How To Quickly Rank Your Web Page In Google

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This video lesson shows how to achieve top search engine ranking position for their websites.

This Google search engine optimisation video tutorial looks at critical web page elements when creating website content. How to create web page elements such as URL naming, title, meta description, heading tags and content for gaining higher Google rankings quickly and rapidly is shown.

How to quickly rank your webpage?
Hello and welcome in this seo video tutorial session I’m going to show you how to quickly rank your webpage let’s get right into it lets close this and let’s take a look at this slide here Now let’s imagine this is your web page therefore you need to kind of understand the importance of name of your page importance of your title and also your description your heading tags which are h1 and h2 and also content which is text and images in this example ok So let’s open up Firefox I’m going to take you through it and show you how to go about it when I say how to quickly rank your web page what I mean is you know you first do bit of research as to the keywords that you want to rank right, to see quick results what you should be looking for is long tailed keywords what that means if keywords that are made up of two three four words or even five words long and how you do that is you do that by bit of keyword research I’ve got a tutorial in another video session that you can watch ok just understand the keyword side of things right and once you do that surely then you know whether you have your web page or whether you have a blog still a web page right so then you start going in to Google search box and start typing in keywords you are interested in ok and in this example we’ve taken you know how to rank your as you see as soon as I type this in web site or let’s say web page let’s say ok as you can see it’s given me these ideas right so therefore I want to choose the longer tailed
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keywords here the trick that you can do is you can say a you can say b and you can say c and so on to gain that insight right so we want to target in this example how to rank your web page you know let’s say in Google see and there you go see you have these ideas then so you just choose one that is related to your online industry right let’s choose this let’s have a look at what its bringing us ok here what you need to be looking at is all these ranking pages ok what you should be looking at is the title here and also you know are they using those keywords in the URL itself and as soon as you glimpse at that you think to yourself alright you know what this title is actually is not this per se right it has meaning you know how to improve ok those keywords in it therefore this basically doesn’t target that specifically this keyword specifically and also here let’s have a look I can also see in the URL as you can see down on the bottom of the screen the keywords are not in the URL either right so therefore once you start looking at you think to yourself you know what this particular long tailed keyword seems important for me to rank because these people although they are ranking they haven’t got thethe important parts in place right so therefore once you figure that out you think to yourself alright then I’ve got WordPress for this tutorial for you just to give you an idea this is a content management system you may be using Joomla or any other content management system or static HTML files it makes no difference because once it’s published web page is a web page right? so let’s then say you know I’ve also taken this just to show you because I’ve went ahead and actually targeted this particular keyword to rank in Google very quickly right so when I say title this is what I mean title is what you put in there ok so your title needs to be whatever the keywords that you are targeting so then next part comes in as to the URL here you see this URL here so the keywords in the URL are important for you so then then your content what that means is all the text and images you put in there right so the trick is to include these keywords perhaps you know once in this order and then on your content you simply sprinkle those keywords ok these are heading tags which are heading two as you can see I’m mentioning those particular keywords in here right see ok so you simply sprinkle your keywords that you are targeting in your copy it is also intelligent for you to have an image and when you have image you know I’ve got tutorial as to how to name your images for seo and so on so let’s get this video short meaning simply go ahead and watch the videos I made available for you as far as naming your images for seo purposes and so on right so having an image is also intelligent rather little bit better user experience rather than just having text and so on and also let’s say let’s have a look at the text here to see how I named that particular image and I’ve put the alt tag as such ok but you know as you can see it’s not kind of spamming right so simply watch the video I made available
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on how to name your images so what happens then you simply then what you do is your keywords meta keyword tag you simply sprinkle bit of keywords you are targeting right so let’s have a look at this particular published web page ok as you can see here look how I went including those keywords I’m targeting in the URL itself right so let’s have look at the source code please bear with me let me open this up as such ok what have we got here we got the title I named the title with those keywords in it description description in this sense has the keywords that I’m targeting in it as well we don’t kind of worry about meta keyword tags for Google ranking but the description is very important ok the name as I’ve shown you here page name title has to be whatever the keywords that you’re targeting right it has to be that description you need to mention those keywords in it as well it is only intelligent but you do so logically right you don’t just keywords spam as in keyword after keyword and so on it has to talk about the content on the page therefore if I’m making a blog post you know talking about this surely the content is going to talk about that right so what have we got then what are we looking at next heading tags is it description yea we’ve got that out of the way let’s have a look at heading tags here let’s say ok we’ve got h1 here ok as you can see I’ve got additional keywords in it right it’s only intelligent to go along those lines too ok so heading two yes heading two starts with those keywords too no problems the way that you place your heading tags it has to be you know if your content is kind of long so it’s not thin content then it will give you an option to place heading tags in your content so that’s the whole idea therefore once again simply page name keywords in the page name the keywords in the title keywords in your description heading tags including your targeted keywords content you know sprinkle you know you don’t want to break your copy meaning you don’t want to keyword stuff your web pages you simply talk about whatever the blog post or web page that you created right also your image become important as well so what have we got here so once again this video tutorial is about how to rank your website in Google quickly ok and that’s how you go about it simply identify targeted keywords as in keywords that you want to target they need to be rather little bit long to see quick results ok so after that you simply create a web page having what I’ve shown in place as I’ve shown before so let’s have a look at this I’ve created one post targeting this particular keyword let’s have a look at Google I’ll show you now should I use relevance nofollow attribute let’s have a look I’m here first page I haven’t even done off page seo yet ok so simple there you go you may say well that’s been published perhaps a month ago but let’s have a look at his particular one I’ve published this what as you can see here August
Look at how I made it on my example.
forth let’s search Google where am I third position see that’s how you do it date today is sixth and it just became sixth so you look at it simple have things in place as I’ve shown you create post but make sure it’s like useful to your readers right it’s not just about ranking because at the end of the day your aim is not just for ranking your aim is to provide useful information to your visitors as I’ve shown you in other video tutorials it’s all about answering the question of your visitors so that’s what seo is based on really ok so you can simply check out my other video tutorials I made available for you check back soon because I will show you much more useful information you’re going to see great results from I thank you very much I’ll talk to you very soon thank you bye bye

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