How To Check Google Ranking For Keywords And Site Phrases

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How to check google ranking Craig here and in this video I'm going to be showing you a software that I use almost...
how to check google ranking Craig here and in this video I'm going to be showing you a software that I use almost daily to keep track of the ranking of keyword phrases that i wanted it to keep track of now it keeps track of my ranking in Google and Bing now before showing the software i want to show you a free method that you can use to go check the ranking of any particular keyword phrase and i also want to show you a mistake that many new marketers make i'm a member of wealthy affiliate so we have lots of people who are just getting into affiliate maketing and they come in they say hey great news I'm on the first page of google when in fact they're not it's just that google is personalizing some of that results so an example of that is i'm logged into google and i'm gonna go search a keyword phrase wealthy affiliate review now straightaway google has already given me some personalized results because we have his icon here which means personalized now we can turn these off and some of the listings go away but Google still uses my browser cache cookies my search history and ip location and it somewhat alters my search results now one option is if you use google chrome we can come over here and open a new incognito window will go back to google go to and will go search the same keyword phrase and this time it's going to search it and the only thing google knows about us right now is the IP so it's still personalizing them based on our location but it's not using any cookies google related accounts or anything like that now there is a free web site called whatpageofsearchamion now this is a great website if you just want to quickly go check one keyword phrase but the reason i use the software that i'm gonna show you this because i tracked several different keyword phrases I track videos I put on youtube articles I post
Blog posts and training I put on wealthy affiliate and if i was to use this website to track all that...
blog posts and training I put on wealthy affiliate and if i was to use this website to track all that i would always be on this website where this software but with this software i'd just click a button and it goes off and checks everything and also keeps track so if i wanted to know where i was ranked five days ago well i'm gonna know and it's good show me in a nice little graph so the other day i created a blog post about how to backup a wordpress site and i want to go check where I'm ranked so I'm going to enter in how to backup a wordpress site and then I'm going to enter in my URL and we can change it from to if we want too i want to lean it on and i'm gonna press search what it will do is check the first ten pages and when it finds it it will stop so it's found here is my blog post and I'm on page number one which is great but it's great if you just want to quickly know where you're ranked for a keyword phrase but what you have to keep in mind is this software or website whatever you want to call it is using an IP now i don't know where this IP is located so google is going to be returning ranking results based on the websites IP locations now let's try again and see if it returns and error which i was talking about uhh it's still going to do it but what you'll find it sometimes you go to do a query and it will say check back again because right now we have to take a break or whatever because Google will ban their IP address if they do too many queries okay so what I'm going to show you now is the software that i use and if you want to check it out you can visit my affiliate link and it's pretty straightforward there are no fancy graphics because all it is it's the data that we wanted to keep track of uh... we have a column here where we entry in our keyword phrases and websites a column for
Our google ranking changes bing ranking and the changes the country...
our google ranking changes bing ranking and the changes the country and the date last checked and we have some other options here uh... this is for if we wanted to change some of the keyword phrase details we can say don't check bing anymore we can put it into a different campaign uh... we can make it use a certain proxy so let's say we wanted to know where we ranked in the UK well if we setup a UK proxy it's going to check the ranking as if this computer was based in the UK you can set up notification so let's say you appeared on the first page of google well we will notify you via email or perhaps the other way around if you were knocked off the first page of google they would notify you so you can make a changes click update we have an option here to add notes so let's say i just created an article pointing back to my blog post which would increase my ranking hopefully well I could add submitted article to and you save it so you can somewhat figure out well yeah this is what work I did so here play would go check the ranking right now and you can delete if you want so up at the top here we have several buttons check all obviously it's going to check all of your keyword phrases i'm not going to show you all of the keyword phrases I target check stars that's if a keyword phase has a star it will only check star phrases site url if we want to add a site url to our database and keyword if we want to add a keyword to our database campaign if we want to create a new campaign now lets say you wanted to create a campaign and call this street articles so the purpose of that is any keyword phrases you want to rank for on street articles while you could track in a separate campaign it's just keep everything organized now you can import on all of these features and you can important up to
Fifty url's at a time or fifty keywords at the time uh...
fifty url's at a time or fifty keywords at the time uh... add statistic on here this is where we could add uh... a keyword phase one at a time or we can also import so you'd select a keyword phrase URL country bing and google campaign uh... proxy and your notification and hits save and it would import a new keyword phrase or you simply click on import statistic and it would import from a text file now the text file is pretty straightforward to setup I'll show you one so this is a youtube video url and then we have the country code and basically we have a comma and then country code comma our keyword phrase comma and the campaign name and then you just import and it sets everything up for you so going over the other options we have file we have settings here we can go under the schedule settings and set this program too run every day week or month however often you wanted to go check the keyword phrases i personally don't use this but it's available if you want to the reason i don't use it because i don't like to have numerous pieces of software open in my taskbar normally when i'm done something or shut it down we have notification settings and some default settings request delay this is because the way this software works it's actually your computer requesting the data from Google so i set mine between fifteen and twenty five seconds because i don't want to be banned by google and when I say banned they put a temporary block on you make an requests and there are some other details where you can set a proxy and you know the max number of searches to make we also have a logo path and i'll show you that in a minute when I exports some data so you can set your logo and obviously hit save
Proxy here you can import whole bunch of proxies i'm not going to get into that...
proxy here you can import whole bunch of proxies i'm not going to get into that and that's pretty much it it's very straightforward i'm gonna go show you what campaign so obviously I'm blurring some of this out there that want to show you what my campaign name are so we're going to choose this one backup wordpress now again like i said i'd created this post on my blog uh... five days ago i think it was and i also uploaded the video to youtube and that also created a blog post on another person's blog so i wanted to keep track and also for this video purpose so here i have my the website url and all the keyword phrases and then if I scroll down you'll see that i also have the video which is for the blog post now i knew i was going to be making this video so with this particular campaign i don't check my ranking numerous times over the past four or five days because i wanted to show you how things look in the graphic creates so let's say i want you to view my history for this particular keyword phrase how to backup a wordpress site i can click on view history and right now it's showing me from april seventh to april eighth so i'm gonna change that i'm going to go back to the beginning of April because i believe I started tracking this on the fourth will go to the first and click refersh and here it shows us the ranking now obviously i'm not ranked on bing yet so there is no bing data on here so thats great I can see so this is pretty normal for it to go up and down let's say this was for a local client i wanted to you know print out a PDF file or whatever so i can simply right click and export selected records i'm we're going to change dates that we want to give them we'll go from first again and we'll click show report
I'm just gonna call this test one two three and click save...
i'm just gonna call this test one two three and click save what's it's going to do is grab all the data and put it into a PDF file and here is our PDF file here is our company logo if you want to put a company logo search engine ranking report gives us the site URL keyword phrase date the report was created when the details start from and when they finish and ranking date based on that one hundred search results so we have the google bing the date and time when these checks were performed and then down here it gives us our nice looking graph so that is another great feature i really like about that software uh... again if u want to check it out you need to go to that is actually my affiliate link so that's it so uh... if you have any questions or comments please post them below and i will get back to you soon as possible other than that have yourself a great day.

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