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Hey it's Lori Ballen today I'm gonna show you rank tracking and I'm gonna be using...
hey it's Lori Ballen today I'm gonna show you rank tracking and I'm gonna be using a particular software today this is kind of my SEMrush review over all the different elements it offers and I'd like to show you how I use it in my business where I generate most of my leads and traffic from search engine rankings so rank tracking is very important I also do a lot through social media primarily Facebook and now Pinterest and that's what led me to today's video now it used to be when I wanted to do rank tracking I would open a spreadsheets and I would put in my goal keywords and then I literally would go to another computer or use an incognito window or private window to see where I was showing up for that keyword we no longer have to do rank tracking in that way because now we have software there's a link to this software in the description and you can give it a try there is a I believe a free version and then you have to upgrade at a certain point based on what you want to look at so what I do is I go in here put all of my websites in SEMrush set them up and then it tracks all of the keywords that I'm generating traffic from ok so in this particular case let me show you how this works we'll go back here as if I were just logging in for the first time to SEM rush and I have my Las Vegas real estate website here let's go ahead and click on my real estate agent website and see the rank tracking for that particular site so I can see here that as of today I have eleven thousand four hundred and sixty seven keywords ranking in the top ten pages of Google that's the top 100 positions now
I'm going to click view full report now from here I can actually sort this and...
I'm going to click view full report now from here I can actually sort this and they show me only the top ten show me the top 20 show me the top 30 I can look at cool things like position changes which actually is one of my favorites I like to look and see what what's changing so you can see here these are my new keywords that are ranking the top 100 Las Vegas Strip Hotel map position number 28 it's brand new just now ranking and look at the search volume 22200 searches for the term Las Vegas strip Hotel map so is that beneficial oh yes absolutely okay tax on sale of home buyers market taxes on selling a house now what I like to do is I like to go down here look at these and go okay which ones which ones do I think I can move the needle on and get the most change right so the first thing I might do is I'll go over here and say all right let's let's do an advanced search let's look for position positions let's look at positions 11 to 20 now let me tell you why I would do that if I can get something from number 11 to number 10 the differences are astronomical in fact instead of doing it this way let me go back to the overview we'll pull a larger selection here we don't need positions let's go to view all organic keywords we're gonna go to advanced filter let's do positions 11 to 20 right here we go what time is it in Las Vegas went up for
Positions for number 15 - at number number 11 whether 22.
positions for number 15 - at number number 11 whether 22,200 search volume so if I can move that from number 11 to number 10 the change is gonna be astronomical so I've got videos on how I do this but today one of the things I'm sitting you're doing right now is I'm going through like this and then I go okay let me look at that page and then I'll open the page and I'll say okay what what can I do at the page all right let me put more content on here or let me put a picture on here or let me pin it or let me tweet it neither haven't tweeted this in a while let me go ahead and tweet that out see if ID gets more traffic going to this page right so maybe I want to put a picture of a clock on here and and make this more effect let's try it so I'm gonna go to edit post let's put a pin size image on here so we can pin it to Pinterest right so let me do it this way I'm using Gutenberg now for WordPress but some of the editors are still in the classic view some of the blogs and so I'm slowly but surely kind of moving them over so let me just do this block add an image upload now I just made a pin for what time is it in Las Vegas and let's go ahead and put this on here here to the time zone this article will answer that question what time is it in Las Vegas okay there I didn't even have the keyword phrase in the first paragraph so that could make a difference just kind of some best practices SEO I didn't have it in the excerpt which means it wasn't in the Meta Description so let me fix that let me put this image in here okay so now I'll just click update and then I can
View the post and now I've got a pinnable image so I can pin this now to...
view the post and now I've got a pinnable image so I can pin this now to Pinterest and what I'm trying to do is earn some more traffic and some more backlinks even though our pins on Pinterest will be nofollow I can save that I can save that description and now I already put one under Las Vegas living so let me put this under visiting Las Vegas perfect see so that is how we monitor ranking and let me show you one more advanced feature here besides keywords we can also monitor pages let me get rid of that advanced filter there we can also monitor pages so in order what I have now is I have thirteen hundred and four pages ranking in the top 100 positions of Google so remember we had eleven thousand key plus keywords well these 1300 pages make up those eleven thousand keywords so one page can rank for many many many many many terms so let's take a look here for this example my top ranking pages Las Vegas ZIP codes for those of you that haven't seen it check out my youtube series on journey to rank number one on Google for zip codes and you'll see exactly how I have been building the zip code page and moving it up so I don't yet rank in the number one position on Google yet this is now my number one ranking page on all of my pages on my website so it's clearly working I have almost 3,000 visits a month to that one page alone it counts for 22 percent of my website traffic guys this is huge and keywords 186 so I can open the 186 in a new tab and I can see all
Of the keywords that this page now ranks for which all have to do primarily with...
of the keywords that this page now ranks for which all have to do primarily with zip codes and area of town so anytime somebody types something in like Vegas on a map eight nine one one five full zip code they land on this page and now sometimes what I can do is I can even improve my page so watch this I scroll down I just saw something that's not answered on this page and I can't find it it was where to buy maps of Las Vegas so maybe I want to go in and answer that question where to buy maps in Las Vegas and give them a couple of options on where they can go do that so now I'm actually satisfying that searchers intent which can help this page move up for that query which then of course can help this page rank for higher for other queries so this is I could go on and on and on but I just wanted to kind of show you this is how I'm doing my rank tracking in 2019 using SEMrush software and you can check out that link in the description below I'm Lori Ballen do me a favor and comment on this video let me know what keyword tool you're using or how you're doing your rank tracking or if you have any questions I'm on YouTube all the time and I get back to my to my viewers questions and comments frequently so subscribe click the little bell we notified every time I make a new video

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