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We're happy to announce the release of our new backlink checker tool!

Unlike many other backlink checkers, it shows you tons of data without asking for your credit card details ūüĎĆ.

How to use this backlink checker? ūüßź

You can view up to 10,000 backlinks per domain, see the historical data charts, check out dofollow/nofollow ratio, view anchor texts, page titles, InLink Rank (our in-house alternative of PageRank), and more.

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Hi everyone!  Today i want to share some  really big news with you.  Our team at SEO PowerSuite has just released  the web version of our backlink tool and the best thing about it is  that it's free for everyone! Meet SEO Spyglass backlink checker your new go-to backlink analysis tool to save you hours of work and hundreds of bucks. Let's go to the tool page (you can find the  link in the description below the video) and see what's inside. The ui is pretty intuitive just enter any site's url, choose the analysis  method, and hit the check backlinks button. In a few seconds, the tool will  start collecting the data for you. In the guest mode, you'll only  see the first 10 backlinks and the general backlink profile stats. This limitation is aimed at protecting  the service from scraper bots. The 100% free signup will unlock  all the widgets and charts for you. I will quickly sign up with my facebook  account (no confirmation required)   and we'll see what happens next.   Ta-da! All the backlink stats  have unlocked for me now. Here I can check the InLink rank of the  page and the domain I've just analyzed. Just in case you're not familiar with this metric, InLink rank is the PageRank alternative  used across SEO PowerSuite tools. Then I can take a look at the  number of unique IPs and C-blocks and evaluate the  nofollow/dofollow backlinks ratio. Let's scroll down a bit and here we  can find a few interactive graphs. The historical data graph lets you see the  changes in the backlink profile growth over time and the new/lost backlink data graph   shows you the number of backlinks that the website  gained or lost during the selected period of time. Right below the graphs, you'll see  the table with backlink details. Let me highlight a few specific features  that are available for you here. You can click on the InLink rank columns  if you want to sort the data by this metric and view the most authoritative backlinks first. You can also sort the backlinks  by dofollow and nofollow. And finally you can sort the  backlinks by the first found date.
This is the date when our crawler has first  found this backlink and added it to its index. As i've mentioned before, you can view up  to 10 000 backlinks in this online tool and if you want to export all the backlinks found, you can download the desktop  version of SEO SpyGlass and export the data using the free trial version. As always, we'll be happy to hear  your feedback about our new tool So just leave a comment below this video or send us an email to Happy link researching!

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. ūüĎć