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bam we're on we are we are live we are all live and we are live just barely mark over here did not go to bed last night let us know if you can hear us uh and no you're not just seeing things i do not have glasses on because i have my contacts finally got refilled as if you guys really care about that for those who are new here welcome welcome we have had an influx of new subscribers over the last few days mike was turned all the way down can you hear us hello we've had an influx of subscribers over the last few days so welcome to all of our newbie beans my name is starla moore this is my husband mark moore uh i have been selling on etsy for nine ish years i can't remember exactly when i started depending on which business you want to start with but nine ish years i've been an etsy coach for around five years i am also a public speaker though i have not been doing very much public speaking as of lately can't do that so we have to suffice with youtube i've also been using e-rank for around five years i made very very close friends with the ceo anthony wolf when i started creating youtube trainings before i even knew him and then one day i found an email in my inbox from him thanking me for making such great tutorials and we became really good friends we met in person we did lots of cool collabs and then february of 2020 he actually hired me as the head of marketing and pr so uh that's kind of my background we are going to be using e-rank today to talk about etsy seo however i am not getting paid to do so we are just hanging out because e-rank has been my favorite tool since long before i actually worked for e-rank so for those of you who have asked questions in the chat we're gonna go ahead and get through those uh very very quickly before we dive in however i do recommend that we try to keep questions at a decent pace here because otherwise we'll answer more questions than we will give you guys live tour and i'm sure what you all are here for is the live tour so let us let us know if you're new let us know how you're feeling we're getting like over a hundred new subscribers a day now so thanks to everybody that has subscribed let us know show us some love let us know if you're new here give it a like maybe yeah like this video it helps us a lot and it's a free way to help us so melanie had asked a couple really great questions in the comments though that i wanted to get to because i'm sure a lot of these are things that you guys could all use as well so we're going to hit these questions and then we're going to zoom to e-rank where i'm going to share my
screen with you guys but first melanie said there's a seller who advises to put a card in order saying that if you leave a review you can enter a raffle to boost reviews how uh is this legal slash a good idea to boost your seo and how important are reviews for your seo reviews are very important for your seo it's not necessarily your search engine optimization uh factor there but it is a ranking factor so when we talk about ranking we're talking about seven specific factors that contribute to where your listing is going to be placed in search i have an entire video called what effects rank on etsy that goes over those seven factors there's a short version and a long friday bean episode so watch the short version if you have you know not a lot of time and watch the full hour long friday being if you want all the extras but basically those seven factors are the things that are going to contribute to where you're gonna fall when someone types in the keywords that are related to your product on etsy and keyword optimizing that listing is only one of the seven factors uh recency is one of the factors uh good reviews and standing are one of the factors so that is your customer and marketplace experience score and your listing quality score which is per listing so good reviews are going to help you a lot down below my free swipe file series is my best advice if you want an ethical way to get good reviews while still offering fantastic service while following etsy's guidelines and uh also while hitting all of the psychological uh triggers that as a seller you want to hit when you're offering this communication with a shopper i have my exact swipe files that i have used for years in my own etsy shop haven't been super good about sending them lately because we've been really busy but we're not really uh needy of the of the good reviews right now because we've got a bunch but if you guys want to improve your ranking improve your customer service get tons of great compliments create repeat buyers and of course appease the all-knowing etsy algorithm make sure that you sign up for those because i just released them for free normally you had to sign up for a once a year webinar that i host to even get them if you're not a handmade alpha academy student but the holidays this year are going to be the biggest or biggest busiest biggest the biggest that that's gonna be the new word the biggiest that we've ever seen etsy's estimating that this is going to be the best like season that they've seen in their history so if there's ever a time that you want to offer great customer service and encourage repeat buys now's it is etsy biggiest etsy in terms of putting a card in there saying you get entered for a raffle if you leave a review if it sounds sketchy etsy probably doesn't want it my advice melanie is to message etsy and ask them if it sounds sketchy to you it sounds sketchy to the customers yeah messages stick at that rule message not legal advice yeah exactly and then uh she also said is it bad for seo to have lots of different products um no it's great to own a keyword though and have it across a lot of different listings for example i create skeleton key necklaces i was trying to find one here's one i create skeleton key necklaces and that's all i sell so i have owned the term skeleton key necklaces and if you search skeleton key necklace on etsy odds are you're gonna find one of my listings on page one so with that being the case um it's great to own a keyword but it's also great to have a decent variety of keywords out there hello let me put you down taylor's up there yelling outside big big man little dog so it really just depends on your goal do you want to reach and spread out to a lot of different terms and have lots of fishing poles out in the water or do you want to have one fishing pole with really strong good bait on it all right um let's go ahead and grab a couple more questions until mark gets back uh let's see jordan said i only have one question i struggle quite a lot with seo i use e-rank but still cannot seem to get my keywords right what's some advice that's pretty much what this whole stream is about so i think that that's going to answer your question as we dive a little bit farther in um let's see child interrupted the stream to let me know that your anniversary present is here oh was it at the door it was mark and i will have been married for 10 years holy crap 206 viewers all right welcome welcome let me read a little bit there all right well let's go ahead and uh find see if there's any more good questions and we'll share our screen while we answer them i got all those so [Music] how'd you like that little dog that little dog that's that's her mom's dog and she loves me more than anybody else on this planet that's true he makes her mind she listens so good to him she loves i am the only person she listens to come here josie i also have a chihuahua but i don't know where my chihuahua is i think she's under my feet no not nervous she is oh is she but this is jojo she's very sassy she'll sit and bark at us if we don't pay attention to her so she might want to sit you'll have 20k by the end of the year yeah we're hoping so our best day so far this month we had almost 300 new subscribers in a day we don't know what in the world is going on joanne said how do you come up with new seo that don't repeat words we'll get into that here in just a few minutes um we should go ahead and just pretty it's pretty difficult but yeah you can you can do it i don't see anything super duper pressing i'll keep reading through you go ahead do you need me to switch it over yeah i'm gonna have to use my mouse though so we'll have to scoot yeah you'll you'll just have to keep up with the chat i wish there was a better system for this particular i mean i guess i could go get my phone let's see miranda said i recently ranked for big term on page one halloween i got so many sales but i lost my page one status in two days how do you attain that spot you're not going to be able to retain a spot on a highly coveted term like that you should be very grateful that you got a spot on the first page for halloween but accept the fact that etsy is going to rotate out the uh products that are seen on those highly sought after first pages i'm just gonna grab my phone let me know when you are ready for me to switch it yeah and i will switch it so what do you get extra if you subscribe to e-rank your rank is free for first of all either they have a free membership we're going to be going over the pro uh features here in just a minute basic features are the exact same as pro features you just get a higher quota with pro so a lot of these i feel like we're going to answer when we actually do our screen share so if i skip you it's because i promise we're going to answer it when we get into the actual screen share let's see i've noticed that when my numbers of viewers on etsy go up and down why does that happen traffic traffic changes viewers are going to go up and down it's just a natural ebb and flow that every single commerce platform is going to experience all right getting my phone to make it look like i'm not paying attention when really i'm looking at your comments he's people are like oh he's on his phone the whole time no he's reading your comments because it's very hard because this moves i was also fixing it because i have our camera gain turned way up and it turned auto exposure on and we turned into ghosts for a couple of seconds there rachel said so i know we shouldn't touch things right before the holidays the reason for this guys is that it takes 60 to 90 days for etsy to fully process those uh new keywords that you have in your listings so it's not a good idea to go in and just constantly change your keywords uh you you have to have them you know in there for a little while so they have time to really set in and get recognized by the algorithm and the listing to build a listing quality score so right now if you're going in and changing all of your seo there is the potential to take your shop uh but if you've got listings that aren't selling at all and aren't getting any views rachel you can go ahead and change those now if they're not getting any views anyway then what is there to lose her question was when is it safe to touch seo again only touch seo on listings that aren't selling if they are selling then or i would say listings that aren't getting any traffic if they aren't getting any traffic then you're not risking anything so it's fine to touch those just do it you know make sure that you're doing your changes incrementally and i'll teach you a little bit more about how to track those changes with e-rank a question do your methods work with stores that sell vintage a lot of one-offs uh of course it just depends on which methods you have to kind of apply the methods in different ways because vintage there's going to be certain quirks to vintage and one-of-a-kind products seo is going to work just a little bit differently or ranking i should say but when it comes to a lot of the other things that we talk about like photography like customer service strategies like branding all of those things are still going to apply and you are still going to have to uh search engine optimize your listings so yeah i mean the main thing is if you're selling vintage products that you can actually get bulk of and you have more than one of said vintage item there's really no difference between you and someone who is just creating an original item um if you're doing one-of-a-kind vintage that's where things get a little bit different just because you can't get the age to the listing like you would get on any other type of product all right so we have a ton of questions i want to go ahead and start screen sharing um guys what we're going to do is go ahead and jump in if you've got a question in the chat this chat moves very fast it's hard to keep track of i would like to try to get at least started on this so we're not ignoring you if you're asking questions maybe just hold those until we're closer to the end or when we break and i'll say okay let's take some questions that way we can make sure that we're actually moving otherwise nobody's gonna learn anything so go ahead and give me a switcheroo and now we're tiny people we're tiny and we live inside a little box okay welcome to my e-rank pro account uh e-rank pro is 9.99 a month you can also get the e-rank basic plan it's 5.99 a month right is dan uh debbie or pam in the comments pam's here pam pam it's 5.99 congrats on our growth earlier oh thank you pam and then there is also a free membership but today i'm going to use my e-rank pro account which is the top tier account i think 10 a month is probably the cheapest etsy tool that you could ever pay for um it's a really affordable price but if you just want to test it out get your free membership for a while and and try it and then go to basic and then if you feel like you need it go to pro okay so this is your dashboard and the first time that you log into e-rank and connect your etsy shop you're going to land on this page and i know that this looks very overwhelming for newbies but i want to kind of walk you through what this is okay so these are all different tool pages up here we will be going over all of them if you are a uh active e-rank user you probably notice that this is new so we'll talk about this little hot feature in just a little bit if you want to see what our most recent blog is uh our blog post is always in the top right corner here our blog of the week or you can go to blog there are a lot of helpful blogs that will teach you how to use some of our tools right now you can check out the blog that talks about the most searched keywords on etsy in september of 2020 so all really interesting information uh next thing that you'll notice is you'll be able to see what percentage of sellers you're in and obviously the top one percent is like the highly sought after where you want to be if you're not at the top one percent don't panic and if you feel like your percentage shows higher than what you think you really are you have to consider that a lot of people join etsy start a shop and then never sell anything and give up there's no way for us to pull the active sellers out of this and only you know pull people who are active so one percent if you can reach that fantastic but if you know if you're still in the top like five to three percent that's great just good yeah just work on upping that percentage a little bit every year uh next you've got your listings area this is just going to tell you a little bit about the listings that you currently have active in your shop you can see that i've got two spelling issues usually it's when i put my name in my tags because people do search my products by name and then missing tags you want to make sure that you have all 13 i don't even know what these are what could be missing there i'm glad that i have a couple like missing things though because otherwise you guys wouldn't learn anything these are tool tips if there's anything that confuses you on e-rank you want to hover over these little question marks because this is going to tell you exactly what all these little mysterious fields are okay so hover over the question marks if you have any questions down here we have let's see these are our sales comparisons for our competitors but these are not my competitors these are just a couple of my students so i just kind of throw in random people who i know won't care if i show their shop names so this is a great way to track your competitors and i'll teach you how to do that later but your dashboard is just going to show you some of the competitors that you've tracked in the past and then your spotted on etsy report is uh going to show if you've been spotted on any etsy pages by etsy and this is one that i wouldn't focus a lot of time on it's a cool thing to know but a lot of sellers get really caught up on it and uh ultimately it's not a tool that i look at a whole lot so deb uh kosova posted in there said if you want to do the math to find your precise percentage as a right now there are three million seven hundred and fifty thousand three hundred and eight active shops yeah there we go you can compare your rank against that awesome all right so the next thing that we want to do when we log into our e-rank account make sure that you click your refresh data button a lot of the times you'll get a pop-up that says to refresh your data anytime that you're working on e-rank every day that you log in at the start of the day just make a habit of clicking this because it's going to refresh all of your listing data if you ever see that your numbers just aren't matching up it's probably because your data hasn't been refreshed so always refresh your data we'll go ahead and give mine a quick refresh and yes that does take a minute yes keep in mind how much data e-rank is pulling oh i already refreshed eric i'll let anthony know about that today and if you guys missed it i'm the head of marketing it in pr at e-rank as of february but i don't get paid to recommend it i just uh it's my favorite tool so let's go ahead and start going through our tabs our assorted tabs here we've got our dashboard which we have explored let's go into our listing tabs and talk a little bit about what we see here so we're going to go into our active listing tabs first these are all the active listings that you have in your shop which include your listing id any skus that you have attached to them when those listings were last updated when they'll expire if there are any seo suggestions to help improve that listing your visibility score your total views for that listing how many tags you have and how many images you have for that listing from your listings page you can access your listing audit we'll go ahead and pull up uh let's grab one for one of our newer listings we'll do this pumpkin key this is going to give you an audit of your listing however do not aspire for an a grade i know that that sounds like it's something that oh i need to make all my grades in a but a lot of the times what we see are sellers who have listings that are performing well and they go in and tweak their listing until they get that a grade and then they end up tanking that listing because they take out a keyword that was bringing in traffic the grading system in e-rank is something that we have tried to take away multiple times but sellers tend to panic when we take it away so it always ends up coming back all the sellers that have like solid grade a ranks that also have well-performing listings are usually the ones that are having a fuss yeah well here's the thing big big fat grain of salt it's more like a rock assault when it comes to that grade yeah and and the thing about the grade is it is based on etsy's best practices it is straight out of etsy's policies but a lot of the time their best practices aren't necessarily going to reflect the way that shoppers are actually engaging with listings so use it you know some of my best selling listings have c grades don't touch listings that are selling ever if they're selling especially if they're best sellers do not touch your seo that grade that's that's actually a good a good way to put that like you only use this grade as a way to reference it to what etsy says is good for your listings because like she said that's exactly what it's based off of so it you know your audience better than an algorithm is ever going to know your audience and if something works better for you and you can prove it and you can replicate it and you can do it over and over and over again then that is what you need to stick with yeah how do you consider selling selling items are selling they're selling and you're making money on them they are selling if it is selling which i would say like more more than just one sale six months ago if you are actively every once in a while getting a sale of an item you don't want to touch the seo for that item which would be your tags and titles so not your descriptions descriptions are not skimmed by etsy's algorithm so within your listing audit basically what this tool is going to do is give you some uh some different you know suggestions based on etsy's best practices so for example my listing or my descriptions are too long um we know but i've got a lot of information that my sellers need to or my buyers need to know um my title is long this is actually a pretty short title compared to some of my others uh and your listing has less than 10 images which is something that i definitely need to fix need to get more photos in there because ideally you want to have 10 but this was a launch that we kind of rushed out we're up to 265 viewers welcome hello to anyone who's new if this is your first live stream definitely let us know i said that at the beginning but our view count is more than doubled since we started so welcome welcome all right scrolling down
We have a tag analysis. This is an analysis of all the tags that I use in this listing.
we have a tag analysis this is an analysis of all the tags that i use in this listing so you can see what the uh searches are for them and the thing about tags is despite the fact personalized crystal might not be a tag that has a lot of searches personalized uh personalized what else do we have i match this with something basically these tags mix and match so even if our exact matches here aren't performing they're gonna mix and match with the other tags that we have so personalized i don't know costume necklace might be performing well and it's still going to count so let's go ahead and go to our next tool here the camera hog is here man there's like look at all these animals he just wants to snuggle look at him everybody complains about us putting music in our other videos are pre-recorded but i promise you it's to cover up the sounds from these creatures and the child upstairs that drives me nuts by the way complaining about the music we're trying guys we're doing our best all right the track changes is my absolute favorite tool within the listings tab this is going to take a daily snapshot of your listing so what i recommend doing is tracking one of your listings about five days five to seven days before you make any seo changes to that listing then it's going to take a daily snapshot of that listing so you can see how the changes that you made on that listing affect your views favorites and sales each day so let's go ahead and pull up a listing that i changed a couple weeks ago let me scroll down this is a listing that does not sell in my shop it's the listing i like to pick on to run experiments with because i don't like this listing and i don't care if it sells it's my tester so we changed up some keywords on this listing that was not selling i should have been tracking it for a few days before we did this experiment on the fly but it had no views or favorites or sales and then we notice that when i made these changes so we can see exactly what the changes were we'll notice that suddenly we've got an increase in our total views increase in total views increase in views so now it's a lot more visible and i know that the seo changes that i made are pretty good let's go ahead and go back and we'll do the one that mark seo optimized optimize optimized a couple weeks ago scroll down i let mark play with e-rank and try his hand at seo optimizing a listing and right when he did there were three uh three more views and one favorite so we see lots of new views and favorites on this little mushroom key that hardly ever sold and then we see this red negative one this red color is not a bad thing this is quantity available this means that if there's negative one one sold and one did so we had somebody order one uh it actually shipped yesterday didn't it yes sure did i think so so and look even yesterday we had two new views on this product so track changes really great tool one of my favorites and i'm really bad at it so you're just a little badass which tab are y'all under is this only for pro changes i believe is only a pro tool do we have uh pam or debbie in the chat i believe that uh pro is only a pro tool and if you if you guys are using your free accounts there should be a little crown icon beside uh any of the pro tools and all those little upsells that you see that say hey you don't have access to this you should subscribe to pro i wrote those so yeah you'll hear this dog honking she's snorting see this is why there's music in our in our videos all right listing categories these are just the categories that you're going to see your listings in when you list them you know these are you select these so not something that you really need to spend a lot of time in compare listings you can put in your listing ids which if you go into your active listings page you can grab your listing ids right here let's just grab a couple different ones and we'll compare them we'll do this one this one we have any questions that i can answer i'm sure none that we're super pressing let's just compare these three once again it does take a lot of time oh this one shot up real fast all right and it's going to compare and you can get to your listing audit we've got our daily views uh total views how old the listing is how many favorites it has wow 127 oh that's because that's an older one and these were just created on saturday so you can kind of see um the differences in these if you want to compare them debbie said track changes is for basic and pro members only that's what i thought thank you debbie i'm glad that you're hanging out today because i there are little things that i miss dates this is when it's a lot of information to remember yeah uh dates this is when your listing was originally created most of this information is available on the active listings page though so not something that i look at a whole lot details these are just your listing statistics once again a lot of this information is already available on your listing pages and your listing audit but you can see how many people are viewing the number of favorites uh hearts per view that's interesting and the price of your listing so once again just more information about your listing same with your draft listings which i don't have any in my shop right now but if you want to see some tips on your listings that you have currently in draft stage we should have done that before our launch i should have made a video on that didn't even think about it kelly asked a question can you tell what categories your competitors are using when you track them i'm not sure i don't think so kelly i'm i don't think that you can we'll dive a little bit into my competitors page once again the competitors i have tracked are not actual competitors they're students going to the grades page we can see my listing grades we got a's b's c's and d's and then an e and what's really funny about this e listing here is it's one of my best sellers and it does terrible in grades but i sell this listing like once a week so you don't always have to rely on your grades as your guiding force my best seller has an e-grade and i will not touch it so deb said oh saying hi to sally all right tag filter um you know what this is one that i don't use you can see all the tags that are used on here i don't think i've ever uh i didn't think i've ever used this but we can kind of see everything that um that we've tagged our listings as and you can track the changes if you want to add it to your trained change tracker so i'll click track changes so you can see what that looks like or you can stop tracking but i don't want to stop tracking all right let's see uh we did tag filter missing tags are going to show your listings that don't have a full tag count of 13. looks like i've got two listings where i forgot to add the last tag so i'll get in there and do that right away uh right away at another time missing images are going to show all the listings that don't have a total of 10 images i'm very guilty of this because i went in and removed a couple things for holiday shipping deadlines because i'm changing those need to add those back in and a couple variation photos but you want to try to get ted in there or get some listing videos available which is a new feature all right let's see missing attributes no issues found but your attributes are very important these are the things that you're going to fill out directly under your title when you're creating a new listing so when you're selecting things like uh color and i don't know styles yadda yadda you want to make sure that you're filling those out because those little attributes actually count as tags and if you have something covered in your attributes for example if it asks you the material and you click that drop down list and you select sterling silver you do not have to repeat sterling silver down in your tags section lost my voice there a little bit you did i heard it you don't have to repeat sterling silver down in your tag section because you've already covered it in your attributes so attributes are very important fill them out as accurately as possible uh one thing i will say is that if you are listing like you know maybe you make bracelets and they're not christmas specific but you made them to be gifted for christmas don't add christmas as the holiday or the occasion uh if they're not christmas themed because what etsy is really looking for are things that are pertaining to that holiday like a christmas specific bracelet with a santa claus on it or something so that's not the use of those attributes you want to make sure that if it has a theme a holiday theme that you put that theme on it but if not don't worry about it all right let's go into where are we at uh one word tags this is going to show you when you have not been using uh long tail keywords but at the same time sometimes your one word tags have long words for example birthstone and decorations there's nothing that i could like pack in there however graveyard spider and necklace those are all terms that i most likely could combine into a singular tag to get more tags in there but these are very very old so let's go ahead and move on to inventory which is a given this is just how many you have available so not a whole lot to go there listing links is a really great way to grab quick access to your actual links for the products if for any reason you don't want to go to your shop and click around you've got all your listing links right in one place it's okay to put zodiac under birthday attribute sure yeah i think so i think that would work start messing with stuff all right let's go into our shop tab tab number two go into our tag report please wait these are our tags and how often we use them with a little bit of information about them so we can see uh i don't pay attention a whole lot to the google competition um if you want to really use the google stuff over here i like looking at the cost per click the cpc because if on google people are bidding a lot of money for a keyword it usually means that it's a competitive you know decent keyword so for example if i scroll through these it looks like what's this term personalized is at two dollars and ninety-one cents per click so that usually means that it's a decent keyword as opposed to this one unique custom which is only five cents per click so once again if you want to learn more about that you can scroll over all these you can also export these to csv excel pdf or print them out if you're interested however these are like the average searches and things these change monthly so i don't really see a lot of benefit in saving this information because it's gonna change we usually get that data around the seventh www seventh around the seventh of each month we make an announcement so around the beginning of each month we get the new data and i will explain these stars in just a little bit i actually messaged anthony wolfe and said is there anything in particular you want me to thoroughly cover today and he said cover keyword lists so we will do that in just a few minutes canada said i have a hard time finding 13 different ways to say basically the same thing then if you're welcome to the strug here's the thing if you're trying to find a hundred different ways to describe a necklace it's time to stop trying to describe a necklace think of as many ways as you can to describe a necklace and then switch over to the type of person who's going to be buying that necklace gifts for mom christmas unique christmas gifts for your dad gifts for grandma those are all keywords that you could use you know and things that those people could be doing as well like do they attend music festivals do they go to cons do they do this that or the other any anything like that would also work absolutely as long as it's got uh good results what type of is it a gift i i remember one year i made wine bottle keys and i tagged them as thanksgiving hostess gifts literally after doing that listing because i don't do a lot with i know about seo but i don't personally do a lot with actually designing the listings that was the big thing for me like once you get to a point where you're like man how else can i describe this thing don't do that anymore don't just describe the thing until you literally run out of ideas and then start describing the person and then start describing the things that that person does or i mean i guess it depends on what type of product you use our cat is being destructive because he likes to be destructive but yeah don't don't pay too much attention to specifically describing your product think a little bit outside the box hey bridget do we pay attention to average clicks or click-through rate uh yeah click-through rate is great data i love click-through rate average clicks also important listings listings can't sell if they're not getting clicks and if they're not getting clicks then it might be your thumbnail if they're being if they're showing in search and your seo is good you might want to change your thumbnail if nobody's clicking on it so all right we are currently in the ratings and feedback this is going to tell you your overall feedback score i've got one piece of negative feedback but the person uh uh i think that they actually they redacted it didn't they redact it yeah they ended up uh redacting it because i replaced their key so basically if somebody ends up leaving a negative piece of feedback even if you resolve it with the customer and they switch their reviews because she ultimately switched to a five-star review um after i replaced her order i think it was just one of those cases where she didn't think she was going to get any help if she messaged me but i reached out to her apologized refunded her and replaced her order for her because i felt so bad it was like a freak accident in the mail but anyway um she changed that but it's still going to show you that negative feedback and it's going to stay in e-rank even if they change it so that's unfortunate and it kind of makes it sucky when you have to look at it every time you go in but this is the only piece of negative feedback i've ever received in my nine years of selling so yay sap cox says the video is looking blurry it's looking just fine over on our i've got a preview of the stream going up on here you might need to refresh yeah lower the resolution from 1080p to something a little bit lower that might also help if your internet's being slow all right delivery status report um i'm actually not going to click this one because it's going to show locations it also takes a long time to load sometimes yeah so delivery status report i'm not going to click it because i don't want you guys to see where my packages are going i've got a lot of packages going out because we just had a launch but you can kind of see a preview here basically what this is going to do is show you all in one place without having to go to etsy and click on your tracking numbers where your packages is it in transit has it been delivered are there any issues with it this is one of my favorite reports and if you use my ssar customer service swipe file series which is down below this is the tool that you need in order to make the last thank you message the ssar the r part review this is the page that you need in order to send that review message uh if you want to save a lot of time without having to click on all of your tracking you can see it all from one page so very useful probably one of the most useful and time-saving tools on e-rank and you can just kind of you know see if there's any issues with your orders so don't like i said don't want to click on it because i had a lot of products going out all right sales map one of everybody's favorites uh we're gonna have a new report coming soon so i can't talk a lot about it because it's top secret stuff but this is gonna be changing just a little bit very soon but the sales map is basically going to show you uh where your last 300 300 orders sales map shows the uh 300 most recent orders okay there's a there's a mic in the way so i can't see yeah if you see her looking around all goofy it's because i have the microphone right in the middle of our ultra wide screen it's a giant microphone it's like a third of the way over the actual screen that you're seeing do we have any questions while we're waiting for this to update this this one this one takes the longest you can actually just pull it up here because it's easier for me to go through this without stealing the microphone uh do we pay attention to everest oh you already did that one my thumbnails are awful is there a formula no not particularly you just have to keep trying things that work and testing them i recommend using the track changes tool when you update your thumbnails as well because that's going to allow you to see how those thumbnails affected the people who are actually checking out your listings so if you change your thumbnails or your tags or your title i recommend tracking changes for thumbnails and pictures in general look at a few of your competitors and just like if you copy a friend's homework just write it in your own words just fi find what works best for your style of products absolutely and then make it yours make it your way and that's that's the best you're going to be able to do with there's no real way to for anyone to tell you how your product should look absolutely so here's my sales map this is showing uh my most recent 300 sales california got 30 sales so we've had a pretty slow year because of covid we weren't able to get supplies and we actually just released our first collection of 2020 so slow year but this is what you can expect for your sales map it takes a long time to load but we're also focusing more on the alphas than we are on the etsy business and e-rank i mean we're keeping the ansi business because you guys need to know that we still know what we're doing we need to be able to test things right we don't we don't want to be one of those people that talks a lot of game but then doesn't actually practice it we practice everything that we teach you guys look i experimented with uh a d d location and god to see if those would help my spider key and it's saying that those are spell check issues so of course of course so spell check is just going to show you any misspellings that you have in your tags so that's very useful because we did one what did i call it was a santa key and it called it was like it said or something yeah sorry i'm ready there's we've had like five questions pop in all at once i'm just reading everything all right so the spotted on etsy tool it's a love and hate situation with most of us who uh who work directly with it because there are always people saying is this accurate does this work so spotted on etsy it's basically a lot like the rank checker where this is where your listings would be falling with etsy if they did not include the personalization feature which is catered to every single etsy user it doesn't matter if you use a uh what's it called vpn it doesn't matter if you use a vpn it's still going to affect you know the personalization feature still going to affect you so and that's based on location it's based on past search history it's based on a lot of different things that etsy doesn't disclose so it's localization data it's going to be based on your wide area network ip addre i think it's wide area network ip address and the things that people search in the area around that that ip address is based are going to influence what those things it's a deep learning kind of situation where as he sees so many people searching things in this particular area so they push those particular things yeah it's really hard to explain in a way that's simple for people that don't quite understand it to understand yeah you kinda gotta get it to get it sorry what you wanna use this for when you see pages one pages two don't go to etsy and then search that keyword and expect that you're gonna see that listing on that page that's not how this works you have personalization applied to your listing based on your past search histories and somebody different is going to have completely different personalizations this isn't for you to use to look at and then go check okay this is to show you whether or not your seo is good enough to land on these pages if that personalization was not on your listings there is no benefit to going and checking um and i understand the desire to do so we've done it we have tried multiple times to find our listings on these pages basically what this is is it's a guideline to tell you if your seo is good enough to be on those pages if personalization wasn't a factor and this this comes directly from etsy's api this is uh we have a lot of people who say oh this isn't accurate it's directly it's 100 accurate it could not be any more accurate than it is it is from the horse's mouth so yeah uh but that's what you use it for if you see that something's on pages one two even three your seo is good that i mean i mean this this used to before as he made those changes and before they included i'm just gonna call it localization because i don't know the exact word for it before they included this this was almost 100 accurate all the time yeah and it started to slowly deviate where some of them wouldn't quite be there and now most of the time it's not correct but this is this is still a good reference because this is what etsy seeing it as raw so in areas that your product would be popular those people are going to see your product at that page in position so it's still a good thing to refer to even if you're not seeing it none of your friends see it it doesn't matter somebody somewhere will see it if it's a product that they want so absolutely and just a heads up if you go to the learn more button uh oh it already popped up in a new tab there we go all of these learn more buttons are going to take you to pages where you can learn how to use these tools and what they include so if you ever have any questions about a tool all you need to do is click the learn more button it's going to tell you exactly what that tool does and you know what it's used for so i'd like to see etsy remove the delivery estimate on the shipping notification email it's way off i received my first non-five-star review in three years this week due to slow shipping message the customer first yes message the customer first i wholeheartedly agree with you though i think it's dumb because we did our collection launch yeah and in order to meet the shipping debt the minimum shipping deadline for any order we would have had to ship all what was 60 something orders same day within at like the post office was closed yeah three hours after we did our launch yep so it would have been impossible i agree with you yeah stupid set reach out first my ssar swipe files if you use those add it into the first message your uh your sale message sales ship arrive review add it into your sale message and let them know that the estimates that etsy is going to provide are a little bit off and they can expect you to ship your or their order on this day and they can typically expect it to arrive between this day and this day though they should expect there to be moderate delays due to the pandemic everybody is experiencing male delays i don't know why this why people seller or shoppers are acting like this is some rare occurrence because we all are experiencing it even when we order from amazon all right let's move to the monitor tool and then let's go ahead and hit a couple i hate i hate it okay someone did have a good question we've gotta go we've got a couple here well this one is particular to the last question go ahead uh when you've reached out done all that you can and they don't redact a review should we reply to the etsy review or leave it if it isn't something that you believe etsy will remove uh for example if they're griping about something that was outside of your control always try to message etsy before you respond because once you respond they cannot redact their review it's just stuck uh but if you've done everything you can and you have just have a nasty customer who is being rude nener neener uh rudiner neener yep just that just reminds me of me you know but if they're just a butt head respond to the review and explain everything that you did to try to help them and that you saw you're very sorry that they still weren't satisfied and you know what when i read a negative review and i see a shop response usually the shop response is enough to make me say oh the person who left the review was just crazy so yeah fendi which that's exactly the uh response i had the first time i saw this page wow that's quite a graph that's not what you said i said dirty words that youtube gets mad at me and a bunch of other people get mad at me for saying and they can kiss my butt the monitor tool is gonna monitor um they can kiss my butt they can you can give you don't like me you can track up to 20 search terms and kind of uh you know track those search terms on your listings and i don't use this tool very much it's not my favorite um and do we still have the bug yeah we're working on a little bug where if you deselect all of them we get december 31st yeah i spent a few hours a couple weeks ago just trying to break everything i could on the site so yeah um but anyway you can basically just add keywords to the monitor tool and then like it says 48 hours uh give it a little bit of time to start actually collecting a bit of data now if we refresh the page we can select less of these listings let's uh let's only select one we'll do that one that one that one one dot one dot you can see found on page two rank 86 on sunday the fourth so all right let's go to competition top sellers top sellers planner kate with way too many sales way the heck up there planner kate has been like number one on etsy forever she does really cool planner supplies and stuff she's legit i've been to her shop she's a really cool seller but you can go through and kind of see what the what the big etsy sellers are up to lots of fun you can also do sellers by country deb said uh you put your search terms in the monitor tool and they reflect and spot it on etsy feature oh okay thank you deb i don't use monitor tool that's not one it's not one of my favorites out of all the tools that's the one that i don't use but top seller report gonna give you top sellers you can also browse those top sellers by category which when we look here um top sellers by country and top sellers by category you can see top sellers by country right from the main page as well you can see top sellers by category here so if i wanted to see the top sellers in accessories we can check them all out right here and how many sales they have getting into this section be super careful on what you click on yeah end up having some things on your screen here that we can't have in a live stream that isn't private oh what the 18 plus category speaking of the 18 plus category more information coming up soon on alphas after dark where we will be taking a deep dive into the 18 plus category and the reason for that guys is that 18 plus sellers there's a lack of etsy educational information for them and they deserve to succeed just as much as somebody who sells birthday party hats in their etsy shop but because of that we want to create a live stream where they can ask questions and where we can actually explore the 18 plus category and help these sellers without the fear of a bunch of people being upset because their children were in the room when we were browsing etsy in the 18 plus category so it's not meant to be some vulgar thing where we're just trying to find an excuse to look at funny keywords we really are going to be working to help these sellers with really hard topics like marketing things that are of sexual nature so uh with that being said this is going to be a private livestream that we're going to be invitation only via a private uh email list email list yeah so you're gonna have to join that email list you will not be able to find them on the channel and we will not be leaving them up for very long so yeah make sure you keep an eye out for that if you're 18 plus we love all you 18 plus guys we didn't we knew we had some in here but we didn't realize that i've received messages from four of you and that's dope and that means that there's quite a few more of you who i haven't received messages from who are probably in that category and so we want to help you guys and if you guys just want to hang out you know and show support to our 18 plus sellers even if you're not in that category or you know you just enjoy live streams you're free to join just expect there to be x-rated content on the screen and if you're not a team player in that live stream we will remove you from both sides of it yes you got to be nice got to be nice all seller all sellers should be treated equally all right so your competition i'm not going to go into sales listings or tabs on my competition because these are some of my students i don't know how much of their information they won't be flashing up on the screen but you can go into how many sales your competitors have a little bit overviews of their listings and the tags that they're using next we're going to go into the most important tools on e-rank so let's go ahead and hit a couple of these questions first we're encroaching on one o'clock that's fine uh casey i want to get to i've got questions highlighted okay casey i'll just take for seo to show up on etsy i'm not gonna let you steal my thunder anymore and this talks a lot he wants to he wants to ask all the questions i didn't go to bed last night and i'm about to fall asleep i need to talk i'm trying to be helpful be helpful later just trying to be helpful how long does it take for seo to show up on etsy you know there's really no uh there's really no definite number but etsy says 60 to 90 days so seo i'm determining assuming that you mean being ranked for the keywords that you put in your tags and titles you should add a very very minimum 30 days that's stretching it see i would stick with 60 days is as your minimum yep um i have people clicking on my site but no sales is there a way to tell uh why they aren't buying anything no no i mean there are suggestions that i'm sure that if we were looking at your shop we could make my suggestion to you is to join the handmade alpha facebook community down below post your shop link in there and ask for shop critiques it's usually best for you to ask specific questions though rather than hey can you guys just look at my shop it's best to say hey is there any way that i could improve my branding okay can you guys check out my seo what do you think about my keywords what do you think about my product photos so be specific when you make those requests and you're more likely to get help from our alphas but our community is very helpful yeah and we do get a lot of requests via email and it's not being negative but we legit do not have the time to do personal shop critiques through email there's 18 000 of you we get about five a week people asking us to look at your shops i s currently with the video editing i know it doesn't seem like it because they're not super long i spend about 20 to 30 hours a week just adding editing videos nothing else of my time other than just editing videos and she does more work than i do so she spends 10 to 20 hours a week it depends on how much is going on with the rank she does a lot of stuff with e-rank and then she also spends pretty much a full work week on aja stuff so plus our etsy shop which we're in the middle of packing orders for so we love you guys and i wish we had time to critique your shops but please don't email us and ask us to critique your shops but we do hold live critique sessions and we're going to be doing more of those for the holidays so as long as you're subscribed and you're on my email list because i'll email you when we're about to do one two hours before we start we're going to try to start doing those once a month it could be more frequent depending on how much there is sometimes there's nothing freaking happens that'll probably be more along the spring summer time we should do a whole bunch of them for the holidays that's what i'm thinking too because it gets to a point where it's gets so saturated that there's nothing really important to talk about and people just want to ask questions and shop critique times are the best times to just ask questions so marin sometimes the attributes i need are not available for my listing for example my product is silver plated should i still select silver or leave it blank silver might mislead the customer thanks they're not going to really see the attributes um i don't believe i would just be specific when you actually list your materials because that's the thing that they're going to see really big on their screen be accurate with your materials maybe put it in one of your your 10 listing photos if you're worried about it and then put it in your listing description as well but putting it in your attributes it's silver in nature um silver plated should be okay do uk spelling variations affect your tags yes uh depending on what they are i think that for example mom like mom and mom are gonna be different um personalized versus versus personalized with a with an s we actually talked about that during the e-rank live stream yesterday um i think that they have dramatically different search results usually you want to use the term that is more popular so i would check both within e-rank and generally the u.s spelling is going to be better because i believe that 56 of etsy shoppers are in the u.s so appeal to what the bigger market is i wish there was a way that we could test using the exact same listing in a shop with somebody in the uk and somebody in the us in the us using the us terms in the uk using the uk terms and comparing their like performance yeah there's no there's no way without breaking terms of services and the market and customer experience score of those shops is going to be different and it's going to affect it different yeah i know there's no that's that's the pain in the butt part of this whole thing when we try to figure out things for you guys is that there's a lot of times not a cut and dry answer let's see tina uh i already answered that oh sorry tina and that she said i sent them an apology email combined with my receipt swipe file yep unfortunately um butt heads be butt heads and sometimes there's nothing you can do butt heads b butt heads using vpn breaks terms no that's not what i was saying at all i was saying it would be nice to do an experiment using a shop and two no when i said when i said that you did a search using a vpn so that's him on his account not my shop account using a vpn to search for products not me using a vpn changing my ip address for my shop that's different using a vpn doesn't break terms uh that's quite a graph damn butt heads okay seo title help okay and this shirt has a skeleton and a flower in it how would you title how would your tattle be skeletal without actually looking at the terms i'm just gonna tell you now there's no way we can we can't we are not the knowers of all terms but what i will say scroll back up please what i will say is that you're repeating skeleton floral skeleton flower skeleton you only have to use a keyword once don't say skeleton floral skeleton flower skeleton shirt i would say skeleton floral flower halloween shirt before i would say skeleton floral skeleton flower skeleton shirt don't repeat a word over and over again you don't only need to use the word once in your title you only need to use it once in your tags yeah try to move away from the the more chinese listing on ebay style of doing it trying to work stuffing yeah i try to make it as human-looking as possible while also stuffing as many different keywords in there as possible i am from germany and the spotted on etsy tool tells me sorry so it doesn't work uh i didn't know that it didn't work in germany debbie you're hanging out in the chat do you have anything that was from butterfly decoration in the comments here debbie if you want to look into that yeah i didn't know if germ does germany does spot it on etsy not work there all right let me go ahead and move on go ahead and slam through whatever the rest of what you need to do yeah so let's get into the best tools guys if you're taking notes this is the part where you want to take notes keyword explorer keyword lists keyword tool bulk keyword tool and compare keywords the top tools here are keyword explorer keyword list and keyword tool so let's start with the keyword explorer first keyword explorer is where we're going to do our keyword research these are the words that you want to use in your tags and titles to ensure that you're driving shoppers to your shop
so let's search slime is anthony's favorite to use because it's very popular on etsy so let's search slime and we'll say that i'm making i don't know green slime green you know like slime that kids play slime you guys know what i'm talking about the etsy api data is in english only so yeah non-english countries aren't going to be able to use api based tools thank you debbie i love you thank you for hanging out with us and answering all of the questions that i can't answer i'm head of marketing npr debbie is our customer service gal we love you debbie debbie's also been with he ranked as longer than anybody else quite a bit longer than anybody else so debbie she knows what's up debbie knows everything trust debbie all right keyword explorer what you doing what you doing keyword explorer what you doing can only happen live folks what are you doing keyword explorer we have so many freaking viewers let's give this another try what are you doing keyword explorer you are not making a good impression today thank you see look i threatened it and it worked that's a lesson that you can all take home with you crappy crafter said you look pretty today thank you i know i made her hair that color he did mark sat and dyed my hair for like an hour last night isn't he a sweet pea yes for those who are wondering this is a combination of the colors poison and wrath by arctic fox which is a cruelty free company all right so slime this is the keyword that we're looking up we've got uh our average searches 64 599 people searching it uh on etsy lots of competition average clicks pretty darn good compared to our average uh searches and the click-through rate is awesome 98 percent we can see how it compares from 2019 to 2020 wouldn't you know that april when uh covid was super duper crazy it skyrocketed so great time uh but we can also look here and kind of predict what the next few months are going to look like for slime looks like slime was pretty popular in october but it wasn't super popular as a christmas gift so and the trend is pretty similar yeah so it you know it might be one of those things where maybe slime isn't something that you want to make for christmas or if you do you just need to make a really specific type of slime or try using some different keywords other than slime to try to draw customers in i'm also curious as to why even in april of last year slime trends in april for some reason maybe for easter baskets halloween makes sense halloween kind of makes sense some sticky likes goopy i don't know all right so market uh trends we can see pinterest ebay google shopping etsy and amazon and how people were uh searching those products looky there december on amazon slime was very popular so if you're yeah if you're listing slime and you have a handmade amazon shop maybe it's a good idea to focus a little bit of your energy on your slime on handmade at amazon uh we can see it in april spiking as well on pretty much all platforms other than pinterest which most people who are searching slime on pinterest are probably looking for diy slime recipes scrolling down though the related searches are probably the most useful thing that you can do and this is also going to bring us to keyword lists so rather than just doing slime by itself because we want to ideally aim for a long tail keyword we can look at things that also include slime so slime shops slime free shipping seems to be pretty popular in the keywords cloud slime butter slime cheap slime these are all different keywords that people are searching for and if we combine these together we are still ranking for all of them so if i were going going to use uh let's see we'll do crunchy cloud slime free shipping we're combining crunchy cloud slime and slime here free shipping crunchy crunchy cloud slime free shipping say that 10 times fast we do not need to have all of these individually we don't need to have slime slime free shipping cloud slime and crunchy slime because we don't need to repeat the word slime over and over again now what you do want to aim for are exact matches on those superstar keywords that seem to have great results so for example i might want to keep slime free shipping together as an exact match if this is a term that i want to rank for getting an exact match term is fantastic if you can keep those things grouped together and then add things in front or behind so we could say crunchy slime free shipping and still be ranking for slime free shipping as an exact match um it can get very very hard and i understand that and it takes hours and hours of research mark experienced that for the very first time a couple weeks ago when i had him seo optimize a listing it's just one of those things where you have to try test try test try test over and over track your changes this is the biggest scientific experiment of your entire history of an etsy seller you will constantly be testing this and you will constantly be changing it and tweaking it and coming back to it but it's all part of the game and the successful sellers are the ones who know how to play the game it's a marathon not a sprint exactly exactly yeah i also crappy crafter said butter what the hell i hope no one's putting that on their toast butter slime is a very creamy type of slime it's all gross he does i hate slime he's not a slime kids everywhere it's better than baked beans on toast though all right so the search trend graph is another really useful feature so you can see when it was popular that way you know when it's a good time to list all your new slimes and remembering that it takes 60 to 90 days to be ranked on etsy for those keywords if you see that slime is especially popular in april you need to go 60 to 90 days out before you create those listings and get those keywords in there that way you're ready for the april rush so if you see that it's spiking in april don't list in april list a few months ahead okay so that's how you what what is mushroom key that's one of my keys i have a little mushroom key they're talking about because the star thing in the bottom left corner oh you never explained what that was i haven't gotten there yet we'll get there crappy crafter we'll get there i promise don't be so crappy don't be so crappy we love you you're one we missed you you are gone for a little while all right let's talk about keyword lists this is one of my favorite newer features and now that i have it i don't know how i ever lived without it so every month as debbie said around the fifth of each month erank updates its data because we get all that new data for the month for the last month uh and you know it changes the numbers and we can see how trends change and that's kind of how the bloodstream flows through e-rank is the the new data that comes in each month and it's very expensive so thank you thank you thank you to anthony for providing it with to us yes um rather than having to go in every month though and search these keywords one by one which is what we used to have to do you can now save them and just go back and check them every month to make sure that they're still performing well so to create a keyword list on any page where you see gray stars you should also see a little box down here and mushroom key just happens to be one of the keyword lists that we created but let's make a new list and we will call it a slime test and save here is our slime test list and we know that we're adding key sorry i'm like trying to see past my mic we know that we're seeing keywords being added to the slime list because we have it selected if we wanted to switch we could switch back to one of these but these are all test lists because i've just been testing lists like crazy so slime test let's just select a couple of the ones that we like we'll add slime free shipping and cloud slime and butter slime and cheap slime and uh crunchy slime and clear slime and fluffy slime and slime sense okay yes then we pop it open we can see all the keywords that we just saved oh i don't want slime sense anymore let's get rid of that goodbye so that's your keyword list now the really cool thing is we can go in and view our lists so we'll view our list if i just started a shop last month and i'm making 40 sales a day should i expect more when the 60 to 90 day ranking kicks in what in the crap are you selling that you just just made a shop and are getting 40 sales a day first of all congratulations um and probably is if you're doing it right i mean honestly black friday for you i'm excited to see what you let's try this again for real our computer might be going slow because we've got so much going on we have a lot going on all right so what are we in we're still in mushroom key get into slime here we go all right so here is our keyword list that we just created uh we've got a couple cool features within your keyword list we can see all of the keywords that are in it we can add a color flag which can be anything that you want this is supposed to replicate how we used to track our keywords by writing them down in notebooks and highlighting them in different colors you can basically just make your own color glossary and select whatever color flags you want so maybe all of the ones that you're using in your listings are in green sorry can't see around the mic and then the ones that don't work well for your listing are in red and then maybe the ones that you're experimenting or in pink whatever you want to put you can also add a little note if you want to add a note to your listing or you can add a note to each individual keyword maybe you could put just i'm testing this keyword as your note so you can remember later you've also got the listing builder now there is one fatal flaw with the listing builder and that is that it does not account for repeat tags so if i were to add in all of these keywords into my listing builder i can hit this copy button it's going to copy all of these and i can go directly into one of my listings tag sections and paste them all and click enter and they will all paste as tags but because we've repeated the word slime over and over again we will not have filled out our tags technically correctly because you don't want to repeat the same word over and over again in your tags you only did it once so i don't really use the listing builder copy and paste feature that much basically keyword lists are just a way to keep track of all of your lists what is she up there doing i have no idea sharon asked if there's a reason i'm skipping your questions i'm not skipping your questions it's just that every once in a while something will pop up that i want to address real quick and we're going to get to the rest of the questions afterwards i've skipped quite a few questions yeah guys we're trying to keep moving so if we're not yeah we're already 15 minute with these are only supposed to be an hour long we're already 15 minutes over and we got stuff to do you can hear the child upstairs getting very impatient she's only eight years old and she's unattended so here's our actual keyword list page this is where all of my keyword lists live these are all just random ones that i've made for various live streams and things where i've been testing things yadda yadda but you can flag all your lists maybe all the ones that i currently have in listings or green and all the ones that i'm not using yet or in yellow whatever you want to do here all right next let's go to the keyword tool this one is commonly confused with the keyword explorer the keyword tool is going to show you uh how commonly these keywords are used by other sellers now not how commonly they're searched by shoppers keyword explorer is going to tell you how commonly they're searched by shoppers keyword tool is going to show you how commonly sellers are using them and how popular they are so if i type in i was going to do key necklace but we'll do slime again since that's been what we've been using what's the matter josie joe is your face itchy wanna say hello i'm like looking all hunched over you want to give me uh give me another question no what is etsy api go ahead it's basically you go ahead tech guy okay i don't remember i don't actually remember what api stands for off the top of my head again i haven't gone to bed in 40 something hours uh let us know essentially it's how we're seeing etsy's information so it's an interface that etsy provides out that allows certain data that they decide that they want you to be able to get to be interfaced into things like e-ranks into things like tools yeah so any any third-party tool no matter what etsy seo tool you're using they're probably using etsy's api to actually or a third party agent or a third party yeah so there you go crafty crafter application programming interface thank you i'm glad that you knew that all right so uh these she said i'm not smart i google that i figured shh claim it claim it we would have believed that you knew it just claim it all right so let's go ahead and take a little peek my favorite thing about the keyword tool is that we can go in and see some of the most popular tags associated to the word slime that other sellers are using and the more popular they are the bigger they are in the word cloud so we can see that butter slime slime scented slime slimer and glitter slime are the biggest on this word cloud so pretty useful and then we can see the searches we can see tag occurrences what is tag occurrences the number of listings that contain the specified tags the number of listings that contain the specified tags debbie i'm not sure there i'm i'm i'm wondering on that one but either way you guys can do a little bit of research into the popularity of those tags there's a cool long tail graph here so you can see if it's a long tail high converting keyword which is what you're going to see over in the green area or if it's going to be really hard to rank for being a head keyword and you can usually identify those by being of shorter length and not containing a lot of words so all right the rank checker once again we already kind of covered this when we talked about spotted on etsy but basically if etsy were to remove the personalization or promoted listings feature uh this is where you would fall organically so if you are seeing your listings showing on page one or two in the rank checker that's fantastic it means that your seo is great you're not going to be able to go to etsy type those keywords in and expect to find that listing on that page because every user has personalization incorporated in and etsy has gotten a lot smarter over the years so we're not going to use this to check to see where we are we're going to use it to check how good our seo is and if it would land on page 1 or 2 without personalization it means our seo is pretty good so i have to use one from my shop so we'll just do oh not just key necklace skeleton key necklace we want a long tail keyword sorry i have really long fingernails it's hard to type you have such good energy for not having slept what's your secret i need that oh it's a nightmare have you ever seen that meme of the person sitting at the table drinking their tea and the whole background's on fire it's the dog the little dog oh yeah the little little guy drinking his coffee that's kind of what it's like so don't do it it's awful all right so we are in the rank checker seeing what the rank is for some of my listings using the term skeleton key necklace and we added a bunch of listings last saturday that have fantastic a grade seo and you'll notice that they are not on any of the top ranking pages at all these suck these suck because they don't have listing quality scores yet they're brand new some of them sold a whole bunch of times over the weekend uh let's see uh this one's sold a bunch of times this one sold a bunch of times i know this one sold a bunch of times over the weekend but it hasn't been 60 to 90 days so we don't have them ranking yet very well it is not midshot they have not matured yet but we look at these listings that i've had in my shop forever this one i've had uh it says date created 2019 but that's when it i i've had this listing for i've had a version of this listing for longer but all the old listings are the ones that are doing really really well so they're ranking a little bit higher and they're on the highly you know sought after pages this one has only sold twice once in 2017 and once in 2018 because it's my test crap listing uh and it's still showing as having good seo so good sign just a bad product all right moving on to the bulk rank checker it's going to do about the same thing all you need to do is enter a bunch of search terms in so we can do scale return key you should be doing this you should be doing i can't type very well let's do skeleton key necklace uh type in key to my heart i can't type with my long fingernails and at an angle and let's do gift for mom that's good enough all right we'll be getting two uh chat questions here in just a minute because we're almost done we're getting there almost done are you guys learning anything are you enjoying this tour let us know in the comments if you're enjoying this i was really i was so so about doing this uh live stream because there's a couple e-rank tools despite the fact that i work for e-rank there's a couple of them that i don't use so i'm not super savvy on which is why i'm really glad that we have debbie hanging out in the chat today because she is one of my partners in crime at e-rank along with pam duthie uh you probably know her from youtube as well if you watch a lot of etsy related youtube videos she's the awesome lady with the half purple half red hair and she calls etsy etsy she's my favorite so i love pam she talked about trying to learn to pronounce etsy correctly and i was like no never i genuinely don't understand the concept of not being able to pronounce something a certain way i i've never understood that it's accents the same we say things wrong we say i'm sure there's lots of things that what i'm sure there's lots of things someone who isn't uh in the us give us a word that americans tend to pronounce completely wrong in your eyes that way no one from the uk because you guys don't even know what biscuits are so someone for somebody is from somewhere else we talked about biscuits and gravy last week and you guys about lost your mind one of these live streams we're going to eat biscuits and gravy we already have it planned we've decided all right bulk rank checker is going to do essentially the same thing it's going to take uh those you know different keywords that you've put in and show you what pages you're landing on for some of those keywords so essentially the same tool all right category tool briefly describe your listing it's gonna tell you popular categories for that uh so for that particular set of keywords so if i type in skeleton key necklace which is what i make maybe you type in mug for mom telling us all the words we say wrong aluminum not aluminium that's debatable i'm a science nerd all right let me go ahead and finish what i'm doing here and then we'll read all your goofy words yes all right skeleton key necklace etsy's gonna recommend that these are the categories that i put it in so it's gonna tell you if you're really confused about what categories when you're creating your listings to put your products in there's a great tool for that all right color thesaurus another one that i don't use very frequently but if you're doing branding colors or you're in digital designs you can pick a color and it's going to give you more color ideas that are associated with that and give you color hex code so let's do what color pick a color any color hot pink hot pink hot pink that is not hot that is hot that is red magenta hot pink it literally said it's red magenta it's hot pink what is this this is magenta hot pink but anyway color hex codes if you ever do anything with hex codes you can grab them here and there's lots of pretty ones fun for branding your shop picking different colors i've i've never used but it's a fun tool it could be useful roi calculator here's a good one you can see what your return on investment is by putting what your ad spend is your ad views your ad clicks orders from your ads and your revenue from ads to calculate it out uh your return on investment so how much you're making versus how much you're spending really useful tool uh next up the profit calculator another really great one can't read it because there's a mic in the way but you can put in your price shipping price any discounts or coupons that you're offering before that cost material cost shipping costs etsy ads there you go and you can see they can see it you can see how much money you're making on that listing so lots of fun there uh calendar this is going to show you all different holidays around the world plus the top searches from that month last year so you can see the things that are probably going to trend again this year if we see that opal and halloween decor and bridesmaid gifts were all trending in 2019 it's a pretty good indicator that they're going to be trending in 2020 so pretty basic generator not my favorite tool this one is you can just throw in your etsy tags or random etsy keywords and click convert and it's going to turn them into nice little hashtags for you so you can copy and paste those on instagram or wherever you want to use hashtags shortcut button this one is super duper fun you can add a little short butt button short but short but button short butt button if you got a little itty bitty short butt you can add this to your browser and it is going to basically allow you to analyze your listings directly from your etsy shop so you get a little smiley face and uh if i were on my own etsy shop and i had one of my listings up i could click the little smiley face and it would analyze that listing for me or if i pulled up somebody else's listing a competitor and i clicked on my smiley face button i could analyze their product so fun little tool all right last two market report this is just kind of etsy's overall market report we can see that 55.9 percent of etsy users are in the us so good information to have for those of you who are asking what type of spelling you should use uk or u.s probably us probably u.s depends on what you sell but probably us absolutely so go based on what your sales look like yep look at your own demographics you can see where uh where etsy reaches compared to amazon ebay and aliexpress so etsy is number four right above walmart which is pretty cool that they're above walmart when people say hey is etsy better than uh art fire for example you can see that art fire is dramatically below etsy in terms of our reach so etsy's great trend buzz is my favorite report of all time it's going to show you what's been popular over the what was popular last month so top 100 search terms that were popular last month how far you scrolled we're not gonna 18 plus is in its own category yeah but you know we double checked we were the ones who reviewed this if there's a bad word in here it's my fault it's your fault actually you helped me new feature on the trend buzz is the hot button these are going to show you what was popular yesterday and every day it's going to update so we can see that face mask was super popular yesterday most of these were very popular yesterday uh halloween svg was not popular yesterday but it is still very popular right now or in september so you can kind of see uh what was popular last month and if those things are still popular this month so face masks were very popular last month and they're still popular today love the new hot button let us know what you guys think of the new hot button but you can also browse by category there's also an 18 plus category here we don't show that because there's wordy nerds in there but if you sell in the 18 plus category feel free to explore that let's select um just two accessories see what accessories were popular yesterday and also make sure that you're not using trademark terms just because these terms were searched does not mean that you should use them yes for example among us which is a relatively new game uh that is very very trendy for those who aren't aware it's very very trendy right now on social media i don't get it either uh but that doesn't mean that you should use it as a keyword just because people are searching it so be aware we also have this big be aware of trademark terms and you can go to the trademark database if you want to look further into terms but we can see things that were popular apparently harry styles has been very popular lately we had to look up harry styles we had no idea who harry styles was had no idea we don't like we don't follow follow pop culture that much nope we don't watch marvel movies i honestly can't stand them no um we don't watch horror movies really we watch comedies we like epics what are you doing last thing slash blog i want to show them blog here it is if you guys want any more useful information make sure that you check out blog for all of the cool different blog posts that cover a variety of topics that you guys are probably wondering about for example what's the difference between etsy tags and keywords uh what do you do if your keyword has no etsy searches there's a couple blogs by me called uh renewer lists re-list your etsy listings and seven factors that affect rank on etsy i've also got a video on that on my channel uh but we've also converted some of my most popular videos into blogs same with debbie's or debbie's same with pam's and debbie's got a couple really great blogs up here as well so don't neglect the blog we love the blog the blog is very popular and we have lots of great content on the blog go to the blog let's check it out look at it check out it check check out it check out check it out and look at it all right i think i think i'm ready i think i'm ready to answer questions already a lot of people wanting to know how we pronounce things it's tomato tomato not tomato tomato do you have water and it is banana not banana banana banana banana banana um we can go ahead and full screen us unless we need it oh yeah let's go ahead and do that let me see if this immediately yep sure does hold on guys we're going to be ghosts for like three seconds because our camera is a butt head butt head has been our term trying not to offend all the whiny sissies that are in the comments that complain about bad words me and guys my mental health has been bad i posted it today on my facebook i'm like my mental health has been bad people why do you flip your camera why do you flip your camera who cares why do you care why do you have a lip ring it's distracting i don't know if if you're so distracted by my lip ring that you can't focus on the content then i would then there's so many hours that go into creating content for free for free we don't get paid to do this divert your energy into something more useful than complaining about a flipped video we love you we do love you we love you we love we love those of you who support us every week though that's why we do this every week for four years now every week hanging out for over an hour every friday while our child is supposed to be being homeschooled right now but we don't get her started until like way later that's all right i had her knock out extra work yesterday so she don't have that much to do today but next friday we will not be here i will be posting video that is not etsy related it is a private just fun video feel free to watch it uh but we won't be hosting the friday being because mark and i are running away for our 10-year wedding anniversary we are we started dating when we were 18 and we got married 19. and 19. no you were 18 oh yeah i was 18. you were 18. we started dating when we were 18. and now we're old we are we shouldn't say that most of our audience is double our age most of our audience says that we are like their kids age and i love that i love you guys you guys are the best i'm just glad that you listened to us and don't hit us with that okay millennial okay millennial because we won't hit you with the reverse i'm not gonna say it because i genuinely think youtube would take the video down if i said it you know what millennials are good and bad they're every generation has good and bad and we're not getting into that discussion today when we stop pointing fingers then we can enjoy life and enjoy our company right let's have positivity by the way today is a national coming out day so to our lgbtq alphas don't be afraid don't be afraid we love you and if you've already come out congratulations we love you guys love is freaking love and don't be afraid of it and if you have a reason to be afraid of it seek help outside in your community there are people out there that will help you yeah you got to tell somebody if you're afraid for any reason whatsoever seek help because you shouldn't be and you deserve to not be afraid sorry go ahead oh no i i lost uh we didn't do live streams in april because i lost one of my best friends uh in high school his name was shay and he was trans and he had some issues with his uh conversion therapy um and had a seizure and passed away and was my age so very very sad and he had he was one of the biggest advocates in the area and it yeah so anytime we have a day like this i think about like him i don't know yeah we love you guys love his love is love and you should be allowed to love whatever way you want to as long as no one or nothing is hurt in the process that was unless that's your thing yeah i guess that's yeah as long as it's conceptual long as it's legal if it's legal and consensual you know what what do you what you do with your partner in the bedroom do you guys have fun yeah do it do it i'll talk about that more on alphas after dark i'm sure we're gonna see lots of products related to it when we do keyword searches for elsa's after dark uh do you do shipping deadlines for all holidays and your listings or just christmas i mean if you sell particularly for other holidays if it's a big busy holiday for that particular industry i'd maybe yeah sure depending on i mean if you sold like for example i'm gonna use the 18 plus example if you sold women's lingerie it might be a good idea to put a valentine's day deadline just because it's kind of a given uh i only do it for the holidays because that's when my keys are most popular valentine's day i get quite a few sales but not enough to justify a shipping deadline so it's up to you uh it's because my titles are germ and we're okay so yeah we covered that we did it we did it uh even if i ship a week earlier than my estimated ship date for processing a delivery date is recalculated on that shipping notification email you send your own email though send your not email but send your own etsy convo message yeah don't email yeah don't email can't wait for after dark streams me neither i'm pretty stoked for it we're thinking about having like little whiskeys and cokes getting a drink get having a little drink i literally only drink like once every few months so we don't drink at all i don't drink i will have so here's a funny story while mark's looking for comments when we met anthony wolfe in person a year ago or over a year ago i had a drink at the fancy hotel that we were meeting him out we met him at a hotel bar and i had one drink before he got there and then he got there and he bought me a drink and i was like sure i'll have a drink i was plastered by that second drink we don't drink we are lightweight i was plastered and i'm sitting there in front of anthony wolf the ceo of e-rank before we you know before i worked for him and i'm just sitting there thinking to myself oh you are making a fool out of yourself starla but we're we talk every single it was mutual we all had a pretty hard buzz going on graphic crafter said let's get mark drunk i don't like being drunk he he does not drink it is his least favorite thing in the world i don't like losing myself as soon as i get to a point where me starts to disappear i'm uncomfortable i'm uncomfortable the whole time i genuinely don't like it and that's weird because i can drink hard when i want to and i just don't like to anymore yeah something happened at some point i honestly don't know what and i just don't like it yep i haven't seen you drunk probably and you haven't yeah you haven't seen me well it's been not four years because we used to drink at the bar oh yeah we had a it's been about a year and a half yes
Under active listings you discuss SEO suggestions. Is that something we should look further into? I never really see suggestion!
under active listings you discuss seo suggestions is that something we should look further into i never really see suggestion seo suggestions are things that will follow etsy's best practices but aren't necessarily things that you need to worry about especially if your listings are performing well if that listing is doing very bad and it's not getting any views any favorites any sales at all might be a good indication that you should try to follow some of those suggestions uh one thing that i notice a lot is that etsy will recommend that we shorten our titles to make them short descriptive sentences but what we found is that listings will perform equally as well if not better by using those traditional keyword string style titles that you often see on etsy and that we saw a lot a few years ago the reason etsy wants us to switch to those short descriptive sentences is they are more shopper friendly and shoppers aren't going to feel weird when they see something that says skeleton key necklace for mom cool gifts for dad you know that doesn't sound like a sentence but i've tested both my listings that have the string style titles tend to work better than the short descriptive sentences so even though etsy suggests it i don't see as much success with it i had a customer leave my first one star review with no feedback i reached out but heard nothing back from her should i reach out to etsy it hasn't affected my overall rating so i'm not sure it's worth it they won't remove it if they if she didn't give you any feedback and just left a one star review etsy's not going to remove it um there are certain grounds that etsy will remove that listing and i cannot remember exactly what it is or what they all are i know if they like mention another marketplace like amazon oh i could get this cheaper on amazon then etsy will remove it um or if they say something nasty or call you a bad word etsy will remove it but i would just you know it sucks it really sucks and i feel for you one bad review isn't gonna isn't gonna hurt you though i wouldn't worry too much about it and most most shoppers are going to ignore it okay i went way too far i lost my freaking highlight you're freaking sorry i'm probably going to accidentally skip a couple questions because i don't know where in the heck i was you can find it i believe i don't know if i can banana tomato banana caramel caramel it's above that because we were before the arguments about how our version of english is better do you say caramel or caramel depends on the conversation who i'm talking to you know me i like saying things the wrong way to purposefully aggravate people so caramel he get he calls the baskets that you get at the grocery store that you carry and carts he calls them hand carts drives people nuts that's not a hand cart a cart has wheels i do that if i don't know where they are too i'll ask the attendant where the hand guards are and then they have no idea what i'm talking about and it's just for just for the goof and some of you barbarians call them trolleys i know you you know who you are you're thinking about it right now you're like she just called me a barbarian i did holy crap i genuinely don't know where in the hell i'm supposed to be at here okay so it's past that okay here we go will there be an invitation via your newsletter i'm assuming you're talking about alphas after dark yes we'll probably send something out via our standard email list and we'll probably put a link to it not in this live stream but in the next the next one because we're i think we're going to start doing the week of halloween like the last week of october yeah i'm thinking we might do them maybe on a weekend or something yeah i think it's probably going to be like a saturday night thing that way we don't have any obligations saturday night kid can you know go to grandma's house so we don't risk her coming downstairs and hearing us say [Music] and i don't think they're going to stay up for we're not sure if we're going to leave them up they are going to be private so you won't be able to just go to our channel and find them you will have to have the email with the link so if you're interested in alpha's after dark if you want to make sure you pay attention yeah check down below if you sign up for any of our freebies you'll be added to my email list and it will be a 100 safe environment anybody that doesn't play nice will be removed from our channel entirely absolutely not not just from the alphas after dark from no no kink shaming no lgbtq shaming no none of that we don't want none of that and we don't want any personal information we're not going to give you any personal information about us we love you guys we don't need to know all the specifics and we don't need to know yours you can no i may do a limited edition like naughty calendar we talked come on guys don't you think a swimsuit calendar with mark not yet i've got about another 10 pounds to lose before i'm gonna do that this boy's lost 21 pounds probably more than that at this point anyway rachel people complain so much when we just ramble on but guess what these are our live streams uh rachel brooke winkley e-rank has so many amazing features and data that you can spend a whole lot of time digging into it all what's an efficient way to use it on a weekly monthly etcetera basis to up traffic views and sales you know we're kind of still trying to figure that out you know we're trying to figure out the best work like road map uh so obviously for traffic keyword optimization tracking your listings making sure that you're keeping an eye on them going to your keyword lists checking out how the trends have changed on the month by month is also a really useful strategy you can pop into the reports tab or click the hot button that's at the top of your dashboard see what was super trendy or what was being searched a lot yesterday um but yeah i think that track changes is my is my big one to look at daily um if you want to keep an eye on your competitors that's pretty cool too i like to use the competitors tool or i recommend alphas use it when they notice a dip in sales and they say man i didn't get any sales yesterday is anybody else experiencing this rather than asking people who aren't in your niche follow competitors in your niche and see if they all suffered a lack of sales yesterday too and if you notice that everybody did then it's probably not anything that you need to worry about all right we're gonna try to kind of power our through these questions this will probably end up going out too too but i mean if you if you look where we are yeah um speed round speed round does etsy pull back on showing listings and ads until you shop out a lot of open shipping ship out a lot of open orders i've seen a sudden surge in traffic after i ship so they haven't specified that they do it after you ship a lot of orders but what they have said is that they're going to be reducing the visibility of sellers who have an influx in orders um and then they will boost it back after their order volume goes down i don't like this at all i understand why they're doing it i don't like it go back on my channel and watch the etsy policy updates video that i made it's like my most popular video in months it's got the red background go watch that and it talks about the most recent updates but what you're asking is exactly what a lot of sellers are experiencing after that update um please don't get rid of my blue stripe i kind of know where i was though there we go oh yeah i didn't get rid of it this time all the time i genuinely don't understand your question maybe you can piece this together all tags have to have some kind of sense or can we put mom mother wife and birthday gift in other one yeah you can so they're asking if they can mix them up so they don't make sense they don't have to make saying i'm tired yeah if you can exact match them so they make sense and that is you know a phrase that makes sense and it's got great searches on e-rank that's an exact match that's fantastic gifts for mom if you can fit that into one tag awesome but if you need to break it up for example skeleton key necklace is my biggest term skeleton key necklace does not fit in a single tag so i do skeleton key and then i might do birthstone necklace or silver necklace and it still ranks for skeleton key necklace so yes mix them up it doesn't need to make sense in your tags just discovered y'all so much great info can't wait to delve further into learning about seo etc awesome guys don't forget to grab the freebies down below my ssar swipe files are down there those are gonna help you with customer service everything you need to know about them and how great they are and the thousands of alphas who use them and love them they've got testimonials and everything so that's all down below and uh my black friday survival guide you guys need to get that right away because you need to start marketing for black friday soon that's also going to include my double dip strategy video which is going to teach you how i run black friday sales the average around six thousand dollars in a 24-hour time period on black friday so all of those are free down below we want to make sure that you guys have a fantastic holiday season and of course handmade alpha academy will be opening on december 1st which is my personal training program that's going to teach you exactly how to reach etsy success sure it's my etsy training program it covers seo at coverage branding it covers marketing it covers exactly when to post posts how to make your posts how to edit your photos how to do pre-launches how or how to do launches not pre-launches how to create a facebook group how to create a viral following how to create an email list how to follow email list laws everything you need to know is in this course and it will be opening on december 1st and closing again on december 10th because we hate marketing we hate marketing marketing we hate marketing our course we get the meanest comments when we market our course so we do and the funny thing is is we don't do any of the sketchy crap that the majority of other in every industry coach do that's why we're just the world's okayest coaches and not the world's best coaches because because we could make a whole crap load more money on our course if we were butthead it solves all of your problems it cures all illnesses it doesn't it homeschools your kids for you and it walks your dogs you guys have all heard coaches like that right all right let's do it again we've answered two questions since i said power rounds okay it's actually power round with this shop critiques which are really useful could you sometimes choose shops that are less than perfect we always choose them 100 at random yeah we do we do we do not pick them ahead of time they're from the com if you've i think you've seen them before we just i sometimes she'll do them in order but for the most part i just scroll through we get thousands at a time like we there's no way that we can sort them by less than perfect if if they're in the chat we pick them randomly and if you're interested in those don't bother emailing your shops ahead of time unless we ask for it because i'm just going to ignore that yep love you guys we got to keep it equal guys keep it equal and fair i notice when i don't use the material on gemstone attributes all 13 of my material shags show directly underneath the photo that's interesting that's weird what about sugar score day of the dead shirt i don't remember the context of that sorry uh searching rank yep check them i've heard that etsy ranks keywords higher if they're in the order they're searched in a halloween mask as opposed to halloween and mask is that not true i think you're referring to long tail keywords exact match so if you can put them together like i said that's an exact match that's fantastic that's gonna rank above a broad match but broad match is still going to rank exact matches best to try to rank for but you don't want to repeat a keyword over and over again just to get repeat exact matches it's better to have a good variety and pick a couple exact matches that you can strive for vesper martini said what happened just lost my hearing did anybody else lose sound because i'm showing an output has anybody else lost sound let me know i don't think so you might have to i mean it doesn't even really matter what i say because you won't hear me let's notice type if you can hear us in the chat can you sounds good okay okay thank you does someone tell the person who said they can't hear us true or frightened crap did it go away amazon is always that yep amazon's always great butter yes i love butter blue i mean and where the green and yellow red lines mean oh i think they were talking about the graph do they all just represented different particular search volumes don't uh if you see that a term is in the red it doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad and neither does green mean good it's not a stoplight system it's just the best color coding system that we could incorporate into e-rank so uh so with the slime example can you please say how you would tag your title please without repeating slime you just take the words out of the other ones that have slime and try to take ones out that look like they're going to perform well and that would form a coherent sentence that's that's basically all you're doing yeah so crunchy butter cloud slime scented green butter cloud slime scented green butter cloud slime with crunchy scent oh i already said since it's blue cotton candy fufu beads i don't know just try to not repeat the word i know that it's really hard but it and it can be hard to create that sentence and it takes a lot of time don't wait until the day before your launch to do your seo like me which i did this weekend and was up until two hours what other crap to do we only do the etsy thing so you guys don't call us fakers and and we still sell out of everything because my fans are crazy exactly does it matter if you use a slasher comma to separate keywords in your title nope doesn't matter it doesn't matter nobody cares i like a forward slash i think it looks cleaner comma makes it look like a big run-on sentence but in terms of ranking it doesn't matter etsy mixes and matches i'm just glad that word stuffing isn't the popular thing to do anymore because that may i that drove me nuts it looks like trash to me that chinese word stuffing ebay i hate it amazon does it too i know amazon does it newegg does it too uh if i started a show okay we already did that one is there a reason why oh um speed round do you guys like my world's okay us coach mark i'm the world's okay coach all right now we're really pounding through them on the facebook group is there any way to see what the best selling products in any particular category yes from the trend buzz report you can go uh you can search what the most popular terms were in that category last month and you can see what was hot yesterday if it's got the flame beside it so within the reports tab go to the trend buzz and select the category that you sell within we did have a complaint yesterday where someone said that uh the report or the trend buzz was useless because kitchenware wasn't in there my kitchenware is in home and living so make sure that you know if you sell pendants or bracelets it falls into jewelry obviously i'm not going to correct all you on how you're pronouncing things wrong we'll just go ahead and skip that grand mall i can't believe we still have 207 people in here at almost two hours they're here this live stream if there aren't at least 200 likes on this video i don't know what i'm going to do he's going to cry i'm not he's a bad guy he's a big man i'm not going to cry he's a big man i'm going to go to the next fair in town and i'm going to pop a kid's balloon he holds his teddy bear and he cries at night and he he weeps and asks me for help yeah because i'm the one with 15 stuffed animals in the bed you bought them you did buy them you bought them do you recommend anything different when figuring out your seo for new product launch or is it the exact practice same exact practice relatively the same practice i i don't quite know what you're asking figuring out your keywords for a new product launch just accurately describe the products as best as you can that's what seo is yes nice mug don't talk about the stuffies they didn't do anything to you i bought most of them yes i'd buy them i have an otter i would prefer stuffed animals all over the side of the bed versus like 75 pillows like some of you like to do because that's awful and it's gaudy i have all those pillows and he shoved them all in the closet i did i shoved them all in the closet there's like 10 pillows in the closet because i freaking hate them i end up with them under my head at some point in the night and then wake up all kinked and derpy-looking all right loving it i think i need to rework my tags on some listings but now i'm afraid to do it so close to the holidays the listings aren't selling though so i guess there's no harm right yeah do one track it do track changes track it keep an eye on it for do about five days change some keywords and watch your track changes and see if those keywords helped and if those keywords helped then those are great keywords maybe you could put them on some other listings that aren't selling or being viewed at all how do you think rank checker compares to the google keyword tool google keyword tool is not telling you where you're falling on etsy it's for google etsy is for etsy and google is for google so uh google i use google keyword planner for like my uh youtube seo and things i would never use a tool in fact i i've used google keyword planner um but that's for keywords do they show you what page you would fall on with google keyword planner i don't even know how those things are related no idea let's keep moving i need to make you some of the jenny breakfast special biscuits and gravy with eggs and cheese sounds great but i bet my biscuits and gravy are better because i make really good biscuits and gravy i don't make biscuits and grapes i make potatoes and gravy jen you guys should have a have a biscuits and gravy bacon cooked cook off bake off cookoff i didn't know about the hex codes niche it's french some pronounce it nietzsche yeah most of the english language is bastardized from other languages so niche and that's not a bad word that's a that's not a bad word you're right the correct word that is the correct um so much for this website holy crap blah blah yes we love you we love you uh profit calculator is so useful i've used it in the store to quickly see if materials i'm thinking about buying will be profitable yes that's that big brain energy look for question marks uh i'm gonna question what are you gonna do what are you gonna do what's he gonna do he ain't gonna do nothing you're gonna do nothing uh looking for do you guys harass your husbands like i do we harass the crap out of each other no we're not abusing each other for you one person that i know is sitting there angrily beating the crap out of their keyboard with drool hanging out of their mouth i'm abusive what is the best way to let etsy know we'd like changes i.e delete the shipping estimate message them yes shoot them a message if enough people complain about something etsy usually takes notice but if everybody's just complaining on facebook etsy's not gonna know message them be nice be polite let them know how it's affecting you don't say wow etsy you suck because you suck and you're awful tell them how it's affecting you tell them the problems that you're experiencing uh let them know how long you've been experiencing the problems and propose solutions that's what i would do do almost done uh unchained gifts by general and my brother in law made the mistake of naming his two-year-old butthead is the name really butthead i need to i need to know this uh we appreciate you we appreciate you we love you uh i was 15 when i started dating my husband ain't nothing wrong with that don't listen to them look at all the nice comments sorry if i skip your questions i'm literally just like going over these as quickly as possible save them for the week after next i'm reading them happy anniversary sandy our anniversary was september 42 years holy crap happy anniversary happy anniversary [Music] i can guarantee you that that's not something i need to be on stream uh i get pretty raunchy when i'm drunk yes he does tipsy i respect that i'm glad you respect that i'm not doing it for any like particular reason i just don't like it nope as a matter of fact i am on the border that most other things should be legal and alcohol shouldn't be because most other things don't kill you kill you nope and they don't cause you to kill other people i used to never drink this year has driven today drinking i can see that i'm not judging this year has been a year for sure mindy uh i'm completely new to this if you edit your listing does that mess with your seo thank you for talking about e-rank we'll check it out tags and titles yes it will affect your seo if you change your description or your thumbnails uh no it's not going to affect your ranking though it might affect the way that people perceive your listings so um if you've got listings that are performing well my big advice is just to not touch them at all at all because it's like having a table with four legs if you pull one of those keywords out and you don't know that that's the leg that's supporting the table the whole table is going to fall down but in terms of ranking no the algorithm is not going to detect anything but changes to your tags and your titles sherry i've got to say that is the most like old school european thing i've ever read in my entire life thank you for that i have old man's constitution grog does nothing unless i skull it what exactly translate sherry that's the most metal thing i've ever heard how do you create your email list for your shop and when should you start your email list when you're a newbie on etsy so i do not cover email lists publicly on the channel there is a reason for that the reason that we do not cover it publicly is because there are a lot of laws and regulations that come with having an email list including things like the can spam act and gdpr fines for violating either of these can be up to four hundred thousand you us dollars i doubt any of you have four hundred thousand us dollars just sitting around to pay fines nor do i want to be responsible for causing those fines so we keep that content exclusive inside of handmade alpha academy however what i will say is that we recommend mailchimp it's fantastic if you want to start one and you can't afford handmade alpha academy mailchimp is free and they have tons of free tutorials and trainings directly from their website as well as youtube i recommend following mailchimp's actual tutorials though not some hearsay from random people out there follow actual mailchimp's advice um that's where i would start mark isn't going to do his top 10 favorite products now i'm a dude i don't need 10 different products that's true i'm his favorite product [Laughter] the whole feminist community just went oh god because that's not you're not a product i'm a product of my environment be sure to click on the thumbs up for today's bean that is true it really helps us out it it truly really does it does believe it somebody actually asked if that helps us out it does it puts us out there it lets more people know that we exist it does oh you guys rock we know we love you sorry my english is not very good if your english isn't very good and you're in this stream it's fine post it we're going to read it it's not embarrassing you just don't know our language i probably can't pronounce whatever language you're in i probably don't even have even the slightest recollection of anything in your language so don't don't yeah for real no biggie for real i'll try it and if i can't figure it out somebody else can try to help she might know it we're a community here it's all good we love you the fact that you're bilingual is more than we could ever yeah i don't have the time to be bilingual i used to know a bit of german but that's i'm new to etsy should i use e-rank for finding the product to make does it work sure no yeah if you want to do see what's trending see what's trending on top sellers yeah but you it i i would say yeah if you want to see what's trending see what's trendy see what's popular see what keywords are trending that should lead you in a direction that's going to tell you a little bit more about it can i find the price for h-a-a you know interesting you know what normally i don't say it but i am just gonna say it uh normally handmade alpha academy if you guys are saving up for it it's important that you know how much it is and um there was like this big thing that we learned from our coach that said that don't announce the price of anything beforehand tell it to them at the time and you know what that's bs you guys need to know how much it is and how much to save for so if you're not on the email list the price is 1997 however if you're on the email list when doors open december first you guys get a thousand dollar discount making the course 9.97 you can pay one time or there's a six-month payment plan available for 199 a month and we have a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee so if you get in and you work on it for 29 days and decide that it's not for you or that it's not you know maybe you don't like my crazy hair or my piercings then you can request a full refund and we don't even ask you why but if you want to tell us why that way we can improve for future generations then that's fine too i do want to clarify that joining the email list does not mean if you go to the website and check out you get a thousand dollar discount that's not how that works we will send you a link to a special page that allows you to get a thousand dollar discount so please we email you if you ain't internet savvy please don't just go to the website and check out because it will charge you full price yes please use the link in the email that we provide to you with the discount or email us and say hey i want the discount what's the link and we'll make sure that you get it but yeah our long tail keywords still a thing yep and they're not going anywhere oh yeah do not repeat words if you use them by not repeating them yeah yeah we've i think we've pretty much covered that over and over in terms of broad match and exact matter and this in this video yeah we don't need to cover that anymore so if i put rhinestones in my attributes or materials then i don't need it anywhere else you can put it in your title but you don't need to put it in your tags only 93 likes not fair better have more than 93 likes it's the world's okayest mug thanks guys 200 likes and mark will tell us his 10 10 favorite naughty products on after dark now i tell you what if this gets like 2 000 likes i'll do that start start going guys you gotta we have what like two weeks and i will too oh man uh those pillows are meant for the guest room that no one sleeps in we don't have one of those because we live in a tiny house we do tiny tiny like pillow shamer no i'm only a pillow shamer i'm not eating i'm not even going to get into that i don't even know what where he was going with yeah i don't need to you know who you are uh search pages look quite different any comments big big changes to etsy search later search pages look quite different i haven't really noticed the difference i haven't noticed any difference in their search pages but usually when etsy rolls out changes they do it in a batch update where some sellers um sorry where some shoppers will experience it before others i did create a video on etsy's most recent policy updates which talk about a little bit of the uh algorithmic changes that they've made so if you're curious about that feel free to go watch that video it's a lot shorter than the friday bean because this is a podcast style where we hang out with you guys but that video has a red background on the thumbnail title is something something something etsy policies does etsy boost random shops for a day because i'm brand new and i'm barely making sales and bam on the 29th of september i got almost 20 orders wow that is rad um etsy uh etsy will boost listings in search for the first few weeks in order to help build a listing quality score so they can decide on a more permanent placement for your listings what you're describing i've never heard of before my suggestion is if you you know find a million dollars on the sidewalk you found a million dollars enjoy uh that's great i would don't question it don't expect it to maintain but enjoy it while it lasts because that's fantastic all right uh we've talked about biscuits so much that priscilla went out and bought ingredients to make buttermilk biscuits for the first time buttermilk biscuits do you like them uh happy anniversary hope you get 200 likes as a present me too it's not off topic is it okay etsy if we turn on the ads a few days a week for instance if we don't want to spend too much on ads only on specific days i don't think that that's going to help no you're just wasting your money at that point if you're going to do ads you need to set yourself a budget and stick to it and then see if it works over the course of 30 or 60 days and if it doesn't work yeah if you can't afford it then just promote like a bestseller make sure that you're only betting money on the winning racehorses you don't bet money on the listings that are losing you don't bet money on the horses that aren't known to win you bet money on the winning racehorses so pick the products that are already selling and then boost those because they're guaranteed to bring you more money and pay off your ads etsy's ads have been really funky though lately i had one person tell me that they set like a 30 ad budget and it spent it within 10 minutes it happens yeah do you know if etsy still offers free account instead of etsy plus asking for a newbie etsy plus is a bonus thing that you pay for that's the etsy itself is free yeah i mean you've got all your normal etsy fees but etsy plus isn't required i think i already answered this if rhinestone is used in the title how can you not use it in tags too if it describes the item and people will be searching because it's already if you're using it in the title you also can use it in the tags if you have it in the attributes you don't need to add it to the tags because your attributes are going to count as tags think of your attributes as bonus tags so you don't need to add those things into your tags if everyone is selling the same products but not as good quality in a saturated market at a much smaller price should i lower my prices too i'm getting views and no views and clicks no and here here's a little example that i like to use if you're not getting views and clicks i would try to think about other things that might be the issue why are you being compared to those those cheaper listings and what is it that you sell uh if you were if mark was buying a diamond engagement ring for me to propose to me again um and he and he went to it which he's not and he went to a jewelry store and he saw two rings and they looked identical but one was a hundred dollars and one was ten thousand dollars he wouldn't look at the hundred dollar ring and say wow what a deal he would say wow what's wrong with it the higher priced item is going to be perceived as having the higher value if your products aren't getting the views that the other ones are made you need to make it more apparent that your products are more valuable and are made of better quality within that thumbnail whether that's increasing the quality of your listing photos changing things up i would really try to play with your thumbnail photos and uh really spend some time trying to find ways to express why your product is better than those cheaper knockoffs that are floating around all right it's about time to cut it i'm trying to see if there's anything like super important in here check candice people that are seeing lower likes you probably joined at a point where those likes were at that and it just didn't update how long did it take to okay so i'm assuming this is a bad translation how long time take lift up when your website was attacked by negative seo so i'm assuming they're saying that their shop had some seo that really damaged this so bad they got bad uh are you talking about website or etsy because website we can't help you we don't know squat about website seo it is completely different than etsy seo if you got a bunch of negative reviews on etsy you really just need to build up some more positive reviews so that you're listing quality scores in your customer and marketing place experience score boost back up i recommend using something like my ssar swipe files they're free they're down below they're there for you that will help you to at least get some more positive reviews so you can begin burying those negative ones but getting positive reviews is really the only way that you're going to be able to recover a shop after you've gotten a bunch of negative reviews all right sharon continuing on the last question but if your blue rhinestone bracelet is your product then wouldn't this be your superstar keyword that you'd want to include it's not going to hurt their it repeating them isn't going to hurt you it's just not going to help you if you want to put it in there you're already getting an exact match hopefully in your title you don't need to put your exact match in your tags but if you want to sacrifice that little bit of tag space go ahead you just don't have to it's up to you sharon it's not going to hurt you all right well this is the last question here how did you propose to starla in a really crappy way uh in a mall in a hurry because i was leaving for basic training and we wanted to get married we went to sears at the mall which is a place that sells power tools and it's like kohl's and um we only you had a 200 bond yeah bond that his savings savings bond that his grandma bought him and he cashed his savings bond and we went to sears and he bought me my little tiny itty bitty diamond engagement ring with three tiny little itty bitty diamonds for 200 and then we walked right out of the mall and right in front of sears he dropped down on his knee and he proposed and then we went and ate chinese food at the mall we did um and despite the fact that we now definitely make enough money to get a nicer ring um i still have my tiny little itty-bitty ring in fact we don't really we don't we're gonna get our rings tattooed on because we both have skin allergies and our rings fingers break out when we wear our rings so we don't lindsey creek said my hubby proposed in the parking lot of sears is what it is yeah that's the place seriously that's where it's at i guess i get ring rock real bad no matter what i've tried rubber rings all different i get ring rocks i can't we're gonna get them tattooed all right uh and who crappy crafters said i vote for two hour streams from now on that's probably not gonna happen child is we're so surprised that she's here yeah and we've still got a bunch of orders to pack i will leave you with a parting present however hey alexa hey alexa play tight fit and jeans by conway twitty i love you and you're welcome for that crappy song we don't have an alexa so i can do that let us know if it played guys i don't know if it played let me know if you had an alexa that's now playing one of the worst songs ever all right guys make sure that you get the freebies down below you're gonna need them before black friday as we mentioned previously black friday is gonna be the biggest holiday season on etsy and etsy is expecting it to be their biggest sale day of all time i've got both my black friday survival guide down there and i also have my ssar swipe files
Get more positive reviews, which are also going to help your overall search ranking. It's going to boost your listing quality score, overall market, customer marketplace and customer experience score!
which are going to help you get more positive reviews which are also going to help your overall search ranking because it's going to boost your listing quality score which is going to boost your overall market and customer marketplace and customer experience score so those are both down below next week uh friday on the 16th we are not going to be here because it is our anniversary we have done friday beans every week for quite a while we need a day off we're running away but there's going to be a video upload on that day non etsy related but watch if you love us um also i've got a black friday present that i'm working on for you guys since we reached 18 000 subscribers on youtube i love you guys i just i'm making something that you would normally have to pay a lot of money for but i'm giving it to you for free as an early christmas present to help you with your marketing it has taken me hours to do it because i've had to do everything on my own it's a big pain in the butt but that's coming soon as soon as i get it done and make a page where you can sign up to get it i will send that out via email um everybody playing tight fit and jeans yeah it sure is crappy crafter said what am i listening to it's conway twitty you never heard of conway twitty i was gonna i was gonna do a cover of this song do your spiel you spiel steven spielberg no at the end then your spiel at the end hmm do you feel she's so annoyed she's ready to get off here i have to pee oh man me too if you're not subscribed already make sure you hit the little subscribe button down below if you like our content uh we have tons of other stuff we don't just do these live streams if you're new here i'm sorry to all the people in the futures who as uh devices i set off i won't set them off again um if you want to make sure that you're notified every time we have new videos or every time we go live make sure you click the little bell icon and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it or give it a thumbs down if you didn't like it doesn't really matter youtube gives us cred either way and yeah and if you don't like my lip ring or if you think that my husband has self-esteem issues is that yeah self-esteem issues or that's not the case i'm freaking hot or if you yeah you are yeah or if you think the video is too long or if you don't like my voice or if you don't like my hair or if you don't like my dog or my cat you know right where you can kiss me or all the other people who have mean things to say and always the replay never the live chat because the live chat's awesome yeah yeah you guys are usually pretty awesome and anybody that wasn't awesome has already been removed so if you're not awesome then i ask that you guys please make your own etsy youtube channels and stream every single friday for the next four years as well as creating content for videos that take 20 hours to edit we love you guys i think i saluted wrong yeah i don't know what you just did there that was a stupid salute it was a stupid a stupid my stupoot you guys are hilarious we love you [Music] send mark bed pillows they'll go straight in the closet they will with the rest of them thank you sharon we had to we had to unblock that comment because youtube didn't like it but we like it all right guys we will see you uh not next week it will be the 23rd the next time we stream other than that though we're going to have more video uploads coming while we're gone mark's gonna try to get one edited tomorrow when he's awake yeah maybe there's gonna be uploads so we'll see you guys later love you bye-bye

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