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Check out our video about 13 free search engine optimization tools aka free seo tools that I use frequently for my business. We go over search engine optimization tools that can help you do keyword research, optimize your website, improve your website speed, look at your backlink profile, learn from competitor websites, and find on-page seo issues that can be fixed. Below, we put links to all of the different SEO tools that we showed in the video.

Use these free Search Engine Optimization Tools to boost your site rank free.
all right what's up everyone welcome to the Surfside PPC youtube channel today I'm gonna be going over 13 free SEO tools otherwise search engine optimization tools that you can use for your website so these are gonna go through a variety of things looking at the top keywords for your website analyzing your website's page speed seeing what keywords are driving traffic to your website looking at your backlink profile analyzing competitor websites so there's a lot of different tools here they're all free you're gonna see a lot of them are from Google because they have some of the best SEO tools and because they have the biggest search engine it makes sense to use their free SEO tools because they're just gonna give you a lot of the data that they already have to help you improve your website so first things first kind of an obvious one is going to be google analytics so with google analytics you're able to track what search queries are sending traffic to your website especially once you connect the Google search console we just did a Google search console tutorial so make sure you check that out you can see the top search queries landing pages where your traffic is coming from what devices people are using and you can use that with some of your e-commerce or any of your goals to see what landing pages what search queries are driving traffic and sales to your website so the first thing is Google Analytics you're gonna be able to see a ton of data about where your traffic comes from how it performs and you can find a lot of optimization opportunities just by using this free tool the next one is going to be the Google Keyword planner so we also have a tutorial for this on our channel with the keyword planner you can find new keywords just come into the keyword planner you would sign into Google Ads through your Google account create your Google Ads account and then under tools here you're gonna see keyword planner so what you can do is just enter a keyword so for us I'm gonna be using beachfront decor Beach decor has a lot of the examples for this video when you click on get started it's gonna give you the top keywords by relevance the average monthly searches competition ad impression share you could see some search trends throughout the year and you can look at a lot of different things with the Google Keyword planner they'll give you some related terms to try but if you scroll down you're gonna see they're gonna give you probably thousands of keyword ideas and just tons of different things that you can do to basically create content around these cue it's on your website so that you can drive more traffic to it now the next keyword tool that I use a lot if you don't want to use the Google Keyword planner if you don't have a Google Ads account very simple is ubersuggest so just go to neil patel comm slash ubersuggest enter the keyword you want to look up push press search so for this one it's gonna say this keyword is competitive there's a forty nine percent chance you can rank in the top twenty pay difficulty is hard SEO difficulty is medium search volume is twelve thousand so if we click on keyword ideas this is like incredible you can see the top keywords related to beachtek or ranked by volume you can see what websites are ranking the highest and the google search results I would see estimated visits domain scores so you can see maybe some reasons why you're not ranking as high so you can see we don't have beachfront decor here we're like in that somewhere in the 20th spot right now but you can click on all these different keywords see what the Google search engine results pages show and you can export a lot of this information look at the top volume keywords under related you can find things like area rugs shower curtains wall decor so these are other things people are searching related to beach homes so if you do beach area rugs beach shower curtains you can find hundreds made thousands of keyword ideas so between the keyword planner and ubersuggest you really don't need much more in terms of keywords now when we start building content the main thing you want to use to track how your website is performing it in Google search results is the google search console so it's gonna show you how many web search clicks you're getting how many you know any issues that you're having with coverage in the Google index if you go to performance it's going to show you how many clicks how many impressions you're getting over a certain time period top search queries so again it's gonna you want to connect your Google search console to your Google Analytics so you can see your top
Why does page load speed optimizing tools are important to improve your website ranking?
landing pages top search queries you could see what's driving you traffic what's driving impressions in the Google search results so between these four tools you can find a ton in terms of keywords what's performing well things you need to optimize for really areas of opportunity that you need to optimize for and continue to grow your search engine traffic the next two tools are going to be related to page speed so the first one is that google page speed insights tool we're gonna have links for all these different tools in the description we'll do it in order the way we did it in the video what you can do is enter your website you can look at mobile desktop it's gonna give you a speed score show you whether it's fast average or slow show some issues that you might be having and ways that you can really fix some of those issues so it gives you a lot of different information for PageSpeed the next one is GT metrics so I typed in my URL here I analyzed it the report came up but it actually just refreshed the page it's gonna take a little while for the free version there is a GT metrics pro version that you can do which gives you unlimited searches very quickly but when you do your URL to analyze it's gonna take about five minutes to show up but it's gonna give you a bunch of different page speed scores and show you any issues that they're they analyze on your website so GT metrics com it's a great free tool it takes a little while when you enter a URL but it's worth the wait for all the information they give you and if you're running a WordPress website they have a ton of plugins that will actually fix on help you fix a lot of the errors for you you can see down here it's showing over three hundred sixty million pages analyzed so far and the number just this is obviously just a counter but that number just continues to go up and up but that's because that's how many they're analyzing every day it's just constantly people typing in their URL and seeing how they can increase that speed so the next one is another free Neil Patel tool it's the SEO analyzer so obviously you're probably familiar with Neil Patel if you're in marketing he's probably the best person to follow when it comes to marketing information he also has some great free tools on his website and I know he has some paid things that he does like consulting but if you enter URL here and click analyze it's gonna give you a website analyze report so it's saying our page level SEO score is a c-minus there's one error three warnings fifteen past our speed score is a sixty eight so you can tell we have definitely some areas of opportunity here for beach front two core com it's by no means a perfect website it's gone through a bunch of redesigns and it really needs some work honestly so you can download the PDF report and get a ton of different information about your website you can look at some different errors here so the SEO analyser tool is basically going to look at your website like a search engine would and give you some issues that you can fix to help increase your SEO score and really help increase your rankings over time so Neil Patel comm he has a bunch of free tools who Brooke suggests and the SEO analyzer I use pretty frequently just to see if I can find some errors on my websites now the next one if you're running WordPress is the Yoast SEO plugin so the Yoast SEO plug-in will generate a sitemap for your website it'll help you
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optimize your titles your meta descriptions it'll help you decide which pages you want indexed and search which pages you want no index and search so there's a lot of different options with Yoast you can see there's over five million active installations the overall reviews is 4.9 out of 5 and that's based on you know tens of thousands of reviews so most people just write at five stars very few one-star reviews they also have premium version so if you're running WooCommerce there's a lot of different things you can do with Yoast and it always stays updated so when WordPress updates you're gonna get a Yoast update so it's my favorite WordPress SEO plugin it says the number one and it's between this and there's all-in-one SEO but I've always liked using Yoast SEO more it really gives you a ton of information if you're using WordPress now the next few tools they have some paid options they are they have some free options paid options there's some limitations to the free versions but even the free versions will give you a ton of information the first one is going to be the mods link Explorer so with this you get 10 total
search queries of that every month with a Moz account a free Mazak ount so you enter domain here and it's gonna give you a ton of information about you know what their backlink profile looks like inbound links where they're coming from the anchor texts that other websites use you can find how many links they've gained and lost you can do this for your own website I like to do it for a competitor websites to try to find some different links on those websites so if you scroll down you can see top followed links to the website top pages on the website top anchor links to really find some different information about a website's backlink profile and really help you gain your own backlinks so if you're not familiar with moz.com it's one of the best SEO tools companies they got different information they have a ton of different content about search engine optimization so you can see up here learn SEO Moz Pro Moz local so if you're trying to improve your results in search engines Moz comm is probably one of the best websites I have right here at the moz.com slash free SEO tools you can see they have a bunch of different free SEO tools to go along with the pro version so they have the keyword explore the link explore Moz bar with local marketing you can check your business listening listing manage permissions with my business console research categories so a lot of different things you can do with moz.com I'd highly recommend trying their 30 day trial if you haven't already it's worth trying and if you're not interested you can always cancel it so moz.com one of the best you know free and paid tools for search engine optimization the next one to continue with backlinks is using a refs comm slash backlink checker so when you search they'll give you a backlink profile for a website and they'll show the top 100 backlinks to get more you're gonna have to update to their free trial or do they have a 7 day trial for seven dollars excuse me or do their full premium version to get all the information but they're gonna show the top five top 100 backlinks top 5 anchors top 5 pages if you scroll down you can just find a ton of different websites that are linking to either your website or a competitor website see which pages they're linking to and it's gonna give you some content ideas it's gonna give you you know maybe to find some websites that you can interact with engage with so maybe they'll link back to your website if you can create good content things like that so using looking at backlink profiles will give you a ton of ideas for how to get more links to your website how to create content that people are more likely to link to because you're gonna see what pages people link to the most by using these tools and a lot of times it's things that you probably don't have on your website that people aren't linking to so looking at backlink profiles seeing what people link to seeing what pages link to those pages will really give you a lot of information about how to grow your backlink profile so the next thing is kind of a competitor tool so it's similar web com so you can either analyze your own website again I did coastal living comm so you
Why Similarweb?
can scroll down see what the global rank is country rank similarweb you're gonna need some bigger websites to show all the data that i'm gonna show below but you can see it's estimating total traffic over the last six months total visits average visit duration bounce rate you keep scrolling down you can see where traffic comes from you can see traffic sources from desktop so direct referrals mostly organic search social mail display so under referrals you could see what the top referring websites are so this can be helpful for me to see if i can get some of these websites to link to me obviously coastal living is kind of a bigger brand with some other smaller brands you know like southern living is part of the same company so you can see some of these are gonna be based on what you know what the website is and any of the partners they have but you can really learn a lot about what pages are linking to it and driving traffic so search it's saying 45 percent from search the top five keywords it's saying no paid zero
Improve your website rank using Screamingfrog crawler tool.
percent paid no paid keywords here so social it's gonna show where traffic is coming from facebook pinterest twitter any display advertising so you can learn a lot with similar web com it's a great you know analysis tool for some competitors if you use this along with kind of looking at some of the backlink profiles for your other competitor websites it's really gonna help you understand where either you're driving what traffic from or where some of your competitors are driving traffic from specifically in search engines so that's really a great SEO tool is similar web com really to see what traffic is coming from search top keywords and then you can kind of analyze where other traffic is coming from to give yourself more opportunities to grow traffic to your own website now the next one is screaming frog so this it's called the screaming frog SEO spider and basically what it does is they have a free version in the paid version it's a software that you download and if we scroll down my favorite things about it is you can find broken links so if you go on your enter your website it's gonna find broken links on your website that you can fix so if you change any URLs if any of your pages don't exist anymore it's gonna help find those broken links so that you fix them it can analyze page titles and meta description and meta keywords so you can see if there's any long meta descriptions any things that are duplicates you can discover duplicate content as well so if you have a ton of duplicate content on your website you can kind of narrow it down and add it all to the same page or figure out a better way to organize it I could generate XML sitemaps there's a lot of different things you can do with just a free version it will only allow you to crawl 500 URLs but it's gonna help you find a lot of issues even if you just do it a few times just use the free version and see if you have any issues because it's gonna look at your website like any website crawler would so like Google sends website crawlers to your website to be able to look at all your links and analyze them screaming frog will do the same thing and allow you to see any issues that you have on your own website
Use simple tools that help: Zadroweb.
now last but not least kind of a very simple tool Zadro web.com slash SEO auditor so what it does under page Authority it'll give you a page authority domain Authority load time and Google page speed so I'll show you right off the bat any issues that you might be having in terms of not having enough backlinks to your website and not having enough backlinks to this specific page some load time issues so if you scroll down it's gonna give you an overall score give you some successes some warning some errors so I like to first look at the errors so it's gonna say SEO stats heading tags it's gonna say no h1 tags were detected on this page a bunch of different h2s that probably aren't good enough it's saying so with under h3 headers it's going to show all these different ones so it's gonna give you some different ideas gonna say needs attention heading tags are important for explaining what the content of the page is about in a concise manner so if I don't have a header tag h1 tag that's beachtek or basically it's gonna say this is just not detected at all they're not gonna be able to see exactly what your website has to offer again images so this might show there's way too many images or if there's any issues with some of the alt text for the images so just keep all this stuff in mind so this is 13 free SEO tools some free ones from Google I'll have them all this in the description of this video make sure you test a lot of them out you don't need to use hundreds of SEO tools just having a bunch of free ones and then some paid options will help you figure out some keywords for your website to figure out any issues that your website's having so you can sell tell beachfront Accor has a decent amount of issues in terms of page speed some errors on the website so there's some things that I can go back and improve for sure and I learn a lot of that by just using some of these SEO tools so if you have any questions make sure you leave in the comments make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and thank you for watching our video today

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