How to Check If Your WordPress Blog Posts Are Ranking for the Right Keywords

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Do you want to check how your WordPress posts are ranking for specific keywords? Most people manually check by typing keywords into Google but that is not an accurate measure of where your articles stand for that keyword. In this video, we will show you how to check if your WordPress blog posts are ranking for the right keywords.

Check if your WordPress posts are ranking for the right keywords!
Do you want to check if your WordPress posts are ranking for the right keywords? Well keep watching, in this video I'll show you three methods you can use to check your keyword rankings for WordPress. A lot of beginners tend to go to Google and simply type in the keywords for their website to see where they're ranking but this isn't really accurate. See Google uses a personalized setting and they already know the sites that you've already gone to and the things that you already look for so checking the rankings like this might give you a skewed results. But that's okay there's certain ways that you can look at your rankings and see how you're doing for your keywords on your site and we'll cover those next. The first one we'll look at is called SEM Rush or SEMRush depending on how you want to say it and this is a great way to enter either a domain or a keyword or a specific URL to see what that site is ranking for. So you can enter the URL there and by default SEMRush will allow you to do some basic results without paying so you get a good feel for the tool and if you want to move forward with purchasing it. So right out of the gate you can see that there are some rankings on this to do the test version they may ask you to create a user account and you usually get ten free searches a day. So once you see everything initially you can check out the historical traffic over the years and this is great for all time or you can dig in drill down a little bit. You can also scroll all the way down and you see the top keywords that the site that you're looking at is ranking for. You'll also see the main competitors in the list and from here you can click on full report and it'll give you a few more as the free trial. What you want to do for your site is put in your site or put in the keywords that you're trying to rank for and see the results here. The best way to use this to your advantage is to find the keywords that your ranking say on the top page of Google but maybe not
Increase the potential of ranking higher in the search results.
in the top 3 results so your main area that you want to work on to improve those pages is maybe at position 4 through 10 and that's because the top 3 results in Google get the bulk of the clicks when somebody is searching in Google and you see there are lots of information that you can look at and drill down to get more information about these keywords. So if this were our site we would want to pick some of these that are also pertinent to our site what means they're relevant to the pages on our site. So if we want to increase the potential of going higher in the search results then there's some things that we can do to make that better. You can also export this to see the details of the keywords better and filter and sort a little bit easier in a CSV file so that you can work on that there. So that's method 1 for finding keywords for your site the next method you want to do is make sure that you have search console setup that's Google's search console setup for your website and when you do that you can start tracking your performance on your site. You can click on performance here or you can click on performance here to dig down a little bit deeper. So once I click on the performance you can see some graph and information on your site. These two are already highlighted I'm going to go ahead and click on this one and this one to bring them up on the graph as well and what this is doing is it's telling you how many times your website or pages on your website have shown up in Google results even if no one clicked on it they've at least shown up. Your site has at least shown up. The clicks are when someone actually does click on your site once they've shown up in the search results. This is the average click-through rate of all of your keywords and all of your web pages on your site for the last three months and then this is the average position for all of your keywords and all of your pages for the last three months as well. So that's a good overview. What I think is better is when you can go and drill down deeper into each of your pages so to show you what I mean I'm gonna click on pages and I want to work on this top page here so I want to see how I can make this top page better by improving different keywords here so I'm going to click on that so now this is, this page is up here in my filter section for the last three months and then I can scroll down and now that I have this as a filter I can click back on queries and this will be all of the keywords that this page particularly is getting when somebody searches in Google. So this is a very powerful way to go through all the keywords that are showing up in search results when someone types in these search keywords and how your pages are performing. What you can do here is you can also export all of the data here and then go through and like with SEMRush go through and focus on the keywords that are maybe at position 4 and higher to come up with a plan of action on how to improve that. So search console is very powerful. Now a caveat with all of these tools especially search console is it is usually it's supposed to be two days lag time, right now it's more like a three and a half day lag time so all of these positions and all of this ranking is as of three and a half days ago. So it's a little difficult to see real time rankings for that. You can see more real time rankings if you have a paid tier for SEMRush and Ahrefs which is the next tool that we'll talk about. So Ahrefs or AHrefs however you want to say it this is also a great tool and what's great is they, you have a seven day free trial for seven dollars but it gives you a lot of information very similar to SEMRush it gives you a total amount of information that you can see how your site is doing as well as
See how your site is ranking for different keywords using website rank checker tool.
keywords that you might want to see if they're worth ranking for for your site and then also for competitor research. These are great tools for that. So just like with SEMRush you can put either your site in here at the top or explorer or you can put a competitor site in here and you'll get some information back. The biggest area that you would want to look for is the organic search here. See how your site is ranking for different keywords or you can also come over here. Two very powerful links are the top pages so the top pages of your site that are ranking for the most keywords and also the organic keywords of what your site's ranking for. So the top pages shows that for this particular website there's like 132 keywords that this page ranks for as well as the position of the top keyword. You can also go to organic keywords and that's very similar to search console Google search console where you can see all the rankings. Same thing with SEMRush and search console you can export this data out so that then you can work on these keywords to improve the rankings on your site and those are three great methods to see how your site is ranking for particular keywords. Did you learn something from today's video? If so subscribe to our YouTube channel and we'll send more helpful tips to help you manage your WordPress website and thanks for watching

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