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Can Pinterest help you get better rankings in Google search results? Oh yes.
Can Pinterest help you get better rankings in Google search results? Oh yes, it can! I want to apologize right ahead for my unusual voice today - last week I had a bad flu and a sore throat and I hope to get better today I actually did but it's not exactly my usual voice so here you go hopefully I will manage until the end of the video I talk a lot on this channel about Pinterest SEO or search engine optimization to help you rank your pins higher on Pinterest but did it ever cross your mind that great results on Pinterest can often help your site get better positions and more traffic from Google as well well today I will tell you how Pinterest can help you with Google SEO and how you can use Pinterest for SEO on Google to drive even more free organic traffic to your site. Hi! I'm Anastasia of I'm a Pinterest marketing expert and you can expect to see my new Pinterest tutorials on this channel on Thursdays if that's exactly what you were looking for then hit subscribe and don't forget the bell button to get notified when my new videos go live so how can interest be useful when you're thinking to improve your Google SEO first it's a fact that every pin that you save from your site is essentially a link to it right and we could even call it backlinks to your site and if you know a little bit about Google SEO you know that links from other sources can increase your site's authority and rankings on Google but it's also a fact that links from most social media platforms and even from a lot of forum sites cannot pass any link juice because they're so called nofollow links just like Twitter and Facebook Pinterest backlinks are nofollowed then why in the world I even mentioned links from Pinterest as an advantage well there is another thing that aiming Google SEO specialists knows about it's the fact that Pinterest links are sending you referral traffic so when you
Get visitors from Pinterest it's not only great for your ad income as it is...
get visitors from Pinterest it's not only great for your ad income as it is it's also an additional positive factor helping your rankings in Google instead of pure speck halation I want to show you a research made by cognitive SEO it's a company that builds various tools for SEO professionals and agencies and they found a correlation between high traffic and better SEO performance so the more traffic you can generate from sites like Pinterest the more likely you are able to increase your organic search positions in Google obviously to make Pinterest useful you need to get a lot of traffic from Pinterest to your website and in this you can count on all my tips I shared on this channel first and foremost I would recommend you to check out the video about increasing your click-through rates for from your pins a common problem beginners have on Pinterest is that they get some impressions and sales but they don't get enough clicks meaning no traffic to their sites and I will give you a link to that other video and it will help you solve this problem it will be in the info icon in the top right corner and also in the description below this video you also have to work on Pinterest SEO meaning optimizing your pins for Pinterest to get more traffic to your site passing through your pins my signature course dangerous SEO traffic secrets is all about it if you want to master Pinterest SEO I will give you a link to the course in the info icon and in in the description below this video did you guys notice that my channel has passed the mark of 10,000 followers last week this is insane I cannot believe that 10,000 people voted to see more of my videos and I'm so happy the channel is getting so much positive feedback this growth would be impossible without you because of your comments because of your questions likes and because you subscribe to me this channel continues growing and helping even more people and to give you back
I'm making short shoutouts for the best commenter in each video here is what...
I'm making short shoutouts for the best commenter in each video here is what Rebecca from restyled homes said I run a decor blog and paid hundreds of dollars for a course on Pinterest it's not my course by the way she took another course after seven months of being on the platform I didn't believe my account had healthy growth for the work I was doing I reached out to many professionals who told me it just takes time Anastasia reviewed my account and confirmed the problem was that I had converted an existing business account from another niche which is not recommended my new account is already on its way to outperform my previous set up in just two weeks Thank You Anastasia well thank you so much for the update on your progress Rebecca I was truly happy to see your comment under my latest video and I will be sharing the best comments in every week's video so if you have something positive and inspiring to say and you want to get a free shout out on my channel just leave your comments under my latest videos all what I told you so far was related to this backlinks and referral traffic factor that can improve your positions in Google indirectly but there is another very important way you can get more traffic from Google through your pins it's by ranking your pins in Google yes you hear me right unlike with other social media Google seems to have surprisingly great relationship with Pinterest I really have doubts you've seen a lot of Facebook posts on Google even from public pages but with Pinterest it's a whole different story let me do a quick search on Google for a few keywords and I'll show you what I mean we're checking out DIY home decor keyword I have a free Google Chrome extension called surfer that shows me the keyword search volume monthly and I
Can choose the United States as a country here so just let's have a look...
can choose the United States as a country here so just let's have a look at the search results we all know that they are more or less personalized but actually I'm not even logged in to any Google account at the moment so we are looking now at search results for this keyword and at the beginning we have some YouTube videos we have some websites but a pretty high in the search results one two three the third basically in top three we have a link to Pinterest page what it opens here it's a board on on an account someone's account that is all about the with the board is called DIY home decor and that's all the pins that people can see they're coming from Google search results and they're driving this this this link is driving a ton of traffic to the account on the owner of this account it's not the only result that we have we have heat over here almost so in top 9 we have another link to Pinterest we can go also to Google first link it was a link to the to Google Images and we'll see here that at least several results will be linked to Pinterest so this pin this is a pin and it goes directly to a pin image on Pinterest then let me see the second row another link to Pinterest over here another link I've seen here another one and so on so another link to Pinterest and another link to B so on every line I'm in search results in image search results at least two links are going to Pinterest and so that you don't tell me that I just found once specific keyword and showed you a lot of results for it I also remembered we are almost approaching Valentine's Day and so I searched for printable Valentine
Valentine cards and so in the search results in top 10 results we have at the...
Valentine cards and so in the search results in top 10 results we have at the bottom here two results from Pinterest there again they're going to some words of some people this is not even a big board is just 16 pins basically so it tells you how competitive let's say how competitive it is so Google it's not a big it's not a big board it's not a big interest account she's just it's a personal account she just has 400 followers and the board is not too big but somehow Google picked this board and it shows in search results in top 10 the other one let's see what it is again a pretty small board it's a normal regular user accounts 13 followers I guess you understand now that you can actually get a lot of traffic to your site especially if you had imagined on this board you had instead of links to different sites you would have links to to your site wouldn't it be wonderful that you will be sending so much traffic from Google search results and this is a pretty competitive keyword you see here seven seventy seven hundred searches globally and the sixty sixty six hundred searches in the United States if we check the image results so we have here even in the first line of image search results about one two three four four cells just from Pinterest and if you click on them it can show you the full being image and then you can go to Pinterest and open the specific pin URL you can even directly go from here and visit the site if you want isn't it surprising to see that when Google is constantly taking away more and more space in their search results for
Showing ads and their own services for Pinterest there is always some space and...
showing ads and their own services for Pinterest there is always some space and often the space in top 10 search results I remember one of my YouTube followers recently told me he thinks that Google is giving so much space to pins in their search only because they're planning to buy Pinterest in the future well this is just a possibility but even if they do wouldn't it be even better for us content creators to already have a ton of traffic and pins on Pinterest by the time this happens so we can get even more exposure and Google but Pinterest and Google have one more surprise for us you cannot imagine how many people go to google searching for results specifically from Pinterest and Pinterest is exactly what Google serves up in the search results for the skewer let me just show you a few examples of this specific kind of keywords for example Pinterest ideas for bedroom so we have the word Pinterest in the keyword and we see that it's a pretty competitive keyword it's searched globally pretty well and 4,400 people per month are searching it for it on ingest in the United States but look at the results for this keyword it's only Pinterest results you see everything all the top ten results are basically except the last one are going to Pinterest links and we have here mostly boards but sometimes yeah it's boards sometimes we can go to Pier to Google image results and then we'll see plenty of links directly going to specific pins so that's what happens if you click on one of these images you'll open a specific pin and you see that this pin is getting a lot of traction it's eight points eight point six thousand drippings on Pinterest to make a short summary after this video there are at least three reasons why you should work on Pinterest
To improve your organic traffic from Google the first reason is you're...
to improve your organic traffic from Google the first reason is you're getting backlinks from Pinterest which drive your referral traffic this gives a positive signal about your page to Google and it can improve your search rankings second reason is yet that you can rank in Google Image Search and sometimes even in regular search results with your pins so for a lot of keywords and in many issues it can bring you directly traffic from Google and the reason number three is that is quite a large pool of keywords which include the word Pinterest and for those keywords Google shows a ton of results from Pinterest you can get your pins ranked for those keywords pretty easily they often have high search volume and the competition basically is just between the pins so the other websites with high authority don't even show up in those results and that's it for today meanwhile don't just go away before you check my other videos that are perfectly complementary to what our share today you can click here and there and I'll see you next time on Thursday bye

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