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If you are wondering "What is Google PageRank", "How Do I Check My Page Rank", "What is link juice" and more specifically "how to increase my page rank on Google?"; for your website, then you are at the right place. Understanding what is Google PageRank is key to determining your website's seo strategy. Knowing what is Google PageRank and How to Check your website's Page Rank benefits your business because it makes you aware of Google's page rank algorithm and how google makes a pagerank prediction about your website.

What is Google PageRank and how do I check my page ranking?
What is Google PageRank And How Do I Check My Page Rank? That’s what we’ll answer in today’s video. Hi, I’m Dillon with Social Media Top Team. We help business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging social media, email and high performance marketing strategies. Ok, let’s get right to it. A lot of business owners and marketers want to leverage search engine optimization to get more customers for their business. So they start doing research and encounter the term ‘PageRank’. What? If this has happened to you, we’re going to explain exactly what is pagerank and how to check YOUR website’s pagerank for FREE! PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used to analyze links.It was invented by Google’s owners Larry Page and Sergey Brin to help determine the importance of a website. Now all websites, including yours, are given a Google PageRank score between 0 and 10 to determine it’s importance, reliability and authority on the web. New websites with no links pointing to them start at 0 and increase on up the scale to 1, 2, 3 and so on as more and more links are added. As you get more inbound links to your site,let's say this is your website here in the middle and this is other sites these are related contents. These arrows represents links, you know back links pointing to your website in the center. So as you get more of these inbound links pointing to your website, search engines crawlers see these inbound links and essentially count them as “votes of recommendation” from these other sites for your webpages content. So think of each inbound link to your site as a vote….like on ‘American Idol’. And Pagerank as a way of counting and evaluating the quality, relevance and quantity of the votes. Kind of like Simon Cowell…though not as mean. Years ago if you had a website, Google used the Pagerank of your website to determine its position in the search results. It was one of the MAJOR ranking factors to get a website to the top of the search engines. For this reason, everyone wanted to get links from other websites, like these, with a higher Pagerank to get higher pagerank for themselves. The reason why was because you could increase your website’s pagerank by getting these higher pagerank websites and webpages to link to yours. When another website links to your site, or when you link from one of your website’s pages to another one of your own website’s pages, the link actually passes PageRank points! So, the passing of PageRank points is also what people call transferring “link juice”. If you heard of "link juice" this is what they are talking about. This was why people wanted to get those inbound links to their website from higher pageranked sites. Again, that was years ago. This IS NOT the case any longer. Now, pagerank no longer, in and of itself, determines your webpage search rankings in Google. It’s now one of OVER 200 plus factors that Google uses. This stuff can seem to get more and more confusing at times right? Actually it isn’t though once you have a basic understanding of it. That's pretty much what you need, just have a basic understanding of what this stuff is.While
While page rank solely no longer determines how your webpages rank, it does still factor into your rankings.
pagerank solely no longer determines how your webpages rank, it DOES still factor into your rankings. How? Simple, inbound links to your webpages with higher Pagerank are still important to improve your webpage’s authority, YET THE LINKS MUST BE RELEVANT! Let me show you a couple of examples. So, let’s say that you are a real estate agent like this one here and you get an inbound link from a website with Pagerank of 8, yet it’s a website that sells women’s shoes like this one. Well, that will not only NOT improve your webpage’s pagerank, it can actually hurt you! Because it’s not relevant to a real estate agent’s website. Now if you were a real estate agent and got an inbound link from the realtor’s association in your area, then that WOULD improve your webpage’s pagerank because it’s relevant to your website’s content. So remember, links from off topic websites and poor quality links from spammy sites think of them like mosquitoes sucking away the lifeblood pagerank of your website. So get only links from quality sites, and webpages that are relevant to your website. Just so you know, if two websites have similar content, on-page SEO, and inbound and outbound links are pretty much identical yet they have different PageRank’s – the site with the higher PageRank will appear higher in the search results. So pagerank is still a factor, though one of over 200 factors. So I told you we're gonna show you how to check your website’s page rank.
A simple way to check your website's page rank.
So, let's find a simple way to check your website's page rank. We're gonna go to this URL: http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php Let's go there now. We'll go to prchecker.info And this is it here, this is a free tool for checking the page rank fo your website. Ok, so all you do is simply type in your web address and i'll type on ours that's socialmediatopteam.com So, all you do now is type in your web address right there and then click 'Check PR'. And they got here little box thing, let's see here, aren't these things wonderful? the box can probably figure out the codes better than we can. Alright, so here we go, we'll verify that. And you see it tells you, it said its score 0-10, so our website right now has a pagerank of 3! 3 out of 10, as 3 from possible 10 points. And you can even put label block buttons here you can put in your website and such your blogs ang things that can take you back directly to this page to use it. And this is a great tool, so you can systematically check in as your doing a search engine optimization, you can check in and find out how your pagerank is as you continue to build more links as you can see how pagerank is building over time. A very cool free resource. So how can you start building up your page rank. If you're not having a company do it, if you're doin' it yourself, we're gonna show you some free way simple free way, we're gonna show you few free ways you can get start. You can start right now after you watch this video. Ok, so easist thing to do that are free are you get links from social networking sites, you can use social networking sites, like you can post links to your webpages and your twitter and facebook page. So, you book post articles in your facebook page and that kind of thing. That is still a backlink and also social signal, we're not gonna get there right now. Go into that page in your website. If you have a blog, an article you can post in your blog you can just copy in here in your facebook or twitter page. And that account is a link going back to your blog or in your website. And again, that helps to build up your page ranks. You can have your friends and colleagues post the same links on their twitter and facebook page, you can even pin them on pinterest and you can see here with us, we have bunch of stuff, we have our videos our blog posts, and some client videos and some other stuff. Pin them on pinterest and actually count us back links too and social signals. You can also write an article and posts it on someone else's blog or website and then link it back to your own website. And these are all free ways,these are bunch of other ways to.
These are simple thing you can start doing to start building links back to your website. Even social bookmarking your webpages on sites like delicious and stumble upon are easy free ways to get you inbound links that help build up your page rank. Remember each inbound link to your webpage counts as a “vote” that helps you build up your pagerank and possibly make you the next american idol. Enjoy this video? Then do us s HUGE favor and share it with 2 or 3 of your closest friends or colleagues…or more. They’ll definitely thank you for it. Also, make sure you subscribe to our channel for more important updates and so you don’t miss out…on our WEEKLY videos. And if you’d like to learn more about getting more customers with our ‘Page 1 power” SEO Solutions, go to www.socialmediatopteam.com or simply click on the link [make clicking sound] below this video. I’m Dillon with Social Media Top Team. Don’t miss our next video when we cover ‘What is domain authority’. See you next video!

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