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Check out my SEO Tutorial for beginners 2020. I will go through a simple step-by-step process and strategy that you can follow for success. I currently use this strategy and it is easy to follow and implement for your own website. I will be using my SEO Tutorial 2020 tutorial part 1 to go over my plans for one of my newest websites. You can follow the strategy and hopefully increase your search engine rankings.

Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor the traffic that's going to your website!
hey everyone before I get into my actual video I want to go over the four takeaways that I really want you to learn from this video so number one is you always want to measure your results for your SEO campaign one of my favorite tools is the Google search console it's completely free and really you need to use Google Analytics and Google search console so you can monitor the traffic that's going to your website specifically from search engines now one of the main things you need to do is keyword research I like to use the Google Keyword planner so if we open up the Google Keyword planner and we're just looking at an example for my website beachfront decor calm I enter some of these main keywords here I click on get results it's gonna give me all these keywords these are the keywords I need to create content around so the more content I have on my website that's really focused on these keywords the better my website is gonna rank in Google and other search engines which is gonna help me drive more and more traffic back to my website so focus on creating a lot of content and focus on these main keywords that are going to be the most relevant for the products and services on your website now once you've done your keyword research you have a keyword list all ready to go you're ready to move on to the next couple of steps so you want to make sure you're
Planning and create your content with content calendar.
planning and creating content I recommend creating a Content calendar and creating a keyword map I'll go through both of these in this video and then you want to constantly create and improve your content so once you plan you want to create and then you want to improve so the four biggest takeaways making sure you're measuring making sure you're doing keyword research and making sure you're planning content and creating content constantly because what you want is to eventually come up with a list of blog posts so we're in the back end for beachfront decor right now I have 245 blog post published you should probably have even more and more I should have more on this website the more that I publish and the higher quality each blog post is the higher my rankings go in Google and the more clicks and impressions I drive back to my website so even if we're just looking at March you can see in March 357 clicks in a day if we come over here you can see over a thousand clicks in a day up here over 1,600 clicks in a single day so this isn't even a ton of search engine traffic but just based on the work that I put in it's really about focusing on these main search query which are gonna be linked back to your keyword research and it's also going to be driven because of the content that you're creating on your website so now let's get into the video what's up everyone welcome to the Surfside PPC youtube channel today I'm gonna be going over a search engine optimization so it's gonna be my SEO tutorial for beginners I'm gonna go through my step-by-step process and I'm gonna actually show you how I plan to increase my organic search traffic to my website wicker so if you watched my Amazon affiliate marketing tutorial and how to create Amazon affiliate marketing websites this is the actual website that I made during that tutorial so I'm gonna show you how I plan to increase traffic to that website directly from search engines and again it's really gonna go step by step so I recommend following each individual step now if you're just getting started with SEO and you're looking for more background information into everything I talked about I do have a complete video series s PPC SEO tutorial for beginners where I go over a lot of the different things you need to know when you are getting started with SEO now if you're not familiar with what SEO is or a search engine optimization essentially it's the process of optimizing your website and creating content on your website so that you can
Drive organic search traffic from search engines like Google.
drive organic search traffic from search engines like Google so for example if I go to google and I just search wicker furniture and I click on this top results here wicker Paradise comm and I open up the website they're driving organic search traffic and they're probably getting a lot of organic search traffic especially if they're ranking this high for a keyword like wicker furniture so that's the ultimate goal is to rank high for a lot of different keywords that are gonna be relevant for our website our products and our services so with that being said we're gonna get into seven different SEO best practices and essentially it's gonna be the process they're gonna go through as I go through this video okay so we'll get started with seven SEO best practices and I'll share this infographic that I'm going through right now I'll share it in the video description so you can easily find it but if we pull this up you can see first I always get started by measuring results and doing keyword research so those are the first two steps I like to use tools like Google Analytics Google search console you can use Bing Webmaster Tools there's a lot of paid tools as well for example you can use something like SEM rush as you start to grow your website now keyword research I recommend using a tool like the Google Keyword planner now again I'm gonna go through all this in the video but I just want to go over kind of an overview of what I'll be going through or you could use other free keyword research tools to find keywords for your business now if we pull this up a little bit planning and creating content and then constantly improving your content so I can't stress the two of these enough so after you do your keyword research what you want to do is actually plan the actual the content that you want to create and you can do that by creating a Content calendar and then constantly improving content so once you publish something you always want to keep it improved and you want to make sure that everything is up-to-date relevant comprehensive and informative so all that is really important for the success of your content in search engines now if we keep coming up marketing your content and optimizing your website so my main strategy usually is to build a social media audience and to build an email list now it can also be helpful if you have your own following that you can share things too with people that might follow you on Twitter or might follow your LinkedIn page or anything like that if you have an audience of people that are interested in the content you're creating then you already have a group of people that are going to be more likely to read the things that you're writing now that takes time it's gonna take time to constantly build content and to build that audience next is gonna be optimizing your website so not only do you need to focus on the engagement on each individual page on your website but you also want to focus on the overall structure of your website the architecture of the speed so it should be just very easy to use that's the best way to boil it down and your website should be easy to use so anybody could visit your website and easily find your content and not have any issues with using your website whether they're armed any device now last but not least is building natural backlinks so the best backlinks are built when someone actually just goes out of their way to link to your content you don't pay for backlinks you don't pay for guest posts anything like that if you're ever paying for a backlink or you're paying for something like a hundred or a thousand backlinks at a time that's not the natural way to build backlinks the best thing you can do is create content that other people want to link to so that's ultimately the goal with building backlinks but truthfully my main focus is always on creating content so keyword research and creating content and constantly improving content are the three steps that I focus on the most when it comes to SEO okay so let's get started with step one and step one is gonna be to measure results so you want to make sure that you know the overall impact of your SEO campaign how much traffic you're driving from search engines so you can take into account how successful your campaign has been now my method for tracking how well my search engine optimization campaign is going is by using a combination of tools I like to start with Google tag manager with Google tag manager that allows me to install Google Analytics and with Google Analytics I can also use Google search console so I like to use these three tools this is also referred to as Google webmasters because they are all completely free and allows me to see how much traffic I'm actually driving from Google the other tool that you can use that's completely free is Bing Webmaster Tools now I would recommend using all four of these tools and getting started with them if you're not sure how to get started with installing them I would recommend checking out my video how to install Google tag manager Google Analytics and Google search console on a wordpress website now I'll go over it pretty briefly here but if we come over to my website I'm using WordPress so what I've done is I've installed a wordpress plug-in it's called head footer and post injections so with this plug-in again this is completely free as well with this plug-in I'm able to install Google tag manager so if we come over here and we open up Google tag manager I'll put all of these links in the video description so you can easily find them what you want to do is start for free you can use your Google Account for tag manager analytics and search console they're all completely free to use so you can start for free or for me I'm just gonna sign in to tag manager and what you can see here is these are all the accounts that I already have so if I come over here and click on wicker then I can open up my tag manager and if we come over to tags you can see I have my Google Analytics tag installed now what I've done to install Google tag manager on my website is you come over to admin and what you want to do is under container you're gonna click on install Google tag manager copy this code paste this code as high underneath the head of the page as possible so underneath the head tag of the page so with that we can use the head footer in post injections and put this right here in the head tag page and section injection on every page so we added that piece of code there and then there's a second piece of code that you want to add after the opening body tag so you want to add that for desktop and mobile so what we're gonna do is come back over to tag manager and you can see you want to put that piece of code immediately after the opening body tag now with that what we're able to do is in tag manager we can install our tag for wicker guide comm so we go to tags we can click on this Google Analytics we have our Google Analytics tag installed so we're able to sign in to our Google Analytics account here and you can see that right here so since this is a brand new website since I haven't really published much content at all I have no audience really nobody is going to this website yet so that's hopefully what we're gonna be able to change as we start to build our content now last but not least what you want to do is install Google webmasters aka Google search console and with this we can sign in so we're gonna sign in and look at our account so you can see wicker so 11 total web search clicks only 16 valid pages indexed so far so obviously we have a lot of work to do and then last but not least what we want to do is install Bing Webmaster Tools so with Bing Webmaster Tools you can enter a site URL or since we're already verified in Google search console we're gonna import our website directly from Google search console so we're gonna click to continue to search console and what you can see here is there's three new sites linked to my Google search console account that I haven't imported into Bing Webmaster Tools yet so we're gonna import these now okay congratulations you've successfully imported three sites from my Google search console account we can click on done and now we're ready to go so we can find our websites here again I'm not getting a ton of search traffic from a lot of these web sites yet so it's not something I need to worry about too much right now you really just want to get started so you can measure results so you can actually view how many search clicks you're driving using Google search console with Google Analytics we can go into acquisition and look at overview and see where our traffic is coming from so if we go to acquisition overview you can see we're getting mostly just direct traffic which is probably just me and then right here with organic search we've had one user from organic search so I don't expect to drive a lot of organic search traffic yet again it's not gonna happen right
When you set up your website you need to create high-quality content around your top keywords.
when you set up your website you need to create high-quality content around your top keywords so the next step in this is gonna be keyword research but before I go through that one thing I want to go through is one thing I like to do is create SEO benchmarks so you can see I've done this for beachfront decor calm and you can see I'm using three sources Google Analytics Google search console and Bing Webmaster Tools I'm looking at eight total metrics the total value of my organic search traffic total conversions it's driven total traffic clicks from Google search console impressions from Google search console my click-through rate from Google search console so my total click-through rate looking at impressions and clicks in Google my total clicks from Bing Webmaster Tools and then my total index pages for Google search console so you can look at this on a monthly basis and then as we scroll down you can see a yearly benchmark so essentially what I expect for the average month over the course of a year a six-month benchmark so how well everything has gone over the last six months and then a three-month benchmark so you can see my highest right now is the six-month benchmark if I look at my past six months of data it's giving my best data in terms of clicks and overall value so using benchmarks you're able to tell if you're driving more conversions more search engine traffic and just more total value from Google Analytics and you can use these three completely free tools to track everything that's happening on your website and where your traffic is coming from I'm gonna share this entire spreadsheet so this spreadsheet will be linked in the video description it'll also be linked in the top comment and I'm gonna go through a few other things in this spreadsheet such as a competitive analysis a Content calendar a keyword map so I'm gonna go through all this now the benchmarks are for beetron-2 core comm because I don't have any benchmarks for wicker it's just essentially all zeros and then competitive analysis is actually for farmhouse goals com now if you're interested in learning more about how I put together this competitive analysis what I would recommend doing is checking out my free SEO competitive analysis and competitor keyword research tutorial again this is how I do competitive analysis and essentially I use SEM rush and you can use Moz domain Authority and then I also use the Google Keyword planner for SEO benchmarks if you're interested in putting together SEO benchmarks in how I value my overall SEO campaign I've also created a video for this as well and this is a separate video eight important SEO benchmarks to monitor monthly so some different monthly statistics that you can keep track of this was the third video I did in my SEO series so you can look at my benchmarks spreadsheet and you can also watch the video to find out how to create benchmarks how to keep track of your monthly benchmarks and then how to put together a competitive analysis that's actually gonna show you how to find top keywords that your competitors are ranking for and keyword gaps where you're not ranking but your competitor is so that's where I'd recommend getting started that's gonna be step number one step number one install Google tag manager Google Analytics Google search console and Bing Webmaster Tools so you can keep track of your overall SEO campaign so that's gonna bring us into step number two which is gonna be keyword research so for steps two and three it's really about coming up with a keyword list and then generating content ideas from that keyword list so they're really gonna go hand-in-hand with each other I prefer to use the Google Keyword planner when it comes to any my keyword research if you're interested in other ways to do keyword research and other free keyword research tools I put together an article with the 14 best FREE keyword research tools for 2020 if we scroll down you can see the list right here so these are some of the different things that you can try some of these are freemium tools so they only offer so much with their free version but really in my opinion nothing beats the Google Keyword planner so if we come over here what I recommend doing is just coming right in here to discover new keywords you can start with keywords or you can start with a website usually what I'll do is I'll start with keywords and you can enter up to 10 keywords here so I just come in here and I do the different products that are gonna be on my website so I want to make sure I understand exactly what people are typing into the Google search engine when you're looking for products related to wicker so what I can do is I can just enter the keyword wicker we can do wicker furniture I'll do wicker baskets I can do something like wicker chairs do wicker tables so basically what I want to do is pull the most popular keywords related to wicker now if you're not sure where to start one thing you can do is just go directly to Google and use Google autocomplete so what that means is you go directly to Google you type in a keyword or annecy wicker wicker furniture wicker patio furniture so there might be some here that aren't as relevant so this is an actual movie so you just need to keep that in mind people are gonna be searching for different terms that might seem like they're similar to what you're offering but obviously this is not so wicker chair so I could do wicker chair cushions and what I can do is just wicker cushions you could see wicker rocking chair wicker barstools so I'll enter all those different keywords here we'll do wicker cushions will do wicker rocking chair and we'll do wicker barstools and that should be a good start for us so generally what I do is I'll do a search like this and we'll get results okay so this is what my search looks like you can see their search volume trends right here we're seeing a pretty big spike in May 20 2008 now so hopefully by next year because you should have an understanding of search volume trends for whatever business it is you're in but if you can see here you can look at the last 12 months so if I just look at all available data we go all the way back to June 2016 and now we're up to May 2020 you can see it's been growing so wicker is growing that's always a good sign kind of stable the last couple years but you can see some big growth right here now you can see wicker is very seasonal so I'm making this video in June right now June actually looks to be the peak month for wicker so keeping that in mind I need to have an understanding that the work I do basically from June through December through February as things start to pick back up next year I should be able to have my rankings much better than they are right now so it's gonna help me really see the impact of my work by next summer so that's something to keep in mind is overall search volume I actually don't worry too much about the total search volume you can see here this is over a million if it was over 500,000 I think I'd be fine with that so there's always gonna be plenty of searches usually if you're picking any type of niche that's not really too small so something like wicker is large enough and it should be a good enough niche where if there's a million monthly searches hopefully I could just get a certain percentage of that and hopefully drive some of that traffic back to my website as we scroll down here you're gonna see all these different keywords so this actually pulled over 4600 different keywords so what I like to do is add filters but Google Keyword planner added this refine keywords so I usually start there so I usually start with brand and non brand so if we click on the drop down what I'll do is any store so I'll get rid of any stores here keep coming down so non brands all keep keep coming down other brands we'll get rid of that keep coming down so you can see view 21 more so I should be fine with all these getting rid of all those Suzi stores and brands I just want to get rid of because I'm not IKEA I'm not Target I'm not Home Depot so I just want to make sure I take those keywords out so you get seen our over 3,800 so you can look at some of these different options here there's amenity there's material there's colors there's different rooms and then they have others here I'm not gonna get rid of anything else this time but I am gonna add filters so if I click on add filter what I'd like to do is keyword text so I'll do keyword contains wicker so if it doesn't contain wicker I don't want it to be here in this list so we're gonna use text match and click on apply okay so we'll add another filter here so if we click here to add another filter you can see some of the different options you have average monthly searches competition add impression share organic impression share so there's a lot of things you can look at but I'm just gonna do average monthly searches and let's just say greater than or equal to and I'm just gonna do 500 here so any keyword that has greater than 500 searches the keyword text contains wicker I want to click on apply these are the main keywords I want to start focusing on so if we click away you can see now we're down to 147 keywords so we've really narrowed it down we can exit this refine keywords here and if we look it's gonna show keywords by relevance so these are the ones that I provided so wicker wicker furniture baskets chairs if we keep coming down there's more keywords by relevance so all I'm gonna do here is download keyword ideas so we're just gonna click download keyword ideas and CSV and that's gonna give us a CSV file so I'm gonna open this now okay and that's this is what our CSV file is gonna look like now one of the main questions I always get when I'm using the Google Keyword planner is why can I only see ranges of data under average monthly searches the reason is because you're not running an active campaign in your Google Ads account so my Google Ads account has an active campaign running right now the budget is just set at $10 per day but you can create a campaign set the budget at $1 per day pause all of your ads your campaign will never run and you'll have all the data that's in the Google Keyword planner once you start spending some money on Google ads you get all this data here otherwise they're gonna give you ranges of data so this might say something like 10 to 100 thousand average monthly searches I I really don't think you need to focus too much on average monthly searches so I really just focus on the keyword and trying to find keywords that have just a specific amount of average monthly searches and then what I do is we'll open up our spreadsheet so we have my spreadsheet here and I just take it down to two different columns so the keyword column and the average monthly searches column so everything else I just delete so we'll get rid of currency here I'm gonna get rid of all of this data over here to the right you can see this goes all the way back to 2016 so we're getting a lot of different data here average monthly searches for each individual month and then get rid of this data here as well delete and this is all I really want so you can expand this list very easily and one of the ways to do that is by going back to the keyword planner rather than entering keywords here what you would do is start with a website we're gonna go over to start with a website use the entire website and you're just gonna pick a popular website that's gonna be very similar to yours so enter a competitor website here or if you already have a lot of content on your website and you're just looking to expand you're looking to see the most relevant keywords for your website you can enter your website here as well so one of the largest websites that I know related to wicker is wicker paradise com so I could just come in here copy and paste this website and click on get results use the entire website so we're gonna click on get results and what you can see here is we still have our filters on so if you don't want those filters you're gonna have to click here and actually remove those filters but I still have keyword text contains wicker and average monthly searches are greater than or equal to 500 so what I can do is take this data here as well download the keyword ideas and then usually what I'll do is I'll download these keyword ideas for this website maybe enter a few more websites you keep coming up with spreadsheets like this and then I just keep copying them and pasting them beneath each other and then all you need to do is remove duplicates using Microsoft Excel or use the unique function in Google sheets so what you can do is come to data so if you're in Microsoft Excel you go to data you take all of this data here and then all you need to do is right over here you're gonna see data tools so there's text to columns this one right here is remove duplicates delete duplicate rows from a sheet so if I click on it it's gonna remove any duplicates with keyword or average monthly searches so we're selecting all and it's going to look at the keywords that we have and the monthly searches that we have now since I don't have any duplicates here because I just did one search it's not gonna actually remove them but if I clicked on okay it's gonna remove duplicates and let's just say we come back over here to the keyword planner so this gave me 69 keywords before it gave me 147 let's say I pull another list that gives me another 100 so I put all those lists together remove duplicates and I'm gonna have a keyword list somewhere probably between 200 and 300 keywords related to wicker that I can start with now what I've done is I've just taken this exact list here and I have it over here in my SEO spreadsheet so what I like to do is take my list so all my keywords average monthly searches again you don't have to focus too much on average most monthly searches here I could delete this column and it really wouldn't bother me too much I generally try to focus on keywords that have a higher search volume like wicker chairs baskets and furniture but really what's gonna end up happening is you're gonna optimize for some of these keywords up at the top then however the most average monthly searches but most your traffic is gonna come from keywords down here some of these longtail keywords where you're getting anywhere between and I like to use the number 500 so anywhere between five hundred two thousand four thousand average monthly searches so if I can rank high for wicker coffee table that's gonna drive me a lot of traffic because this is good search volume for a keyword so what I generally do is I start to take this data so this keyword list and I start to break it down based on some different topics so what I started with was wicker chairs and a lot of times you can just use these most popular keywords to come up with some of your topics wicker chairs wicker baskets wicker furniture and that's really where I started so you can see wicker chairs here so I have all these keywords related to wicker chairs keep coming down wicker baskets all these keywords related to wicker baskets wicker tables and then I pulled out some keywords just related to wicker furniture these don't actually include the word furniture in them but I want to make sure I don't forget about any of these keywords I have to kind of go through this again and make sure I have all the different pieces of furniture here but this is a pretty good start and then I still have to do wicker cushions so just to give you an example wicker cushions is another thing I need to do so usually what I'll do is I'll come over here I like to just search so I'll just use ctrl F you can find so I'll just search cushions click on find next and what you're going to see cushions for outdoor wicker furniture so I could take this keyword copy and paste it right in here find next wicker seat cushions so take this copy and paste it right here so I just like to try to find all these relevant keywords and put them all together so here's another one here we'll come over and we'll paste it again so that's all I do and then I create this list and I try to just combine similar keywords into relevant groups almost like I'm creating a groups for a Google Ads campaign but really it's just gonna be for search engine optimization so essentially a quick recap pull your keyword list I use Google Keyword planner you can use some of the free keyword tools that are available group those keywords together by similar keywords and I like to use a chart that looks something like this so this is what my keyword map looks like and it's this is a very basic keyword map you can also add a date here you can add more information here maybe you want to add word count anything related to your actual content for me personally
I'm just gonna put together a keyword and URL so what I want to do is map specific URLs to the keywords that I'm optimizing for.
I'm just gonna put together a keyword and URL so what I want to do is map specific URLs to the keywords that I'm optimizing for so I'll go over this a little bit more in a second but what I'd like to do is come up with these groups of keywords so we have wicker chairs here and then I come over to my content calendar now you can create a really nice-looking content calendar this right here is just looking at dates content and then for each piece of content I put some focus keywords here now there's probably gonna be end up being more focused keywords and usually what I'll do when I'm creating content so for example let's just use wicker rocking chairs as the example so if we come over and we come here I'll start with keywords and just enter wicker rocking chairs and we're not gonna use this domain we're gonna click on get results we'll get rid of these filters so we don't wanna what we can keep wicker that's okay but we'll get rid of average monthly searches but what you're gonna see here is if we're looking at wicker rocking chairs you could see wicker rocker outdoor white wicker rocking chairs swivel rocker white wicker rocker so we still have some brand keywords in here so we could refine the keywords again keep coming down but you're gonna see there's a lot of different types of keywords that we can optimize for black wicker rocking chairs so all of these different options and what we want to do is understand that these long tail keywords that are getting 170 140/90 whatever it is average monthly searches per month are going to end up driving a lot of traffic to the content that we're creating around that key word so that's part of our overall strategy when we're doing our keyword research and we're creating content so if we come back over here to our spreadsheet we have our date so six twenty to twenty twenty is a Monday so anything that's in bold is a day we're publishing content so we have the twenty second twenty second is a Monday Wednesday Friday Monday Wednesday Friday now you can plan to publish content every single day it just really depends on how much time you have to spend on the business that you're building how much time it's gonna take to create that content some pieces of content might take 10 to 15 hours to create so you might only be able to publish two or three pieces of content a week now in this case just starting here from June 22nd going down to July 31st focusing on wicker chairs you can see all of the different pieces of content that we're creating so I just did 100 plus I might end up using different titles so far I have been so I could always update these pieces of content but essentially what I'm doing is I'm creating articles that's gonna tell people about the different type of let's just use wicker rocking chairs as an example while listing all the products for sale that are on my website here are some of the focus keywords I can focus on again I would use the Google Keyword planner to expand this focus keyword list for each individual piece of content content types so I'm gonna write a blog post you can see here another example is video so for Surfside PPC a lot of times what I do is I create a video I write a blog post and then what you want to do is come up with some type of Facebook and Instagram post maybe some Pinterest pins or maybe you want to do a Twitter post really depends on the type of content you have and who your audience is where they're gonna end up being so you can see I have content types so for example for this I could do a blog post a post that I can use for Facebook and Instagram and then create Pinterest pins about wicker rocking chairs so use all that to promote my content and then places to share it on my Facebook page on my Pinterest page on my Instagram page and to my email list so these are all different ways to amplify your content so looking at steps number two and three it's going to be keyword research and what you want to do with your keyword research is create a keyword content map also just refer to as a keyword map where you're mapping keywords to individual URLs and then what you want to do is create a Content calendar so you can keep track of the content that you're creating so basically if I start now if I start on June 22nd I start creating these articles by the end of July I'll have all of my content ready for wicker chairs so that's gonna help me rank for all these different focused keywords here now what I do is I'll take my topics that I put together in the keyword map so you did see wicker chairs I have all of my different keywords here under that topic and I'll put that underneath my content calendar as well so I know what keywords to optimize for once I'm done with wicker chairs I can move onto baskets I can move onto tables I can move onto wicker furniture can make sure I'm creating content around all these different keywords that people are typing into Google so I can be the resource they need when they're looking up wicker furniture so hopefully that all makes sense and that's gonna be number two and three is gonna be to do keyword research and to plan and start to create content okay so that's gonna bring us to number four and number four is going to be to constantly create content and constantly keep that content up-to-date keep improving it keep it as relevant as possible so once I create this page wicker slash wicker rocking chairs and I put together all of my content so essentially I'm gonna be doing is listing some of these different products for sale and then as we come down it's going to be some different things why you need wicker rocking chairs some benefits how to choose wicker rocking chairs different styles different colors that people can choose from so just a lot of information for people I'm gonna eventually put some more images here of some different rocking chair inspiration some different ways that people use them in their own backyard or indoors and I'm also gonna list some of those different types of wicker rocking chairs for sails so people can easily find what they're looking for so some people might be looking for a brown liquor rocking chair with a red cushion other people might be looking for a white wicker rocking chair other people might be looking for black wicker rocking chairs so all these different things I want to make sure that I'm serving them the best possible resource with my contents that's why you will need to constantly improve it so I'm creating this video on June 16th you can see I posted this on May 23rd so what you can do is you start creating content like this come back to edit your posts so you can see pretty simple the way my post looks it's just a ton of content I use different headers to kind of go over some of the different benefits and different information that people need and you can do is as you update and improve your article you're gonna see this published on date as May 23rd you can just come in here and edit it and just change it to June 16th every time you keep an article up-to-date so so far in this website all I have is best wicker rocking chairs for sale and then I have wicker lounge chairs and wicker chaise lounges so this is the same style of blog post I have some different products for sale I'm gonna have a lot more products in the future but for right now I'm just doing this to kind of show an example of how I create content and then again why you should buy wicker lounge chairs some of the benefits the advantages so when it comes to creating content one of the main things I like to do is just seeing what ranks already in Google so for these types of keywords it's generally ecommerce websites that have these products for sale so things like Home Depot things like Wayfair Amazon eBay overstock so all these different websites some other furniture websites as well so that's really who I'm competing with so in order to compete with them what I need to do is put together these long guides with a lot of different images a lot of information and making sure that I'm touching on all of these different longtail keywords so as we go through all these keywords and as I pull more and more keywords just like I did for example with wicker rocking chairs hitting all these different longtail keywords with my content and trying to answer every question that people might have or serve them the resource that they're looking for so when it comes to number four it's really about putting together as many of these blog posts as possible around your top keywords so that you can start to rank in Google and the more pages you have the higher you're gonna rank so if I'm trying to rank for the keyword wicker chairs for example then what I need to do is put together a piece of content for all these different categories of wicker chairs white wicker chairs wicker egg chairs wicker lounge chairs so I've already put together a couple of articles so what you want to do is start filling out your key word map as you put create your articles so if we use our wicker rocking chair example we come over here and let's just say we open up our wicker rocking chairs page copy the URL come back to Microsoft Excel so we'll get rid of this one and you can see right here we're gonna enter our URL so it's really that simple that's all you need to do so then you know that you have this keyword done you don't need to create a new piece of content if want to update the existing piece of content then that's what you want to do and I'll usually do it over here as well so if we look up wicker rocking chairs you can see there's one right here so we'll copy and paste it and then we can do our ctrl F again and just do rocking chair fine next and you can see outdoor wicker rocking chairs so we'll put that right here find next okay so we have another one find next and I'll do that for every single one on this list so keep going to find next so you can see this down here so this is part of wicker furniture again I'll put it there as well so keep coming down so we have this again keep coming down so any type of keyword that's that's all of them in the list so you can keep pulling more for wicker rocking chairs and if you really want to take it a step further you can create another table over here to the side and just do something like wicker rocking chairs and make sure that you have all those long tail variations underneath that and make sure that you have served people with content about all those different types of keywords everything that people are looking for so comprehensive content is one of the most important things when it comes to SEO okay so that's gonna be number four is just to constantly create content around your keyword research so use your keyword research to come up with content ideas and then execute that content so you can see here I've created this one wicker rocking chairs we can put this all in bold we've done wicker lounge chairs so that's down here at the bottom so we can put this all in bold so then you know what you've completed now usually you want to do this in order I just ended up putting this in a different order on my content calendar but that's gonna be number four and now I need to make sure that I'm putting together content for all these different keywords here and if you want some idea of how long everything I put together is this one right here for rocking chairs that I've gone over in my example 654 words so it's a total of 654 words there's gonna end up being over a hundred products listed once I add all of them to my website so I'm still adding Amazon products to my website but once I'm done doing that I can make sure they're all listed here so the way this is is as I add on to my website they're automatically gonna be shown in my article as I remove them from my website they'll be removed my article as well so that's why I like using this right here it's a WooCommerce shortcode the shortcode allows me to dynamically add products to my articles so you can see I have wicker rocking chairs I have with their lounge chairs so hopefully we can start to rank a little bit for some of these keywords but I know I need to create a lot more content before Google really sees my website as anything authoritative okay so next to me number five and number five I'm gonna go through a little bit quicker but you can see here for my brand beachfront decor I really believe in promoting your content as much as possible on the most relevant social media channels that you can so for looking at Instagram as an example here you can see with Instagram we have a following of eleven point six thousand followers with Pinterest these are two of the main social media channels I focused on with Pinterest we come over to community two point three million monthly viewers and sixteen point two thousand followers so it helps me create pins and also create Instagram posts and we're also active on Facebook we have an email list so all these different things help you promote your content so that's why I'd like to do it as part of my content calendar you could do it as part of your keyword map but if you look at your content calendar you can see where you want to share this content to the different types of content you want to create so you can make sure that people are understanding that they can go to your website to find whatever it is you're writing about any of the videos that you're creating so all that is really important to share your content and what it's gonna do is help you build an audience an audience help share your content as well and over time that audience will also link to your content from their own websites especially if you're creating really high quality content and those backlinks are gonna help you increase your rankings in Google as well so I just think it's important to build an audience in general because it's gonna drive additional traffic back to your website beyond organic search and every time you're getting a social share every time you share things out to social media in general it's not necessarily gonna count as a backlink but doing those things with Facebook with Instagram with Pinterest with Twitter and the types of social media networks that you choose should really depend on the customers you're trying to reach for Surfside PPC I focus a lot on LinkedIn I focus on Facebook I focus on Twitter a little bit I really focus just on YouTube mainly but when it comes to things like beachfront decor or wicker it's gonna be more Facebook Instagram and Pinterest so you have to go where people are going to be the most likely to be interested in your content so number five is really just to promote your content come up with an idea of how you plan to create content and then promote it after you create it and I'll a lot of times that just comes down to social media channels and creating blog posts or creating videos or creating social media posts any of these that are going to be so valuable that people just feel the need to share them that's really your goal when you're trying to promote your content now I'm not talking about paid promotion at all I'm really just talking about organic promotion to the audience that you've built so one of the things you should keep track of is your total following for Facebook Pinterest Instagram email anybody that's following you your total following that you can always send a piece of content out to because they're gonna end up clicking and driving more traffic to your website so if you have let's say a hundred thousand people that are following you across all your social media channels then you have a group of a hundred thousand that you can send everything out to at once now building that audience is gonna take time just like building content is gonna take time just like building your SEO rankings is gonna take time but that's why you want to do your research with your keywords create your content the more content you have the better your social media channels will be okay so next is gonna be number six and number six is really just about website optimization so one of the most important things you could start with is your website speed so you can use a tool like GT metrics com and if you see here on GT metrics I'm getting pretty bad performance scores for wicker so it's clearly something I need to work on my PageSpeed score is a D my yslow score is an e so 60% and 52% but they give me a bunch of recommendations so basically if I enable compression leverage browser caching and minified javascript I should have no problem increasing my PageSpeed score so you want everything to basically be a B or above or really an A or above you can also look at your yslow score and you can see I have a bunch of fails here so expires headers if you were HTTP requests content delivery network so some of these things I just haven't set up yet on my website so that's why I'd recommend starting is just with your overall website speed you want to make sure everything is loading fast so people can easily use your website the next thing you really want to focus on is your overall website architecture so if we look at my shop here you can see I have wicker furniture wicker chairs so you want to make sure that you always have a menu that allows people to get to any of the pages they want to get to very easily you want to make sure you have a search bar which I don't have right here at the top corner so that's something I'm going to need to add as a search or up here so people can easily search your website another thing pretty simple just make sure you implement HTTPS for your website so you want to get a valid certificate if you're using Bluehost like I am so I'm using Bluehost and you install WordPress they have a completely free SSL certificate you just have to install it on your domain and it'll be active forever so you can see I have a valid certificate here my connection is secure so just something to keep in mind as you're trying to improve your overall website and your technical SEO now another main thing to focus on is just the overall organization of your website if I click on my shop page here and I'm gonna do this with my blog I'm gonna do it when I start creating more and more content you can see people come to my shop page and there's a subcategory of wicker furniture there's also a product listing for sale but if I click on the subcategory you can see wicker chairs if I click on wicker chairs you're gonna see wicker rocking chairs and wicker lounge chairs so people can easily find what they're looking for by going through some of these different categories same with the content that you're creating so if we come back over here as I create content around wicker chairs I want to make sure that my articles are linked together I need to have a huge huge article about wicker chairs that links to outdoor wicker chairs wicker rocking chairs hanging wicker chairs white wicker chairs wicker egg chairs of all these different subcategories so it's called a topic cluster so what it is is you have a topic and then you have all of these different subtopics so like rocking chairs hanging chairs outdoor chairs of all of these different subtopics and you want to link all of these pages back to your main topic page and then you can use your main topic page to also link to these different pages as well so it's just gonna help with the overall architecture of your website internal linking is a best practice when it comes to SEO because if I'm talking about wicker chairs there's so many different types so I want to make sure I'm linking out to my comprehensive guides on chaise lounge chairs on black wicker chairs so all of these different options there you want to make sure you're linking out to all these different two pages on your website so as you can tell the more pages that I create around these keywords the higher I'm going to ultimately rank for this a main topic he word here which is where I have the most
That's really my main focus when it comes to SEO.
average monthly searches that's really my main focus when it comes to SEO now coming back to optimizing my website so if we come back over to let's just come into the back end as you're creating articles you want to make sure you're focused on your on-page SEO so that's why you want to use headers you want to make sure as you come down here so I like to use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and with that I can set a focus key phrase I can set my title I can make sure I set a meta description which I haven't done yet and you can look at your SEO analysis so you're gonna see here recommends an outbound link recommends a key phrase in the introduction my key phrase density is too high has found 16 times that's more than the recommended maximum of 13 times meta description length so I have no Meta Description image alt attributes out of the seven images on this page only one has an alt attribute that reflects the topic of your text so how many I need to make sure I improve those five things and then all these good results are just things that I want to make sure I have there so internal links again I highly recommend setting up internal links to the different pages on your website key phrase length previously used key phrase text link so all that you really want to focus on making sure that your content is as optimized as possible and your website is as optimized as possible as well so your website should be very easy to use and last but not least what I highly recommend doing is if you're using Google search console which you should be using if you're trying to drive SEO traffic is look at your coverage so make sure you have valid pages here you can inspect individual URLs so I can just come in here and expect inspect my home page just do wicker and look at my home page and you can see here URL is on Google coverage is submitted an index mobile usability page is mobile-friendly and I have a site link search box one valid item now what I'd like to do is come down here to enhancements and you can look at things like core web vitals so right now it's saying not enough data for mobile or desktop if you look at mobile usability you want to make sure your pages are mobile-friendly right now I just have one valid so you want to make sure that all of your pages are mobile-friendly you can also just go to the overview and scroll down you're gonna see all these enhancements here and you'll get more and more enhancements as you continue to build out your website again this is an SEO tutorial for beginners I don't want to get too technical my main focus when I'm getting started with a new website is really on content it's on keywords and content and then with this you want to make sure that the technical aspects of your website are all setup properly you want to make sure your website is has a good architecture a good speed and it's easy to use by everybody and when Google is visiting your website they should be able to seamlessly visit different pages without having a page buried on your website somewhere that's not accessible from anywhere in the menu anywhere from the home page so you want to make sure everything is very easily accessed so that's gonna be number six is you really want to focus on optimizing your website making sure that not only that your blog posts are easy to read and set up well for people who are visiting the website making sure you're linking to some of your different pages down here on the right hand side you have a complete menu set up so I don't have all these things yet these are things I still need to work on and then at the bottom you can use your footer to link out to different pages as well so you can link to different categories here I have some archives I'll probably change my footer overall but you can do all this to make sure that people can easily use your website even at the bottom of a post you might have something like related posts so you have eight six or eight related posts here so people can easily find different things on your website there's different WordPress plugins that will add related links in your articles so someone comes here to wicker lounge chairs maybe they see a link that says shop our complete listing of wicker chairs so it's just something related that is gonna help people visit your website and use it more effectively and more efficiently so that's gonna be number six okay and last but not least is gonna be number seven so number seven is build natural backlinks so I think one of the issues and one of the main problems that I see with SEO is people try to build backlinks before they actually build high-quality content the best possible backlink is someone who finds your content and links to it directly from their website especially if they have a high quality website so with surf side PPC sometimes when I'm doing research if I find a high quality piece of content that's gonna be helpful for people who are visiting my website that's gonna enhance my own content I'll link to another website now in Google's eyes that is the best way that you can build a backlink it's better than any guest blog post it's better than any type of appearance that you do with anybody else's blog better than any of the networking channels you've created is when someone finds a piece of content of yours and they link back to it from their website that's really your main goal so I believe that everything else you do up to the point so optimizing your website marketing your content making sure you're focused on planning and creating content and constantly improving it and again making sure that you're doing keyword research all of that and your consistency is gonna lead to more backlinks now one of the main factors when it comes to search engine optimization is called eat its EA T expertise authoritative nough sand trust so you're gonna have to build that up over time just like you're gonna have to build your backlinks up over time just like you're gonna have to build your content and market your content over time so what you're doing right now is you're really just gonna be focused on
Planning and creating your content around your keyword research that's the main thing that I would focus on!
planning and creating your content around your keyword research that's the main thing that I would focus on more than anything else now measuring results is important making sure you're constantly improving your content is important but if you're not consistently creating new content around your keywords if let's just say for example we come over to my content calendar and you can see here I've already put together a couple different articles wicker lounge chairs wicker rocking chairs let's just say I create all this content and I do it all by the 15th of July so then what I can do is start getting start creating content around wicker baskets by the middle of July if I do all that the faster that I create high quality content the faster and higher then I'm gonna rank in Google for more and more keywords especially if I'm creating really long articles that's focusing on multiple keywords for each article so taking all those relevant keywords for an article so outdoor wicker chairs which are patio chairs any other relevant keyword there and making sure I'm focusing on them that's gonna help me rank the highest the fastest there's any takeaway that you can have here so you really want your website to be easy to use you want to make sure you're creating professional high quality content that people can easily access but really what you want to be doing more than ever is planning and creating your content and staying consistent over time the websites that are driving the most search engine traffic have been around for 5 10 15 years so if you have a little bit of your delay you're behind you're gonna be behind your competitors because they have years and years of experience and a head start on you but what you need to do is just be consistent and you're going to end up improving your rankings over time and then as you improve what you can do is set your benchmarks to a competitive analysis and try to find areas of improvement for your own website and that's the main goal of SEO in my opinion now there's a lot of technical aspects of SEO that I did not get to in this video the reason being because there's different technical aspects of SEO that different companies should focus on so if you're a recipe company you should focus on creating rich recipe results if you're an e-commerce website you need to be focused on creating good product rich results so your structured data your schema markup all of those different things are gonna vary depending on the type of website you're creating so if I can teach you anything from all this its focus on content focus on keywords so if you have any questions about this please leave them in the comments section I'm gonna end up going back and I'm gonna be working on this website wicker guide com and I'm gonna try to put this information and try to apply it for my own website and then show you the growth over time so if we come back over here to the Google search console and you look for my website beachfront decor calm you can see over the last three months I've been able to really increase clicks and over a three month period just based on Google search console data data I'm actually driving more organic search traffic than this number but I've driven nine almost ninety five thousand total web search clicks according to Google search console now there's more in Google Analytics because I get traffic from other search engines and I actually get more traffic from Google than this is showing but it's really good for me I'm driving over a thousand clicks per day on average now and that helps me drive a lot more revenue for my business and all that is just focusing on the things that I've taught you in this video so again if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section thanks for watching my video today and make sure you subscribe to the Surfside PPC youtube channel

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