How To Get Traffic To Your Website (Top 7 Free and Fast Traffic sources)

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Starting from today you will be able to get  thousands of new visitors to your website...
starting from today you will be able to get  thousands of new visitors to your website   in this video i will share with you  my top seven sources of traffic to   get thousands of new visitors fast and  free stay tuned and follow up with me hi everyone i'm Hasan from H-educate and today i'm  more than happy to be with you in this new video   to help you boost and increase your web  traffic in this video i will show you exactly   my source of traffic and how do i get visitors  to my website so if you are ready let's start   together but before don't forget please subscribe  to my channel now to get every new update almost   every day so let's start with number one before  we start just take a look on my analytics here   is my main website i have around ten  thousand users every month with around   fifteen thousand sessions if you go down here  you will see that i have a referral about 45%   what do you mean by referral we mean people coming  from different sources so what are these sources   this is what i'm going to show you in this video  what are my traffic sources because i have here   organic traffic which means using SEO and ranking  on google and this out of the scope because SEO   is not a fast method to get traffic it requires  somehow a lot of work to rank maybe a couple of   months and so on in this video i want to show  you fast methods that i use to get traffic so   what are these referral sources also in my blog i  have around six thousand users with nine well ten   thousand sessions also we have a referral about 47%  and so on if we go now to my google analytics   to my website and we go down here to the sources  click on referrals you will see my top source of   traffic and this is number one which is youtube  you can see youtube is the top source of traffic  
When it comes to my main website so here  is my channel i have around 23.
when it comes to my main website so here  is my channel i have around 23,000 subscribers   it's not that big deal but subscribers is  not a factor the main factor is how many   views you get and how you refer your viewers  to your website as an example in any of my   videos like this one as an example any  video you will see in the description   of my videos let's go down the description you  will see i have a links to my websites to my   other videos to my blog and so on so from youtube  i refer people to my website and believe me   this is really very important if you don't have a  youtube channel you are missing a lot of visitors   so start a youtube channel today it's really  very important and it's a fast method why   because you can easily rank a  video on youtube on a certain   keyword as i explained in my other videos you can  check in the description below so youtube is my   top source of traffic and do you know that over  30 percent of my sales is from youtube every   month yes youtube is one of the best sources of  traffic and conversions if you use it correctly   now you may tell me i don't like cameras i don't  like youtube i don't have a channel i don't want   to start a channel and so on so let's move on to  the next source of traffic which i think is one of   the fastest and the best source of traffic today  in 2020 let's open this link here and you can see   the last seven days i have around six thousand  views on my answers on quora so the second source   of traffic is Quora the Q&A website with over  300 million visitors every month and around 40 to   50 percent from US Quora is one of the best places  to get free traffic from you can see how fast  
In seven days i have around 6.
in seven days i have around 6,000 views so  at least at least i have around 500 visitors   from Quora from the last week Quora is really  awesome place to get traffic from it's free   it's easy just answer questions about your topic  your website and you will see how visitors comes   from the first day so Quora as a second source  of traffic and by the way i have a full video   on my channel here on how to use Quora and the  best practices to get traffic to your website   specifically from Quora you can check also the  video in the description below let's move on to   number three the third source of traffic is free  courses if you go to my profile here on udemy   and let's go down to the second page you  will say have a lot of free courses on udemy   let's open any of these courses like  this one here email marketing course   it's free and they have thousands of students  enrolled in you can go here to the bonus lecture   you can see i'm linking all my services my  facebook group my websites my youtube channel   my forums and so on so you can publish a free  course on udemy which has millions of students in   its marketplace and since it's free you will get a  lot of enrollments and i know that the percentage   of enrollments will be much higher than the active  students but still you will get a lot of traffic   from your free courses on udemy you can publish on  udemy on skillshare whatever free course website   you want but udemy has a large marketplace has  a large follower base so it's a great place to   start from and publish a free valuable course  be sure to make it high value for students   so they will love to come and see your website and  your other services and stuff number four is guest   posting usually when we say guest posting it  means posting on other blogs so you search for  
Blogs about your niche your topics and you contact  the blog owner asking for a guest post but here...
blogs about your niche your topics and you contact  the blog owner asking for a guest post but here   in my video i don't mean just posting on other  blogs i mean posting anywhere else posting on   social media profiles posting on facebook  groups posting on Quora spaces posting on   forums commenting other blogs and so on so posting  anywhere else and referring back to your website   but in one condition not spamming and giving  real value in my case i have my own forum   on my website which i get traffic from also where  people can ask and answer questions and i will be   with them inside this forum and you can see here  i have some ads i refer to my websites from this   forum here the second place is using Quora spaces  not only answering questions on Quora you can go   to spaces here and see like something like groups  and join them and you can start posting valuable   information and thousands of people will see your  content and you can link back to your website also   i have like a facebook group the email marketing  training group i think you may be in this group so   like quickly i post one or two or maybe three  posts i give real valuable posts you can see   this one of my posts here it is and in the end i  can link to my maybe youtube video to my website   whatever i want to send people to and add this  link to learn more as you can see i have some   high engagement with respect to the number of  followers which is around 1,300. you can also   post on other facebook groups like i'm joined  to a lot of groups here if you go back here   to groups i'm joining a lot of groups in my niche  i can post in valuable info and refer back to my   website so this is about guests posting when i  say guest posting is posting anywhere else on  
Social media on facebook groups on Quora spaces  on forums and other blogs wherever you can post...
social media on facebook groups on Quora spaces  on forums and other blogs wherever you can post   valuable info without spamming go and post there  you will get a lot of traffic from these sources   number five which is one of my best source of  traffic is my email list is email marketing   if you have an email list if you  have some subscribers and followers   please utilize this source if you are a subscriber  of my list you know that weekly when i publish   a new video or a new blog post i send you an  announcement of this post i have in my list around   17,000 subscribers so you can imagine how many  clicks how many views i can get whenever i send   an email marketing campaign to my subscribers  and by the way i showed you step by step how   i send an email marketing campaign and how i get  around 56 percent open rate you can find the video   in the description below here on my channel so  source number five is utilizing your email list   if you don't have an email list go now and  start building your email list you can find   a full playlist here on my channel about  email marketing and how to build your email   list and how to work with email marketing  you can check also in the description below   number six free ebooks now to be honest with  you number six and seven i will mention a   little bit i didn't test yet in my environment  i am now creating some free ebooks to launch and   publish and get traffic and build my email lists  with if you go here to to my account you will see here let's see here is my first  ebook i'm creating and i have second one here's   the second one so now i am creating two ebooks  the first one is the power of emails it's about   email marketing and the second one is about  making money online and how i moved from one to   ten thousand dollars in less than 18 months  so these are the two ebooks i'm working on  
Right now and when i finish them i can publish  on websites that promotes free ebooks like we...
right now and when i finish them i can publish  on websites that promotes free ebooks like we   have this website here you  can publish this free ebook on this website   and people will download the ebook if you go  to my ebook here i started like in the first   12 pages you will see inside the ebook  let's go down here let's maximize this   you see here i have some links to  my youtube channel as an example   and i have other links to my blog and to my  website and so on let's minimize this so you   can create a free ebook and from the ebook you  can link to your website or to your services and   people will download and read the book and refer  to your website for more info and more services   as i told you i'm honest with you i didn't  test this yet but i think it's a good strategy   especially if the book gives real value people  will love to go and see more of your content so   as i told you i'm creating now two books the make  money online book and the email marketing ebook i   will publish soon i think next month and be sure  i will tell you all the results about the traffic   from these ebooks just subscribe to my channel and  follow up with me every video almost every day so   this is strategy number six or source number six  to get web traffic the last source of traffic   i want to mention in this video is a website  called slideshare if you go here to slideshare   it's a website by linkedin where you can publish  slides like a powerpoint presentation and then   you can link back to your website it has  a lot of traffic it has a lot of searches   it has a lot of organic traffic from google it  has a lot of views you can see half a million   views here on these presentations you can simply  sign up and publish a small presentation about   your content and people will refer to your website  for more info or to download the full version of  
The powerpoint presentation and so on so you can  get traffic also from this website as i told you...
the powerpoint presentation and so on so you can  get traffic also from this website as i told you   i'm honest with you also i didn't test slideshare  yet when i finish the ebooks i will create a mini   version of the ebook and publish to slideshare and  see how it works then i will share with you the   results here on my channel so these are my seven  source of traffic to get new visitors free and   fast just as a bonus that maybe someone is asking  about SEO you can see here in my analytics i have   around 30 from organic traffic from SEO from  search results as i told you this is not fast   this is why i didn't mention in this video  but SEO is one of the top factors and the top   sources of traffic so also you need to think about  SEO when you publish your blogs your posts your   videos and so on so you can rank high on google  and get free organic traffic on the long run   but i think SEO is somehow out of the scope  of this video this is why i didn't mention it   here but it's very important to take care  also of SEO to get free organic traffic   to your website i hope you got some benefit  please don't forget to check my free platform for free SEO and  digital marketing tools read a book   today on to boost your  knowledge and change your life see you later

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