SE Ranking Tutorial | SEO Software For Website Owners

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SE Ranking Tutorial | SEO Software For Website Owners

In this video I give a SE Ranking Tutorial, SE Ranking as an al inclusive SEO software for website owners. With the SE Ranking tool you can perform a website audit and see how well your website is currently ranking for the keywords that are important to you. With This SE Ranking tutorial I want to show you some of the main features available to you and how you can use them to potentially improve your overall websites performance in the major search engines.

SE Ranking is also a SEO Software for websites and SEO's who want to white label their SEO reports. They make it easy for you to manage multiple SEO campaigns and send these reports to your clients.

Taking a look over SE Ranking software.
taking a look at se Rankin an all-inclusive SEO software hi guys it's Sunday hear from databse comm helping serious entrepreneurs like you to boost sales to your products and services online using simple but super effective online marketing tips and tricks so if you are a serious entrepreneur make sure you subscribe to this channel and click that bill notification button as well so you never miss a tip that could help you to boost your online earnings so this video is sponsored by se ranking now they reached out to me and they asked me to review their software they have an all-inclusive SEO software which hopefully will help some of you guys to run some of your SEO campaigns whether you're doing it for your own website or maybe you have clients so I'm literally just going to be taking a look through their site today and some of the features that they have available so as you can see I'm actually on their
How to use keyword rank tracker?
website now and I quickly wanted to go over some of their features because probably won't be able to speak about all of them in this one video but at least you can actually see what they have available so underneath the features tab they have SEO tools and firstly they have their keyword rank tracker so as you can see it actually shows you your results and where you're currently ranking in all of the major search engines including Google Bing YouTube Yahoo and Yandex now the one that really stands out to me obviously as a youtuber is the YouTube aspect of it now now I haven't really seen another software that can actually analyze where your position in a way you're currently ranking for different keywords in YouTube so that could be something that kind of stands out in comparison to other software's you can also see all locations as well so where your ranking in different locations and how well you rank on different devices as well so this is super important for you guys if you've been subscribed to this channel for a while you will know that a ranking factor for your website is actually how well your website shows up on mobile devices so a website mobile-friendly and this could give you an indication of wait a minute maybe my mobile maybe my websites mobile friendly but I'm not ranking as well on mobile devices so that might be something that you want to make a change to it also gives you results in terms of your Google Ads your Maps and your search engine results pages and it shows you information about how well you are ranking with regards to that as well and you can also track some of your competition so I'm actually gonna look at some of their other features they have website audit features as well so you can literally have an audit for your entire website and have those reports sent to you you can even schedule reports to be sent to you as well through your email inbox of that can be something quite useful as well because you know it can be difficult to keep on top of your marketing tasks for month-to-month so if you have those reports scheduled and even more to you then that can make life a lot easier
you also have on-page check our backlink checker which is really important as well I do speak on this channel about the importance of backlinks so you can check where your backlinks are coming from and if there's any links that are broken as well you can make those checks and make those changes so that can really help you to boost your overall domain authority of your website if you have really high quality backlinks
Keyword suggestion tool.
coming back to your website also it has a keyword suggestion tool which is really cool as well so once you actually plug your website into se ranking and you include some of the keywords you want to be found for they actually suggest keywords that you might want to consider trying to rank for as well which is always great it's always useful and then you can see some SEO / PPC competitor research and there's some b2b features as well such as white labels so if you are someone who is running SEO campaigns on behalf of clients then you can white label your reports which means you can put your
White label your reports.
company's logo and kind of imagery on the reports that you send to your clients rather than it being a messy ranking so that can make you look a lot more professional as well and then they have the lead generator SCO reporting tools and the API and also have social media management features as well so I'm actually going to click on projects and show you a little sneak peek behind the backend and show you how it looks if you go and create an account now they do have a free trial as well so I highly recommend if you're on the fence so you just want to see what se ranking was all about then go and click the link in the description down below to se rankings website go and sign up for the free trial have a play about with it plug your website and see how well you're doing do you give yourself an SEO audit with se ranking and you know have a play about the different features use a free trial to see if you can improve your SEO in any way shape or form and if you find that it's benefiting you and you're enjoying it and your your website is benefiting from it then by all means continue with it so I'm going to click on to projects and this takes me onto the init to the inside of se ranking now what you actually want to do is click on
Add a website get your SEO audit.
add a website and you can plug your website in here so I'm actually gonna use an example here or Amazon and results search results page so you can select 100 or you can select 200 I want to click 200 here and I'm going to click on next and here you can actually manually plug in some keywords that you might want to rank for so I am might if this was my website then I might want to rank for coat hat let's say trainers as well and then you will put any keywords there that you actually want to want to be ranking for so you can check you can import keywords as well so if you click on that button you can import from Google Analytics or from a CSV file or you can import from CSV / XLS with position history you can also say best key words so this again will suggest to you keywords based on your website so this could be really cool if you've missed out any keywords that maybe you could potentially be trying to rank for then this could be a great way to kind of see what those keywords are and then if you find a keyword that you think wait a minute that's a cool keyword you can literally just click on it and click this our button here and it will kind of push it over to this side for you and then you can add your four keywords and you can see up there says keywords were added and you can go to
Select your search engine and location.
next and you can select your search engine so because we haven't done a YouTube channel the YouTube ones not available but if I put my YouTube channel URL in then I could have selected YouTube but you can use Bing Yahoo Yandex Yandex Mobile Google more about or Google I'm just gonna select Google and remember to selects your location as well because I'm based in the United Kingdom I'm gonna select that but you can literally see how your ranking in different areas as well if you're a business that wants to be ranking in different countries then you can select the country specifically and see how well you're doing for that particular country you can also specify a location as well so I'm gonna put London because that's where I'm based and then I'm gonna click Next and then
Look at your competitors and implement a better SEO strategy.
in this section you can actually add your competitors so if you know who your direct competitors are in the search engines then you can list them here you can also suggest competitors and se ranking will suggest competitors for you now this could be really crucial actually when you think about it because competitors are not necessarily always a bad thing lettuces can be a good thing and if there's competitors who are competing for the keywords in the search engines that you're competing for and they're doing well when they they're having success in the search engines then you can actually identify them using se ranking and using this feature and you can go ahead to go to their website and see what kinds of strategies they're implementing and see if you can implement any strategies similar as well to help you boost your own search engine rankings as well so look there's websites on here that I've never seen before but you know you can actually click them and add these as competitors and see what they're doing and seeing if you could see if you can get any ideas from there really and then once you've finished you can connect to your Google Analytics or connected to Google search console I recommend that you do do that because it will give you some really useful insights but I'm going to click on finish and it will give you up here a graph of your average position and that's your kind of average ranking position at the moment and you
See your traffic forecast.
can see your traffic forecast as well so this forecasts based on your ranking positions how much traffic you should see coming to your website search visibility you can see as well down here so you can see all of those insights and then when you scroll down you can see if you click on the website in question you can see the keywords that we have actually added in which is for the domain authority of that particular website you can see that indexed pages as well so once you've added all of that information you can see kind of a general graph of your average ranking position you can also see your traffic forecast your search visibility and your percentage of kind of keywords in the top 10 but once you go up here to projects you can identify the project that you've just created so this was the Amazon one and then you can see your rankings you can see your analytics and traffic you can see a report on your competitors or you can have a marketing plan you can have a website audit you can see a backlink monitor just to kind of get more details about the overall SEO for that particular site so I'm gonna go to competitors and you can see directly your website and your competitors the ones that you've put in and you can see your domain Authority compared to theirs and you know you might not even have realized that they've got you know quite a high domain authority so for example this site I've never heard of before they've got quite a higher domain Authority with regards to you know comparing it to Amazon you can see all of the indexed pages that they've got as well in comparison to yours and you can see that the rankings updated when it was last updated so hopefully that gives you a little bit of a kind of an eye-opener into se ranking and what their website is all about I highly recommend going to their website getting a free trial plug your website in it's not going to cost you anything and analyze your website start seeing where your ranking what keywords your ranking for who are your major competitors in the search engines make use of that free trial and kind of see as much data as you can and send yourself reports give yourself a website order I'm also going to leave a video in the description down below that se ranking have put together which will give you a full tutorial on how to use their software effectively so make sure you go and check that out as well but there's no harm in starting your free trial and plug in your website in see who your competitors are see if you can get any insight from their website in terms of what things they're doing that you might want to include on your website get some keyword suggestions as well if you're doing YouTube marketing plug your YouTube channel in and see how well your YouTube channel is performing in search as well so again all of those links will be in the description down below and there'll be a special discount as well if you sign up for SEO ranking via the link in the description so make sure you check that out as well but I really do hope that this video helped you out and if it did then please click the like button down below and make sure you share this video with a friend if you have any additional questions or comments then leave them for me in the comment section but until next time watch some of my other great videos make sure you subscribe to this channel for more awesome business related content download the formula and I'll see you soon

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