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YouTube Rank Checker to compare your videos, view stats, grow your channel and get keywords. This is done with the good folks over at TubeBuddy. One of the most difficult things that you will do in the creation process is collect data. You have to determine a few things, do you not? You need to make your creation worth your time and worth the time of your audience. This is where the YouTube rank checker comes in from TubeBuddy.

Why you should use YouTube Rank Checker?
hey guys max here with a website pro and today I'm going to be talking about the YouTube rank checker now the the cool thing about this rank checker is it gives you a little bit more education on on what you should write about and what would be worth writing about or doing a video on as opposed to what not would be and I've just recently been using this tool but I'm gonna share my knowledge share what I know about it because there are some things that are pretty cool now whenever i typed in YouTube but rank checker on and Google I could see that I'm getting this little box this is what motivated me to write it Google's telling me I'm ranking for this particular keyword phrase but I have nothing on my website about it so that's what has prompted me to write this post here about the YouTube rank checker and now I have to do a video on it so in order to check out my competition I'm going to go to the youtube search engine and type in YouTube rank checker just like that and here we go you could see that this guy here he's in the number one position the competition here's my search volume it's kind of like in the orange I guess it's alright competition is green overall 48 out of a hundred you know using this particular keyword phrase YouTube rank checker so let me go spell that right YouTube rank checker so I'm fair thirty four out of a hundred over here and it looks like I have a little bit of competition but I don't know how well it is this guy only has 824 views so let me go ahead and use my Utah - buddy tool over here I'm going to click on YouTube rank checker online see what it says so now we're ranked checker on line and look here I have it very good so I want to name this video that I'm doing right now with you YouTube rank checker online and so this is what we're talking about this is called tube buddy and if you click the link in the description of this video it takes you right to the to the website to my website and also have a link the two buddies help you get started and I'll have it in the in the description of this video as well but if we go to this guy that it's in the number one position let me hit pause here he has YouTube rank checker and then he has nice title he's a really nice description and I figured that you know this this description and his title this is the reason why he's pleading the company the competition for this particular keyword phrase YouTube rank checker online notice how he's also utilizing all of these keyword phrases I could grab all these keyword phrases if I like I think I'm gonna do a little bit better than him because he started using names and broad phrases in there so I'm gonna I'm gonna try to to outrank him if I can he's had nine hundred and eighty-three views on this thirty-four comments forty
Use video title, description and tags!
five likes he's had a lot of likes on Facebook so and I watched this video and it's it's not really about a good YouTube rank checker it's about this another place and he mainly talks about his concrete business in this video but you can see this thing is optimized to the hillford youtube rank checker he did a video on huh on his concrete and and you know how that everybody that watches this video you know talks about how he's ranking really good for you know concrete well he's ranking real good for YouTube rank checker too but when you get to this particular video it really doesn't have much to do with that so and if you look at the other competition we could look at the other competition too here like this guy he uploaded this three years ago he has two point eight thousand views but he could probably do a lot better now you know but he doesn't have me as 2.86 thousand you know he's got some likes but you know he doesn't have much of a description here and he doesn't have any hashtags in it so you to two buddies gonna help us with this so let me go ahead and show you a demonstration on how to buddy and this you know YouTube prank checker will help you out let's grab a video I'm just gonna grab any old video that I have here on my desktop I got one a test I'm gonna go ahead and grab this and upload it now usually I would change the file name but I'm gonna put YouTube rank checker online just like that alright you always wanted to be the first thing in your description and the first thing in your tags and then you could go ahead and start adding all these other ones but look at this I mean YouTube rank video rank checker YouTube SEO ranker
Publish it!
so I can just by clicking on these things I'm adding these tags okay now of course you want to come in here and give it a nice long description you want to utilize almost a hundred characters in that title okay now you see a lot of people put a pipe in there like so putting a pipe and adding more stuff which you know obviously I will be doing as well to get my keywords in there but we're gonna go ahead and I'm not gonna be publishing this or anything cuz this is just me shooting a gun on this particular video but as you could see we have I could go back study the competition a little bit more see what they did you know go ahead type in YouTube rank checker and add stuff as I see fit in this video right and give particular links back to the website back to you know useful resources that have to do with this video but after a mall after it's all said and done I'll click Save Changes and publish it and see where I rank for you to blank checker online so we're gonna go ahead and I'm gonna do that now I won't have the results in this video because obviously I got to process this video on everything but what you want to do is you really want to take your time and make sure that you put a really good description in there this is max with a website Pro I hope this video was good and beneficial [Music]

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

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