Google Pagerank Checker (2018) Does Google like your Website?

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Google Pagerank Checker is getting lots of search traffic - and we wanted to take a quick minute to show people how they can check the domain authority and page authority of their websites for free by using Moz tools.

A free page rank checker that you can get!
everybody raps hat from here from feedback wrench and one of the things that we saw was that people are searching for page rank checker now back around 2013 and before Google had an official page rank checker that would allow you to see and get a numerical number on how your domain authority or how your Google ranking factors were doing so it would take into account on-page factors backlinks and different things like that well now there's a tool that's available since Google has eclipsed and ended the PageRank tool called Moz bar or Moz so maza stepped in and majestic and semrush and some of these other companies have some solutions but Moz has a free page rank checker that you can get and there's kind of two parts first of all you're gonna have to sign up and get a free account with them when you sign up you will be able to get a 30-day trial of their paid option which is a hundred dollars a month but once you get that signed up and you're using google chrome you can click on the link in our description here that shows you what's called the Moz bar now the Moz bar is something that you'll be able to use to actually take a look at your pages and get what you would consider your page rank checker so basically Google has ended its official page rank checker back in 2014-15 Matt Cutts did it tweet about it everybody reacted so there's no official way for Google to
Moz bar and its features.
tell you how things are but here is the Moz bar itself once you're up there you're gonna see that you've got two things a page Authority and domain Authority domain Authority looks at your overall route domain whereas the page Authority is looking at the individual one you're gonna be able to take a look at page titles meta descriptions keywords h1 h2 and your keywords you'll also be able to look at your general attributes make sure that you've got the things there the link metrics are pretty phenomenal as well you can take a look and make sure you've got all of your markup and you'll be able to see if you get the proper H SSL security setups you'll also see that there is a way to highlight followed or non followed links and you can even see external links or internal links that's pretty handy and then you've got page optimization when you pay for their $100 a month tool you'll get lots of great things so again I'm Rob satrom feedback wrench com if you're looking for the page rank checker use Moz bar with the free Moz membership and you'd be able to get your domain Authority and page Authority

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍