How to Check Google Ranking of a Website

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Learn How to How to Check Google Rankings for Your Website. In this video, I show you four different methods on how to check your Google rankings.

Tonight I'm going to show you how to check Google rankings of a website.
hello everyone tonight I'm going to show you how to check Google rankings of a website my name is jay and i am the founder of affiliate resources you can visit us online at affiliate resources dot org so there's a couple methods that we're going to talk about one is we're going to talk about free methods of rank checking and to the paid methods of rank checking so one of the first and easiest ways to find your rankings on google is to actually go on Google yourself and type in the keyword that you're trying to rank for and see if your website is listed in the search engine results literally you just have to type in your keyword and navigate around see if you can find your site and then from there you'd have to count you know which spot that you're in so obviously this way this method would be somewhat time consuming and you know might not be the easiest method to do it but it is free
Free method to see your average search ranking for your keywords.
the other free method is to have a look inside google webmaster tools and this would actually be located inside search traffic search queries and what it does is it will actually show you your average search ranking for your keywords okay and what landing page and so on and so forth now for this to work for this free method to work you actually need to have Google Webmaster Tools actually set up if you don't have it set up it's not going to show you any rankings it'll only show you from basically the point you've entered into Google Webmaster Tools ok so those are your two free methods pretty easy one is time consuming the other needs to have something set up which is of course free let's talk about some paid methods here okay now one paid method is a website called SEM rush and it literally all you have to do is type in your website address and then it'll show you your keyword rankings now there are some issues I've found with SEM rush I do know is some data accuracy issues especially if you go and compare your rankings inside SEM rush with rankings inside google webmaster tools you will see a very vast difference between the two and personally I would trust Google's data versus SDM Rush's there's no data or very little data on like a small website so or a brand-new website so it kind of they have their own proprietary way of gathering this data so if your site is brand new it may not be inside their database yet the other thing is it's very expensive it's sixty nine ninety-five a month so you know if you can propagate that cost to do that monthly then you know go for it I mean there's other features inside SEM rush but for you know checking your Google rankings to me I can't justify that cost so now here's another paid method and it's called Jack see Jack's is actually a keyword research tool but it also has a feature where you could check your site rankings it's actually very very easy to use and one of the cool things is that it has a search history feature so if you go back log back in to Jack C you can see what you've checked before and then you can kind of recheck and it'll tell you if you've gone up or down I'll show you all this in a second and the cool thing the other thing is that it shows you a screenshot of the SERPs and it shows you where you are listed in a it's highlighted in yellow okay so what I want to do now is let's actually go ahead and check out all four of these methods okay let's go do that now okay so I'm inside Google and so let me go search for something that I know that I'm listed alright now when you're searching here when you're searching just on Google make sure you have especially if you're logged into Google make sure you set it to hide private results and this way you get more of a a or search okay so so I'm looking here and not on the first page for this particular keyword here so if I go here so there I am here on the second page okay so you know it's something that I have to kind of navigate around okay so let's let's do the same thing and let's go inside google webmaster tools
What data does Google Webmaster Tools show?
so here's Google Webmaster Tools and so you go to search traffic search queries and if you look here you'll see that you know here are the keywords here's how many times my website has been shown in the keyword results or in the search results here's how many times people actually clicked on it the average CTR so which is a ratio of impressions versus clicks and then it shows you average position now the reason why it says average position versus like you know that's the position that you're in is because people in different geographic areas will have different rank results okay based on you know where they are in the world if they've searched for the term before they've clicked on your website before and all these other little metrics that determine this thing that's why they call it average position so I can go ahead and just kind of scroll around and check it out you can see here here's my whole bunch of different rankings right oh and the cool thing is that these are all sortable so if I want to go and click on average position to see you know which what am i ranking for I can then go see that alright and of course it's got you know nine hundred and forty-four odd different rankings so I can go and show five hundred rows and I can scroll down okay the other thing that's kind of cool so I'll change this back to 25 the other thing is cool is that you can see with change so what it does is it's now showing me an increase or a decrease since the previous month okay so it says it's gone you know this my impressions have gone down 23% clicks have gone down 18% but my average position has gone up three by three okay so you know if you're really into if you're kind of a data geek like I am you know then you can find out all this kind of information so as you can see it's a pretty easy free method you know there are some issues with it but for the most part it gives you a basic idea of your rankings now what you can do is you can combine our first method and our second method together so you can kind of go and check it out for yourself so I can then go see here I can then copy that and paste that and then see you know what did it say average okay so first position first position so there we go so let's go ahead and take a look at SEM rush now so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna type in my website press search so now it's gonna give me a whole bunch of different data here so it says organic search 245 and so right now I'm not logged in to SEM rush it does have like a little free version free ish version it shows you a few of the keywords that
Some paid methods for rank checking: SEMrush and Jaaxi.
you know someone's ranked for so I can click on full view full report and then I can see you know I can see I think that's ten there I can see that what I'm visiting with the position I'm in here okay obviously if I were paying a paying member of SEM rush I would see all of this stuff okay so there you go so again it's the data accuracy is an issue for me and it's really expensive so you go to prices here and you can see it's 65 69.95 a month so I mean if you can justify that cost by all means I personally don't think there's a lot of justification for that cost and our final method which is the other paid method is Jaxy so this is this is in the inside of jacksie here and and I'm in the site rank area so I can actually just kind of go like that and then I can click on previous websites Google Sniper 3.0 reviews and go search and then it shows me found in position 1 page 1 and it gives me a link that I can click to go see and then here's that highlighted element that I was telling you about now the cool thing is I can go and see these are past searches that I've done and I can then go ahead and press search again and what's going to do is going to update it here so I haven't changed my position there okay so let's see here let's do this one jacksie review so let's search that see if it's gone up or down all right so we're pretty much the same there again okay so there you go folks so that is those are your four free four methods - free - paid on how to find your Google rent okay my name is Jay and the website is affiliate resources thank you very much for watching

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