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hey what's going on guys i want to give you one major secret for ranking one keyword in the google three pack this is gonna be a super easy video if you have one keyword that you've been trying to rank in the google three pack but you just can't do it yourself i'm going to show you how to do it yourself all right it's going to be a very very simple step by step easy quick fun lesson i just need you to do me one favor please i just need you to subscribe to my channel that's all you enjoy watching my videos just subscribe to my channel and in the comment box below please say i subscribed that's all you have to say is i subscribed i subscribe i'm going to take somebody by the end of the month who has subscribed and i'm going to send them this book so if you're interested in creating your own youtube channel right this is an excellent book for any beginner on how to start their own youtube channel i'll send it to you for free and i'm also going to write something very interesting in the inside i can't tell you what i'll write but i'm going to write something very very interesting on the inside so i don't care where you're located in the world just say you subscribed right subscribe to my channel and uh and i'll definitely send you the book by the end of the month i'll do the uh i'll do the drawing by march 1st right so okay march 1st we'll do the drawing for the book and but but let's not forget the main reason for this lesson main reason for this lesson is ranking one keyword in the google three pack so watch this [Music] okay guys so in this lesson i am going to show you how to rank in the google three pack for one keyword today we're not going to use lawyers we're not going to use dui lawyers we're not going to use plumbers
How to select keywords for search ranking?
or electricians we're going to use breast enlargement hooray right come on what was i thinking the past couple of lessons man i was getting boring breast enlargement augmentation augmentation what would people put in all right i'm going to say enlargement i'm just a stupid guy right breast enlargement all right so say you're a breast enlargement doctor you're plastic surgeon and you want to get into google three pack because breast enlargements cost between five and ten thousand dollars so if you want to get into google three pack it's probably a good idea to get right here right so we're gonna use that as the uh we're gonna use that keyword breast enlargement as the key word that we want to rank in and i'm just going to pick any client if i was working for them i don't know them you just have to be on the first page so you type in your keyword and you would just have to be on the
Why does appearing on a first page of Google is super important?
first page um hey guys by the way i have a real bad cough right so i may cough a couple of times and maybe some words will come out during my cough i i don't know it's maybe it's tourette's maybe i don't have a cough right maybe i have tourette's all right so let's use uh david halpern jr right doctor no junior uh halperin david doctor right let's use him let's use him he has 37 reviews so if i was working for david halpern dr david halpern i would i would rank him um in the google three pack [Music] in 48 hours how's that but now listen i don't expect you to have the same powers i have you know i have super powers right but we're going to get david halperin uh ranked in the google three pack all right all right all right the next slide i'll show you how don't put so much pressure on me it's friday all right guys so the first thing you're going to do is you're going to take out a little notepad and you're going to write your new name you're not going to do anything else but just write your new name breast enlargement by dr david halpern that's what you're going to write and then his address and his website whatever it is okay very simple just write in a notepad don't do anything else don't think ahead of me you're going to go over to legalzoom and i think it's 75 or something like this you're going to get a dba right here see dba you're going to get a dba so is that understood so far you're just going to get a dba for this name is that fair enough right so you're going to do that first it takes a little while to get it but just keep the receipt because google may ask you for it okay the second thing step two we got the
Use keywords, breast enlargement example.
first part right you wrote down on a note notepad you're gonna write right breast enlargement by david alpern or you're going to buy you're going to write down uh website designed by mindsaw or you know whatever your whatever keyword your top keyword right you're going to write that down you're going to go over to legalzoom and you're gonna get a dba it's gonna take a little while to get it okay no problem but you'll get the receipt then and only then will you go over to google you will type in breast enlargement you will go to google news and you'll click on one of the stories now i know somebody's thinking this okay so i just changed the uh the google my business name right now right right don't touch the google by my business name don't touch it just follow the steps write on a p on a notepad your new name you do your dba go to legalzoom get a dba
Go over to Google and get the top story
go over to google type in breast enlargement type in news and rewrite one of these stories right so top on hit the top story and have this story rewritten you could find somebody on fiverr to rewrite the story right i i wouldn't spin it but rewrite the story now in this story somewhere around here add your nap see this how sexy look breast enlargement by david hopper or better yet put it here somewhere in the story and also put it in the title i don't care if this story ranks number one in google news i just want google news to get it well how's google news going to get it well once the story's written just go over to fiverr and type in google news sites and you'll find some people that will do some guest posting on google news approved sites try to get them on about
Try to get this story on about 15 Google news sites.
15 google news sites try to get this story on about 15 google news sites right make sense so far now if you don't want to use fiverr i think um web ranker web 20 ranker i think they sell google news sites i wish i sold them i have a google news site i mean i'll post something for you you know if i'll post something for you if you can send me over something i'll post a couple of you guys not not everybody but give me give me one or two story i have a i have a business news uh site so i could i could post one or two articles for you i'll post a couple you know but i think i think they'll sell you something over here to google news site so but uh but fiverr definitely does it so just get about 15. all right is that clear so far listen i got to do this for the slow people right just write this down in a notepad get a dba that's all you have to do go over to google
Move step-by-step and Google will pick you up!
type in your keyword hit news get a story have it rewritten go over to fiverr and and type in google news sites get that story on about 15 different google news sites i don't care if it gets ranked i just want google to pick up the uh the story fair enough fair enough does that make sense so far good next thing what am i screaming for today this was the old meetup this was the old me i had a couple of videos i was really crazy go on twitter right go on twitter and go write a little story but add your name address and phone number and your website right so say this is his website doctor i don't know what his website is it doesn't matter but uh right it's the old me i got to come back my video i did yesterday i did a video yesterday i was like
Tweet it out for good website ranking in Google!
like that my girlfriend said what what kind of video is that i said i know right i'm turning boring i'm torn a certain point it'd be like fun and funny lost my whole charisma all right so you'll take this story tweet it out get this tweet out google picks up tweets right so write a little story or link to that google news article or link to something on your website if you want to write a blog article if you write if you want to take this and write a blog article about it and then tweet it out google indexes tweets like within an hour sometimes so tweet it up okay we got a google news site we got it on twitter we're coming back to fiverr we're coming back coming back to fiverr and like i'm mad too today i don't know i had a thing this morning but press release get a
Don't forget to post a press releases!
press release now in some cases you're going to need somebody to write the press release and then somebody to send the press release out in some cases some will post it and write it at the same time so this guy will write it for 15 and over here they'll send it out to 600 sites what do we want we want google to pick up that your new name is breast enlargement by david halpern right that's our dba and we have to get a footprint first before we go over to the google my business your gmb and just put in breast enlargement you know what because then you look like a boob then you look like a boob if you just put in breast enlargement by david halpern whatever your keyword is you're going to get suspended so do these steps first do these steps first
What should I do to have a successfull Seo ranking?
now the next thing and this is where my cough is coming out it's it's such a bad cough i it's it's a terrible cough and i'll tell you why i have this terrible cough right so you have um an awning maybe your maybe your uh business has an awning awning right warning right so maybe you're maybe a business awning i should write that business so maybe your maybe your business has an awning right and instead of the olive garden you want to put breast enlargement by david halpin but maybe and this cough is terrible photoshop maybe maybe you don't have the money like the three or four thousand dollars to change your warning or to add that right photoshop but you know you know somebody who could kind of change it right so
Upload your pictures to Google Business.
you know or add to the awning right instead of italian kitchen just pressing enlargement last enlargement you know and they photoshop it and they photoshop and uh i miss cued on my course right and they put that in there because now what you want to do with this picture is you want to take this picture you want to take a business card and you want to get a t-shirt somebody wearing a t-shirt and you want to go to your google my business and upload those pictures now why is that important because somebody is going to see breast enlargement by david halpern by dr david halpern i go oh he's cheating he just changed his name he just changed his name so google's gonna this is what google's gonna do watch this google is going to go to the person's website and they're going to see does it what's what is the name of the website so the website instead of let's just say this right here instead of saying say this was a website and this is just general awnings right or it's a david halpern i would say breast enlargements by david halpern like i would change my logo or somehow add that keyword to my logo they want to see that and then like if there's a picture of like the office right put a couple of these pictures on your website of like your business card people wearing the shirt um the awning out in front right put that on your website like our office or something like that but the other thing you want to do is take all those pictures and upload them to the google my business now look there's a couple of people listening to this i expect this only to get a 90 thumbs up because some people are going to be listening to this and they could go okay i'm not doing that uh that's illegal and oh then don't don't do it don't do it but i'm telling you one thing if you want to play buddy by the
How long will it take to rank keyword in Google?
rules and you really want that keyword i'm telling you it could probably take six months that's why when the seos go you know how long will it take to rank this keyword oh well uh you know you know six months yeah and it still may not rank right it still may not rank i'm saying if you're doing this yourself and you have that one main keyword that you can't rank you're already on like the first 20 but you want to rank in the google three pack do the things that i'm saying now here's another thing i got to pull up my notepad again i'm sorry i'm getting so emotional here but uh get some reviews right so in your reviews you want to say i was looking for a breast enlargement doctor in tampa florida and found dr david halpern
Always get reviews and try to answer with direct entry of a Keyword and Geo.
he was nice and he was a good guy right whatever you want to say but you want to get like like five reviews a week using the keyword you use i spent this belt as well all right so you using the keyword and using vegeo try to get five a week and respond to the reviews that's what you want to do and somehow if somehow you could fit in a review like hey thank you we're located yes we're uh we've got five star review like my re my my reply would be hey uh thank you for your for your reply i mean for for your review uh we are located in tampa florida uh we've have five star reviews for breast enlargement surgery right try to use the key word in the geo back in the answer right that's real important that's real important now
What people are going to do on the website and why does Google always wants to mesure things?
another thing you want to do over the next couple of weeks is people have to search the keyword breast enlargement go to the google three pack scroll down and click your website stay on the website for a little while click the contact page and use the tap to call if you're on a cell phone or fill out the form if you're on you know 20 people in your area don't do it in one day don't go from having no traffic all of a sudden 20 people uh scrolling down seeing your website clicking the phone you know going through your website and clicking the form but google wants to see that people are going to that website so i would start off with two or three a week then i would tell two or three of other of my friends to type in that keyword scroll down hit my website and um and uh just call the office that's all the key word is brett moletta that's how they know that it's
that's how they know it's somebody just doing that david hopkins office brett moletta okay i got you all right so that's what you want to do if you could do those things i guarantee you david halperin wouldn't be in eighth or ninth place and you won't either for the for that one keyword all right this video is for people who have that one keyword that they're trying to hit they don't care about anything else they just want to be like years ago i just wanted to be found for website design that's all i cared about i didn't care about graphic design i didn't care at the time i didn't care about seo all i cared about was website design had i known these things that's what i would have done but like i said earlier do not just change your gmb make sure you lay the footwork down first let it settle let it marinate for two or three weeks right get the press release out there get the google sites do a bunch of twitters right send them hours or tweets so twitter sit down send a bunch of tweets out change your facebook page name to breast enlargement by david harper by dr david halpern if you have a yelp page change that make sure you get the legal zoom get a dba because google's going to say oh we took you down because you just keyword stuff keyword stuff keyword stuff there's no stuffing going on here we're breast enlargements there's no stuffing going on here i got the paperwork you know i have the paperwork right here i got a dba in fact but during covid you know it's taking a little while but here's the receipt so put it back stop playing stop playing with me you know and that's it so listen i hope this lesson helped like i said earlier i got this youtube secrets book and i want to give it away to somebody who subscribed so if you subs if you watch this lesson and you liked it please subscribe to my channel i'm trying to hit 5 000 subscribers by march 1st so i know that i have to give away something so i give away this book because there's a lot of people that want to start a youtube channel i want to do crazy videos like i'm doing right here once again make sure you take care of your family right that's the most important thing please take care of your family take care of the people in your house the people that you love that's the thing that's real important you have a neighbor that's elderly or or that that lives by themselves check on them make sure they're okay that's your responsibility that's yours yeah yeah that's your responsibility your responsibilities to make sure that everybody else is okay right right i remember i remember you know i was a correction officer for 20 years on rikers island and uh the big thing i never said this but uh i say hey how you doing how's your family they're doing better than me i was like yeah that's that's that's the reason why you're working in jail they're supposed to be doing better than you that's why you sacrifice yourself so they could be doing better than you right that's the goal you want your family to be doing better than you right so that's the whole thing that's the whole thing i hope you guys like this lesson once again please subscribe to my channel and we'll catch you tomorrow thanks a lot all right they do this now right [Music] you

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