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(guitar music) - Hey guys what's up? Welcome to another weekly video episode of Shout Loud.
(guitar music) - Hey guys what's up? Welcome to another weekly video episode of Shout Loud. I'm your host Harsh Agrawal and today's video is for all the WordPress user and also for the people who want to improve their SEO. So today, what we are going to learn is very easy, powerful, and something you can implement today and it will help you to drive more traffic, plus it will also make your website future proof. And I will explain that in a moment, but before that let me quickly show you what exactly we are going to achieve today. (swishing effect) So, this is Google search result for query "What is affiliate marketing?" and you can see here these are the FAQ schema. Like apart from the typical search result you can also see this question and answer which is being shown in the search result. And this is a new thing which Google has implemented three months back and it is called FAQ reach Schema. Now you can do that in Workplace with very easily and I'll show you how to get this thing done. To get started, let me just show you how the actual article looks like. So this is the actual article and you can see I've added a section on FAQ and where I have a few questions which people typically ask around this topic like "Is it important to have a blog for affiliate promotion?" and "How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?" So question like this which people typically ask and I've added this question and also the answer in FAQ schema. And you can also do that, so before I show you exactly how to get this done let me explain you what is the benefit of doing this? So, when you start adding FAQ's to any topic, you're also increasing the questions around that topic. That means you're also increasing, number of word count in those articles, you're adding those article more meaningful and with the time you'll start seeing more traffic to that pages provided you're adding only those question which make more sense. And how to find those questions I'll explain at the later part of this video. So, apart from that, as you know people have started using voice search more and most of the questions
Are like "What?", "Why?", "How?".
are like "What?", "Why?", "How?", "When?" and adding FAQ makes sure that tomorrow when Voice Search will become the main thing, at least your article stand a chance to be there. So, this is how the FAQ will help you to start, increase your website traffic and making your website future proof. So, now the next question is "How do you add FAQ schema?" (swishing) So for this, we will be using a popular WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO which is one of the best SEO plugins out there and they have added this feature called FAQ Schema. So let me show you how it actually works. So, when you're inside your WordPress post edit section just click on this icon, search for FAQ here and then, this is how you get FAQ schema. Now you can start typing the question and answer to them, right. So this exactly what I have done here that you can see. These are the questions and answer and this is all added by using the FAQ schema feature of Yoast SEO. You can also add images in the answer, however, images doesn't show in the search pages. Now, the most important question, how do I find questions? Well this part is also easy, so I'll share three different ways by which you can find questions related to any topic that you can use as a FAQ. (swishing) So for this we will be using this query "child mattress". The easiest way get to get this one is to go to Google search and search for your query. And you can see here are a few question that Google thinks is highly relevant to this particular topic. And since your writing this topic, or even if you're researching about this topic you can quickly see, this makes sense that "Which is best type of mattress for a child?" and this is highly relevant to this topic itself. So now, this a question that you should be adding as a FAQ. So when you click on this result, Google will auto-populate three more questions and when you click on another result Google will auto-populate three more results. So by doing this you can find a lot of questions. Now you have to be mindful that you don't end up picking a very irrelevant question.
And sometime Google gives you irrelevant suggestions. So.
And sometime Google gives you irrelevant suggestions. So, you know it's very important that you find only those questions which is relevant to the topic that you are writing on. So that's number one. Now number two, which is also free, is using this tool called Answer the Public. Now in the Answer the Public, you can search for a query and they have a section called Questions. And here you can find all the questions around this particular topic. So I've searched for "Child Mattress" and then we can see this questions like "How firm should child mattress be?" Now that's a very unique questions which probably many of us which as a writer would not think of right? So that's how you start building a question, now this two are the free ways. Now the third one is SEMRush. Now this is one SEO tool that I've been using for last many years and it is bang on. One of the best SEO tools out there. So SEM Rush has this switcher called KeyWord Magic Tool. Now simply go to KeyWord Magic Tool, search for the query, and then it will show you the results like this. Now, you need to filter this result so it will show you all the results. Now click on Questions and then you'll be provided with something like this. So here you can see there are query like "How to choose a mattress for child?" "Is a memory foam mattress good for a child?" Now what I really like about this page is you'll also get volume part which is pretty significant, like you can actually decide, this question is going to definitely impact your traffic. So we're using this two, three tools like Google Search Answer the Public and SEM Rush all together. You can create a question, a series of questions related to the topic that you are writing about. And that way and using Yoast SEO FAQ feature you can add FAQ schema. Now apart from the fact that it will help your user to get answer to lot of questions that they have in their mind. It will also help you to get featured on Google Search like this which is pretty solid. Now at the same time I highly recommend you to use this plugin called Table of Content plugin. Let me show you an example. So, this section is called Table of Content right, people can actually click on any of this part
To quickly jump to the section itself.
to quickly jump to the section itself. What important useful here is that the FAQ part is being shown here, which actually helps to get in next in the search result as jumping which is also very powerful. So make sure that you definitely use Table of Content with all these to improve your page SEO and increase your chance of driving more traffic. And let me just show you how it jumps so just select the part and then there you go. So that's how this whole system works. I hope this video adds value to the way you blog or the way you create content and I hope to hear your result. If you have any tricks to share with me, let me know in the comment section below. If you like this video do like and share with other bloggers whom you feel are going to get benefit with this video. And I'll see you in the next video. Bye Bye this is Harsh (upbeat guitar music)

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