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A must have youtube video rank checker software that is completely FREE and tracks changes in youtube video keyword rank by the hour!

Serpbook is a FREE trial-based software that allows you to check the rank of your youtube videos along with your website's rank in google, bing, yahoo, and even in the local map pack.

You can even use this youtube video rank checker tool to find out where your video is ranked in Google for certain kw phrases if you are trying to pull traffic from Google as well.

Serpbook continually updates all its ranks every 2 hours and is not always completely accurate.

Because of this, serpbook is only a tool to estimate the effects on your youtube video rankings. However, there aren't many free search engine rank trackers out there that provide all the options serpbook does for free.

This tool is a must have if you are testing different forms of Youtube SEO as it will allow you to get a moment-to-moment glimpse into the effects of your efforts.

I've used this tool to check youtube video position changes after gaining backlinks as well as for testing the description copy for videos.

You can now easily track your keywords in the search engines for your sites using this kw rank tracker. You just add in your video link, target keywords, specified search engine, and you're ready to start tracking your youtube video position!

Check you YouTube video ranking using this tool.
hi guys this is gonna be a quick video showing you how to check the rank of your YouTube videos using this YouTube rank checker tool so first off let's just put in a random keyword here how to do a back flip alright so just for an example we'll take one of these here backflip tutorial so this should be number one spot now this rank checker tool is called certain books you can get a free trial for a year and all you do is make a free account and then you create a category here and this can be used for YouTube videos or just your website itself so let's see here as you can see I already have some videos showing here and I'll show you the ranks of each one of those the great thing about this tool is I'll tell you if it's going up or down and ranks in the past day or a week as well as the search volume although I think
Just type in keywords and check the rankings.
the search volume is only for google analytics so I don't think that's YouTube's search so let's just go right ahead and add this and I can show you how it's done all you do is you can do either Google Local Maps or YouTube so this has a lot of functions to it it's great all you got to do is put in that last part of the code alright hey guys my name is Ethan Polson and today I'm going to teach and then put in multiple keywords or just whatever keyword you're trying to rank for and then just add it's as simple as that it'll take a second just to gather the information and let's see where did that go it should be number one right here so yeah this tool is free up to certain amount of keywords you can get 25 total I suggest you guys check it out I put the link in the description below and yeah this is just a good tool to keep track of everything see if you're progressing using any of your YouTube SEO and yeah that's it guys if you want to see more tools for Marketing subscribe to my channel if you like this video and it was helpful give me a thumbs up and if you have any comments or questions post those in the comments below thank you guys for watching and I'll see you in the next video

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍