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We all want our businesses to rank high in Google organic search results. But the only path to higher ranking is, search engine optimisation a.k.a SEO.

If you've tried to do some search engine optimisation in the past, you've probably realised it can be time consuming, labour intensive, complicated and you've probably given up already.

But what if i showed you how to rank high in Google by spending only 5 minutes of your day doing simple SEO and get some awesome results for 2020?

This is exactly what you will find out in this video.

Learn how to get higher rankings for your business using SEO.
today I'm going to show you how to get higher rankings for your business in Google local search results even if you only have just five minutes a day and the video start right now hi there my name is Luke Duran the founder of ranking Academy Kudo UK where I talk about the best tools tips and ways to help you promote your local business online step by step and click by click if you're new here and want to increase your online visibility why don't you consider joining this growing community it's free just subscribe and click on the bell button so you won't miss any of my future video in this video I'm going to go through easy elements you can optimize on your website then we'll look at the quick improvements you can make on your Google my business listing and finally we'll wrap everything up with a few things you can check in your analytics or under five minutes a day if you're ready let's jump right in starting with website improvement set up a profile in ubersuggest I've mentioned ubersuggest many times in the past I think it's a great tool if you have absolutely zero budget it will help you enormous Lee in your SEO efforts and just to be clear I do not get any Commission to mention this tool at all Neil Patel who is the owner of it doesn't even know I exist enough said let's spend our first five minutes wisely add your website address to the entered domain field on the main screen select your country and click search create an account with a gmail address if you don't have a gmail address just create one and allow access to search console if you have a profile set up if you don't simply click on allow our project enter your domain name again name your project click Next and specify your location then click Next again you can add keywords to your project if you want to then click Next and click on go to dashboard then click on site audit this will launch an automated audit of your site which should take about 3 minutes to complete that's it for your 5 minutes next thing we're going to look at your web page titles page titles also known as meta titles are very important for search engine optimization they help rank a page in search engines based on the keywords they contain but also encourage users to click through to your website if they are well crafted here is an example of bakery's website located in the city of Oxygen's England with very poor titles the title of their home page alone is home coffee something like oxygens best coffee shop and sandwich bar would work a lot better there are many things that can go wrong with page titles such as being too long too short or duplicated just go to your uber suggest dashboard click on site audit then click on health check scan the list of issues and look for issues which include the mention title in my example there seem to be three separate issues if you are not sure what they are and how to fix them just click on the link what is this and how do I fix it and to see the page is concerned just click on the page link in this example I have two pages with titles being too short which is a real
What can I do to better rank my website online?
missed opportunity fix one page a day shouldn't take you more than five minutes the next thing we're going to look at is meta description meta descriptions are the small summary displayed in search results right below the title of the page a well-written description can make a significant difference in users clicking through to your site or not typical issues with meta descriptions are duplication identified the duplicated description from ubersuggest and update one description for each page every day five minutes should be more than enough moving on to page headers every single page on your website should be structured and include headers and sub headers just like this one headers come in the form of an HTML tag starting from the most important one labeled as h1 and going down as low as h6 each of your content page should have at least an h1 or a header which ideally will include your targeted keywords pages with missing h1 will be listed as part of the audit report bring up the list and fix one every day let's now have a look at improving your existing content for Google to understand what a page is about it needs to have enough written content on it failing to do so will result in what is known as thin content pages and poor rankings here is an example for promised web page for boiler repair has very little content on it compared to this one you can quickly realize why Google would favor the second one over the first add relevant copy to pages that have a low word count from the audit dashboard select the report that indicates pages that have a low word count start working your way through each page add a paragraph add a four pages that are missing content the most let's now talk about your images and more specifically all tags an alt tag is a piece of code added to an image that provides a text description about the image to search engines adding alt tags to images can positively impact your SEO all tags are easily implemented every content management system gives you the option to add one when you add an image to your page to check if all your images of an alt tag just go to digital sales comm slash alt tag checker and to the page you want to check you should see a table highlighting where the images are the existing or text and the missing one ad copy to the missing ones through your content management system one page a day shouldn't take you longer than five minutes let's now talk about links and more specifically internal links links are what help connect pages they give Google an understanding of the structure of a website and the importance of page can have over another adding internal links with the right anchor text will give your pages an additional SEO boost go to google and type the command displayed on your screen making sure you replace the keywords suggested in this example use box with one of the keywords you are targeting and add the address of your website this should bring up the pages of your website in the search results where this keyword is mentioned turn those keywords into a link and point to the relevant page this will make that page more relevant to Google and may result in higher rankings all of which can be done in just five minutes let's now talk a little bit more about content adding content to your site is extremely important the more content you have the more chances you will have to be found in search engines but what should you write about go to you be suggests again but this time enter one of your competitor's web address in the main field from the left menu click on the top pages option which should show your competitors most popular pages create a list of the pages that drive a lot of traffic to them which you don't have on your site check a new competitor a day until you end up with a large list of potential content pages you can create on your own site alternatively watch my video 21 content ideas to boost your SEO traffic this exercise shouldn't take you any longer than 5 minutes to complete time to put your writer's cap on once you've come up with a solid list select one page and start writing content for it spend your first five minutes structuring your document including main title and subtitles the following day spend 5 minutes writing an introduction and the following day 5 minutes for your first paragraph after a couple of weeks you should have a brand new page ready to be published you will be surprised at the number of quality pages you will be adding to your site at the end of the year and the increase in traffic now we've covered website improvements let's move on to your Google my business listing let's start with frequently asked questions frequently asked questions are extremely under used by most businesses but very useful write down questions your customers always ask you and answer them then add them to your GMB profile and don't forget to answer them using your Google my business account if you don't know what to write go to answer the public comm and search for a keyword relevant to your business you will find tons of suggestions in there add one question today and your Google my business profile ask for Google reviews send your recent customers an email and ask them to give you a Google review to make it even faster I have put a link to a review email template in the description below feel free to download it and use it for your own business add a dedicated Google my business review link in the copy to make the process simple for your customers to complete and you're all done if you don't have a dedicated link watch my video on how to create a short name where I show you how to create one spend 5 minutes a day sending emails to your most recent customers to ask them for a review add photos or video one new photo or video a day to your Google my business profile with mobile phones it's never been easier to take pictures or shoot videos take a picture of your business a member of your team a product that you sell and load it on your listing it should take you even less than five minutes one picture a day is 365 new images a year which will make a significant difference to how people see your business add relevant categories to your listing did you know you can add secondary categories to your listing find out which additional category could be relevant to your business go to plepper calm in the menu go to tools and Google my business categories full list scroll down then choose your language and country and take the short results in table option then click on fetch Google my business categories enter your main category in the search field once you've done that simply click on related categories scroll through the list and pick the most relevant related categories which you can add to your Google my business listing don't go crazy with subcategories don't add any if you are not offering a service that matches the next thing we're going to look at is
Why you should know about Google My Business.
Google my business posts Google my business posts give you a double advantage they increase your business prominence in search engines especially on mobile phones and they are used to automatically answer fa Q's users may ask directly in your listing they are very easy and quick to create they disappear after seven days which gives you plenty of time to create one every week five minutes a day will be more than enough if you do everything I've just talked about so far after a little while you should see a significant difference in your overall visibility so it's important to check your progress regularly because if you can't measure your progress you can't improve your visibility luckily enough with analytics you can measure everything even if you only have five minutes a day and the best part is it's all free so let's dive in what you should be looking at Google Analytics if you are serious about your business then you should have a Google Analytics profile set up for your site or an alternative here is what I suggest if you only have five minutes from the left menu go to acquisition all traffic then channel select a time period that's around three to six months to see if any significant progress has been made scroll down and select the organic search option then click on plot row this will isolate organic traffic versus overall traffic and hopefully show a steady increase if you've created more content on the left-hand side menu click on behavior site content all pages select secondary dimension and search for source then select source medium click on advanced select include and from the drop-down choose source medium in the next drop-down select exactly matching then in the field search for organic and then apply this will show you the traffic to all your content pages coming directly from Google there's tons of other things you could do here but with only five minutes this is what I would look at if you're interested in an in-depth course check out my Google Analytics ultimate beginner's guide video let's now talk about Google my business insights the other thing you should keep a close eye on is your Google my business insights with time restrictions I would recommend you look at two of the graphs the first one is where customers view your business on Google which is split between search and maps please note this is the number of time your business showed up in search results and not the number of times it was clicked on optimizing your Google my business profile shoot results in more views and therefore more traffic to understand the true benefit of your work scroll down to the customer actions graph which is where you will see how your efforts have paid off and finally keyword tracking if you've created an account in English suggests as suggested at the beginning of this video and added your keywords in there you should be able to track your keyword ranking progress over time five minutes every couple of weeks should be more than enough to tell you if there are any changes just go to uber suggest click on dashboard and tracked keywords click on the position tracking graph to check the evolution over time which will tell you if whatever you're doing is working if you have any questions or comments about this five minutes a day video leave them down below and I will help if I can you are serious about improving your online presence consider doing a full time audit of your site you can check out my local SEO audit video that will teach you just how to do that don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you don't want to miss any tips until next time happy marketing

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