an article based on how to make money from America and I won't really optimize my page for that for that keyword because it's not a keyword it's a question as I'm writing their content I naturally just gotta put keywords in anyway without even realizing I'm doing it and Google's gonna match everything together so that's probably one of the best tips I can give you is don't focus on keywords anymore focus on questions that people were asking now answer the public comm takes real data from people that have actually searched things they might not get a lot of search volume however Google will rank your article for lots of keywords if it finds that your particular article is relevant for that particular topic so I kind of my cube we're talking about but let's say you do an article on how to make money from America right and the Google might I'm gonna rank you for best ways to make money from America can I make money from America it's really gone ranked ranks you for all of this stuff so a great tip will be don't focus on keywords focus on questions when you're creating your content and you'll naturally go out there and start ranking for things now what I want to take
How long does it take to rank a website?
she was how long does it take to rank a website for me it takes between three to six months now I'm not talking about the entire website I'm talking about kind of pages it takes me around about three to six months to start ranking pages however once your website gets stronger once we have more content I can literally break things straight away now within a day or two or even a week depending on how hard the keyword is so guys when you start a website online and you're trying to rank it's going to be very hard at the start but just keep slugging it out and you'll start to see results number one make sure you have a very fast website that is actually one of the number one contributing factors to why I'm ranking right now because I use good simple themes and I don't have anything on the sidebar I don't have anything that doesn't need to load and I don't take people off my belief site so speed and user experience number two is you don't want to just focus on one article you want to focus on a lot of articles based on questions and create relevancy for your website okay that is the main thing that I'm doing right now number three you want to go and create backlinks however this is not really necessary and the reason I say that this is not necessary there's a lot of people don't know how to do it don't have the funds to do it or don't have the time so just create relevant content and Google will rank you and Google will love you and when you create developing content guys everyone loves you you just become a relevant website in their nature so if you don't learn actually how to rank your website more steps more stages and things like that I'll leave some videos up on the screen and actually leave some links to my course where I take you through step by step how to actually rank your website in stages so you can actually get traffic to your website so don't forget to subscribe tap the notification guy drop a comment below I'm online replying for next 24 hours and I'll see you on one of my next video

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