Free SEO Audit Tool + 3 Simple Ideas to Make Money Online with SEO.

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In this video, I will share with you a Free SEO Audit Tool to analyze any website's on-page SEO and generate a detailed report. and I will show you 3 methods to make money online with SEO using this free tool.

Search Engines rely on many factors to rank a website. The Free SEO Audit Tool is an SEO Checker which reviews these and more to help identify problems that could be holding your site back from its potential.

Look at this applications to get new ideas for a better SEO.
hey everyone a couple of months ago I was  searching on the internet for some applications   and some open source scripts to get some new ideas  for my website so I can implement   new tools and new ideas in this free SEO and  digital marketing tools platform so I went to code   Canyon and searched for SEO tools by the way code  Canyon has a lot of open source applications and   PHP scripts that you can get and host and install  for your own websites anyway now I searched and I   find this script here "Turbo website reviewer"  I found this script is really helpful it's a   simple web application that helps you analyze your  website and detect any SEO problems so it can help   you improve your rankings on Google anyway now I  thought "why I don't buy this script and host it   on my own servers and I can provide this service  for free for anyone to have an SEO analysis?" and   this what I did I bought the script and I hosted  and installed it on my servers and now you can   access from my website here "free SEO analyzer"  I just edited it somehow removed some extra stuff   and there's the SEO analyzer at so  simple in this video I want to show you how to   use this free and simple tool and I want to show  you three tips three ideas that helps you use this   free script to make money online or build your  online business stay tuned and follow up with me okay friends I'm Hasan from H-educate I'm very  glad to be with you in this video before we start   please don't forget subscribe now to my channel  turn on notifications to get every new update   almost every day so the SEO analyzer as I told  you go to my website click on "by a H-educate"   and then click on free SEO analyzer you can also  check my other free services anyway now open this   or you can simply go to  and this website will open simply just enter your   website here as an example as an example I will  write H-supertools and click review just wait a   little bit and now it will give you a full report  about your website in my case it's my website here   you can see my score my SEO score and you can go  down and see how it looks on Google it will talk   about alt attributes the keywords the text HTML  ratio for this page the gzip compression it will   give you a full detailed report about backlinks  about indexing page speed a lot of things it will   help you rank your website and improve your  on-page and off-page SEO to rank your website   higher on search engines and get more free traffic  so I think it's so simple you can just enter the   website and then get the report you can download  the report or whatever and improve your ranking   also you have a future here site vs. site where I  can enter two websites like let's enter my website   here and one of my competitors  is and click on analyze and now   it will give you a detailed report comparison  between your website and your competitor so  
Use a detailed report comparison between your website and your competitor to rank your website better.
you can rank over the competitor and so on you can  also spy on his report and see the differences and   so on I think the idea is somehow simple if you  already know how to work with SEO if you are new   to SEO you can also follow up my SEO mastery free  course here on my youtube channel also and learn   SEO step-by-step so this is my free SEO analyser  now I want to talk about three ideas that we can   use in this free script this free website to make  money online to build your online business or to   boost your online business number one which is  simplest form to use this script or this website   is to create a gig on Fiverr to make this to turn  this into a service let's go and open   and now I will search for SEO as an example  SEO report and you'll find some gigs here I   will provide I will provide SEO expert report  competitor analysis and so on so this person   for $88 (Canadian dollars) is giving a detailed  SEO report with competitor analysis it's exactly   what this tools does it gives you a detailed  SEO repos for your website with a competitor   analysis in this site VS site tool so as I told  you can go to Fiverr create a gig like this one   and provide this SEO report as a service on Fiverr  so this is the first method simple method to make   money with this script we can simply go and use my  strip it's totally free you don't need to sign in   or do thing else so this is the first method the  second method is to use this tool as your own the   dedicated script on your own website so you can  go to CodeCanyon here and go and buy this script   I will leave the link in the description below  you can go directly and buy the script if you   want and then go and host it on your own domain on  your own server I explained this indeed in one of   my tutorials here on my youtube channel you can  check it on "how to host any PHP script on your   own server" you can go host it online and provide  it as a free service for people how this helps   you? it helps you by collecting emails collecting  leads then turning these leads into customers how   this script has this option if you go to the  admin panel of this script I will log in you   can see in the website reviewer option here let's  go reviewer settings you can see you set how much   domains are allowed for unregistered users so  you can implement registration option also you   can restrict some statistics inside the report for  users except if they login so they are obliged to   login to enter their emails to get the full report  in this way you can collect more leads and turn   those leads in email marketing into customers  you can check my email marketing free courses   free tutorials to learn how to turn these leads  into customers have to send the perfect emails   and so on so this is the second method is to use  this script to collect leads to collect emails the   third method which I prefer and you can use as an  online business if you provide SEO services let's   go back here and let's write my domain click on  review you can simply search for websites with  
Fix mistakes to boost your website ranking for free.
SEO mistakes so as an example this is my website  my score is 69 you can download the report or get   the problems inside my website and send me a cold  outreach email say "hey admin of H-supertools..."   or if you know me "hey hasan, you have problems  in your website. This is the detailed report   check it if you are interested in fixing these  errors contact me and I will fix this for you."   And you can get paid for this SEO service so  you can send cold emails attaching these SEO   reports and attract website owners to fix their  SEO problems if you are providing SEO services as   I told you if you want to learn SEO and provide  SEO services you can follow up my course "SEO   mastery free course" to learn in detail how to  rank your website's and other websites with SEO   and turn this knowledge into an online business  so this is my free SEO analyzer this is my three   methods to turn this into an online business if  you need any help I will be more than happy to   help you subscribe now to my channel to get  every new update almost every day I read a   book every day on to increase  and boost your knowledge and change your life

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Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

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