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hey guys it's paul here from pn uk training i just want to introduce you to a free tool that i've just added to our website and it's a free training course that will it will check all of your pages and make sure that you've set up your pages correctly to make google love your website so um effectively there's all sorts of different things that google look at on a page that a lot of people forget to do and i'm going to prove that i don't do it either i need to pull my finger out and make my website better as well so all you've got to do is come to this link i'll leave a link link in the description and on the first comment and it'll be on the page as well type in your website so mine is type in the the keyword of what you want to rank on what word would you like to rank if someone's typing this in what would it be on and i'll put um business training for mine right business training um i'm gonna put in my name you don't actually have to put your name in uh i'll put in an email that's different to mine um it will ask you for your email i'm not collecting emails it will email me and tell me that you've filled it in but i'm not i actually tried to turn that off i tried to make it so you don't have to put your email in but there isn't a setting that i can turn off but i promise you i'm not going to be using your email looking at your information or anything like that all you gotta do is put it in tick the box for uh european law reasons and scan and it'll take well depending how busy your website is um up to 15 seconds ish to come up with a report to say this is what we would recommend for that um for that page right so you can download it at the top it will have sent you an email as well so you can forward that on to anybody you think needs to look at it so my page for business training has got a ranking of 60 so good signal 20 angle signals 29 issues found uh a 60 grade right here's what it looks like above the fold so the fold is always that first look um before somebody starts scrolling down your website so it's telling me about that you know it's checking my page speed your page speed loads out in under two seconds it's not a large file size and it's not a lot of widgets and gadgets and and things happening on your website that's requesting lots of um file requests to make it work a lot of wordpress programs can add lots of funky plugins but they can slow your website down checking your url url's friendly hasn't got business so it's saying basically if you if you put forward slash business training maybe that would help your seo no underscores pages close enough to the top level domain so you want it to be one of the main pages on your website and i'll put um if people are struggling with this information i'll start putting mini trading courses in the training course i'll put some videos out as to what to do to make this ranking go up and maybe that's what i'll do as i edit my website title tag so there's no title tag with the business training there's no keyword in there title has 70 characters or less so i've got a short title um description needs exact keywords so there's a description in there i need to edit so you can see i have got a lot of work to do images type in business on your images so when you upload an image to wordpress it'll say alt information and some meditate some meta information that you can type in the file name i uploaded a file name and it's saying here um remove the underscore in the file name add exact keyword to the image file name so before you upload your images to your wordpress i've just probably put logo logo.jpg um what i should have done was rename it paul nicholson pn uk business training then uploaded it and then it would have the title in the file name um further down more things are your headings correct this is all i'm not an seo expert this yeah i think this report is proven i'm not an seo expert i have nothing to sell i am not trying to make your i'm not trying i'm not going to email you say uh if you give me 200 quid i'll i'll make your website better that's not what this tool is for that's not what punk training's for uh punk p uk more and more all the way through and it's just gonna tell me links from other sites an analyst on a mobile device all sorts of things to tinker with and edit to get your ranking up um and then it'll give you a checklist on things that you should do so you can print this out and say yeah we've done that yeah we've done that yeah we've done that so you will get i will get an email uh this is me testing it i will get an email saying that you've filled the lead out i'm not going to do it i'm trying i'll probably even turn that off um you will get an email thank you for using our audit tool and then you can click and open that and do what you want share it with anybody i'll get an email for some reason it sends me two it's exact same information just with what you've filled out and somebody filled it in like i said i'm actually going to turn that notification off so i don't get it the second thing you can do is test your website against somebody else's so i will be a lot of security companies so let's do doncaster uh alarm company right that's the keyword we want to hit on so we're gonna go and grab uh some competitors right so let's go here we're gonna do doncaster alarm company oh my god my fingers are not working today um and i'm going to put in don't cast through alarms let's not use those doncaster alarms let's use this one advanced i used to work for this company advanced security all right and then i'm going to add the competitor and i'm going to say uh rss specialist is the
Compare how your webpage perform with competitor's one in terms of SEO.
competitor right so i'm going to i'm going to say what does my webpage look like to theirs so we're going to scan this time it's going to do it split by split and we're going to see why am i ranking higher or lower you can see in that they're actually at ranking above we could have done it against doncaster alarms to try and get above that search engine score but it's going to go check both them websites out and give both of them a score and see what happens so you can look at it against one of your competitors you can run one sales page versus another if you've got your own thing if you've got two pages you want to check the score on both pages you can see why people come into this page instead of that one it might take a little bit longer because it's looking at two websites here we go so here back to the top of the page so if you work for advanced security your score is 56 out of 100 your competitor is 57 so you can see you're already beating them on page speed that page is loading too slow uh there's too much information they'll probably got too many big images got too many things going on too many requests happening exact keyword not in the url exact keyword not in the url which i don't think it would be on your home page would it um unless you actually bought the url the title tag information here should contain the keyword information so you can run again the same test against one of your competitors and see what you need to do and it gives a checklist for uh sorting it out i think it's a cool tool um it's free to use what i've also done is added this to a training course so the tool is inside the training course so um if you enroll in the training course you'll be able to use the tool more more being the point where if you're in punk training if you're in pain uk training then when you go to my courses if you've enrolled in that training course which i haven't
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it would show up in your my courses so that would be a reason to do it and i may add some lessons to specifically show you how to get ticks or better stats on those certain uh points that it brings up so hopefully it's a call free tool i'll put the link as i said in below uh check it out play around see what your score is i am not emailing you from the information it's sending me in fact i don't want it to uh and i will help you if you want to come to the forum uh if you want to come to the q a you can ask questions here as well i've got an all new q a website out that you can basically just go in and ask a question so you know just put in not scoring on the so-and-so or how do i do the alt out uh text on images or change file names whatever it might be ask a question and i will reply as soon as i can a bit of a sky email because like i'm not my email video because i'm not a seo expert but i think that tool's really cool and i was able to add it to my site and uh offer it out to you as a little bit of a bonus for training any questions anything else you want anything this trading needs fire away i will help the best i can cheers

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