Rank Tracker Review - How To Track EVERYTHING Without Limits!

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My Rank Tracker review will show you 3x different ways you can use it to to track all of your search engine results.

RankTracker tracks universal search results in Google like images, videos, news, shopping, places, books and realtime results along with the ability to track local rankings, Google maps, YouTube videos and competitor rankings with no limits on the number of keywords you can track.

Introduction To Rank Tracker.
shrunk tracker is the most comprehensive ranked tracking tool on the market it
What Rank Tracker Can Do?
allows you to check rankings for as many different keywords and urls as you want up to a thousand search results of deep and you can do that across 500 different search engines all around the world including Google Bing Yahoo go Yandex and across mobile and desktop not only that but it also tracks Universal search results in Google like images videos news shopping places books real-time results and the ability to track local rankings Google Maps YouTube videos and competitor rankings with no limits on the number of keywords you can track I mean can you name another rank tracking tool that does all of that and the best bit of rank tracker is that you own your data because this is a desktop tool that doesn't rely on the cloud and seeing as I've been using it for like 10 years I want to share three ways that you can use rank tracker to help your SEO efforts the first thing that you need to do with rank tracker is create a new project and follow the wizard I won't bore you with the details because it's pretty straightforward and I want to get
Enable The Keyword Difficult Column.
straight into my first tip and that is to make sure that you enable the keyword difficulty column to do that just click here then scroll down to the keyword difficulty section in enable the one you want to monitor like this and then you'll see it right here in fact this little menu has lots of hidden data that you can enable such as this Google search features column so make sure you spend some time poking around in there you can also use rank
Steal Your Competitors Keywords.
tracker to steal all of your competitors best keywords which you can then import into the free spreadsheet that I built that will filter out tire kicker keywords and help you build an intelligent keyword strategy in minutes go and download it now if you haven't already and then you can come back and use the banking keywords tool in rank tracker to steal your competitors keywords in one click next I want to show you how to
Automate Your Rank Tracking.
fully automate your rank checking just do that by setting up the scheduler come to preferences scheduler and choose your options you can have it run daily weekly or monthly and you can also have it automatically update over keyword data like search volumes once you've set that up rank tracker will go and check your rankings for you when you decide automatically and I nearly forgot you can also track rankings for other pages or properties in search results such as YouTube videos or guest posts or infographics for example I like to know where my YouTube videos are ranking in Google search along with where my blog posts are ranking so to do that just go to preferences and alternative URLs and paste in any URL that you want rank tracker to track then the next time you update the rankings it will tell you if any of the URLs you enter here or ranking but for your target keywords you can add things like social profiles guest posts SlideShare documents or any Content meaning you've created that is not on your site this is one of the greatest hidden features of rank tracker and if you're interested in tracking your YouTube video rankings on the YouTube search engine and Google search engine well you can do that as well just go to preferences preferred search engines and then enable YouTube and hit OK then just press this little button here to add the YouTube ranking columns when you've done that you'll be able to see where your YouTube videos rank in Google in this column and the serpent alysus section below and you'll be able to see where they rank in YouTube search right here rank tracker is by far the most fully featured rank tracker on the market and it has you covered no matter what you want to track without any annoying limits plus it leaves you in full control of your data there's a free version available for you to download but before you run off and do that please subscribe to my youtube channel now or watch my full SEO PowerSuite review that includes 21 more awesome nuggets of information to increase your search traffic

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

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