Check Keyword Difficulty in Rank Tracker

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Learn how to use the 'keyword difficulty' metric to instantly see how strong the competition in your keyword niche is.

What is a keyword difficulty?
you welcome to SEO PowerSuite video training series getting your website ranked high for a certain keyword always takes time building the backlinks optimizing the content and so on but what if some of your target keywords are a waste of time and money because the top 10 competitors are too strong for you to ever beat them in this video you will learn to use the keyword difficulty option in rank tracker so that you can choose keywords that are not too hard to get high rankings for launch rain tracker open a project and go to target keywords keyword map here you'll see all keyword groups you've added to your target keywords click on the keyword group you'd like to analyze and switch to keyword difficulty you can either check the difficulty for any individual term or select all keywords within the group to run above difficulty update in a few
Decide which page to optimize for a certain keyword group using the keyword difficulty value.
minutes you'll see a difficulty score next to each of your keywords on a scale from 0 to 100 a lower number with a green marker shows that the keyword is relatively easy to rank for the more competitive terms are marked with orange or add for a close up analysis of any keywords difficulty select a keyword and examine the list of pages that ranked in top 10 for the term here you'll see the pages URLs individual difficulty scores and the major SEO stats on them lincoln domains on-page optimization Alexa social signals etc this will give you a solid idea on which SEO aspects you need to focus on to rank on page 1 for any given term depending on the current rankings of your site and the effort you are ready to invest into your SEO campaign you may want to discard some of the more competitive terms right away the difficulty score can also help you decide which landing pages you'll be optimizing for a certain keyword group usually you'd want to target the more competitive terms with pages of your side that have more SEO weight such as the phone page and this is it in the next video we'll focus on building a keyword map in rain tracker

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍