Which Websites are Most Popular in Every Country?

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Let's figure out which parts of the world like which websites the most I've...
let's figure out which parts of the world like which websites the most I've got a top 100 most visited website right here and we're gonna log it all in and look at geography breakdown of places that like which sites the most that makes any sense hopefully so YouTube Wikipedia Twitter Facebook and Amazon that's the top five in terms of traffic so as we can see immediately this is really just between Facebook and YouTube but then you know Amazon getting like a pretty good third in there wow the world really likes Facebook that is depressing I thought I thought we were moving past this but Germany Germany going with Amazon that is their the only country that I guess goes to that site the most out of all of them there we go Turkey India Japan Indonesia they're big youtubers YouTube fans I like it - technically Argentina is the biggest fan of Facebook they really like it like they don't even search this other stuff it's 66% Facebook and then 24% YouTube everything else is in the single digits tipping at South Africa Peru Ecuador and Poland those are the big Facebook fanboys now when it comes to YouTube man
There's not as big a fans like Facebook still doing pretty good in these top...
there's not as big a fans like Facebook still doing pretty good in these top five countries but YouTube's top five countries of the Philippines Vietnam Hong Kong Singapore and turkey that actually spends a lot because I know like I've got a lot of fans from Turkey so I'm starting to understand some stuff Amazon is very clearly just like a Western thing top five countries for Amazon Germany Austria the UK United States and Spain alright so let's get rid of the big three Facebook YouTube and Amazon and include yo read it and IMDB surprisingly it's pretty high up there I guess Twitter is now the big bad one right here look at that dang that's a really different map though there is a pretty big mixture in there so the US and Canada like reddit the most as well as Australia those are the three big redditor countries but Twitter's got a huge hold over I think most of these countries Mexico Brazil a lot of Western Europe Wikipedia though these are the research countries Germany Italy and India they're out here doing oh I think Vietnam too they using that site as trusted sources they don't care anymore they listen to their teachers oh Yelp is like a US thing it looks like yo is not even a thing in other countries reddit
Stop five countries Canada Australia the US the UK and then the Philippines...
stop five countries Canada Australia the US the UK and then the Philippines that's kind of random who likes IMDB that much it's the Netherlands surprisingly then India Australia the UK and Canada Netherlands just on top those movie facts Dutch people figuring out like actors and directors all the time um okay wait a second I just got a like what is these are the related Yelp Google's and that's it that's a large percentage of people that's there's a massive influx of people interested in that alrighty then when it comes to IMDB everyone's searching up that movie 19:17 also parasite Chernobyl oh and the places gets really different when it comes to like interests by region when you're just exclusively looking at IMDB Scandinavia loves that look at that Norway Sweden Finland Denmark sorry that's Nordic countries you know don't scream at me happens every time I really did not think the top country using Twitter would be Japan then Indonesia Thailand Brazil the Philippines I guess they don't they they categorize this they like cut us off from the rest of the world you can like change that on Twitter but I guess I wouldn't really know it could
Be really popular internationally alright now let's see what streaming...
be really popular internationally alright now let's see what streaming service dominates the most we've got Netflix Disney Plus HBO Hulu and Amazon Prime that is kind of what I figured Netflix is still killing it even though look at that Oh Disney Plus what's going on there oh man interest has just dropped I didn't know Amazon Prime which is purple right there they're in a strong second place I thought it was Hulu don't care about Hulu or HBO oh that little spike that little yellow spike right there for HBO who's that Game of Thrones and then it just bombs gone Wow by region I mean it's not even close everyone's using Netflix especially the Philippines dang Philippines don't use no one ninety percent you all get whoops then Brazil France Mexico and Australia just huge on Netflix nothing else this is really putting things into perspective like maybe Netflix shouldn't be worried at all what about Disney Plus who is subscribed to the new Disney Plus thing most it's Canada but there's still big Netflix users Oh Disney Plus is actually only 9% and this is the top country for Disney Plus this is the top and that's 9 percent that's not looking good again not in terms of subscribers just in
Terms of like interest in search stuff googling this is the US Australia the...
terms of like interest in search stuff googling this is the US Australia the Netherlands and the UK and here are the top things that people watching on Netflix at least I should mention this as of the last 12 months people are just looking for that Disney Plus bundle right there it is confusing it's like complicated why just give me the bundle just give me all of it that you're offering whoa what's going on right here HBO is this Russian well it's close it's got to be close look at how much Ethiopia love Hulu that's random it is the most random thing here's an image right here just showing the most popular websites which we've already pretty much figured that out by now isn't YouTube beating Google in certain countries I mean more than this more than these and then I forgot about this Chinese site we should probably that up Google versus YouTube now they are both the same company under the same company but it is close it is really close Wow actually for a second there YouTube was almost beating Google and they were actually I don't know why it's going down imma be out of a job oh this tells a very different story look at that I don't know when that other image was made last but as of the last 12 months this is the case Brazil
Prefers Google but almost the rest of South America's big YouTube fans most of...
prefers Google but almost the rest of South America's big YouTube fans most of Africa also Google Google top five countries for YouTube Venezuela okay that is the most random one then Turkey Japan the Philippines and Peru I'm there to seem like a little trend here like Turkey Japan the Philippines that keep popping up but yeah Peru also that's strange to South America loves YouTube top countries for Google Malaysia Indonesia Hong Kong Singapore and Egypt my mind can't comprehend why that is but let's just move on these are the top related Google searches as of recently Google Stadium really that's surprising here's the top gaming streaming sites we've got twitch mixer D Live and some other ones I've never heard of before but these are like I guess the top five excluding YouTube YouTube doesn't really count - which is killing it obviously mixer is doing okay I mean these other ones aren't even like ranking really D live did for a second there but it's gone now I thought there were gonna be a couple standouts so India Indonesia South Africa our big mixer fans whoa South Korea loves them some twitch 99%
I'm in this shouldn't be surprising I guess it's more surprising just to see...
I'm in this shouldn't be surprising I guess it's more surprising just to see any of these other ones like ranked at all biggest mixer fans India Indonesia South Africa Malaysia and Vietnam D lives top result is just D live PewDiePie that's it that's really the only thing I thought I knew about it - what about the old showdown how did that end up going down I mean it's weird cuz t-series won the YouTube battle for battle for YouTube but people I still getting way more searches and that is exactly what I imagined that is exactly what I imagined I mean I was just curious if t-series would have just some other place but I guess not it is just but let's see Russia is big fans of PewDiePie that's surprising well no not really I guess in Finland Austria and Poland all right second place oh that's obvious okay yeah I figured yeah that's super obvious Thailand is this fifth biggest fan of t-series that's really random how are the most popular phone apps so we got whatsapp Facebook Messenger Instagram snapchat and tic toc tic toc tic tac tic tac works too Instagram is technically
Number one people actually go to Instagram on like websites though...
number one people actually go to Instagram on like websites though whatsapp is really catching up I knew what's apps like super popular in other places oh boy you better watch tic toc you better watch it dang there's a big spike right here and then it like dips and now they've been slowly growing now that's a divide that I was hoping to see that is extremely divided so whatsapp and Instagram it's like the battle for the future so North America is divided i new mexico loves him some whatsapp and there's like Brazil and Peru and Colombia down there most of Europe is like big Instagram fans that is a random country to be loved and snapchat I would have never guessed that proves the biggest fan of what's up then it's Ecuador Colombia Hong Kong and Mexico Poland loves him some Instagram Wow that is I should have seen that Poland is like super well it's not super but that intensity of the color is pretty obvious they really like it over there then Finland Italy Canada and the US that is such a random group of like countries to love snapchat not all these countries are top snapchat obviously but this green bar just random I don't know
So who's doing it who's doing the tic TOCs again that's that's pretty random...
so who's doing it who's doing the tic TOCs again that's that's pretty random like a random top 5 russia likes tick tock i didn't think about that i forgot about WeChat isn't that like the chinese thing but are we even gonna see that what the heck is viber that seems freaky like freaky in the you know the the way not scary what maybe scary terms of music streaming services pretty obvious well actually I didn't think Spotify was gonna be killing it this much I thought it was a little bit closer than that oh I forgot about the Apple streaming service I feel like everyone does though okay Wow Spotify is just dominating the entire globe no one else is even coming close to taking one of these countries and those are some intense colors too it's not like it's closed well it's a little bit closed in Russia what's Russia doing Russia likes apple music 31% it's you know it's catching up I did not think it was like this again though it doesn't necessary reflects subscribers so it might be different like it might be much closer in terms of actually who's like paying for this stuff it looks like nobody's using lifts ever I use lifts sometimes Oh uber is just tanking look at that I actually thought like randomly there'd be a different country using lifts but I guess that's not the case
Russia Russia that's its kind of the closest one besides the u.s.
Russia Russia that's its kind of the closest one besides the u.s. email services and I'm already shocked about this I thought Gmail would have been killing it but I guess people are still using other things or they might have a gmail account and then they Google when they want to check out their yahoo account or their AOL but maybe that's why it's raising up raising these scores up no one's got a AOL that's like what I still got my AOL account when I was like nine years old it's like a 20 year old account so yeah hotmail in a strong second place actually it's dipping it dip below Yahoo Yahoo coming back why mail I'm trying to bring back why mail I still laugh at people when they give me their weird weird email address but we all got it I think we all got those old ones days divided whoa this is a divided world I didn't think about that so the u.s. is still like Yahoo Yahoo more than Gmail right cuz you don't they don't search Gmail to like they're not google searching Gmail it's probably already like hooked up to something well still it makes it more interesting hotmail still doing great they're doing they're going strong in Canada Mexico Brazil parts of Europe come on no AOL for anyone no AOL I know Outlook either
Japan's still on that Yahoo train dang they love them some Yahoo India...
Japan's still on that Yahoo train dang they love them some Yahoo India searches a lot of Gmail I wonder what the process is behind that AOL still going strong not even going strong the most strong in these top five countries Germany US UK and then France and Mexico they're barely even ranking oh they're not even ranking in Mexico they just had to give me a top five and this is what they chose to go with that is depressing for some reason that term is the closest related quarry question about AOL whatever that is we got like hotmail and like some Spanish preceding behind it that's great okay I I don't know what some of these things are this is a little disturbing is that Mexico searching that like heavily or is it France I don't know someone certain some weird stuff speaking of weird stuff I'm sure everyone's wondering why I haven't searched up certain websites certain web sites that we all know about can't do that though YouTube is just waiting to delete my channel and that might be the thing they're like yeah we could do it now god there's so many like weird other things that pop up in like the related searches I mean this probably
Explanation but then again is there really is there really is there a gmail...
explanation but then again is there really is there really is there a gmail dark mode though I'd be really curious about that there is a gmail dark mode I had no idea at least on phones you're some of the top smartphones I think we'll get some pretty interesting map results from this Samsung an iPhone battling it out I've only had like a huge spike and then it's been like dipping give this to the past twelve months though does it change the past five years Wow no this battle has been raging for a while hallways o always kind of been they're not well they're really coming close though they're spiking ding all right so the world seems to be pretty divided here now that's a battle I want to see o conflicts raging for best smartphone 20/20 y'all anything's possible North America beyond iPhones Brazil's big on iPhones oh gee pan loves it Japan loves it look at this 95 percent they're not searching anything Oh South Korea's not involved in this I just realized that they better be a hundred percent Samsung yeah top five countries for iPhone Japan United States Taiwan Canada and Australia random bunch for Samsung there but I guess that is yeah I thought rush
Should be higher where's Russia yeah Samsung's still the majority in...
should be higher where's Russia yeah Samsung's still the majority in Russia but yeah they got a pretty strong majority who likes Huawei the most India Huawei mostly in like South America Peru Costa Rica Colombia then Hungary and Poland randomly let me know down below which other things you'd like me to search I just kind of did a vague search over like websites today but there are other things that I wanted to talk about maybe movies in the future I could do something like that I know my editor Ricky would love that kind of wanted to do youtubers but YouTube's gonna be so random and it's gonna be like all language based so I don't know if that's really gonna be that interesting plus I don't even know like the top ten youtubers it's so different random anyways let me know down below thanks for watching see you Sam and big thanks to the patreon supporters Drew's uncle he'll talk Elfi see Elijah senpai mr. goes in burg lover max eg Pizza Alfonso m6 militant and Qualis galovski Lieber 56 Vinnie chase Tyler Beede falling like star thing man is incorporated highly public education thanks again

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