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Rank checker Firefox extension.
hello this is Aaron wall and this is an SEO video about using our rank checker tool rank checker is a Firefox extension which allows you to check your rankings on Google com international versions of Google Yahoo in Microsoft and it requires the Firefox browser to use and what you do is you go to our SEO tools section at tools su book comm and right near the top which you have a link for rank checker and then right on the page there's going to be the introductory video here after I put it up and then right here is going to be the instructions for how to install it so when you install it you have to restart Firefox and then you'll see rank checker or the logo for it at the bottom of the browser here and then if you click on it here's what the extension looks like it doesn't all fit in this window it is a small window but so you can type in like a domain name in a keyword so let's say we did SEO book comm and SEO let's say was our keyword we can add it and let's say I wanted to add a lot of keywords
Adding keywords.
there's this add multiple keywords and you could you know add a list of keywords all at once then once you got your keyword list you can check it out and you could put a lot more keywords than one and it gives you your rankings here on Google Yahoo and live and let's say you want to do some international versions of Google then what you do is
Looking into the extension tools and options.
up here at the top you have this tools menu and it's rank checker so and there's options and what you can do is in addition to Google let's say you wanted to do one of the other Google countries here's a drop-down menu of all the different googles in the world you can do that and then some other tips are if you don't want Yahoo or lied you can turn those off if you're worried about getting your IP banned by running queries to quick or something you can put a delay you know how many of our seconds you want in between each query and you can select multiple Google's and then also if you use Google and I logged in to a personalized account what happens is you get the personalized search results so you can go ahead and click this to turn that off such that you got you're not pulling rankings from personalized search results in addition to offering those features there's lists where you can open up a list of key birds and domain names and again you could just run it and in here now I'm just going to pull in all these ranking stats for those sites I chose and the keywords I chose and the more sites you're doing the longer it takes of course the more keywords because it's it's got to go grab the data from all the major engines for you know how many of your keywords you're doing so this could end up taking you know 20 or 30 seconds depends on how long I set the delay to and how many keywords there are and if you see data here where the full the full data doesn't show you can go ahead and just scroll over it and it'll show it the hard part here about showing at all is if you have three or four search engines showing a keyword and a domain name it's a lot of data to show on one spot so you can see right here is like this keyword is search engine marketing and the cool thing here is if you click on the domain name on it it goes ahead and takes you to the Associated search results you can see where you are ranking at now if you want you can also export these results to CSV so this is nice for creating something for for a client and then basically that that list is just really easy to open and it will show you all these rankings on the stat and also you can also when you when you have these these preset lists you can export the entire history so it'll show how the keywords change our ink over time and then one more cool feature is instead of having to check it manually all the time there's also presets and scheduled tasks so it presets are is like when you save a list of keywords you can open them or or close them so here's like this is for like for example this SEO book that was a preset that had all these lists in it and then if you wanted to make another preset you could save it and that allows you to create different keyword lists safer for different clients or whatever purpose you have so now we go back to let's say we want to check certain
Schedule tasks for Rank Checker.
keywords every so often so on scheduled tasks you can go ahead and say this is this keyword group or preset and you pick whatever presets are let's say I turn this off and mouse now I could set that to whatever wanted so it's set everyone seven days what if I want to do every day so add and it also tells you what time of day it's going to run as well and what it does is it does that ranking check in the background so there's a lot of cool features to this it's probably almost as powerful or more powerful than most the the paid tools but it's a Firefox extension so it's it should it should be pretty reliable as well especially if you set your you know your your delay to a couple seconds between searching for keywords so I hope you find this extension useful and have a great day bye

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