DIY SEO: 11 Simple Steps to Ranking on Google

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Search engines are a fantastic resource to get visitors to your website. Unfortunately, helping search engines find and rank your website for inclusion in it's listings is somewhat challenging. Like many online strategies, there are tricks and tasks that you can use to improve your results. However, similar to social media marketing, you can spend an inordinate amount of time on search engine optimization. Here are 11 do it yourself tips on how to get your website noticed in search engines legitimately, without spending to much time.

Use these 11 simple steps to rank better in Google!
today we're gonna talk about SEO I'm gonna give you 11 simple steps that you can perform yourself so we'll call it Do It Yourself DIY SEO and if you listen to what I'm about to say you're gonna rank better on Google you're gonna make more profit for your pocket and you're gonna start smiling a little bit more so let's just jump into this video good morning my name is Chrissy Hughes owner founder of inerts worldcom first and foremost I'd like to invite you out invitation to visit my website review my portfolio see that 10 plus years of experience I have in building beautiful websites I currently have 3 physical locations in downtown Toronto where we're doing things a little differently I decided to open retail stores so if you're new to the channel do a little research to make sure that you're happy with my portfolio
A few words about my business.
the services we provide and then come back to this video and in watch my last video was about SEO and it's done incredibly it's about 4 days old and we're at like 24 hundred views like 99% thumbs up one sour SEO expert didn't like what I had to say and gave me the thumbs down but I'm ok with that criticism is okay as long as it comes from somebody that's above me in business before I jump into today's video if you'd like to add me on my personal Instagram it's here or my business Instagram it's here now I appreciate all the DMS I try my best to respond to all of them but to be honest I'm a busy man I'm trying to run a business 3 locations wife three children and I love to travel so sometimes it might take a week or two to respond I apologize I'm trying my best now today's video is going to be a
What are the basic SEO tips everyone should know?
do-it-yourself video on SEO it's gonna be my 11 tips on what you can do very very very very very very very very basic tips anybody that's watching this can do if they are inclined to do so SEO has been the number one reason beside perseverance that my business has grown to the point it has every year our profits are growing exponentially and SEO is the reason so if you can feel the passion coming through my my veins and and my blood is boiling and I just want to thank SEO if SEO was a person I would get on my knees and I would thank SEO thank you for allowing me to enjoy business in the profits of owning an online business and SEO I've put a lot of work into you but I appreciate the opportunity and Google thank you thank you for ranking me number one because it definitely helps pad my pockets let's jump into this forget the naysayers SEO is not a difficult thing we're gonna
Get more pages on your website!
bust all kinds of myths because you don't have to be technical and you can just jump into this and do it yourself starting today what topic for a website page you can certainly have a page that lists all your products and services but you also need a website page for each topic when Google is spidering your website they want to know it's a computer it's not a real person they or it wants to know what the page is about what your website's about it's spiders through your site takes keywords and then knows what the content on the website is about or thinks it knows so what do you need to do is if you are focused and you want to rank for keywords those words need to have dedicated pages so yes the more pages on your website the better 100% I'll show you a little trick if you want to pull up your competitor or anybody you look up to you can go into the address bar type in site colon backslash backslash like that person's domain and it will show you a list of how many pages that website has way to set the
Make correct URLs.
bar you want to beat the competitor or at least you want to work towards beating the competitor and that's how you're gonna rank first on Google number two is basic page optimization the purpose of the given website page should be directly stated in all of the following areas using the keywords you're targeting so the content of the page should be focused on the keyword that you're targeting you have to create a custom URL URL is that ending part that's after your domain in the top address bar yes that has to include keywords I'll show you a few examples on what to do now [Music] here's an example on what not to do now let the humans if a human could read the URL and just looking at the URL knows what the page is about Google will also look at the URL and have a pretty damn good idea on what the page is about next word count you have to create content
How to do the basic SEO page optimization?
rich pages a page should not be 32 words in one photo that's not enough Google wants more than that if you want to be ranking on Google you have to become the authority I recommend 500 plus words I need you to optimize your images meaning the image name when you upload something should have a keyword in it for example this is a proper way to name an image [Music] this is an improper way to name your image lastly when you're uploading those images make sure you take a moment to add alt text alternative text to each image because Google is looking at that one ranking images next outbound links it's not just who you link to that's important but where you link to this can affect both relevancy and trust by Google if you're linking out to on topic
sites from your content that's a good indication that the content is relevant to the term in question linking out to low-quality websites will send a negative signal to Google so not unlike a footnote when I was in high school we didn't even have computers so we used to write with a pen and a paper we would add footnotes on the bottom to add credibility to the text could include statistics it could include a definition it could include a quote what web sites are no different so when you're putting content together say it's a blog post on the 10 most important techniques with SEO in 2019 it would be credible for you to add a few quotes from authorities in the industry and linked out into their website I'll show you an example here and while I'm showing you this example remember to always open into a new window underscore blank you do not want to lose that person but you want to outbound link to other authorities in the industry you'll get points by Google next internal links number four it's a type of hyper link on a website page to another page or a resource on the same page or domain a lack of internal links can seriously hamper a pages ability to get crawled by Google and rank so the very long story short is this if you're putting a blog together or even let's use an example on my website I sell logos and I have a little information about logos have pricing and a half portfolio right on the page I also might link to the fact that we have a graphic design page where we offer business cards and etc my goal when somebody comes to the site is to internally link each page to at least one other page on my website what we're trying to do is get movement on the website so if you look at your current site you do not have internal links simply take some time build a structure that makes sense and make sure that each page on your website links to at least one or two other pages and I'm not talking about the top menu or the bottom footer I'm talking about throughout the content in the actual page next number five is anchor text the anchor text link label link text or link title is the visible clickable text in a hyperlink the words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the website page will receive on Google I'll show you an example of a good anchor text if you take a look I'm actually using the keyword that I'm trying to rank for in that I'm linking my page to next let's look at a bad example of her text where we're using words that are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever gonna rank on Google so this is bad [Applause] get it number six is uploads per minute
Why is it important to update your website? What is NAP?
now if you know anything about health you know that you have a beat per minute your heart beat per minute your website has a heart beat no link in the bottom below you can go back to the Wayback Machine and it will actually show you the heart beat of your website from conception till present day you can also look at your competitors and what I want to see look at me I'm gonna actually show you mine now a nerds world since the day we started till today all those little jumps guess what those are those are updates to the website that's what Google's looking for if your website's stagnant and there's no updates it's gonna flatline your website is dead Google's gonna stop looking at you you need some updates update slowly and I don't mean spend one day once a year updating your site no that's flatlining I mean to break up your updates so at least they're seeing updates let's say once a month twice a month you don't have to begin by posting content every day I understand it's unrealistic for most business website owners but I recommend that you upload your own content regularly myself I try to do it by weekly remember content does not need to be text meaning you don't have to sit at home and write this long blog for example if you're a photographer you can add new portfolio images and a short textual description that's also an update so guys you gotta start updating your website number seven is local directories I want you to go on google type in free local directories free business directories and submit your business your website a local business listing is an online entry that contains your business name address and phone number also known as nap easy to remember along with other details may be photos are times that you're opening closed and email addresses etc there are a lot of directories in websites like Yelp Foursquare and Yellow Pages where local businesses can create free local business listings there are thousands of directories that you can submit your your website to and it's going to help with your Google ranking and that jumps into or leads into number eight nap it stands for your name address phone number NASA it's critical for businesses wishing to rent well in local organic search results because search engines like Google take that data into account when determining which companies to show for geo targeted searches so in layman's terms this the more directories that you're a part of and your verified on and your nap is identical your name address phone number must be identical and must be real and verified on each of those directories the higher you're gonna rank on Google number nine is Google verified business have you taken the time to actually verify your business on Google hey how about we utilize Google to find out how to verify our business on Google now you have a business listing now you can begin to get Google reviews at Google my business listing is an absolute essential for
Register your business and get some reviews!
local search it's a free set up it's one of the best things you can do to improve your local SEO visibility number 10 Google reviews business reviews from clients and customers can be seen as one of the most powerful ways of promoting trust confidence in your business in the eyes of Google so yes first register your business verify your business have the opportunity for people to leave refused next even more so importantly or at least equally importantly you need to get Google reviews you have to request them you have to ask your client after a good transaction after I've built a beautiful website that's taken me 60 days it's a huge website I have no issue yes I have a good relationship with the client in simply sending an email or even better giving them a call and saying I appreciate the opportunity to work with you now can you take 30 seconds out of your day to leave an honest review on my Google page here's a link a direct link to that page now without requesting it what will happen is you're not going to get a lot of Google reviews now when a client's googling you guess who they're gonna choose they're always most likely going to choose the person with the most reviews and those positive reviews but if you're not working towards that generating those reviews you're always gonna be in last place number eleven is get googled create curiosity and create a reason for people to search your business name on Google when I create these videos you'll notice a lot of people while some people will ask me Chris why don't you put a direct link to your website I can't find a direct link to your website but I'll use the word a nerds world 32 times throughout the video in the intro I put founder of a nerds world and the reason I'm not directly putting in my a nerds worldcom everywhere is because I want you to Google my name I want you to Google my business when Google sees other people googling my name in my business they assume in am authority and guess what those are signals and those are reasons why I ranked so well so if you want to rank well create some good content that is gonna be shareable and people are going to be interested in and they are gonna spend time on and they are gonna share on social media and tell a friend and then you're gonna start ranking SEO is easy don't over complicate it it's not a technical thing go back if you're brand-new and you don't have a website try doing this checklist write it down on a piece of paper you do not have to do it all in one night cross it off as you do it if there's a specific question that Chris I don't understand what you meant by number seven leave a comment below we're about to head it to the desert so I'm gonna enjoy my day and I'll be back in Toronto in no time and publish this video I appreciate everyone's time let's continue onwards and upwards and make some money together my name is Chrissy Hughes owner founder of inerts WorldCom checking in and checking out from Las Vegas we'll talk very soon have a wonderful day let me start by shorting down the street [Applause]
Thank you and see you soon!
[Applause] so do this way and then this way and then walk towards me go all the way here no just to the car okay on today's video we're gonna talk about SEO Do It Yourself SEO and if you're doing it right I don't like what I just said let's do one more so my wife and I are driving my wife and I are traveling through Death Valley were alone we're actually in the middle of the highway and this gives me a good opportunity okay we're here in the Death Valley Road trip my wife and I were driving that way and I thought I'd jump in with a exciting video it's Chris owner founder of a North WorldCom today we're in Death Valley we're on vacation for the weekend my wife and I don't get too close to the side of the streetcar sir good afternoon good evening ah right good evening my name is Chris a Hewes owner founder of a nerds world calm

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