Is My Site Listed In Google's Index? Check if Your Website is IN GOOGLE.

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It's a classic question from website prospects when deciding to build a website - Will my website be IN Google?

The reality is - it's probably harder to keep you site out of Google's index than IN it. Google tends to find all sites and index them as long as they are not of a questionable nature.

In this video, I show you a few basic ways to make sure Google finds your new site. This has nothing to do with rankings however. Being indexed by Google only means your site CAN rank. Ranking for meaningful keywords that have real search volume is a entirely different topic.

Will my website be in Google?
hey this is ryan from web eminence I've personally interacted with over a thousand website prospects over the last several years and one common question I get asked is will my website be in Google the simple answer is yes unless you have a website that goes against Google's policies like an adult or gambling website or you specifically block search engines it's gonna be pretty hard to keep your site out of Google's index I've actually seen sites get indexed by Google without doing anything but registering a new domain and putting a website on it but there are some better methods to get your site indexed and I'll show you a few in this video the first thing you might want to do is check if your site is already in Google's index a good way to do that is just to go to Google and do a search so I just put in my domain name web eminence com you could put in your full domain name search for it and you should see your website come up as one of the first results combines showing here so because it's showing in a search result then that's clear indication that my website is in the Google index if you don't see your website on the first page or you could even check the second page if your website is new if you don't see it in the first few pages when you search for your exact domain name there's a pretty good chance your site is not in Google's index and if your site is new it'll probably show up in Google's index within a few days they'll find it through their methods so one way is to submit your site directly to Google there's a few ways to do that so you used to be able to go to slash add URL and if you went to that page you could simply just paste in any URL and submit it to Google and they would send out their um their spider a bot to crawl your site and or the site that you submitted and try it in decide whether or not to put it in their index but it appears now that they forced you to sign up for the Google search console and that really is the better way to do
Why you should sign up for the Google Search Console?
it anyway so we can go to slash webmaster you will need to create an account or sign in to the this is called the search console I already have a bunch of sites within my Google search console but what you'll need to do to add a site once you're in this dashboard is to click on this top left area and find add property and click on that add your website URL here and then click continue they're going to ask you to verify through one of several methods that you're the owner of that domain so you'll need to go through those steps after your site is verified you should then see it in the Google search console the nice thing about being in here is it'll show you some performance metrics like you see here you can inspect URLs it'll give you notification of errors like crawl errors on your site if Google is having trouble indexing your site you'll see errors here but the first thing you need to do is submit your sitemap so you'll click on sitemaps and here you can add a new site map for the any URL any website that you have within this Google search console account so I'll link to a blog post that explains more about how you can create a sitemap but one of the easiest ways to do it if you have a wordpress site is to use a plug-in like Google XML sitemaps you can also use the Yoast SEO plug-in to create a sitemap these will create sitemaps of your site pretty quick and you can copy the URL and then just paste it once the sitemap is created you can then paste it here and click Submit and then Google will go fetch all the pages of your site and try to index them if there's any errors they'll also display them here so every new website owner should create a Google search console account or have your web designer do that and then submit a sitemap it's a great way to get
your site indexed fast another great way to get your site indexed and noticed by Google is just a link to it from other sites so a great way to do that is if you have a facebook business page for your business you can add your new domain name your URL for your new website to your account like I did here if you have a Yelp page or if you're on Twitter or any other you know notable or authoritative sites just throw your link up there it's a good way to get traffic to your site let people know you have a new website but in the process you'll also be alerting Google that you have a new website and they will definitely notice those links and send their BOTS over to your site crawl them and likely index your site so being indexed is great but it's also pretty easy and it doesn't mean you're gonna get any traffic so after your indexed you'll need to do the work to get your site ranked higher for meaningful keywords that a lot of people are searching for so this video was just about getting your new site indexed in Google it's not about getting rankings and traffic in Google I could probably make hundreds of videos and others have made tons of videos on that topic I have made a few though and I'll link to one at the end of this video and we'll see you on that next video [Music] [Music]

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍