How to Drive Free Traffic to your Shopify Store?

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Do you want to learn how to get free Shopify traffic and how to get free Shopify organic traffic? That's what we will be covering in today's Shopify tutorial for beginners!

We will be talking all about how to drive traffic to your online store, how to make money with Shopify by running the conversion rate numbers and how to get free website traffic.

Do you need more traffic to your Shopify store?
do you need more traffic to your Shopify store well in this video we're going to go through and actually do the math to figure out how much traffic you need to get these sales that you want so stay tuned hi if you're new here my name is Elle McCann and I've been a Shopify expert for over six years now if you've already been a subscriber of this channel thank you so much for all of your love and support and I really appreciate you okay so in this video we're gonna be talking about site traffic so something that is not known as much is that online sales is typically about one to three percent conversion rate so if we do the math that means for every 100 people that come to your store you're just gonna get one purchase on average so let's say that your goal is to get 10 sales every single day then that means with those numbers that you're going to need to average around a thousand visitors to your site every day to hopefully get the 10 sales okay so at first that may sound intimidating but there are a couple different ways to get more sales to your Shopify store and we're gonna go over some of those now so
You should always be working on Social Media.
the first one is social media you should always be working on building up your brand and your audience on social media whether you choose YouTube as your audience or maybe Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or wherever it is that you want to connect with your audience make sure that you're building up that connection with them they're you're building up your community it's gonna be a lot easier to sell your products people that know like and trust you they're gonna know that if they purchase from you that they're going to actually get it shipped to them and it's going to come in a reasonable amount of time so a great way is to always be sending traffic to your site through your social media links as well as working with influencers and getting them to send traffic to your site as well so working with influencers or people that have bigger audiences and getting them to promote your product now sometimes this is just they want free product or they want an affiliate Commission for any order that is placed on your site or sometimes they just want money up front to promote your product you're gonna have to first reach out to that influencer and find out exactly what it is that they are looking for and how it aligns with your goals my main tip for using influencers is to not just go after the people that are you know millions of subscribers because typically those subscribers or followers aren't very engaged so instead look at people that are in me more like thousand to ten thousand range of followers because they're gonna have a lot more of an engaged audience and it's typically going to be cheaper for you as well which is always helpful when you're just getting started so you can start kind of making a list of people to reach out to and also think about nano influencers so micro influencers are about the thousand to ten thousand range but nano influencers are people under a thousand so these people are very connected with their audience and most likely their audience is a lot of friends and family and they're just getting started so don't always go after that huge million plus subscriber mark because that's gonna cost you a lot and it's just not going to be the most engaged audience before you reach out to someone make sure that they have a lot of you know followers that you're looking for in your ideal customer range but they also have a lot of engagement on their post either just liking sharing the post or commenting as well that's how you can tell that they have actually an engaged audience that it's going to be more likely to click on their link and to purchase from you okay so the next way of getting more traffic to your site when you're just getting started is
Do guest posting either on people's blogs or on podcast or collaborating with other YouTubers.
doing guest posting either on people's blogs or on podcast or collaborating with other youtubers whatever it is but figure out ways that you can connect with other people that are either in your industry or niche or that are reaching them and figure out a way to collaborate on a piece together or give them content that will come back and promote you and your brand so bloggers podcasters and youtubers like I mentioned are all looking at ways to generate more content for their audience and sometimes it can be hard to consistently put out content all the time so if you approach someone with a content idea for them and it's more of a collaborative effect of how you can work together then they may be more likely to work with you on that content and promote your brand definitely are going to need to do some research here and find you that are going to align with your goals but it's a great way to get your store out there and build a brand when you have a little bit more time than money when you're first start in your store so the last way that we recommend getting traffic to your store when you're just getting started is of course by using paid advertising so you can actually get started with this without spending a ton of money upfront and there's a lot of different platforms that you can actually advertise on we have a free quiz on our site now that is called our paid advertising quiz so I will put a link below if you would be interested in checking that out but if you answer just ten questions about your business will tell you which platform may be best for you to start advertising on so I definitely recommend you check that out now if you're gonna be focusing on sending traffic to your site you want to make sure that you capitalize on that traffic once you've got them to your site putting so much time and effort into sending them there so you want to make sure that they don't just disappear now we've talked about this a lot of different ways to make sure that your site is optimized to just get people to purchase or to become a fan however a couple of our big things that we always
Use email marketing and make sure you have a way on your site for people to sign up for your email newsletter!
recommend is making sure you are using email marketing and you have a way on your site for people to sign up for your email newsletter so if they don't purchase from you as soon as they come to your site the next best thing is that they sign up to your email newsletter so you can email them later about your different offerings you also want to make sure that you have abandoned cart setup so if they do add a product to your third cart and they don't purchase you can then send them an email later that's a follow up to hopefully recapture that sale also I really recommend doing rewards programs it's a really cool way to incentivize people to purchase from you a couple of different times as well as build up a community and the last way that I recommend in terms of capitalizing on people that are already on your site is by doing upsells on your site so if they are already interested in one product they may be interested in purchasing another one from you and you can increase that total order value so I hope that's helpful for you and if you're interested we do have a guide that goes through more in depth about how to get
Optimize your site before you send traffic!
traffic to your site and to optimize your site before you send that traffic to make sure that they're going to convert into sales or convert into your email newsletter so if you're interested in that head over to curious themes comm backslash traffic and check out that traffic blueprint today so I would love to know what you think and what way are you wanting to send more traffic to your site make sure to comment below and let us know and we would love to hear from you also if you haven't yet make sure to subscribe to this video and give it a thumbs up and that way you'll be the first we notified whenever we put out new videos all out Shopify and how to grow your online store

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