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(soft piano music) - [Instructor] Hey guys, welcome to another video episode of Shout Me Loud.
(soft piano music) - [Instructor] Hey guys, welcome to another video episode of Shout Me Loud, and I'm your host, Harsh Agrawal. Well, today video is for all the people who are into SEO. And if you have a blog or if you're an SEO agency, or you offer SEO services to your clients, you're going to find this interesting. Now, we all know that SEO is quite technical. And thanks to all the tools, our life gets easier. And today, I'm actually introducing you to one of such tool that I have been using for last one year. And the two name is AccuRanker, and they claim to be one of the world's fastest keyword rank tracker. And I've been using them for more than a year, and they have been amazing. Now in this video, I'm actually going to show you how to set up the AccuRanker and how you can start using. And if it's required, I will show you my exact dashboard. So, to give you more understanding of how things work here. So grab a cup of coffee and let's learn something new today. Alright, so the very first thing you can do is like, head over to, and sign up for, just sign up with you email address. Now, I've just done that now let me just confirm the account. So, I'm basically setting up a new account, so that I can explain you all the features and how this thing works. Is alright, this is a free trial account, and you can sign up for this for the first two weeks. And then after that, you can subscribe to one of their paid plan, which the plan starts from 79 dollars per month for a 1000 keywords. So anyways, we look into the pricing later on. So, let's just quickly should set up everything. Alright, so you need to add payment information. Unfortunately they do, you need to add a card or you can use a PayPal account. If you don't like the service, you can simply cancel it but in most of the cases you are going to enjoy it. So I'll just quickly do the signup using the PayPal. Alright, So I've just done the setup with my PayPal account. Now, this will not be charged, and I can cancel the recurring payment from PayPal. If you don't know how to do that, there is a video on my channel you can watch that.
Or else you can just simply continue using the service because service is amazing.
Or else you can just simply continue using the service because service is amazing. So anyways, click on pay. And there you go. That's how the first screen looks like. So, there're a few tutorial, you may watch it, it will actually help you to understand more about the tool. So anyways, in this case, we're just simply adding the domain name, now let's add this domain name. (tranquil music) This is very important, you want to set up the default search locale, and if you want to track on desktop or mobile, by default this service supports Google and Bing. Now, I usually track on Google, and in the location I can add New York, and you can add multiple locations. So, let's say you are in U.S. and you want to track in the West Coast or on East Coast, or if you're tracking something in India, you want to set up probably something in North that is New Delhi and something in South that is Bangalore. So, in this case, we'll set up Wales. Alright, I can ignore local pack and click on add locale. So, this is in the default setting, and we can make changes if required, and this is on click on save. Now, the next thing that you need to do is enter the keyword that you want to track. And you can also connect with your Google Search Console account, let's do that. Alright, so I've connected to my Google Search Console account, and similarly you can also connect to your, Google Analytic account that actually helps you to get better data. Now, the most important thing is to import keywords. Alright, so let's go back to dashboard and now lets add add keywords here, okay. So, let's click on import from Google Search Console. Now, what it will do, it will actually find all those keywords which this particular website is a ranking for. Now, you can add all the keywords, if you like or you can add only those keywords which matters to you. So, in this case, let's say... So, we just add this four, five, six keywords. Now this is very important part like you want to make sure that you segment your keyword based on tags,
So you can have something like money keywords, keyword based on categories.
so you can have something like money keywords, keyword based on categories. This will actually help you to better analyze your keyword ranking. So, just for the purpose of this video, let's tag this as test. And then click on add keywords, and that's it. Now, these keywords have been added. And now this is where it gets very interesting. Now, this tool is really fast. As soon as you add the keywords, it will start tracking the keyword ranking. Now, if you have to give it about few seconds of minutes to get the data. Now while it happens, we'll actually go back and have a look at the dashboard and other feature of this tool. So, the first thing is the dashboard, you can actually add multiple domains if you want to track keyword ranking for multiple domains. If you're running few organization, let's say if you're a SEO agency or SEO professional, you can actually create multiple group, and multiple group can have different domains. So, that actually saves, give you better organization. You can also have sub-accounts. If you're running a big agency, you can add your billing department, you can add your analyst, you can add your forensic guy to take care of certain aspects. Now and the last thing is the integration part. Now, this is very important. Like, you can actually link to your Google Analytics account, Google Search Console account. And if you're using Google Data Studio, Google Sheet, and all the analytic, you can configure that. Now, in my case, I mostly deal with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Data Studio is something which is on my radar to learn. So. maybe in the future, you may find something good about Google Data Studio. Anyways, we go back to dashboard. As you can see, AccuRanker has already started tracking the ranking, and my average rank for those four, five keyword is about nine. Alright, now let's click on the domain name to see more stats about this particular domain. Now here, there are a few feature which I've already told you like can actually connect to your Google Analytics account, so that will help you to see
Some of the data right here at the dashboard, like where do your traffic is coming from.
some of the data right here at the dashboard, like where do your traffic is coming from. Then the most interesting thing is share of voice, which helped you to understand that, how your website is doing, in the top 20 result. And once you add your competitors, you'll be able to see how much traffic that you're sharing with your competitors because those top 20 results under one, which are going to give you the maximum ROI. Anyways, you can read about share of voice in my AccuRanker review guide. So, this is one thing, now you can go to keywords tab and this is where all the ranking is shown, you can click on settings to, see more information. So, you can add SEO percentage of dollar sign, you can have estimated visitors potential Now, this one will be active once you have linked to your Google Analytics account, alright. Then you can always sort the keyword based on the tag, and this is where the tag actually plays a great role. So, let's not do that. You can also see keyword based on, like you can sort keyword based on let's say, keyword listed five, only those keyword will be shown on the screen. So, there like many future like this. Then it also shows the search result, which is not showing right now, but maybe it's taking time to update that. Now, there's two thing which I also want to share here. One is that, you can refresh the keyword anytime, So it will pull up the real time data for that particular keyword. Or you can click on this to see the search results. So, if you click on it, the AccuRanker actually, create a cache of that particular post. Okay, so that might be getting updated. So, here is this keyword, and you can see that this one is cached on the AccuRanker website, and this is how the page looks like. Alright, so once you have all this information, after a few days, you can compare your current result with from past few days, a few months. So this running menu is where you will see if your ranking is moving up or moving down. Now, at the same time
You can compare your results with your competitors. Again, since we just added our domain.
you can compare your results with your competitors. Again, since we just added our domain, it will take some time to update this particular part. The landing pages part again works when you have added your Google Analytics account. So basically, these are some of the features of AccuRanker. You can always click on any particular keyword to see the historical data. Now, the only thing here is that you will see the historical data from the day when you have added the keyword. So, you won't be seeing the historical data prior to that. There you go, so now these are some of the feature of AccuRanker. Of course, there are many more features. I just wanted to introduce this amazing tool with you. They also have this 14 days trial period where you can actually try this tool to see how effective this is. Go ahead, try this new, not so new but very popular rank tracking tool. Do let me know your review and feedback in the comment section below. In my earlier video, I've also shared another amazing tool called Missinglettr, which is for social media marketing. You may want to check that out as well. Well, that's all for today guys. I'll see you in the next video. Bye bye, this is Harsh. (soft piano music)

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