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Top keyword rankings are key to maximize sales and profits on Amazon.
top keyword rankings are key to maximize sales and profits on Amazon in order to appear organically in the search results a product has to fit in a statistical profile and backs certain attributes like readings reviews crisis etc as for the market standards and this is the sort of analysis that a software data heart makes it easier to access for our customers we notably compute competition scores related to keywords by looking for instance at how many reviews and ratings you will need to rank on page one organically the rock's keyword tracker tool allows you to monitor daily changes in the organic search performance of any product with a routes keyword charka you have access to the historical organic Amazon keyword rankings data the platform allows you to visualize rankings and beautiful charts and grids and thus benchmark your performance against your competitors to quickly get started create projects and add desired products and keywords to it data Hawk will automatically analyze the track essence and track how they rank for each keyword you have added to the respective project thus there is no need for you to assign keywords to Easons clicking on a product from the track product list will take you to the product detail page where you have all the important KPIs and tools click on the keyword rank tracker tab once you're inside a product the chart shows the keyword ranking distribution of the number of keywords you are tracking for which the selected product is ranking for a specific position and you also have the ability to analyze the rankings for a desired range of time you can simply select it from the menu on the top right corner here you also have a chart for the keyword ranking distribution for the last 14 days to have a quick analysis of how your keyword has been performing for instance we have tried Zionists memory foam mattress for 30 days it has found that there are four keywords for which the product is ranking in the top three similarly there are six keywords for which the product is ranking for fourth position to 10th position terrahawks
Keyword rank tracker also allows you to monitor rankings across the first ten search page results.
keyword rank tracker also allows you to monitor rankings across the first ten search page results in all departments you can see the detailed breakdown of the page ranks and the since for each keyword you're tracking and for which the product is indexing the color system helps you quickly analyze the ranks the cleaner the better for instance for the product sinus mattress it was observed that the product has been ranking between position 1 and 5 on page 1 for the keyword gel foam mattress for the selected range of time it is however very interesting that is actually the variation of this product that is ranking yes Darrell gives you the details even a variation of a track products is ranking you can differentiate it very easily by looking at the grid the boxes with a plain background represent the track Aysen is ranking whereas the boxes with a striped background represent that a variation of the tri casein is ranking on the given position you also have the estimated monthly search volume tied to each keyword giving an idea of competition level on that keyword as reflected by the number of products it makes on the
Ideally you want to optimize for keywords that have high consumer demand relative to the number of products available for the purchase of it.
search results on Amazon for it ideally you want to optimize for keywords that have high consumer demand relative to the number of products available for the purchase of it the keyword rank tracker also helps you compare organic ranking before starting a campaign or during a campaign here for instance it is very interesting to see that the overall position of the product suddenly rise on 12th of may for the keyword organic mattress which is a result of a probable bidding here's another example the competition of keyword memory foam mattress screen is extremely high and this product has been in a constant race to rank better on this they stayed here with an overall rank of 51 on page 2 after spending more on this keyword the rank had an upswing to write 10 on page 1 you can see clearly how ranks are changing due to the advertising efforts and there is a significant impact on the rankings the star here symbolizes that the product has been seen just to be sponsored on these dates here our keyword rank tracker also enables you to
View the evolution of rankings in a graphical format!
view the evolution of rankings in a graphical format for you to easily compare and base insights on you are thus able to quickly determine how the rankings are changing with your changing that strategy getting insights from your campaigns and thus targeting valuable opportunities could be a key to success for a product in long term Letta hawk also enables you to predict the impact of your sales velocity on organic performance here's how you can do it we have charged Zionists 'when mattress from the mattress category for last 30 days the keyword rank tracker will help you compare organic ranking before and after making sales all you need to do is do a simple regression analysis on how the ranks are changing with the increase or decrease sales in this example you can see that the product was ranking in position 13 on page 1 for the keyword twin mattress on 22nd april you can see that the rank change from 13 to 8 to 6 to 7 and is at 3 on 19th of May thus clearly explains a change in the sales made on April 22nd there was a problem increase in sales that led to a raise in the ranking of the product you can simply put this change in two numbers by knowing the number of units needed to sell for moving around forward or backward for example let's see if after selling 150 units in a day the rhein takes a swing from 11 to 6 you can tell that the to move a position ahead in the number of units to be sold for a product is 30 you can get a clearer idea of these numbers by connecting your seller central account here a data Hawk we have developed highly intuitive dashboards that will allow you to quickly analyze the SEO dashboard provides an overview of metrics related to organic search performance here you can see the analysis of distribution of the best keyword ranking reached by adjacent for any keyword being monitored it shows the total best keyword ranking signals and their breakdown by range of rank a product can have only one best keyword ranking the higher your best keyword ranking numbers the better especially on the top positions that are close to one for instance assuming you're monitoring two distinct products in 10 keywords you may get a maximum of 2 best keyword rankings as the analysis will focus on a single keyword per Aysen for which you have the best rankings

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