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Have you ever wondered if hiring an SEO expert is worth it? Before you open your wallet, I'm sharing a quick hack for checking your website SEO. This will help you to know exactly what your rank is and what terms are bringing traffic to your wedding planning website.

So today i want to show you a quick hack for checking your SEO ranking...
so today i want to show you a quick hack for checking your seo ranking and by that i mean you can quickly see where you fall on page 1 2 3 5 20 of google so that you know how to optimize your website to get more leads hi i'm jody enroll i'm the founder of the event certificate and i work with wedding planners to help them double their leads online we currently have our wedding marketing accelerator program also open so if you're struggling to find leads online you definitely want to sign up the program does have limited spots so do not sleep on this one because i'm showing you all the tips and strategies to effectively marketing your wedding plan in business i'm gonna link it all below for you to join and let me know if you have any questions so today i want to jump in i'm actually going to just take my face away from this and share the screen and show you
How to check where your website ranks?
how to check where your website ranks and here's why this is important sometimes i meet clients and they'll say to me i have this website that everyone told me that i should do and i hired the designer i paid a ton of money to get it up but it has no traffic if i see five people per month that's a lot so i'm going to show you how to actually check where your ranking is so you can better understand why you're not getting any traffic so the first thing you want to do is you want to go to google and you want to just type the hoth now you can go directly to their website like the because that's where i'm going to take you so all we're going to do is just girl go to the hoth and then we're going to scroll all the way down to the bottom we're not going to log in because what we want is we want to use one of their resources which is their website ranking checker so the website rankin checker essentially allows you to see where your website is ranking and for what terms so all you need to do is put in your website url so i'm going to enter i'm actually going to enter my template shop and i'm going to say view my google rankings and it's going to validate my requests and ask me to just make sure i'm not somebody scammy or sketchy and once it does that what it's going to do it's it's actually going to pull up all the keywords that i'm ranking for so here's the thing what i want you to pay attention to so the first thing i want you to look at is actually the rank in rankings between 1 and to 20 means that you're either on page 1 or page 2 of google because google usually have about 10 rankings per page depending on how many ads they show at the top on average right so pay attention to those rankings if your ranking is not within 1 to 20 it means that you're even further down in the search than where you should be and you really want to bring that back up the other thing you want to do
Pay attention to the keywords that you are ranking for!
is you want to pay attention to the keywords that you're ranking for so if you look and you see that you're ranking but you're ranking for keywords that your clients would not be searching for then you definitely want to change that so one of the things that you look you'll see for example one of the things i'm ranking for is a style shoe timeline template right where people are looking for event planning pricing packages and i'm on the first to second page here um same um event management price quotation wedding planner instagram post and these are all keywords that i want to be ranking for because they're products that i have in the store that you can use to find the products that i sell right such as hashtags for parties or hashtags for weddings all of that geared toward wedding planners and event planners you'll see there are also some terms where i'm lower in the rank right for example wedding season hashtag i'm at 70. but i don't care about that because wedding season hashtag is not something that my wedding planners would be looking for so i want you to pay attention to those two things now of course if i'm telling you how to
How to fix it your ranking is low?
do i'm going to tell you how to fix it if your ranking is low it means that the keywords on your website are not optimized so you need to look into the content on your website your blog post how your images are labeled like the alt tags and as well as the meta descriptions on each page so that's how you go about finding your ranking if you have any questions just drop it in the comment for me okay thank you so much for watching that i hope you got some insight into how google works and at least what keywords you might be ranking for what page you're on so that you know the areas you need to improve and if you're looking for tips on how to really improve your seo your online visibility so you can get found by clients definitely join us in the wedding marketing accelerator i promise i take you step by step through how to get to page one and two of google so that clients can find you organically

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