How I Ranked My Website #1 In Every City For Location + Keyword

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In this video, I cover how I ranked our agency website for every city that we wanted in the US for keywords such as "keyword + SEO".

Target locations that are gonna make you money!
hey everyone welcome back to another video my name is Rama Reno and in today's video I'm gonna show you how to show up literally everywhere for your business and whether that be there a country whether that be as local state whether that be a county some towns or cities that your business wants to target I'm gonna show you exactly how we've done it successfully for our business how we're showing up for keywords like New York SEO or New Jersey SEO or San Diego SEO different places where businesses are generally looking for an SEO company I'm gonna show you exactly how we've optimized our websites to get clicks I'm going to show you how to optimize your website to get as much SEO reach as possible with this I want to make this video very clear and just so you understand the expectation of doing something like this you want to target locations that are gonna make you money and the best way to know that is think about your last 10 customers right where were they from were they from your hometown were they from your home city and start to really dig into the analytics and to where your customers have purchased from you before before you start to build out these location pages now if you want to go guerrilla and you want to just build out everywhere to make sure that you have ground everywhere it's gonna take a lot of time but if you really want to look into this strategy I'm gonna explain to you basically how this works so Google basically goes by URL so in this example I have right now generally speaking if you have three locations or if you want to target three locations this page this URL can only target one location okay this cannot target six locations and I see people doing this a lot of times right so for example up here they'll you know in the title tag of the website where you know they want to optimize for the SEO they'll put like two cities up here on their title tag or wherever their home page is targeting and that's the wrong way to go about it and it's the wrong way to go about it for a few different reasons is one it
Don't target multiple locations in one URL.
tricks Google Google's confused if you're trying to target two cities on one URL now when Google sees this they basically have the results for both of the locations so for example let's say we were targeting Waterbury right which is a city in Connecticut and we also wanted a target New Haven right now the problem here is we want to get both of these positions number one we want to show up number one in the search engines when people search Waterbury plumber and when people search New Haven plumber because that's the areas that we're targeting if this result has Waterbury and New Haven plumber that's the the title tag of the website what starts to happen is is instead of getting these number one results that you're wishing for you're gonna get number twenty results for each right and the reason for that is because you haven't done proper keyword mapping which is basically making the keywords that you want to rank for and associating them with a different page the correct way to do this would be instead of just targeting both cities on one URL it would be to create location pages on your website targeting these different URLs for example if I had website comm and I did a page just for Waterbury in this example right here then Google knows to crawl this page as if somebody searching in Waterbury CT and the reason why that's so powerful is because Google looks at this a few different ways right Google reads this page a few different ways ok the first thing that they do is they look at the domain of the website they look at the actual domain what is your URL what does your URL saying right if your URL is website calm and you have the extension of Waterbury CT well now Google is gonna read left to right exactly what it is so website calm slash Waterbury CT so they know that you do something with websites and you're in Waterbury CT right now the magic in this comes when you start to do this at a higher scale and you start building out website com slash Meriden CT let's say right so now
Make these GEO pages unique.
we have a page targeting Meriden and Waterbury and your New Haven location which is your home page now with this being said there's there's content not duplicate content you don't just want to copy and paste your pages that is the quickest way to get a Google penalisation but what you want to do is is you want to make these pages very unique right so let's say they were to go to your Meriden page and this page is very similar to your home page in the sense of it's the same business right you're still website com but this page is calling out things in Meriden right so it's saying okay you know we are the best Meriden plumbers you know Meriden is being targeted on this page that Google knows that you are talking about a Meriden location on this page and it knows that you're targeting this keyword and let's say you added an image right and that image was of the Meriden town hall or something that's there and it's a landmark and it's local and people know about it and people searching in Meriden will see a merit in Town Hall I mean everybody knows what their Town Hall looks like I would imagine and now what you're doing is is you are making the page super unique for plumbing right you're making the page super unique for plumbing and you're even including an image of the Town Hall in Meriden and the next part is is to write the content okay now there's a thing called keyword density so for example if you have 1000 words and you have let's say a hundred times that you said married in plumber which I don't recommend you doing that that would be a 10% keyword density right that's a 10% keyword density you're mentioning married and plumber your target keyword a hundred times and you have a thousand words on the page which is great right now your your target keyword density should be three percent and you need to make sure that when you're writing your content on this page you're mentioning
What is a keyword density 3% rule?
married and plumber at least three percent of the times in the content and as long as you're following this 3 percent rule you should see significant SEO rankings just from that alone now when you include your image if it's localized give it a tag and alt tag is what we call it in the industry and basically what an alt tag stands for is Google cannot read your image it cannot see your image what it can do is see the tag that you tell the image of what it is so if you togu --gel that this is a picture of the Meriden town hall right Meriden CT town hall google is going to know that you are targeting the city of Meriden and as long as you have this properly structured on your website you're going to be able to rank and pretty much every different location that you want before you go crazy and do this on every single website that you own I'm gonna give you some precautions that can get your site penalized because Google does not like when people show up for places they shouldn't be right and Google knows that people are doing this Google knows that there's a lot of
Avoid being penalized by Google. What is a Google PANDA?
people out there you know trying to manipulate results so that's why they came out with an algorithm called panda and if you're doing this strategy where you're trying to rank for multiple locations and you're simply just copy and pasting these pages and targeting different areas let's say Seymour CT then what's gonna happen is Google's algorithm called panda is gonna come out and haunt you and what its gonna do is it's gonna look at your website and see that you have massive duplicate pages and it's going to penalize those pages or not show them in the organic search results we've had that happen with some of our pages that don't show up anywhere for the location so we built them with for some reason I don't know why they did those pages those ones specifically but our core ones are still ranking which is good news right and I'm gonna show you a few different ways to avoid getting hit by panda even if you are creating duplicate content right Google really likes when you are a brand and when you have Authority and when you have trust so the first thing that we'll do is we will start to build links and these links are
Go for keywords that have a most search volume.
backlinks to each of these pages and if you're sending backlinks to your homepage and backlinks is just a mention it's just a website mention if you're sending backlinks to your homepage the only thing that you are doing is powering up this home page so if this home page was New Haven plumber right it's gonna power up New Haven plumber that's what's gonna get powered up but if you start sending links to these different pages right here it's going to power up water Barry plumber because Google's passing page Authority from here to here overall increasing your rankings on water Barry plumber etc so when you're building out these pages my best piece of advice for you is to go for keywords that have a lot of search volume right so if you're in Canada and you're near the Calgary area right you want to target Calgary because it has the most search volume and as long as you follow the simple page optimizations you get relevant backlinks basically you know you don't want PB ends you don't want nothing that's fraudulent you want legitimize backlinks these can be places like Better Business Bureau Chamber of Commerce's of those locations everything along those lines once you start sending the backlinks to this URL it's gonna power up your business page for that location so when somebody goes into Google and they're looking for a plumber and they type in water bury plumber they're gonna see your location page pop up number one because you've sent links to it and this builds popular afford that local search result therefore increasing your rankings right now another thing that you need to focus on on your local area is to make sure that you are trying to get the highest click-through rate as possible and I mentioned click-through rate a lot on my channel which is basically when somebody makes a search who are they clicking who is getting the most clicks and Google rewards that so if a website's getting more clicks than another one that's going to increase its rankings so there's a few ways that you can do that and the number one way is to have a nice title tag and every time we're building out one of these pages we do feature benefits in the title tag we don't do
How to get a good click-through rate?
things like stuffing the keywords so we're not going to do water bury plumber slash plumber Naugatuck or plumber water bury or plumbers in water bury you know you can't do that it has to be something feature benefits so a good one would be something like this right you know plumber in 15 min minutes or less right now this title tag right here specifically states a call to action it specifically states a benefit of the business it specifically states how fast you can get a plumber typically when people have plumbing issues they need it done quick right the toilets not working the showers not working something's not draining you have water overflowing you know and you see a title tag that focuses on speed you're gonna get that click and that's overall is gonna increase your ranking for that page and this is the type of stuff that you've really got to start thinking about for your business when you're showing up online is what is the messaging saying in the in the actual in the actual Google search result now a better example is our agency right so if you search San Diego SEO if you search New York SEO and you see our listing one thing that we do is we do a call to action that says view our packages right and the reason why we put that in our title tag for this case scenario for our pages like this one where we're targeting a different city or a state is because when we do that most SEO and this that's why you really got to think about your industry most SEO s they won't let you see their packages and because we state that you can see our packages on our website we get much higher click-through rate therefore ranking us higher in the search results and getting a lot more exposure online for the different locations that we want to show up for and we get a ton of new business because of this right and if you guys are wondering if this actually translates into money it does because the more pages you can build on your website the more chances it's going to have for impressions in the organic search results and the more chances you are gonna have for people calling your business at those different locations and you really got to start considering tracking this stuff so which pages are performing best which locations have your customers called you from in the past and start to utilize this strategy right here and start going after counties after County if you're a plumber if you're a painter if you're a local service provider you want to make the website and Google know that you service different areas thank you for watching

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