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In this video, I'm reviewing its features, including SEO audit and management, competitive analysis, the dashboard, its Google Analytics integration, keyword rank tracking, link management, mobile keywords, and more.

Sitechecker makes it very clear how to improve your SEO.
seo search engine optimization is a big topic particularly for beginners it can be intimidating we all want to rank on the first page of google don't we well as a brand strategist i've spent my fair share of minutes hours even days improving the seo of my website and my client sites experimenting with some of the biggest and most popular seo tools out there the truth is that has not been a great experience but today i have a very different story i am sharing a new tool that i've discovered called site checker an all-in-one seo platform that makes seo make sense finally a tool that makes it possible to understand this complicated topic and take action on what can be improved you'll be glad you watched this video because i've had an awesome experience using this tool if you're new around here i'm phil welcome on this channel i share practical advice to build your brand including content websites seo social media and more consider subscribing for more of my videos just like this one and hit that bell to be notified when i post next now let's talk all about site checker seo truly my new favorite tool when it comes to seo search engine optimization let's do it [Music] today i'm in medellin colombia and the idea for this video came from sitechecker they are sponsoring today's video but let me make one thing clear i would make this video even if they weren't a sponsor that's how much i love this tool truth be told i've tried moz i've tried sem rush and guess what honestly i don't like either of them they're probably great for seo wizards who understand the intricate details of seo but i have found these platforms quite simply to be too complicated it's not clear enough to know exactly what you need to do to improve your seo site checker is the tool we're looking at today it makes it very clear how to improve your seo let's take a closer look together shall we i'll hop over to my computer so here we go what is site checker very quickly it's an easy to use platform to track and improve your search visibility who is this for well anyone who owns a website i would say also marketing agencies seo specialists would benefit from this tool marketers product managers really the list goes on seo as i said at the top of the video is a big topic so what are the specific things that this tool can help you with audit management competitive analysis a dashboard all in one place google analytics integration is helpful keyword rank tracking link management and mobile keywords okay typically if you have some seo tool experience you know that it requires usually a lot of websites to keep a pulse on your seo score and performance so you've got google analytics you've got google search console
Take a walk through some of the awesome features in this all-in-one SEO platform.
rank tracker site crawler all in different tabs sitechecker essentially reduces everything into one dashboard with all of the important statistics for all of those sites and i'm going to show you what that looks like in a second when i hover here over products i want to walk through some of the awesome features in this all-in-one seo platform note that yes some of these are paid but some of them are free right for example this free backlink checker you guys can hop on here and get your feet wet and try some of these features right away without having to pay so we've got the site audit right that you can do from the homepage on the site this will detect the issues that slow down your seo growth it'll give you specific tips on how to fix them love it site monitoring okay this collects a history of important seo changes on your website and it sends you an email alert when something critical happens rank tracker tracks your website rankings every single day and it helps you research how serp changes for any keyword that is valuable for you backlink tracker which i mentioned a second ago monitors backlinks and it'll show you which ones you've lost or has become non-indexable very important and of course they've got a google analytics integration which will help you import your traffic and transaction stats google search console integration also very helpful very important it'll help you find search performance insights that are not available in google search console by default finally you've got an on-page checker which helps run a quick on-page seo analysis for any page and it'll find mistakes in the text content links image meta tags and page speed i'll show you that in a moment and there's more one more thing link strategy it'll help you research competitors link building strategies i'm gonna go ahead here and start to explore this all-in-one seo platform i'm going to go here and click open the app and we're going to create our first project so i'm actually going to enter in my website domain right here
Detect issues that slow down your SEO.
and we're going to start with a site audit which will detect issues that slow down your seo growth and give specific tips on how to fix them and i'll click next okay that was monitoring now we're looking at integration so i'm going to go ahead and connect my google search console in google analytics finally we'll work on the rank tracker finally for keywords here we would be listing keywords that are relevant for our businesses i'm going to start with personal branding and for this example i'm just going to do one keyword and just like that i mean that was so simple site checker will start collecting data i'm going to click get started all in all this took about 10 minutes actually a little less for the purpose of this video i'll fast forward okay the results are in so that literally took less than 10 minutes and here we go uh oh a score of 56. if we click on this we can actually see how it's calculated really interesting okay now i'm not at this point in the video going to pretend that i am an axio expert i am not i am a lot of things i have to know a little bit about seo to be able to do my job but i am by no means a specialist okay but what i love about this is how clear and easy this is to follow this is a very detailed analysis in real time okay it includes a list of things that i got to be doing better right important parameters and it includes tips on how to fix it how awesome is this right i told you that i didn't like some of the other big competitors for seo do-it-yourself tools they're not as easy to follow and clear on what you're supposed to do okay it looks like i've got my work cut out for me here so it's not just seeing a big long list of things you need to fix it's also tracking your progress okay you're not going to see that today because i'm just getting started but when i do start to make my way through this list or have my team help me it's going to display a little progress tracker up here i'm hoping that i see a little green little arrow number that's telling me that yes i am improving and my score reflects that okay so it's not just looking at the list it's also making progress and improvements i also like how site checker monitors and logs changes made on pages so i'm going to click here site monitoring you're not going to see much data today because i'm just getting started but here they're going to monitor changes in the robots.txt file changing the indexing status of pages adding and removing pages changing the status of the page code changing the title h1 description meta tags let's say you've got people working with you on this project it's a big one right you've probably got a team this is the tool that would help you keep an eye on that have some control you could also see if plugins start generating unnecessary code or issues and very important making sure that your site isn't hacked or that hackers aren't adding their links and content a few other things that i can't show you
Use Sitechecker assistant to get list of todos to improve your website ranking.
in detail today because i've just started my account but you can be monitoring traffic based on google analytics for a variety of sites obviously the more sites you add the more useful this becomes as well as the ability to compare keywords in the top according to data from google search console and rank tracker now remember i only entered one keyword for now obviously you're going to want to put a whole bunch in here there are two more things i want to show you if at this point you're feeling particularly overwhelmed here's what i want you to do i'm right there with you go ahead and click assistant this is essentially a summary of tasks that you should do to save and grow organic traffic from google so essentially this automated assistant is telling you what to focus on here's the most important thing for you to do and here's how to fix it trust me i'll be spending some time in here finally and this is maybe the most exciting thing saving it for the end of the video site checker has
Install this great Google Chrome extension to collect SEO information from any webpage.
a google chrome extension look at this in literally a matter of seconds i have instant data on this page from content optimization character length description it's looking at font sizes it's looking at keyword density and it's looking at external links it's also looking at internal links where i'm linking to inside my site we'll scroll down here to search optimization as well as images you can see here okay this would give me some idea of what images i need to make smaller if that's the case when we scroll down here past structured data you see google page speed 17 is not very good for my mobile page speed my desktop that's a bit of an improvement but certainly something that i'd love to improve and of course i can click here view full report i should point out here that i'm using the growing monthly package which i certainly recommend for business owners even agencies this allows you up to ten domains up to fifty thousand pages up to a thousand keywords up to ten thousand backlinks i'll click over here so you can see the pricing site checker has some free resources that you can check out like the backlink checker or the website health checker as well as three plans here based on what your needs are i've linked below so that you can sign up for this amazing tool at least go check it out way easier way simpler to understand than many of the leading tools out there and i'm so happy so happy i found this there you have it site checker is the tool and i think i've made it quite clear that i'm a raving fan of this tool sign up for it using the link in the description below you will not regret it they also offer a free seo score for your website linked below don't miss it and if you've got any other lingering seo questions comment below let's keep the conversation going on down there i respond to those comments personally a huge thank you to sitechecker for this collaboration i've enjoyed it and if you enjoyed this video give it a like that helps other people discover this video which we work hard to create and subscribe for more of my videos on branding positioning building and promoting your personal brand next i'm sharing through a few videos that i think you'll be interested in seo related i'm phil powell thanks for watching and those videos are coming up next

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